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울고 싶지 않아 {PCY}

Description: After four years with Chanyeol, SM intervenes with the relationship and makes you break it off.

Genre: Angst / Smut (why is like all of my angst for Chanyeol what the hell)

Word Count: 2,270

Pairing: Park Chanyeol x Reader

Author: Admin Xiufairy

(A/N: I was rlly inspired by Don’t Wanna Cry by Seventeen so this is what I came up with. 울고 싶지 않아 (ulgo sipji anha) literallyyyy means I don’t want to cry just so everyone knows.) (Also this gif is really nice oh my)

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To the world around you, you were okay. To yourself, things were a bit more complicated. You hated seeming weak in front of people but you had been with Chanyeol for almost four years. The company had split the two of you up - you weren’t going to let him risk it with the SM staff for you.

So instead, you had to show him you were okay. Everywhere you went was a constant of reminder - EXO was everywhere, which also meant that he was everywhere. He was your other half…how could you live when half of you was gone?

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I need a fanfic where Elias has seen Sana from the window when talking about yousef and goes to her room to check up on her and sees her crying 😭 this clip killed me seeing her cry

Elias caught the black figure move away from the window from the corner of his eye and his heart sank. Somehow he just knew. Knew it was Sana and that she’d heard everything. A rough sigh escaped his lips, catching Mutta’s attention. He was lying in the grass just below him, his dark eyes looking up at Elias where he sat in a deck chair. “What’s up, dude?”

“Nothing,” Elias replied, his hand moving to rub the top of head, his cropped hair against his palm. Elias sat for a few minutes, debating what to do. He could leave it. Maybe Sana hadn’t heard them at all? Or he could go check she was okay and see if she wanted to talk. But maybe she wanted privacy. Maybe she already knew. It was her best friend after all. Plus, he wasn’t exactly her favourite person right now.

Elias’ teeth worried at his bottom lip as he considered what was best. “Are you sure you’re okay?” Mutta asked again, still staring up at him. Had he been watching him this whole time? The dude could be perceptive sometimes.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I’m just going to head inside for a moment. Won’t be long,” Elias said, finally making a decision. He needed to check on his sister. She could tell him to go to hell if she wanted but at least he would know he’d tried.

Elias rolled his eyes as Adam shouted after him to get him a drink.

When Elias reached Sana’s door, he hesitated for a moment before knocking three times. “Sana,” he called but no answer came. “Sana, I need to talk to you. It’s important.” Still no answer came.  

“Sana, please,” Elias pleaded, resting his hand on the door knob. “Let me in, please.”

“I’m busy,” came Sana’s weak voice and again, Elias knew. Knew that she’d heard. Knew that she was upset. His heart sank all over again.

“Sana, I didn’t know. I swear I didn’t know,” Elias’ own voice held a pained quality as it spilled against the door, his forehead now pressed to the painted wood. His hands now also rested palms flat against the surface, eyes squeezed shut. “Sana, please let me in.”

Silence hung in the air and he thought she was going to ignore him. After what seemed like forever, he heard shuffling from within her room and he stood back from the door just in time for her to open it. Sana stood in front of him, black make up smudged under her eyes and her cheeks tear streaked.

“Oh Sana,” spilled out from under his breath as Elias reached out and tugged his little sister into his arms, hugging her to him. He felt her deflate against him. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”

After a moment, Elias let her go and Sana nodded towards her bed. Elias walked into her room and went to sit down while Sana closed the door behind them. He figured the last thing she wanted was her parents knowing she was upset. Sana took a seat beside him.

“I just… I knew they had kissed but I don’t know, I guess after yesterday I thought maybe there was a chance. Maybe he did like me. Maybe the kiss was a mistake. Maybe I could get over it. You know?” The words came tumbling out of her unchecked, and Elias did nothing but listen while he curled an arm around her shoulder for comfort. “Why not me, Elias? Why not me?” Her voice cracked on the last words. 

