*wipes single tear*


We had a different crew that day we shot that scene. The camera people were different and a lot of them didn’t know Maggie. So they were unfamiliar with the power of Maggie Siff. So, we who were familiar thought we can just shoot this scene and she’ll be ready and it’ll be a couple of takes and it’ll be great. So, she does this take and I look at the cameraman and he’s crying. And he’s just suddenly in the show. You just, like pulled him into the show. 

-Paris Barclay (An Evening with Sons of Anarchy)


BlazBlue + Tumblr text posts, part 20

brought to you by the artist formerly known as zeroreverse, now becoming one with my true meme-loving trash nature

get hype for the console release of Centralfiction, everyone

friend: *looks at a framed photo on top of my fireplace* who are those people?

me: *walks over with tears in my eyes* That’s… that’s my family. Mama Jin, Papa Joon, Uncle Yoongi and Hoseok, and my three little brothers Tae, Jimin and Jungkook. And grandpa Si-hyuk is in the middle there, do you see how proud he is of our little family? God I miss them so much. 

friend: ….

friend: isn’t that the kpop group you won’t shut up about? 

me: *continues to stare at the frame, wiping away a single tear* 

friend: you’re fucking weird you know that?

  • Jinyoung: I saw a man in this store and he was absolutely gorgeous...the best looking man I've ever seen...
  • Jaebum: Oh really? Who?
  • Jinyoung: *wipes away single tear* I was in a store that only sold mirrors....his name was Jinyoung ಥ_ಥ

fibro!tsuna and the… t’spoon

tsuna: i am T’spoona
tsuna: because i am Smol
tsuna: like a t’spoon
tsuna: *vulcan salutes*
reborn, a nerd: *wipes away a single tear* i’m so proud of my Tired Nerd Child
iemitsu: he’s not even yours!
reborn: shut up
reborn: tsuna, nerve pinch him
tsuna: with what? these frail tiny wrists and hands?
reborn: well if you stopped  punching your guardians every time they try to surprise you with a hug maybe you wouldn’t be having this problem


ronald speirs + kleptomania (pt. 1)

“He couldn’t sleep at night thinking there was a necklace or something around.”


*whispers* Hey, guess what.

They’re releasing non-sextuplet stages! Play as Totoko, Iyami, Chibita, Hatabou, and Nyaa-chan as you work your way through!

Oh yeah, and they’ve made a few adjustments to the characters too, which I’m guessing is to make the stages easier for you (since you can’t play as the Matsunos).

Senbatsu Chibita, Senbatsu Hatabou, Senbatsu Iyami, Senbatsu Totoko, Cheerleader Totoko, and Cheerleader Nyaa-chan can now attack from a slightly farther distance away, while Idol Totoko and Idol Nyaa-chan can now walk slightly faster! 

The stages will launch after maintenance on Friday, January 20 from 15:00 - 18:00, where they will also be launching the Final Christmas Gacha. Yup, they’re preparing to retire the Christmas set. *wipes single tear* They all go so fast……

~mod ichi

“Okay, Tobias, I know,” Ted replied after a few minutes of silence. “Bullying is awful, believe me, my kids also went through this. Heartbreaks aren’t that easy to endure, it’s like another kind of disease. But hey, your family isn’t to do with this. They want happiness for you, and they’re worried like hell right now, not even knowing where you are, blaming themselves.”

“If I told them, someone would go after me,” Tobias said. “I left a note saying that I’ll be alright. I need some time, some freedom.”

“As a father, I assure you that note isn’t enough. Just imagine your mother waking up every day and wondering where you are. Your father wiping single tears from his face when no one can see.”

“Ted, don’t make me cry. I know. I love them so much and it breaks everything inside me.”

“Just call your family. It will be better for everyone, hundred percent sure. You’re assuring yourself it’s alright to live like this, but failing with every upcoming day, I can see it in you. How long haven’t they heard from you?”

“The fourth week already. Ted, I… what if they hate me?”

“Don’t say nonsense. Of course they don’t, and their number one priority right now is to hear your voice.”

“I’ll think of it, alright?”

“You’d better hurry up. I can’t see you like this, it’s not normal.”


Kol held Y/N’s limp body in his arms. “I killed her, she’s dead.” Kol sobbed, Klaus and Elijah looking at the girl with sorrow in their eyes. “Baby brother, I am-” Klaus stepped forward and placed a hand on Kol’s shoulder. “I am so sorry for your lost.” Kol fell to his knees, and he gently placed Y/N at his knees, tears streaming down his heated checks. “She’s dead, I bled her dry.” Kol looked up at Klaus and Elijah, Y/N’s blood still on his chin, staining his shirt. “I loved her.” He screamed and Elijah closed his eyes at the sound of his brother’s cracking voice. “I swear I did.” Kol promised and Klaus wiped the single tear falling down his face, he could not stand to see his brother in such pain, such sorrow. “Kol I am terribly sorry, I know how you loved her., I know you did, but, she’s gone and we’ll send her off with the most beautiful goodbye.” Kol bent over and buried his face in his hands. “I know, she’s gone, I know, and it’s all my fault.”