And it’s later! Here’s a drugstore haul from today!

Got2Be Beach Trippin’ $6.99
Batiste Dry Shampoo $9.99
Essie nail polish x3 $9.99
Loreal nail polish $6.99
Sally Hansen Xtreme nail polish $3.49
Sally Hansen complete salon nail polish $8.99
Covergirl nail polish $5.99
NYC nail polish $1.99
Nyx Matte Lip Cream $9.99 x4
Rimmel Eyeliner $7.99 x2
Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous foundation $8.99
Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous concealer $7.49
Revlon Nail polish $6.49
Loreal color infallible $10.99
Ardell individual lashes $8.49
Loreal BB Cream $17.99
Rimmel BB Cream $9.99
Melatonin $9.99
Crest 3D White 1 Hour Express $59.99
Crest 3D White Luxe $74.99
York peppermint patties $4.99

Total: $350.73
Total +tax: $403.34

The whitestrips were my Crown Jewels 😍 also almost $20 for a drugstore bb cream? As if, loreal, as if.

My @sailorjerry inspired makeup tutorial will be posted onto my YouTube channel VERY soon! Super excited about this look. I am so in love with it! And I hope you all will love it too! Stay tuned! 💋💋💋💋#makeupartist #misslaceynoel #missmissyphotography #sailorjerry #whitestripes #timburton #flapper #1920s #1930s #makeup #cute #kawaii #oldfashion #fashion #highfashion #mua #makeuptutorial #youtuber #traditionaltattoos


I’m wearing nothing but TAYLOR shirts to bed every night until my tour date cause TAYLOR SHIRTS BRING GOOD LUCK and good luck brings TAYLOR HUGS.

I was trying to do her face in the shirt.

But I have on crest whitestrips and I’m generally awkward so it didn’t work. Oops.


Day 2 of using crest whitestrips and my bottom front row of teeth are in a lot of pain. I googled it and apparently sensitivity is an occasional outcome with any over the counter tooth whitening product so I’m going to skew my roll with this and whiten every other day rather than every 24 hours.

It’s really sore tho and I’m trying to sleep before work tn so I just took two pain killers to help me cope as I am a baby. I’m also eating a chocolate bar. Bye

I always underestimate how much better showers make me feel! Featuring, you guessed it: whitestrips! My teeth will be white, dammit!

Scored low again, but where I struggled in my fitness/diet goals, I made up for it with chores and such. Got most of my morning stuff out of the way and set some phone reminders to repeat to hopefully kick my ass into gear tomorrow.

No makeup, and my face is super red, but I think I’m starting to notice little baby changes to my face. Could this be a nsv??? Weighing in tomorrow, so we’ll see if there’s a scale victory to go along with it or if I’m just imagining things.

Love you beautiful people! Sweet dreams! XOXOXO


I’ve been using crest whitestrips but my dad (actual father) wants me to stop using them and insisted he’ll pay for me to go get my teeth whitened since it’s something I wouldn’t have to do often. My teeth are white but not as white as I want them to be. any suggestions, has anyone tried oil pulling? and does it work well? I’m just really picky and cherish my teeth.

i tried using those crest whitestrip things again today and holy fucking shit they’ve made my teeth so incredibly sensitive that my mouth has been in constant pain all day, i mean i have really sensitive teeth to begin with but for it to hurt this bad was something i never expected so idk just be careful with those things

just-whitestripe asked:

Did you get off hiatus? If so welcome back! It's been a while, I was beginning to worry! :P Nice to see you're alright, and btw I really love your art! I'm still too shy to show off any of mine, but I'm glad you did because it looks great!! ;3

My family was away a few days, and I’d been able to use the computer all weekend. Luckily, it’s summer so I’ll be able to sneak on a little more often now :D
Thanks for the compliment and being concerned about me, that’s very sweet <333 (you should totally show off your art! I’m sure people will love it :) )

Today’s daily checklist is all filled out! Still not scoring very high, but getting consistent with some of the things I was struggling with before.

Biggest problem is getting things done first thing in the morning/the first part of the day.

It’s starting to feel like every time I have a (relatively) successful day, the next day is a struggle… but I’m working really hard to try and combat that.

And yes, those are whitestrips on my teeth. 

Hope you’re all having a lovely day/night! Gonna set up a queue, but once these whitestrips are done it’s off to bed for me! <3

I’m so excited!

In a weeks time, I’ll be starting my daily diet and exercise routine. I’ve cut out all the unnecessary junk food, limiting my beverages to only water and tea, and adding vitamin supplements to my breakfast.

I’ve jumped on this band-wagon of “FitTea” and I’m certainly hoping it can bring my digestive system back to sanity, and help me shed some of this extra body fat.

I’ve also purchased Proactiv + and with only using the product for 5 days; I am seeing some pretty significant immediate results.

Another item purchased was the well known “It Works!” hair growth supplement, that has had several success stories in short amounts of time.

And finally, to top off my beauty regiment, I’ve thrown out the cash to try Crest 3D Whitestrips (Gentle Routine), to hopefully lift natural yellowing and coffee stains.

I will be doing morning jogs, yoga, and weekly work-outs to help tone my body and regulate my metabolism.

I plan on videotaping my progress throughout the entire time for my self motivation, and hopefully the results will be fantastic! I realize my blogging will be more beneficial to me, but maybe you’ve been curious about a number of these products and are looking for legitimate reviews before committing!

If interested in following my progress and/or sharing your support; I’ll begin uploading videos a week from now onto this tumblr page:


All products and/or routines I use I will review and share with everyone!

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