*whispers* this is a team

mall au breakdown

Jack: Head of mall security. Takes his job very seriously. 

Holster and Ransom: on the mall security team, get in trouble with Jack for abusing their walking talkie privileges [”You can’t play Marco polo during work time. Also, that’s not even how it works. You can’t tell if you’re any closer or farther from marco by whispering ‘polo’ over our line.”

Shitty: on the mall security team, but is stationed in the control room to watch the cameras. He originally applied to work at Sephora but his demonstration of his skills was basically just a lot of glitter smeared on eyelids and rambling about how makeup is a gendered concept so honestly this all worked out for the best [note I have no idea how applying to work at Sephora works] Has a long list of places in the mall he applied to but was ultimately rejected [a post for another day]

Bitty: Works at Sephora [alternatively William Sonoma but come on let’s dream a little. Wait mall food court AU where Jack works at the juice/smoothie stand and Bitty works at like a pretzel stand where you can do all sorts of sinful toppngs a la the office pretzel day. Again, this is a post for another day.]

Lardo: manager at the resident “decorate your own pottery” store. Shitty has a crassly decorated mug on his desk in the control room. [it may or may not say “motherfucking mallcop” on it]

Chowder: I was going to say he works at the NHL merch store but now I’m feeling him working at Build A Bear. He takes the whole process really seriously, from “washing” the animal, to making a wish on its heart [that’s what you do right] to the birth certificate. If you know him, expect to get a stuffed animal for basically every occasion. 

Nursey: Works at Lush. I don’t think I really need to explain this. Alternatively, works at Miracle Eyebrows

Dex: Red Lobster

Kent: Disney store. Has been to Disney World a bajillion times. Will be there at midnight to see Moana. Is going to honeymoon in Disney. No, this is not a joke. Why are you laughing? Yes, buying the box set of the all the pixar shorts was worth it. It was a collector’s edition, it was worth the price.

Tango: Customer services

Tater: American Girl Store

one time i was at a cafe with a guy friend and i had gotten pretty close with him so i was telling him about how i hadn’t pooped the day before and he was like “wtf girls can poop” and i said “yeah we have buttholes” and he said “i thought you had buttholes for anal” and i went “who tf would do anal” and he looked at me, grabbed both my hands and whispered “the team i play for would”

and that ladies and gentlemen is how my best friend came out to me and i’ve never been so amazed

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I think we should send in some more spoons. Just to let them know we're still here (I'm sure they know we are, but..) I mean, unless I'm mistaken, when we sent it spoons last time team d wasn't around(?). Or at least it wasn't how it is now. And if we are right about Beth coming back in finale I think we should send in a shit ton a spoons for the back half!

I discussed something similar with @bethgreenewarriorprincess and @allatariel. It would be bold and good for the community to do a spoon campaign after Beth’s return. It would remind the general public and fandom that we are still here, and it would be a way to physically express our celebration. So rather than sending in angry spoons, we’d be sending in celebratory ones.

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Because if you’re going to throw a party, chances are you’re going to need some spoons. ;)


Did you know, that professor Thorrk invited Mosslie to his team of Creators in Order of Whispers? Mosslie doesn’t have to run and hide from Arcane Council agents anymore! He is safe!

And he also got to wear a new cool uniform! Currently Mosslie is Keramisa’s assistant and helps professor from time to time.

Brokko (who works and lives in the same lab as Keramisa) had to escape from these happy lovey-dovey asuras to Dexxi’s house in Lion’s Arch…

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PPP means "pianississimo". Know u have posted about this b4, BUT the word is coming from playing PIANO softly *ahem*. On TWD official website they call the PPP card "key card". In Grady they used key cards just like that one *ahem*. On TTD it was said SG is the only one who knows what that PPP card stands for. In the same episode PPP is found Heath says "I get it now" *ahm*. And PPP in the vid EK was in. Know fans think PPP is EG for whisperers, might be. But what if Beth is with the whisperers?

Actually, AMC’s synopsis for the episode describes the card as a “badge”, but an I.D. badge and key card can be synonymous:

Source (X).

Edited 2/7/17 to add:

The anon later messaged me and gave me a link to thewalkingdead.com. The card was in fact referenced as a key card in an article on the site (X). Mea culpa.

Anyway, while the Grady cops did not use key cards, they did use keys. Key imagery surrounded Beth at Grady (X), and keys would be tied to her escaping, as she would need the elevator key. Enid also wore a key necklace (X), and @bethgreenewarriorprincess found eggs tying Enid to Lydia, a girl from the Whisperers. Beth and Enid share many parallels, and their arcs may be intertwined later. I discovered the PPP in Bulletproof Picasso several weeks ago (X), and I think it could be a key card to a lab of some sorts. Beth’s cure arc should come back into play after her return (X), and I think that storyline will be more heavily explored after the Negan arc. Since Gimple only knows (X), then it means that the storyline connected to the easter egg likely won’t play out for quite some time. Season 8 will cover the All Out War arc, but season 9 could then be the Whisperers arc. Beth could be with the Whisperers/the TV-incarnation of the Whisperers. We just have to wait and see.


