*whispers* no notes

  • Me after binge watching series 1 of Yuri!!! on Ice: Wow! That was much better than i expected it to be! I should ask my friend to recommend more anime and watch those.
  • Me: *stares at phone for ten full minutes*
  • Me: *clicks episode one*
  • Me: *whispers as the opening notes of History Maker play* hello darkness my old friend

well, I previously complained about the lack of George and Lockwood friendship headcanons, so I’ve decided to make my own.

  •  Lockwood definitely dances when he bakes  
  • George wears a frilly apron and Lockwood has no problem with it 
  • They made the cookie rule because George baked cookies and then forget to tell anyone he made them
  • that dickhead ate them all
  • Lockwood sleeps with his door locked
  • Lockwood use to have nightmares about Jessica and George would sit outside his room the entire night
  • They’re the friends who sit for hours in silence 
  • and it’s never awkward 
  • they totally have a coffee shop they are regulars at 

Always stay true to yourself, child. And nothing shall stop you on your way.”


Joshifer Daily Reminder: There are so many examples of Jen and Josh being in their own little world, but this one is my favorite - Catching Fire Press Conference, Madrid.  The whispering, the writing of private notes to each other, the heart eyes, the LEANING IN.  Oh the lean in!  And this all happened in the middle of a live press conference with reporters - reporters asking them questions, but they didn’t care.  Jen and Josh were too wrapped up in each other.


Most gifs by @joshifer-cfpromo-masterpost.

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Um...with the sick children. Can we see how papa Saizou and papa Kaze react to their children getting ill?

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Saizo: When you came into the bedroom, you didn’t realize Saizo was there. In fact, you’d barely switched the cloths on Kana and Asugi’s foreheads before you sensed him; mainly because he spoke.

“Careful,” He said from above. You shrieked, “They’re sensitive to touch. …And sound.”

“S-Saizo!” You whispered fiercely, noting the boys stirring in their troubled sleep, “Saizo, when did you get in here?”

“I never left.” He responded in an equally quiet voice, dropping from the ceiling rafters without a sound. “I’ve been here since Azama diagnosed them.”

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My Big Bad Wolf

“Who’s my big bad wolf?”

Castiel’s voice was hushed, dark and strained against Deans extra sensitive ear.

Dean whined and rocked back against Castiels warm cock. “M-me, hmng, I-I am C-…Cas…”

He wasn’t used to this, this feeling of being filled to the brim. Usually, he was the one doing the filling–Castiel’s heat was and intoxicating sensation–but he’d been curious and had asked Castiel if he could try it, just once.

(He had been so cute when he asked, blushing and swishing his tail nervously against his legs; there was no possibility Castiel could say no.)

Castiel chuckled once and shifted his hips. At Deans insistence, he’d left his bright red cape draped over his shoulders when he’d shucked the rest of this clothes.

“Good boy.”

When Dean came, it was with a howl, but only Castiel heard (which was perfectly fine with both of them.)
Look at me, writing porn for m-arci-a. I’m trying to convince her of the truth that is bottom dean.


ASMR ita - Super relax, sussurri lenti
By Le note del silenzio ASMR

It is a super quiet vid, and if you’re a visual ASMR/hand movements fan, there’s a ton of it. Her whisper is so delicate, it’s like lacework. 


Modern Worshippers: Óðinn [Requested by probablywitchcraft]

They fill up notebooks with poems, spells, thoughts, runes. They visit prisons to aid in rehabilitation project, listening with a keen mind and sympathetic heart. They collect raven feathers to use as bookmarks in their Grimoires or fashion into enchanted quills. They run the letter writing campaign for soldiers; some of them are those soldiers. They wear crowns on their person in some fashion; a tattoo, a ring, a print on their clothes or handbag. Some just straight up wear a crown. Wednesday is their favorite day of the week where others dream the day’s slump.

They speak in whispers and notes, watching and being His other Eye.