Something passed over Elias’ expression at the mention of the kiss. He hadn’t known but he didn’t interject.

Sana’s hand came up to wipe away the tears that were threatening to fall with the back of her sleeve. “And why did it have to be him? She could have had anyone… why him?” She knew Elias didn’t have the answer, they were rhetorical questions.

Her hand pressed to her forehead and her eyes fell shut. She was growing weary. Crying while fasting wasn’t ideal.

It wasn’t just physical tiredness though, she was emotionally drained too. She’d been keeping so much, everything, to herself. Sana needed this, needed someone to unload on. The load felt lighter already. She felt less alone. But she was sure if hadn’t felt at rock bottom that she’d have continued carrying that weight by herself for the foreseeable future. Perhaps it was better this had come sooner rather than later. 

Sana felt Elias’ arm tighten around her shoulders and he squeezed her arm. “I think he,” Elias paused for a moment, as if considering his words. “I think he’s a coward that has taken the easy way out.”

Sana’s brow furrowed and picked up her gaze to look at her brother. “What?”

“Do you think I would have encouraged you if I had known? Do you even think I would have encouraged you if I hadn’t already caught the way he looks at you? His lingering, longing looks? The way he gravitates towards you?” Elias said, the look in his eyes intense with conviction. “Do you think I would risk your heart? My baby sister’s heart?”

“No,” Sana said, the word but a whisper.

“But Sana, you’re the long game and some guys, even good guys, aren’t ready for the long game,” Elias continued, and he watched as Sana’s eyes cast down. “But he’s a coward because he wasn’t straight with you and worse still, he went for your best friend. That’s not okay. I thought he was better than that.” Now it was Elias’ turn to look away, disappointment and guilt written all over his handsome features before his voice picked up again. “I mean, there’s always a chance the guys are wrong. I could talk to him if you wa-”

“It doesn’t matter,” Sana interrupted, her nose sniffling and reddened from crying. “You’re right. I am the long game and if this is what playing is like, then maybe I’m not ready either.”

Elias chuckled at Sana continuing his metaphor and a weak smile tipped the corners of her lips. “It’s Ramadan. I have more important things to be focusing on right now, I can’t be wasting energy on a boy.”

Elias’ smile spread across his face and he reached out to wipe away a stray tear from the corner of Sana’s eye. She may be talking a good game right now but it was obvious she was still upset. A person didn’t just get over something like that in a few minutes but he was happy to see she was determined to try.

“That’s the sister I know and love,” Elias said, pressing a kiss to her forehead.

“I love you too, brother,” Sana replied, that smile brightening more.

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*comes in with pizza and drinks* dude, man, my bro, the WHOLE family going on a jog and basically inspiring the whole damn park to be more fit (and look cute while doing so). Like the kids are maybe a little older and they occasionally go on family runs or hikes and everyone is just #GOALS

[The Voltron Family] The Shirogane Family entered a family run for the first time after how the kids loved running with their daddies in the morning. Everyone was excited. They even had matching shirts, shorts and bands, something Shiro would reason out that it was so that they could easily recognize the other when they get lost. Keith knew his husband just wanted them to be that kind of family.

The event started and they all started to run. Shiro was on the far left, while Keith was on the far right with all the three kids in the middle. When they made a turn, 6-year-old Hunk stumbled, causing him to fall and scratch his knee. 

Keith: *abruptly stops* *sees Hunk* *panics* Hunk, baby! *runs towards him*
Hunk: *tries to sit* *crying silently*
Keith: *squats down to Hunk’s level* Shhhhsh, don’t cry.
Hunk: *still crying* It hurts. *holds his leg*

Little did they know, there were cameras flying around that took live footage and at the moment, the audience’s attention were on them.

