*wipes a sentimental tear*

TAZ Nanowrimo: 11/07

Taako loves his magic boy very much. Angus can never, ever know this.

Except, that is, when he needs to hear it. 

General rule of thumb: Taako despises crowds. Fuckin’ hates ‘em. They’re good and dandy when he’s lifted above, spotlight trained on his face and all eyes pinned to his, soaking up every flirtatious wink and every uproarious joke. But being in the middle of them and pressed against all these people shuffling to get on the train, stuffed tight with hundreds of bodies like blades of grass curled and crinkled together in a fist - ugh. No. Hard pass from Taako. Every accidental nudge from passerby and cheerful whoops, excuse me! makes him want to curl into his own jacket and fuckin’ expire. 

The smoke thick and heavy in the air doesn’t help either. Taako’s got one end of his shawl pinned around his mouth, sweeping from his shoulder up to where he’s pinned the delicate fabric against his ear with the feather earring Kravitz gave him. The shawl doesn’t filter much of the smoke, but by Istus it’s something, and Taako will take whatever he can get.

A few years after the Day of Story and Song, Merle doesn’t bother affecting disinterest - he’s failed enough wisdom saves under the influence of his own Zone of Truth that pretending to dislike Angus is an endeavor doomed to fail from the start. He doesn’t ruffle Angus’s hair, because splinters, but he does give the boy a hearty pat on the shoulder and a piece of fatherly advice that makes Angus’s face contort into a truly spectacular combination of hilarity and revulsion.

Behind them, Magnus hefts the last of Angus’s luggage onto the train. It’s an easy task for the hulk of a man, since Angus doesn’t take much on trips. (A bad habit left over from childhood, Taako guesses, though Angus is taking more with him to school now than the stuff he took with him to the Bureau. Which doesn’t say much, ‘cause Ango arrived on the moon with, like, a couple pairs of clothes, an iron, some books, a spare pair of lenses. Now he’s got an entire suitcase stuffed with trinkets and good-luck gifts and three folders full of letters from his family that’s he’s carefully preserved over the years, and gods damn it, Taako is proud of him.)

Taako watches in vague amusement as Magnus unzips Angus’s bags surreptitiously, shuffling Angus off toward Taako while Merle slips yet another bag of sweets into his luggage for Angus to find later. Gods, he loves these idiots, he really does, but they’re dumb as a bag of fuckin’ rocks. Who do they think they’re fooling - the world’s greatest detective? Who’s he supposed to suspect is dropping scones in his bag, the fuckin’ Candlenights bunny?

“Well, this is about it, sir,” says Angus. One of the other kids’ bags falls and takes Merle down with a sound whack. Merle curses it out as Magnus replaces it hastily, looking fervently around himself. 

“Sure is, D’jango,” Taako says without straightening from his post lounging against a nearby column, because his wisdom modifier is enough at level fuckin’ sixteen that he can save against Zones of Truth, thanks very much. “You excited?”

“Very much so!” Angus says. He adjusts his spectacles a little nervously.

Magnus and Merle have scooted away from the luggage compartment, which is now more or less in shambles.  Merle’s patting Magnus’s shoulder as he wipes a tear from his scarred face. Overly sentimental shithouse.

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I honestly don’t know what this is or where this came from but…Merry (early) Christmas. 

Dean’s been staring that the Christmas cards for what feels like an eternity when Sam finally rounded the corner, his cart full of supplies. 

“Dude, what are you doing?” 

He jumped slightly and cleared his throat, “Just looking.” Dean knew the face Sam’s giving him before he turned to look, “What?”

“Nothing,” he shrugged, a smug smile on his face, “Who’re you looking for?”

Dean rolled his eyes and shoved his hands in his pocket, “No one, I was just-”

“Awh, Dean, you know you don’t have to get one for me.” Sam smirked.

“Shut up, Sammy,” Dean grumbled, “Let’s just go.”

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Music Series: The Way You Look Tonight by Tony Bennett

I love that you sent me this request, thank you! (And requests may be sent however any of you prefer, no problem!) This is one of my favorite romantic songs (romantic songs are indeed different from love songs…love songs you hear, romantic songs you feel, imo), although I tend to listen to the Tony Bennett version. I am such a hopeless romantic, and this song always makes me feel like maybe I’m not the last of a dying breed of hopeless romantics left in the world.

The first time I remember hearing this song was when Dermot Mulroney sang it to Julia Roberts in My Best Friend’s Wedding…yes, I’m a tried and true, diehard Rom-Com geek. I’ve loved the song ever since. Perfect tune for a Harry story so I hope you all like it!

