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 if we win first today, our dongwoo hyung will transform into the juliet of the remaining 6 of us. (hoya ,140529)

You're sick...
  • Liam: "You pick." you reply after Liam asks what film you guys are watching tonight for 'movie night'. He scans your DVD shelf, looking for a suitable film to watch. "What are you up for, babe? Action? Thriller? A rom-com?" he asks you. "Nothing too heavy or loud. I think I'm getting the cold, so I'm a bit drowsy at the moment". He smiles, picking out a DVD and inserting the cd. "I think I may have the perfect choice". He settles down on the couch, placing an arm around your shoulders, as you curl up beside him, leaning your head on his shoulder. "You're not going to regret this" he laughs as the film begins, causing you to be suspicious at his comment. After a while you recognise the film. "Is this 'Contagion'?" you ask, slapping him lightly on the chest."I'm not THAT sick!" you yell, as he chuckles at your reaction.
  • Zayn: 'Sorry I can't be with you, boo :( I'll be home after lunch. I love you xx' his text reads. Unfortunately he's busy with an interview, so he can't visit you and take care of you while you're sick. However, you wake up to find a 'Get Well Soon' balloon tied to a bar of chocolate at the foot of your bed. You smile as you read the card attached to the gift, which was complete with a drawing of you and him. You pick up your phone and call him, hoping that he's on a break. "Babe! Are you feeling better?" He picks up after the third ring. "You know I can't eat chocolate right now!" you tell him, your voice hoarse from your sore throat. "But thanks anyways" you continue, smiling to yourself. He laughs and apologises for not being present. "I'll be free soon. Is there anything you need me to buy?"
  • Niall: You slowly make your way to the kitchen, your bare feet shuffling against the carpet floor. Having just woken up from an evening nap, a glass of water was needed to wash away the terrible taste in your mouth. You find Niall in the kitchen, standing in front of the stove and stirring something. "Hey, babe" you mumbled, "what are you making?" He looks up at you and smiles. "Just some chicken soup for you. Figured you would need something warm and soothing for dinner" "Didn't know that you were qualified for Master Chef" you joke, leaning up to kiss him on the cheek. "Urgh no! You're sick. Don't give me your germs" he exclaims, attempting to remain serious and not laugh. "You love me" you reply, sticking your tongue out at him. He rolls his eyes at you, whilst continuing to cook. "Now go get a bowl so I can serve you this soup" he tells you, cheekily slapping your bum as you turn around.
  • Harry: "(Y/N), babe. Wake up." Harry whispers as he gently shakes you. You groan, slowly adjusting your eyes to the light in the room; your head still throbbing with pain. You slowly roll over to face him, aching muscles heavy against the mattress. Harry brushes hair away from your face, and presses his palm against your forehead, quickly checking your temperature. "It's time to take your medication" he tells you, sitting down on the edge of the bed. You slowly sit up, as he hands you your medication and a warm cup of water. You smile at him, "thank you" you whisper. "You're welcome" he chuckles as he leans in to place a chaste kiss on your forehead. "Now go get some more sleep!" he grins as he stands up. "I made you a short playlist of calm music if you can't go back to sleep" he adds, before turning the lights off.
  • Louis: "You should probably sleep early" Louis suggests to you after hearing you sneeze multiple times, as you both lie on the bed. "Just after this chapter" you insist, flipping a page in the book you're reading. He closes his laptop and places it down on the bedside table. He leans over and takes the book away from you, giving you just enough time to bookmark where you're up to. "Louuuuuisssss" you pretend to whine like a child, all while pouting at him. "Babbbeeeeee" he responds in a similar manner. "I can't sleep. It's way too early" you tell him, glancing at the clock. He sighs, offering to make you tea in attempts to convince you. "Okay!" you grin. 10 minutes later he brings you a cup of hot tea. "Do you need anything else?" he questions as you finish the drink. "Maybe a cuddle?" you sniff as he chuckles, throwing the blanket over you. "Goodnight, (Y/N)" he whispers, as he wraps his arms around your torso.