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Family, Friends, Feelings (part 1)

request by winter-soldiers-doll Hey could I request a got7 imagine when the reader is Jackson’s sister and she comes to visit him but she ends up meeting all the other members as well and her and JB start to like each other.

Jaebum x reader 

Summary: You were just planning to visit your brother for a bit before your teaching job began. You didn’t plan to become close to GOT7 and maybe closer to one member in particular

Genre: fluff/romance

a/n hope you like it thanks for the fabulous request. Also I kind of love this idea so much I am turning it into a series so stay tuned. ~JJ

You landed in Seoul around 7 pm. Your heart was racing and you couldn’t wait to run out of the airport to see your brother Jackson. You were studying abroad in weren’t able to see him all the times he visited home with GOT7. It had been almost 2 years since you last spoke in person. The reason you were visiting was because you were starting an English teacher job in Seoul in a month but came early to spend time with Jackson who had a break in between comebacks. Since your apartment in Seoul wasn’t ready you were staying at the GOT7 dorm which made you nervous but excited to meet the members. 

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anonymous asked:

15, Varlen and Dorian

Prompt #15 - Trembling Hands (approx 700 words, some under the cut <3)

Pavellan. Varlen Lavellan x Dorian Pavus. Contains non-explicit mention of past abuse.

“I-It wasn’t my fault!”

“Shhh, I know.”

“They made me… made me do it. T-They…”

Hush. It’s all right. I’m here, amatus. Just breathe. In and out.”

Varlen’s hands trembled as words stuck in his throat like tar. He was wrapped in the thin sheet of a foreign bed. Silk. Orlesian. They were in Orlais. He remembered sluggishly as the luxurious room pulled back into focus, slowly losing the blurry edges of sleep. Sleep that tugged at him. Tugged at him like those hands all those years ago, trying to drag him back. Back to the ground. Across the wood and stones. Back to somewhere he never wanted to go.

A hand brushed against Varlen’s temple, gently sweeping the hair from his face. The motion was distant, on the periphery of both vision and awareness. Varlen blinked, and swore it took a handful of seconds just to complete the simple motion. Then, something warm wrapped around his shoulders. An arm. 


It was too much. Varlen shivered then curled against him, burying his head in the crook of his neck. He smelled familiar. Wine. Parchment. Ink. Wine first, because it lingered sweetly on both their skin. Parchment and ink because he had been writing something before bed. It still stained the tips of his fingers.

Just jotting down a few things, amatus. Give me a moment, then I am yours.

“What were you writing?” Varlen whispered, voice hoarse. He swallowed, desperate for distraction. Begging for anything other than the nightmare that lingered in the dark corners of his sleeping mind, waiting for him to return. The question came out of nowhere, but Dorian remained unfazed. His hand rubbed Varlen’s arm as the other reached around to draw him into something more resembling an embrace. To hold him.

“A list,” Dorian answered softly, keeping his voice low. Soothing. “Of things that caught my eye during the evening’s festivities. Other than the assassins and murder, of course.”

Varlen choked out a laugh, sniffing, reaching up to awkwardly rub the wetness from his eyes through the small gap between his chest and Dorian’s arm. “L-Like what?”

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"Why are we always ending up in this position? If you don't like me then just say so!" hogwarts!au /Jungkook bts

“Ouch” you hiss sharply when his elbow knocks into the back of your head. 
“Sorry,” he whispers back, sheepish. 
One way or another you’re here in the library, way past curfew and the soft champagne of your lamps throwing ominous shadows on the stone pillars. Your current state not exactly comforting to your nerves.  
“Hurry up Jungkook!” you paw at his sweater. Yes, paw. Literally
Jeon Jungkook is the golden student of Professor Snape in his potions class, what they call an “innate genius” so naturally you were at ease when he ended up being your partner for the final project this semester. But perhaps your premature ease was where you made your mistake because half of the time the boy hardly wants to talk to you and when he does they would be in clipped sentences, his eyes refusing to meet yours.

You’ve encountered too many problems to call an accident and now the perfect star student turned you partially into a cat. A freaking feline.
“Why are we always ending up in these types of situations Jungkook?” you sigh, your kitty ears twitching irritably on each side of your head.  
“If you don’t like me then just say so!” you half yell, your tail a bit droopy, saddened by the thought. 

“No!”he exclaims, causing you to jump. 

“I mean, no that’s not why we’re in this situation.” he gulps, his eyes still wandering to and fro in the room. 

“Then why won’t you ever look at me?” you sigh, exasperated. He shifts on the balls of his feet, licking his lips and scratching the back of his head until he musters up the courage to finally look at you. Even the yellow glow of the lamp could not hide the rose dusting his cheeks and he looks so enamored it was almost comedic. 