…so a while ago I had a dream that Niantic revealed that Spark was actually blind! And his saying “trust your instincts” took on a completely different meaning. Furthermore, the reason he specializes in egg-hatching is because he feels like he can get a closer bond with hearing, touch, etc. And why’s he so enthusiastic about every Pokemon? Because he CAN’T SEE he’s just happy to have caught something and have another friend. PLS SAVE SPARK

tbh the dream made me kinda sad but now I’m like rlly on board??

Imagine Sirius threatening anyone who hurts you

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“Hey! Laurens!” Sirius called, ambling down the hallway. “Wait up, I wanna talk to you.”

Laurens, a rather shady Ravenclaw kid in your year, stopped and turned around. “Black? What do you want?”

“Oh, just a warning,” Sirius said, smiling. “About Y/N. Heard you were interested in her.”

The boy frowned. “What about her?”

Sirius leaned in close. “If you hurt her, I swear to God I will break your legs. I’m a Beater on the Quidditch team. Trust me, I can,” he whispered. He patted Laurens on the shoulder. “Better to just stay away, yeah?” Grinning widely, he walked off, satisfied. He didn’t need to turn around to know the Ravenclaw boy was glaring at him. He could practically feel it burning through his skull. 

But you were okay. That’s all that mattered to him.

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hi!! i dont know if you take prompts but i saw one (established relationship where they find excuses to touch each other in little ways e.g one taking the others hands because they look so small compared to theirs) and like, liam and how small zayn is compared to him

Not certain this is exactly what you asked for nonnie but I hope you don’t hate it.  **

“Do you realise just how obvious you are?”

A simple question whispered backstage in Liam’s ear.  One of the team, one of the trusted people who he and Zayn could be open in front of.

Well, actually backstage, with the doors shut and no one around, when meet and greets were over and it was the same people they’d worked with for years.

They were no longer, Liam and Zayn. They were LiamandZayn.  No fuss needed, just how they were.

Except occasionally, that question would get asked, and Liam would look up at the person, dip his head slightly, feel the blush in his cheeks and then as he’d look up, he’d be there the other side of the room, see Zayn. 

Zayn who’d be chatting to Paul or to Caroline or gently throwing Brooklyn into the air while she giggled loudly, and the blush would fade and he’d smile and nod before he’d shrug and simply say

“Yeah mate.”

It was a pattern, their pattern.  One that had been established over the years, one that Liam knew would always be repeated for always or at least until the ride on this roller coaster came to a halt.  

Till one day when it changed  and this time when he felt the hand, which squeezed his shoulder this time when instead of the familiar question, there was a sympathetic smile and instead of looking across the other side of the room where he’d see him, there was nothing.


Except when he shut his eyes, he could feel Zayn’s fingertips as if he were there, feel the way his fingers find their spaces between his, the way he’d marvel at the way his own hand would dwarf Zayn’s and yet, despite that the feel of Zayn’s hand gave him strength, quelled his nerves, soothed that feeling he always had after a show and still did even when he wasn’t there. 

Except Liam can only tell himself that for so long, can only convince himself that imagining it is just as good as the real thing for a little bit of time.

He starts to miss the way they’d pass by each other in a corridor, when Liam was in between doing fifty interviews and he’d make up some excuse to take a break and Zayn would do the same in between signing multiple pictures and they’d still find that moment, scarcely long enough for anything more than their fingertips touching  and yet each time it’d make everything okay again. 

And Liam can try convince himself that this life, the adrenaline on stage is enough to keep him going and that it’s a matter of hours, albeit still too many till he sees him next, but when he’s facing another sleepless night, and he reckons Andy deserves to sleep the whole night through for once, he gives up fighting. 

He doesn’t check the time, he doesn’t need to really. Its still mainly dark outside and the beauty of Dubai is that it isn’t far ahead and Zayn’s a night owl anyway.

The phone doesn’t even ring.

“Can’t sleep?”

Zayn’s voice is wide awake, crystal clear down the line and concerned and Liam should feel guilt he thinks that Zayn has to worry about him in the midst of this storm he’s facing at home. 

“I can hear you thinking Li, and for the hundredth time, you don’t have to be sorry.”

Liam smiles into the phone and it comes to him then, what he wants and it’s all he wants and surprisingly, it’s not to say he’s on the first flight home and that he doesn’t care that people will put 2 and 2 together and for once  they’ll make 4.

It’s not that, it’s better.

