Your OTP is snowed in at Person A’s house, so Person B suggests an impromptu movie night while snuggled on the couch with blankets and hot chocolate. Person A insists that they watch all three High School Musical movies. Person B doesn’t really understand why Person A is so excited about it, but they think that A’s excitement is kind of cute, so they go along with it. By the time they’ve gotten to the second movie, both A and B are singing along and dancing with each other. A falls asleep on B’s shoulder before the movies are over, and B finds themself still watching the ending and crying as the characters head off to college. They gently plant a kiss on A’s forehead before turning off the movie and snuggling with A, quietly humming the songs as the snow falls outside. (OT3: Person C has been watching from the window the entire time. They’ve been trying to get the attention of A and B from outside for the duration of every movie. They’re getting very cold. Someone needs to help Person C.)


Stunning Glacier Inspired Bench by Fernando Mastrangelo

Brooklyn-based designer Fernando Mastrangelo recently showcased this unique and sculptural bench at the James Gallery at Art Genève in Switzerland last month. A part of collection, entitled, “Drift” the bench emulates the natural texture of earth’s formations and glaciers.

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