*will arnett


[Diane walks in. There are hundreds of Make-Your-Own-Plane-Kits stacked on top of each other. Each kit reads: “No I said I’d like to make a complaint do not send me those kits why would you even sell kits like that it’s 2016 this is the last time I’ll be calling you goodbye.”]


Update: when I posted this last night, I wanted to add the quote below but it was late and I couldn’t find it at the time.

At the same time, in terms of some of the critical comments I’ve seen, I’d like to note that it doesn’t help the cause for us to turn on allies who haven’t reached “advanced feminist consciousness” yet. You have to walk before you can run.  I’m sure Will Arnett learned a lot at the march!

I’m not saying give him feminist of the year. I’m saying we’re trying to expand the amount of people who care about gender equality, and we can point out the missing piece of an argument without rejecting it entirely, like so:

“Hey it’s great that you care about your loved ones and don’t want to see them oppressed. I want to point out though that people’s worth shouldn’t be dependent on what they mean to us personally. Women don’t deserve rights because of how much they mean to men - they deserve rights because they are human beings. A caring person should care about justice and not just “what does this mean to me and my immediate circle.”

This way we’re not punishing people for taking a first step, we’re encouraging them to keep going on the path of awareness > empathy > action.