• Sakura:I'm really mad because boobs sounds too hilarious, tits sounds too vulgar, breasts too pretentious and any other words just make me want to laugh
  • What word am I supposed to use
  • Ino:rumble spheres
  • Naruto:wibbly wobbly booby woobies
  • Kiba:tatty-bo-jangles
  • Hinata:human milk sacs
  • Tenten:pillows for friends
  • Kankuro:sweater puppets
  • Temari:breasticles
  • Gaara:boing boing bags
  • Tsunade:chesticles

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Okay, so first things first I am a Lucaya shipper. After watching both parts of ski lodge, I would like to agree and disagree on your post about Joshaya. Although it is wrong for a freshman in college to be in a relationship or acting as if in one with a freshman is high school, the writers completely messed up on that part. Josh and Maya are only two years and a bit more apart, meaning if she was 14 he would be 16 at the time of ski lodge because of the 6 week age gap. I will continue next.

Yeah, they’re being realllll wibbly wobbly with the age gap since they retconned her age in GMS16, but again: the precise age difference isn’t the issue so much as the life stage/experience gap.

//ppl are all over McCree being only 17 when he was recruited into Blackwatch but are u aware that also

Mercy was 17 in that pic too

she got recruited into Overwatch after ”rising to head of surgery at a prominent Swiss hospital”

becoming a licensed doctor takes at least 9 years in Europe

when did she attend university, at five years old or what??

Our Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey candle is sweet and mysterious, and will have you craving your next adventure. Allons-y!

TARDIS terrarium by @mosslove

For A Spin by Bad-Faery

“Papa!” The bell over the shop’s door clanged as Bae slammed in. Gold looked up from his paperwork to meet his son’s eager eyes. “Papa, there’s a carnival! Can we go? Please?”

gods this doesn’t feel like a good enough tribute to the all-powerful Fae Fae

These are the things that we won't do

We won’t be together so long that we forget how we got together in the first place, and it doesn’t matter, not to us or to anybody else.

We won’t go to bed in the afternoon on the strength of a smile across the room.  We won’t exchange our life’s stories, or feel pangs of jealousy when we talk about old lovers. We won’t get enough memories of our own to see us through the bad times.

We won’t read something in the paper and want to ring each other up just to talk about it. We won’t go dancing and embarrass everybody but ourselves.

We won’t ever argue. We won’t ever make up. We won’t ever get to know each other so well that we take each other for granted.

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After they find out each other's identities, Marinette takes Adrien home to meet her parents. They decide to show him her baby photos and do other "unintentional" embarrassing things. When she asks him what he thought of her parents when the duo are on patrol, he replies with something along the lines of she must have always been really lucky, even before she became Ladybug, to have such awesome parents. (Well, at least awesome compared to his own, who are dead and/or ableist pieces of trash.)

“I Think You Need A Doctor” - Digital Oil Painting

Because it’s past time I painted the Bad Wolf kiss.

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.