Here is “The Way You Look Tonight” (slightly different but not much from Frank Sinatra), by Tony Bennett. You can hear this version of the song on my Spotify Playlist, I Love You Long Time, Here.

Mwah! xo



Someday, when I’m awfully low

When the world is cold

I will feel a glow just thinking of you

And the way you look tonight

As you pulled up in the drive of the home you and Harry shared, you smiled, knowing from his earlier text that he had made some sort of plans for your anniversary tonight.

Happy anniversary, babe. Be ready by 8. I love you.’ was all it said, but you loved Harry’s surprises. He put so much thought into them, it made you feel bad sometimes that you couldn’t come up with such great ways to surprise him in return. But the new dress and lingerie you bought would be a surprise for him, you just hoped it was in the ballpark of as good as his surprise.

You walked into the house and found a note on the table just inside the door and read it.

Please go straight to the guest bedroom and I will pick you up at 8.’

You giggled at how he made it sound like he was driving to your house to pick you up for the date, but you obeyed, not wanting to thwart his plans in any way. You took your things to the bedroom, seeing he had taken your personal care items into the bathroom for you to use, and immediately began getting ready for your ‘date’. You smiled that he had placed ‘his’ favorite perfume that you wear on the vanity, hinting for you to wear it.

Oh, but you’re lovely

With your smile so warm

And your cheek so soft

There is nothing for me but to love you

Just the way you look tonight

Every now and then as you readied yourself, you heard a noise from another room and assumed it was Harry making sure everything was perfect for the evening. You had finished getting ready quickly and was impatiently pacing the floor, listening with your ear to the door as it got closer to 8 p.m., hoping to hear a hint of what he was planning. You assumed maybe he was taking you to your favorite restaurant, a romantic drive in the moonlight, maybe a cozy make-out in front of the fireplace. But you were excited at the anticipation of not knowing. He had a knack for really surprising you, to the point of bringing tears to your eyes.

At 8 o’clock sharp you heard a knock at the door and walked to it, opening it with a smile on your face. When you first saw him, Harry was smiling, looking as gorgeous as always, but as his eyes begin to trail from your face, slowly down your body, and back up again, the smile disappeared and astonishment took his stare.

“Baby, you’re so beautiful,” he said, walking to stand directly in front of you, taking your hands in his and kissing you gently. You had looked for weeks for the perfect dress for your anniversary, remembering the hint of one Harry had mentioned seeing you in, in a dream he had, that turned him on to the point of waking up in full salute and begging you to wake up, too, as you felt his erection burying against your hip. You thought maybe you found a dress that matched it well and paired it with a pair of hooker heels, that Harry had laughed about from his dream. “Oh my god…so beautiful,” he said, unable to take his eyes off of you. His lips found yours again, and after a moment of realizing Harry was becoming erect already, you lightly pushed him away.

“Is this our date? Standing in the guest room doorway while we kiss? Not complaining, just wondering,” you giggled.

“Oh! No, sorry…just…wow, babe,” he kissed you again, then took your hand.

With each word your tenderness grows

Tearing my fears apart

And that laugh that wrinkles your nose

Touches my foolish heart

As you stepped out into the hallway, you saw the hallway floor covered with rose petals. You looked at Harry in shock and smiled. He smiled from ear to ear, knowing the first of his surprises had pleased you, then took your hand and walked you through the hallway and down the stairs into the dining room, where a beautiful dinner was sitting, waiting for the two of you. Soft music played in the background, the lights dimmed, and a bottle of your favorite wine chilling in a bucket of ice.

“Harry! It’s all so beautiful!” you said, wrapping your arms around his waist and holding him closely to you, feeling his kiss against your head.

“Nothing is as beautiful as my baby tonight,” he said, still barely able to take his eyes off of you.

You both sat and enjoyed the meal, his eyes rarely wandering from you, his hand resting on your leg throughout the entire meal, then Harry took your hand and lead you to an open area of the living room, where he had once again scattered more rose petals. He must have spent a fortune on roses alone.

Harry grabbed the remote off the table and changed the music to a beautiful, romantic song that you both loved and considered “your song” as it was the first song you ever danced to together.

“May I have this dance, sweetheart?” Harry asked you sweetly. He smiled as he saw the tears well up in your eyes with your smile shining. Harry drew you close to him, holding you against his body, kissing your skin as you both swayed to the music.

