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Just gonna say this real quick, Melissa has the broadest shoulders

I’ve already explained this here, but her shoulders aren’t actually broad. It’s just the little coat she wears. It has wide shoulders.

Here’s Melissa with her coat on:

And here she is without:

Her shoulders look broad, but they’re actually not. Her little coat sort of has padding, like shoulder pads in some suits women wear. Boy characters often don’t have shoulders (or you know, anything that would make them stand out like padding on a uniform), so because Meli is always hanging out with Milo and Zack, and not around other girls, it’s easy to say she has the broadest shoulders. 

Sometimes the animators will follow the character constructions to a tee and make sure to show the difference between Meli with the coat and Meli without, and sometimes they won’t get it right. But humans aren’t perfect, and whether her shoulders show as broad or not when wearing the coat is not a pressing matter lol. Not unless the show was focused on her shoulders XP

tl;dr: Compared to other boys, Melissa has the broadest shoulders. But she has shoulders as wide as any other girl on the show her age; the coat she wears is deceiving XD

Eyes Wide Open All the Time Chapter 22: “Exorcism” 

Chapter Summary: Rin’s thigh wraps around Sousuke’s hip, their bodies tucked close in the warm, safe place they’ve created together. Rainfall patters over the silence of their absent touches. Rin’s thumb slides up Sousuke’s jaw, tracing the curve of his ear, circling the hollow of his temple, and the quiet is so intimate that they fear their racing pulses are audible.

Sousuke’s thumb presses into the cushion of Rin’s bottom lip, lolling it open but not surging forward to take it. A breath apart, he whispers, “Can I take you to bed?”

White-hot shock lurches through him when Rin licks at his thumb, sucking it into his mouth before it drags down against his teeth, his grinning lower lip. “Yes.”

Work Summary: "You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into,“ Haru says even as he can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The light is in Makoto’s eyes. "I know you.”

In which Haru is a former drug addict selling dope, Makoto is a teacher fresh out of the army, and Sousuke is a cop who makes the mistake of helping a rentboy named Rin.

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Magic Kingdom - Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade by Julien Duduoglu


Water Supply by Evan Buchanan