Okay…I decide to put the forth episode earlier for an apology because tons of people replied that the bear’s gun-holding position can’t be weird anymore.

I’m sorry about that.QwQ It was the first time I draw scenes like this…

So the new episode is here~Also, since my summer vacation is going to end the day after tomorrow, so I’ll decrease the frequency I post Nick&Judy comics. New works are going to be shown only on Saturday. I’m sorry about this too…

But I’m not gonna stop drawing new comics~^U^   


Nick’s expressions disturb me. He was so unimpressed upon witnessing Manchas’s kidnapping. And he’s just calmly sipping tea while threatening to ice Weaselton.
Savage predators may give him the willies but when it comes to kidnapping and icing (two things the mafia are known for) he doesn’t event blink. Is ANYONE surprised he worked for a crime boss cause I’m not!!

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I thought there was a ne? Or is it just shortened?

Proper grammar says that the full “I don’t know” in French is “je ne sais pas”, but no one ever says it like that. We had a teacher who lived in France, and I went to school there for a few months, and everyone says it like “je sais pas”. I’ve never heard anyone include the ne. I once asked my teacher why they excluded the ne and she said “je sais pas”

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Ummm that was so good can we pls have more angst about Neil's mom?? Thank u <3

A continuation of Mum Angst bc of popular-ish demand 

Abuse TW

“The scars,” Neil swallowed “-you can see aren’t the only ones that exist…”

“Oh, hon -” Dan stepped forward, pulling Neil into a fierce hug, her eyes stinging, her fist clenching. If there was anyone that knew anything about the toll that mental/emotional abuse could take, it was Dan. 

Neil bit the inside of his cheek as she hugged him, standing still as he felt her breath accelerate. She pulled back and blinked away her tears. 

“Hey, I’m ok, Dan. Really, it was a long time ago. And she only wanted the best -” 

“-No.” Dan cut in, “No she didn’t, Neil. Abuse is abuse. Even if she didn’t touch you - oh..oh no.” She faltered as Neil tried to school his expression.

“I’m fine,” Neil whispered, his eyes downcast.

Matt was clenching his jaw as hard as he could to keep from saying anything, he knew Dan could handle this better than he could. 

Renee and Allison were also in the dorm room, but they both stayed politely back and respectfully silent. They both had faith in Dan as well.

Andrew wasn’t as easily swayed. “We’re leaving.” 

Neil knew Andrew probably had a lot to say but they hadn’t had a chance to talk in between practice and getting back to Fox Tower. Probably along the lines of Neil never mentioning anything about Mary being abusive, but that was a conversation for them. 

Dan looked between them. She seemed to decide that she could trust Andrew with Neil and backed off. 

“Are we, now?” 


“She hated smartasses almost as much you.” Neil reminisced with a wry grin.

“Not funny.”

Neil paused, his smile slipping a fraction. He sighed, “…never said it was ‘Drew.” 

Comic: White Foxes by: Ahiru translation by ZNN

[RATED T-13] 

In some of the original concept art for Kozlov, the polar bear who was ousted for Mr. Big, there were some arctic foxes who didn’t make the cut once Kozlov was cut. But thanks to Ahiru, the translation skills of LMAbacus, and the editing of gfcwfzkm, we now have a hilarious encounter with these three. Enjoy!

Find it here