You thought this evening could never be more perfect. You were in the arms of the man you loved with all of your heart, being treated like a princess at a ball, knowing he loved you as much as you loved him. You noticed at some point as he held you to the rhythm of the music, that he wiped a tear from his eye. You smiled at him and kissed his cheek.

“I want to tell you something,” he said to you as you danced.

“Okay?” you said, wiping a tear from the corner of your own eye.

“The night I met you, the first time I ever saw you…I thought you must be the most lovely creature I had ever laid eyes on,” he said, looking into your eyes. “I was so nervous. I thought I never had a chance with you. I was so happy when you seemed to really like me, too. And you let me take you home. And you let me kiss you at your door.” He smiled a huge smile. “God, babe, I was in heaven. I had such a swarm of butterflies in my stomach…and they’ve never left. They remind me all the time how much I love you. When I saw you on the other side of the bedroom door tonight, there they were, flittering around at seeing you all over again.”

You chuckled as you wipe another tear, listening to his sentiment.

“I knew then that I was going to do absolutely anything and everything to have you in my life. And here we are….sharing a home and our lives together. Thank you. I have the most beautiful person in my life I could ever hope for. And I hope I never see another day without you.”

Harry leaned in to you and kissed you softly, his hand finding your cheek and guiding your kiss to his. You felt him tug your bottom lip between his own before slipping his tongue to meet yours, tasting you as if it were once again the first time. His kiss was so tender but deep, that as he pulled away slowly, you clicked your tongue in unknowing retaliation, searching for his again, as he licked your lip quickly then looked at you again.

“So beautiful, baby,” he whispered, before taking your hand, leaving the dinner mess for later, and guiding you to the master suite, where the rose petals continued, creating a path to your bed as they sprinkled the cover.

Harry kissed you almost desperately as he lay you backward onto the bed, lightly rubbing his nose against yours, his body covering yours as he nipped at your jaw.

“You look so beautiful…” he whispered. “I love you…”

“I love you,” you returned.

“Happy anniversary, baby,” he told you once again.

“Happy anniversary, love,” you answered.


Never, ever change

Keep that breathless charm

Won’t you please arrange it

‘Cause I, I love you

Just the way you look tonight

Just the way you look tonight…

Raclette (ReaderxSoldier:76)

Also on AO3

The team all had different ideas of what to do for New Year’s Eve, rather than sit in a cold cottage far away from anyone’s home, far removed from civilisation. The heat was supposed to be working, but abandoned for nearly six years, the old Overwatch safehouse has seen better days and the central heating was the first to give out. It was a nasty surprise to arrive to, having to break open the ice in the toilet bowl and making various impromptu repairs, but by now everyone has gotten used to it, in a quiet, miserable way.

They’re all sitting in their own corners, doing their own thing, counting the seconds to when they’ll be free of this hell hole, and bemoaning the fact that this is, with a few scattered exceptions, the worst New Year’s they ever had.

Reinhardt is the first to break under the pressure of a horrible holiday.

“This will not do.” he says and stands up with the single-minded passion of a man who will not let his family be sad on a day that should be about joy and hope. He marches toward the kitchen, followed by half a dozen pairs of eyes who can be bothered to take a break from brooding. What he returns with is a tabletop grill.

“My family did this every year on Silvester.” he explains as he plugs the device in. It heats up slowly, and the warmth more than Reinhardt’s sudden enthusiasm sways the team towards that idea he’s having.

“Angela insists it’s a Swiss tradition but she is not here so I will tell you that it is a thing we do at home. We don’t have the proper cheese, but Raclette is all about improvising.”

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Serendipity Chapter 4

This is 12 fucking pages. I’m a perfectionist and went way overboard. Hope you like it. Don’t kill me. I love angst. Sorry it’s really long. I like paragraphs as well.

Rating: T (some language), M (later on)
Word Count: 6,450+
Characters: Mark x Reader ft. the rest of GOT7.
English will be bold, Chinese in italic and Korean will just be normal! The texts are in Korean as well.

Part 4/8
Part One. Part Two. Part Three. Part Five. Part Six. Part Seven. Part Eight.


“Honestly, Jess, it could’ve been worse.”

Her body shot up from her laying position on my bed to glare at me. “Are you serious right now? I basically declared I would fuck him, right in front of his face!” With a groan, she reached over and smashed my pillow in her face, falling dramatically back on my bed.

I rolled my eyes before looking back into my body length mirror and applying my lip gloss. From the desk chair, Jae laughed, “You can’t deny that it wasn’t funny though. His face was priceless.”