Green Eyed Baby

Summary : Baekyun the TA has many hardships, for example, his can’t do anything about the fact that Kim Jongdae flirts with his girlfriend.


You’d been successfully ignoring Jongdae but he’d upped the ante and began poking you with a pen. “What?” You whispered.

“I need the notes for the last lecture,” Jongdae said, flipping over to a blank page in his notepad.

Using the last ounce of patience you had left, you dug inside your bag and pulled out a printed copy of said notes. You slid the paper to him, “There. Next time actually come to class.”

He gave you a playful glare, “The spite in your voice turns me on-”

A stack of paper slams in front of you, you looked up ready to give the person hell but you’re rabid anger quickly turned to bewilderment.

 “Concentrate in class please,” Baekhyun said through gritted teeth. He gave Jongdae a fleeting glare before stomping up the stairs.

“What’s up with him?” Jongdae the ever-so-oblivious questioned. 

Sinking into your seat, you shrugged, “Umm, must be a bad day.”

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Would movie toothless die for hiccup?

Most undoubtedly! Toothless in truth has already manifested how willing he is to put himself at risk to save Hiccup! When Hiccup is in danger, Toothless will jump up and shelter him - even if it means taking the brunt of the damage. There have been notable times where Toothless has risked his safety and his life to save his beloved rider.

Toothless is willing to plunge head-first to try to catch Hiccup in time at the end of the first movie.

When Hiccup boldly steps off a cliff in “What Flies Beneath,” Toothless immediately stops his fight with the Whispering Death to save Hiccup. Note that the cliff Hiccup falls off is short enough that Toothless almost doesn’t make it to Hiccup in time. It could so easily have been the case that Toothless and Hiccup would have crashed on the ground and died. This was a close-call save that risked both their lives.

Toothless is off catching Hiccup again at the start of “The Next Big Sting.”

Toothless dives in front of Hiccup to take an arrow for him in A Time to Skrill. While this arrow does not kill Toothless because it hits his muzzle instead of his head, it demonstrates his quick willingness to charge into danger and protect Hiccup.

When Hiccup almost crashes into a sea stack, Toothless desperately tries to save the human, a very dangerous endeavor that could have gotten either one of them killed.

When the Bewilderbeast blasts ice at Hiccup, Toothless dives in the way. Hiccup almost certainly would have suffocated had he been encased in the ice alone - he might even have died from the powerful blast of being crushed by the forming crystals. Toothless’ presence probably helped block some of the crashing power of the ice… but by diving into the danger… Toothless could have suffocated, too. Toothless managed to break free from the ice by activating an ability no one knew he had (did even Toothless know? I’m guessing not), so the point of the matter is, Toothless really risked his life here in a desperate attempt to shield and help Hiccup. Even if it meant both of them died in this attempt.

And when Toothless breaks free of the ice, he immediately charges to fight a behemoth Bewilderbeast. Why? As Valka tells Hiccup, “for you.”

This list doesn’t even include all the times Hiccup and Toothless have chosen to fight together, risking their lives there, too. Toothless didn’t have to fight the Red Death. Toothless didn’t have to charge against all those Outcasts. Toothless didn’t have to participate in Battle of the Bewilderbeast. But yet Toothless, over and over and over and over again, charges into danger to work alongside Hiccup.

I have no doubt in any way, shape, or form that Toothless’ love for Hiccup is just as powerful as Hiccup’s love for Toothless.

     echoes. whispers. strange notes swirling within the muted white noise of the frequency. intuitively, she rose from her seat and began wandering wherever she felt the pull — something was off. something lydia was meant to find. the banshee was nettled; whatever had drawn her out of the classroom and into the courtyard was making her NERVOUS. she felt like a ticking time bomb as she crept among the trees, crinkled leaves crunching beneath otherwise inaudible footfalls. she was looking for something to which her mind couldn’t illustrate, called by a feeling. was it abstract, or an entity on her radar