Announcer: Oh no! A little boy tripped! But it looks like there are people who are already trying to take care of him!
Shiro: *runs towards them* *squats down* Keith, your first—
Keith: Way ahead of you. *gets betadine and band-aid from his fanny pack *
Hunk: *whimpers at the sight of medical products* Noooooo.
Lance: *squeezes Hunk’s hand*
Keith: It’s okay, baby. This won’t hurt. I promise. *cleans the wound with a wetwipe and applies betadine*
Announcer: Wow, look at this. We are all seeing live first aid.
Keith: Daddy’s got you. 
It’s his Daddy, folks! It’s his Daddy! Thank god.
Keith: *presents three types of band-aid* Pick which you want.
Announcer: Wait what is that? Can we zoom in? *beams* Oh my gosh. People. There are three band-aids. Spider-man, Gundam and Spongebob. This is a very hard decision for any little boy, or anyone for that matter. I know I will have a hard time, what more for this boy? And what’s that? He picked Gundam! He. Picked. Gundam! A wise decision! *claps* I’m so proud.
Keith: *smiles* Okay. *applies the band-aid on Hunk*
Pidge: Daddy Shiro, is Hunk okay now? *looks up at Shiro*
Shiro: *nods* Yeah, your Daddy Keith did a good job.
Announcer: Did you guys hear that? Daddy Shiro and Daddy Keith? These are two daddies with their three kids! How adorable is that? They’re new faces too since I’m pretty sure I would’ve remembered such gorgeous faces! *laughs*
Keith: *kisses Hunk’s knee* Alright. You’re good now. *wipes Hunk’s tears*
Hunk: *cries even more* *hugs Keith* Thank you.
Keith: *gives Hunk a peck on the lips* Anything for my baby.
Announcer: Awwwwwww. *sniffles* Of course a kiss to make it all better! Suddenly this year’s family fun run is so much better already than last year’s! We hope this family doesn’t get discouraged of today’s happenings and will attend the event next year because I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who’d love to see them again!

The audience did a collective “awwww” and a lot of nodding and whistling at the scene they were watching on the big screens.

Keith: Can you get up, sweetheart?
Hunk: *tries to stand up but stumbles* It still hurts.
Shiro: I can carry him. 
Keith: No. You already have Pidge and Lance. You three go ahead. Hunk and I will catch up with you. 
Shiro: Okay. Don’t take too long. *leans in to give Keith a kiss on the lips*
Announcer: *whistles* Is it just me or is it getting hot in here?

As soon as Shiro, Lance and Pidge left…

Keith: Okay, baby. Daddy will carry you, okay? You’ll sit on my shoulders.
Hunk: *eyes widens* *shakes head* No.
Keith: Why not?
Hunk: *whispers* I’m fat and I’m heavy.
Keith: No, you’re not! *holds Hunk’s hands* You’re perfect. Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise or I will kick their butts.
Hunk: *giggles* Okay.
Keith: Now, c’mon.
Hunk: But what if your back snaps?
Keith: *absolutely offended* Are you calling me weak, Hunk Shirogane? I did not spar every night with your Daddy Shiro just so my own child can call me weak. I’ve trained so hard, alright? Look at these guns. Might not be as big as your other Daddy but I’m getting there! *huffs*
Hunk: *laughs* 
Keith: *smiles* *lifts Hunk’s chin* And I can definitely carry my little boy. 

So Keith was finally able to convince Hunk to ride on his shoulders and off they resumed their running. They might have been the last ones, but as soon as they saw the finish line, Shiro, Lance and Pidge were cheering on them.

Announcer: And that my folks, is how you finish the family run with a bang! I’m so happy for them to finally finish! *wipes tears* I can’t even remember who won, but the last ones are definitely memorable!
Shiro: *leans in to whisper* Hey, I heard there was a video of my husband and my child. *looks around to check* *hands over a business card definitely not in a very suspicious manner* Mind if you could send over the video to my email?
Announcer: *blinks while looking at Shiro* *takes the card* W-What?
Shiro: *winks* Thanks! I’d appreciate it. 
Keith: *glares at Shiro* TA-KA-SHI.