“You know the thing?”

“I do know the thing Liam, yeah.”

“We should do it.”

He expects to hear a sigh, to hear words like “It’s the middle of the night, if you still feel this tomorrow, then yeah.”

But instead he hears a quiet, “Okay, me too.”

And that’s that. and he says Goodnight and then as he realises it’s Saturday and as he breathes a sigh of relief, with his next breath he says brightly.

“See you tomorrow babe.”


They scarcely  get a chance to miss each other’s touch over the following weeks.  They get teased something rotten about it by family and their closest friends, but Liam doesn’t even care.

Then it comes and he’s in a car with Andy sat next to him and for once Andy doesn’t take any pictures, for once he’s quiet, just occasionally nudging his knee into Liam’s.

Its as idyllic here as it was the first day they set foot on the golden sands, and its as picture postcard and romantic film stereotypes as can be as Zayn stands a few feet away from him now, hand reaching out for his. 

And they say the words here, and there’s one more ceremony at home. But this, it’s enough for now.

Liam thinks he’ll remember every touch from today for the rest of his life.

Its on the journey back to where they stay and Zayn’s with him now that when they aren’t exchanging looks that Liam’s grateful no one else can see, then Zayn’s fidgeting with the cufflinks on Liam’s suit jacket that he bought for him and smirking as he says “Told you, you’re always my Batman Leeyum.” and it’s all so cheesy and yet so them till Zayn takes the picture at an angle Liam’ll ask him to replicate later  that they agree they’ll hold off on posting for a month or so.

And once they’re done and Zayn’s leaning  his head on Liam’s. Liam puts the ring back on his finger and tries not to notice how many days it’ll be before he’ll have to take it off.


June comes too soon, just like every day that passes is over too quickly when he’s with Zayn. 

But with it comes an idea, and of course Zayn offers only encouragement.  

And it should be okay, has to be okay, he’s got till the end of October to  get through and he tries, he does but that first night, it feels too hard and the energy is too low in the crowd.

He doesn’t notice he’s doing it till there’s that space next to him and the harmony isn’t with Zayn this time and he can’t bring himself to look anywhere that isn’t where Zayn should be except he’s not, so he stares at the ground instead and he feels Niall hug him close for a moment but its not what he needs.

What he needs isn’t there, but the next best thing is and as his thumb touches the back of his finger and the metal of Zayn’s ring  which is tighter because of Zayn’s thinner fingers, it’s just like his hand because it doesn’t matter how small he is, he makes Liam feel ten feet tall and a ring it shouldn’t make the difference and it’s not enough, it’s not but it has to be. 

And somehow it is.

Lovely psychopath Part 2

At first the usual warnings of spelling and grammar mistakes. As always you can correct me.
Have fun.

summary: Imagine you are a psychopath who was arrested because you killed many people. Now you where helping the BAU and after a while Spencer falls in love with you. The other members of the team try to protect Reid from you while you get involved in more and more cases.


Despite Y/ns help it took the team a few days to find the hideout of the human traffickers. Now they take up a concealed position. The farm was surrounded by woodland and nobody available in miles.
Right now many transporter are standing in the middle of the yard and men loaded them with boxes.
“It seems that we a right.” Whispered Derek behind Hotch, watching them with an binoculars. A special team was waiting for the signal to access.
Y/n stood handcuffed at a car door behind them. Her orange prison jump suit was exchanged with a green one. She looked not very happy.
“Ok, now all of the team are at their positions. Go!” Ordered Aaron. All of the sneaked near the building except of one police man who has to stay by Y/n.
As they where near enough Aaron shouted through an megaphone to convince the men to surrender instantly. At first they seemed surprised but then they whip out their weapons and then the gunfire started. Within a few minutes the whole situation escalated. More and more men appeared and tried to protect the transporters who drive away as fast as they could.
Others ran into the house and the stables. It was a very rambling area with many opportunities to hide. Y/n tried to see something while standing on her tiptoes but the trees impede her sight. She let out an frustrated groan and looked to her guard. He was standing with the back towards her and also tried to see something. Silently Y/n grasped the rod on top of the car with her free hand, pulled herself up and kicked the police man right into his neck. He collapsed and the h/c woman rummaged his pockets for the key to her handcuffs.
Now that she was free again she took his gun, baton, pepper spray and taser.
With a big grin she sneaked through the trees and used the nearest building as an stash.
Carefully she peeked around the corner to see what happened. A few dead men where only a few steps on front of her but it was to dangerous to grab their guns. Gunshots and screams filled the air. Screams full of fear and despair. Definitely the victims. The blood in Y/ns veins boiled and she wanted nothing more as to run through the area, shooting everyone who came in sight. She would laugh and had the fun of her life, but now she had to tame herself. Of course she enjoyed every second of her freedom and of course she could run away right now but playing with the FBI sounded so much more interesting to her.  
As fast as she could she crossed the yard, bullets zipping through the air. Y/n reached one of the stables she take a gander through one of the windows. Women where chained like cows, sobbing and shivering. Three men where standing in the middle, loading their guns and prepared to shot everyone of them. Silently Y/n tiptoed to the door.
“No much time left. Kill everyone of the cows. We will collect new ones.” One of them, obviously the leader, ordered. Y/n run straight to him, jumped on his back and broke is neck with bare hands. The other two opened the fire and Y/n used the dead body to shield herself. As they stopped for a moment she shot them right between the eyes. With a groan she lifted the body from her, stood up and freed the women after she collected the guns of them.

