idk if any of yall are following the montana special election but the republican candidate just body slammed a journalist so a sanders-endorsed candidate that was already beating him greatly in the polls now might be literally guaranteed a win…..in a deeply conservative state

WIP of my end! This fucking picture is going to kill me, but may be worth it! 
I’m a Sidlink shipper, oops! But dang they’re cute!
The Zora Domain is less cute but super gorgeous and I’d pay real money to live there for the rest of my days even if I dont like the cold. its too pretty for the temperature to matter. 
BUT YEAH! Working on this all day *sobs*

Just a sneak peak of what I’m working on :’D

Do you ever think how wild it is that gay rumours were strong enough that 2 ppl in the same band disliking each other and not hanging out outside of strictly public work events for 3+ years was a more desirable scenario for a bunch of men in suits than presenting them as friends?

That the gay rumours were too strong & they had to try and convince millions of people that they hated each other? Ppl said that they wrote a song together without ever being in the same room that’s how strong the gay rumours were fkshfksjdkfk

Fucking Tony Stark with his Fucking walk in wardrobe and literal Fucking stand for his glasses and he’s making his Fucking bodyguard grow a beard like his because he lost a bet and he thinks the Peter is sophisticated and he designs his Fucking AI to talk about Steve and I’m just Fucking not okay my garbage kid is fragile and trying his Fucking best and honestly? It’s working i believe in him you put on those glasses and kitty shirt and help ur spider kid save the world I’m so proud of u bby keep slaying that is all goodnight

Link sometimes doesn’t even bother to cook his meat and just eats it and one day he does it in front of Zelda and that’s when she realizes just how absolutely reckless he has been on his journey

Power diving off of waterfalls? He can make it he’s a strong boy

Fighting enemies with a stick? A dare he once contested with Sidon and won

Eating food raw and not sleeping for days? P R O T E C T H I M