Honestly, you can’t blame Shiro for wanting some documentation lmao

alec: hey jace do you want to hear a song?

jace: alec if this is what i think it is please you do this like ten times a day-

alec: so no one told you life was

jace: alec i swear to god-


jace: ALEC


jace: i’m leaving now


magnus: *wipes away a tear* you’re doing amazing, sweetie


Part 2 to this –> (X). I got really hyped about this sequel.

Everything had been just fine, until that asshole of a friend decided to fuck everything up. Why did he have to do this to now? You were on the right path of  creating a love life that didn’t involve him, and keeping him at bay. Now things were unclear. Things became more….complicated once again. 

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Meeting the Champion:

Varric: Inquisitor, this is Hawke, the champion of Kirkwall. I figured Hawke might have some advice about dealing with Corypheus. 

Inquisitor: Great! What can you tell me? 

Hawke: *looks pensively towards the horizon* 

Hawke: Corphyeus is a punk bitch that nearly killed Varric once and I would meet him in the pit for it any fUCKING D AY

Varric: …. *wiping away a tear* that’s my human <3

Before you left, you told me that in some other universe, some other life, we would end up together. That somewhere out there, we were forever. You told me that, as if it would help, as if it would matter at all. But it doesn’t, it doesn’t stop the aching pain in my chest when I see you with someone else. It doesn’t wipe away my tears and make my eyes a little brighter. It won’t matter that another version of us made it, that they’re in each other’s arms right now. Because it’s not us. I don’t care if there’s millions of parallel universes and our love is endless in every single one. I need it to be this universe, this version of us. I need your arms around me, your hands in my hair, on my waist. I need picnics on the beach and kisses on my forehead and dancing at midnight. I don’t need fantasies of what we could’ve been, what we should’ve been.
—  a world away // An Excerpt From A Book I’ll Never Write #27

i support the wonderful @feylen on patreon, who drew a fantastic henry jekyll illustration for me a few months ago, and this time, i requested frankenstein!! i’m so thrilled with the final product. the contrast of the colours is absolutely stunning, the pose is perfect, and i love the simple clothing!! favourite trashy swiss scientist boi fucking around with dead things and regretting everything in life. thank you so much for another incredible piece of work!! 

i just… [wipes away single tear from eye] 

i just want david production to go beyond what their limits for animation have been, and make something that’s high-quality and unique for once. we’ve got production studios like ufotable with their fluid action scenes and flashy effects, gohands with their crazy color filters and dynamic camera angles, kyoani with their incredibly detailed art and pretty color palettes, shaft with their stylish character movement and abstract directing, p.a. works with their beautiful scenery, wit studio with their gritty atmospheres, and madhouse with their ability to just make good adaptations. 

and what has david production done that stands out? nothing, except for playing around with the hue slider and drawing burly men; neither of which are even that impressive, since palette-swapped scenes from parts 1-3 are still dull as hell like the rest of the show and characters were frequently off-model, especially in parts 1 and 4.

pretty much the only thing davidpro has going for them as an animation studio is the fact that they animated jojo. that’s it. their animation is boring and becoming subpar.

^this gif alone, from kyoani’s violet evergarden commercial, was way more fun to make than anything i’ve ever made on this blog.

~You can talk to us~

Prompt requested by @silentsana: Isak and Even noticed that Sana has been sad for a while and decided to FaceTime Sana. Sana, needing company to distract her after hearing about Yousef and Noora, agreed to face chat with the boys. They end up talking for ages, ending with three grins on their faces. Idk I just felt that this could heal my soul after yesterday’s clip. Also good luck on your fasting and have a nice Ramadan!

A/N: Thanks for the prompt and also thank you very much, there are only a few hours now

Sana kept looking out the distance. She wiped away her tears but as soon as she did, she started crying again. Mutta saying that Yousef is with Noora was echoing in her head and she kept seeing the image of them kissing. She pressed her eyes together and tried everything to forget that moment. 