The pillow left her face and instead smacked his. “I can never show my face around him again!”

Turning slightly, I gave her a once over. “Mark told me Jackson was flattered.”

“I think he’s confusing flattered with creeped out. He probably thinks I’m some horny chick who has wet dreams about him.”

Jae looked up from his phone, “Well, don’t you?”

She sat up with a huff, “Yes, but I don’t want him to think that.”

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Request: The Simple Things

Request: hey yaaa, well, i’m feeling really really bad right now, i have a long time feeling like this and i was wondering if you can write a cas x reader where she is having a breakdown and she is crying and stuff and cas show up and tries to cheer her up, he took her to some beautiful places around the word just to see her smile, and of course can you do it based in the song misery by the maine? thank you so much if you do that, i need it:( ily <3

Word Count: 615

Here it is, I hope you’re feeling better. Have a really awesome day, okay?<3

Breathing labored, your entire body shaking, you take a shuddering breath, trying to stop the darkness that’s quickly rising in your chest. A sob falls from your throat, ripping its way out to freedom.

You’re shaking and you can’t stop, tears uncontrollably falling down your face. You can’t breathe, let alone speak. You drop to the bed, running a hand through your hair. You don’t think you’ve ever felt this bad.

“Y/N?” There’s a quiet voice from beside you, “Y/N, what’s troubling you?”

“Not now, Cas.” You choke out. You hear footsteps coming towards you.

“I’m not leaving.” He says firmly, “Not leaving you upset.”

“I’m not upset.” You insist. He scoffs, sitting down on the bed and draping an arm over your shoulder.

Suddenly, you’re crying into his shoulder. He rubs your back soothingly, whispering comforting words into your ear.

“What makes you sad, Y/N?” He asks, “I want to fix it.”

You shake your head, “It’s not like that, Cas. It’s just a great big lump of everything and it’s sat on my shoulders and it’s too heavy.” You sigh, “I’ll be okay.”

“I don’t want you to be ‘okay’. I want you to be happy.” He says firmly. You laugh at the sentiment, still wiping tears from your cheeks.

“I don’t think- oomph!” You’re whisked away, and before you can protest at all, you’re sat on a wooden bench, overlooking a decidedly grey ocean. “Cas?” You whisper. “Where are we?”

“I’m showing you all of my favourite places in the world. Well, not all of them.” He says, “Look at the foam, how it crests and disappears, taking with it the sand and shells and seaweed. So reversible, so fragile, yet it’s unstoppable and moves with such power.”

You’re left in awe at his words, and you stare out of the water.

“Come on, I’ll show you something else.”

You’re whisked away again, this time, you’re stood in beautifully lit woods. Light shines down, filling the glade with golden light. You look around, almost waiting for another speech about its beauty. Sure enough, you get one.

“There’s so much life here. You hardly see it, Y/N, but that’s what makes it so spectacular. There’s a squirrel family up in that tree, and birds in that one. There’s a rabbit warren directly below our feet. It’s invisible, but there. The fact that it exists is amazing.” He leans in close, “I could say the same of you.”

There isn’t time to respond, and you’re off to the next place.

You’re sat on top of a tall, tall hill, overlooking an old medieval ruin.

“See that?” Cas asks. When you nod, he smiles, “It’s eight hundred years old. I remember watching it being built. It was grand, grander than anything of its time. The bustling activity of the court, the constant runaround of the area. It truly was a sight to behold. But, as many things do, it fell to ruin and today, is forgotten by most of society.”

“That’s sad.”

“But is it not beautiful? The echo of a time once gone, a time of grandeur, now reduced to a memory. It’s not forgotten, so it still lives on.”

“You’re so… eloquent.” You whisper, seeing the stone structure in a new light.

“Do you see the message of this?” He asks quietly. When you shrug, he offers a smile.

“Simple things. The sea. The woods. A forgotten castle. It’s not what you’d expect when you hear the word beauty- but I believe that that is the key to happiness.”

“Finding beauty in simplicity?”

“Exactly.” He presses his lips to your cheek as you lean into him, watching the sun set behind the castle.

i am not saying that i can fix you
it is just that i can stay with you
through your best and worst days,
through the times that you can’t love yourself,
and the moments when solitude is all you need,
i will listen to all your sentiments,
i will wipe all your tears away,
i will kiss your wounds
just for them to stop hurting
and i will love you with all of me
as you try to fix yourself
and i hope you’d do the same for me
because i will do everything for you
—  N.A.