-Spencers POV-

This mission was a hell on earth. It took only a few minutes and the whole thing escalated. Right now he sneaked through one of the houses, he lost Derek and JJ a few minutes ago. Reid swallowed. He was nervous. Because of the ongoing screams and shots he couldn’t hear if anybody was near him or not. As careful as he could he searched in every room. Right now he left the living room and entered an dimly lit corridor. Boxes where stacked here and only one door at the other end. At the moment he crossed it two men went through the door. They saw him and opened the fire. Fortunately Reid could jump behind the boxes just in time.
Bullets strike in the wall, the ground and the boxes.
“FBI! Lay down your guns!” Shouted Spencer but it was useless. He peeked around the corner and saw a third person appear behind them. It was Y/n. Spencers eyes widened then Y/n shoot them in the head. She scoured the pockets of them and collect the bullets.
“Y/n?” Asked Spencer carefully. She should not be here. She should be handcuffed at one of the cars. Would she kill him? But why is she still here? Damn it! Why did he called her? He was such an idiot! All these thoughts run through his head while he watched Y/n as she stood up and smiled in his direction. “Dr. Spencer Reid. Nice to see you again. Did the bad boys bother you? Don’t worry I fixed that.” She giggled. “Why are you here?” “Just for fun.” “You shouldn’t be here.” “That would be boring. So, tell me, what are we doing next?” Reid thought about it. Normally he couldn’t allow somebody who was not trained for this to come with him above all not an psychopath like Y/n. But she helped him and maybe her help would be useful. Again.
“We need to find the victims and rescue them.” He said as he walked towards the woman in her green jump suit. “I cleaned two of the stables and your colleagues the rest. I guess. So, we have enough time to kick some asses.” She grinned and madness flickered in her eyes. “No. We have to sift through the houses if there aren’t any other men and women.” Y/n blow one of her strands of hair out of her face. “Fine. Let us start.” “Ok. Stay right behind me.” “Yes Sir!”
Reid peeked through the door he wanted pass a few minutes earlier. Nobody was in sight, only another door.
Carefully Spencer went through the room, his gun in his hands and looking for an ambush.

-Y/n POV-

Y/n watched Spencer as he sneaked in the room and towards the door. She new nobody was there. Of course not lastly she came from here through one of the windows but it was fun to her watching the doctor. She remained under the door frame with her arms crossed above her chest and smiling.
As the tall man finally reached the door and looked back at her, he seemed confused.
“I came through this room silly.” She laughed as she crossed the distance without looking for an enemy. Reid blushed. Of course. He sighed and opened the door. Stairs lead in the basement who was well-lit. Both of them walked down.
The basement looked like an laboratory. Maybe the breeding station.
As they looked around Y/n noticed a trail of blood. Logical. Where else should the two guys had come from. Suddenly Spencer gasped in shock and a deep growl followed. The tall man stumbles a few steps backwards. A dog covered in blood appeared. He growled again. “Hush!” Y/n shouted and waved her hands. “No, step back!” Screamed Spencer but the dog jumped, ready to kill everything he will land on.
Y/n didn’t hesitate. She jumped um the wall turned around and kicked the dog in his neck.

He crashed into one of the tables. As Y/n landed back on her feet she jumped forward and killed him with a knife.
Spencer still hold out his gun. He knew Y/n killed many people but he didn’t know that she was so athletic.
“What was that about stay right behind me?” She teased. Reid gulped. Hopefully she did not decide to kill him too.


pairing: Kuroo Tetsurou / Kozume Kenma

prompt: Hidden


Hidden behind a mask of carefree behavior and rigorous training, Kuroo hides his insecurities.

The doubts that well up on those rare late nights, that whisper to him about insufficiency as captain, spinning the lies that he’s not good enough, that he’s no good to his team.

Faltering confidence when they lose a match or are met with a team so strong it leaves him breathless.

Imagining whispers against his team, about strength now lost under his tutelage.

Insecurities expertly hidden to keep face as captain even if they drown him once he’s alone. Hidden from all to see.


Hidden from all but one.