Suddenly she heard her phone ring. She sniffed and wiped the tears once again. Sana looked at her phone and saw that Isak is face timing her. She raised her eyebrow, he never did that. They would just message each other and nothing else. She didn’t want to pick it up but she knew it would be too rude and she also needed some distract. She stood up and looked at herself in the mirror. She arranged her make up and accepted Isak’s call.

“Hei!” she heard Isak and Even say.

“Hei…” she said and tried to smile.

“Did something happen or why are you calling me?” Sana asked and sat down onto her bed. 

“No, we just wanted to see how you are. How’sit with the fasting?” Even asked her with a big smile.

“A little hungry, but it’s okay.” 

For a moment Isak and Even looked at each other as if they were talking without saying anything.


“Yeah?” Sana swallowed and tried to look away.

“Were you crying?” Even asked her in a serious tone she never heard. 

She laughed hysterically and shook her head. “Nei!! Come on, I never cry, Even.” 

He raised his eyebrow and smiled softly. “Sweetie, I know you a little too long not to notice the redness of your nose and eyes.” 

“Also your eyeliner looks terrible.” Isak said friendly to make her smile and fortunately he succeeded.

“You already seemed stressed when you were at our place a few days ago.” 

Sana sighed and closed her eyes. She didn’t want too tell stuff that has nothing to do with them. She could just lie and tell them that everything is fine but she knew that Even would look through her facade, and Isak probably too. 

“Sana, you can tell us everything, you know that don’t you?” Even told her and waited for her reaction.Sana leaned back and sighed. Eventually, she decided to tell them everything.

“Bullshit!” Isak pressed his eyes together and shook his head. “What kind of shit is this please?” He said after Sana explained her mood. 

“If they say one more thing like that about you, you have to tell me. I know what happened to you in Urra and I won’t let it happen once again!” Even tried to keep calm but Sana saw the anger in his eyes. It made her tear up a little, hearing how much her friends support her. 

“Also, that Yousef guy can take his carrots and stick them into his–” Isak started to say but Sana started laughing end cut him off. 

“I mean it!” He said while laughing. Even looked at his boyfriend and smiled widely. Sana grinned and looked at her friends.

“Sana?! Where are you honey?” She suddenly heard her mother say. Sana looked at her phone and realized that they’ve been talking for almost three hours. 

“Guys, although I really loved talking to you, I have to go, we’ve to arrange some things for Iftar. But thank you, I really feel better now.”  

“Goodbye Sanasol!!!” Isak said and kissed the screen. She laughed and ended the call. Sana really felt relieved after talking to Isak and Even. It felt great to finally talk to someone

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Favourite line ever written?

That’s a hard one because I have a lot.

One of my favs is from a Klaine soulmate fic I wrote: “I can’t promise you a fairytale. I might be too broken for a happily every after.” Kurt said, pulling away one of his hands to wipe Blaine’s tears. “But if I get a second chance at true love, I’m going to start at chapter one.”

In terms of class (since I write about that most) I love the last line from my first class fic: ‘Charlie held a hand to his stomach as if it would steady the butterflies there.
Human emotions were weird but in no way unwelcome.’

I honestly feel like the most iconic line I’ve ever written is: “We take signs-” Tanya began.
“And stab this ridiculous man with it?” Quill interrupted. She wondered if the Prince would allow her to hit anyone with a sign.

for any of you ahgases out there~

i only do shinee scenarios and i know that most of you babies are multi-fandom but my best friend started her own scenario blog for her favorite boys called got7thinks!!!!!!!!! (*wipes away tears* ^ㅅ^) she is hilarious and also a living breathing meme so if you want to check it out mosey on over!!!!!!!!!

the last time i remember crying
i was seven and insignificant and
we were in my bedroom
you with your cold-burning belt buckle
and me with Bert and Ernie
it was silly you said
all words I now know mean the same thing
there was a hand over my mouth
i can’t remember if it was yours or mine
there were clothes on the floor
i can’t remember if they were yours or mine
someone whispered no
i can’t remember if it was you or me
someone said sorry and wiped my tears
it was me