“Jeon Jungkook, don’t you dare tell me we’ve been in all these situations because you have a crush on me!” you attempt to sound angry but the glee in your voice is almost impossible to conceal. 

“I’m really sorry (y/n), you’re just so- and I’m- uuffmm” he begins to explain, but you smother your lips to his before he could get the words out, his surprised groan echoed with your purrs, your velvety nose tickling his cheeks. 

“I’ll forgive you this one time then.” you laugh at his stunned expression, “Now turn me back handsome, I feel a fur ball coming” you purr and he’s a blushing mess, murmuring something along the lines of wanting to keep you in this form forever. 


Originally posted by newooorld

Request by anonymous:

“Could you do a Maze Runner imagine where some of the guys are picking on a female reader, but Newt stands up for her. Btw your writing is absolutely lovely, you have a beautiful style and I can’t wait to see it bloom even more!

First of all thank you so much! :) Secondly I kinda changed it just a bit because you know, female empowerment as fuck! Hope you enjoy! xx

Warnings: Mild violence / swearing

You’d come up in the box a few weeks ago. The first thing you saw was a bunch of boys staring at you. They were all looking at you with wide eyes and whispering among themselves. “Is that a girl?” You heard one whisper. “A girl’s never come up here before.” Another whispered. Soon a buzz of whispers was surrounding you as they all continued to stare. “All right that’s enough!” A voice boomed causing a silence to settle over them. 

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Winchester brothers-Corrupted

Title: Corrupted

Pairings: Winchester brother x sister reader

Word count:1163

Request:Can I please have an imagine (for Sister Sunday) where the reader dies on a hunt and like five months later she comes back as an angel?

Request:If you’re still taking requests for ‘Sister Sunday’, could you do one where the reader (winchester sister obv) goes missing and the brothers can’t find her, after months they find her near death from being tortured and fluff ensues??

It all started a four months ago. One minute you were walking towards your brothers, about to head back to the bunker when suddenly a pair of strong arms gripped you and hauled you up. 

Their clammy hand wrapped around your mouth as you screamed and kicked. You noticed your brothers standing by each other, talking as they looked around for you. 

You were on a case at the time, and you had gone off to find some clues. Your brothers said they’d wait for you and as you spotted them waiting in the fed suits…well you know what happens next. 

Sam had his hands shoved deep in his blue fed trousers. He looked round, tall body sprouting over everything as he tried to see where you were. Dean was more relaxed, positive you had just found a clue and was taking your time. 

It wasn’t until they went to go check on you and noticed your cell smashed on the ground. They thought it might have been whatever creature it was that was on the case… but after realising they had to solve the case to find you and then killing the creature.. that it wasn’t that creature. 

That was four months ago. 

Right now.. this moment in time you sat strapped to a metallic, rusted, old chair. Your wrists burned with every flinch and every jump. Your fibre ached from being in the same position for so long.

Your head hung low, hair dangling in front of your face like a curtain that you wished so desperately could protect you from this black eyed manic monster. Your wrists bled, skin puffing up as the harsh rope digged further into your torn flesh. 

Bruises embedded itself on your flawed skin, cuts, scrapes, bruises, holes.. you name it. Some of your fingernails were missing, a tray of torture weapons beside you. 

You had caught sight of your reflection the other day. It horrified you so much you had jumped out of your own skin. Your skin was daunt, bone sticking out in the most unnatural places. With a pale white complexion that matched a person on their death bed and black rings around your eyes.. you looked like a creature you would have hunted. 

They refused to let you sleep, poking and prodding at you whenever they could. They never neglected to mention spiteful words, telling you how you weren’t needed, that your brothers hated you…

Cuts scattered across your face, one eye a different colour to the other as you could no longer see out of it. You knew you were dying.. you just wanted to see your brothers one last time. 

As if your wish had came true, like God was finally on your side.. your brothers came rushing through the door. Your head hung low, back arching away from the chair. If you hadn’t been strapped in you would have fallen off it. 

Their heart broke at the sight of your body.. they hand’t even see your face yet. Pools of demon blood lay on the floor, both brothers taking no time or no mercy upon them. 

Dean rushed forward, hands hovering over your face as he was scared to touch you. Finally he rested his hands on your jawline, gently pushing your head up. His breath caught in his throat, Sam freezing up as well. 

‘’Oh (Y/n)’’Dean whimpered as he looked at you with tears in his eyes. 

‘’D-De?’’You croaked out, voice hoarse as if you had been chewing up sandpaper. You cast your eyes upwards, wincing at the light but making out the form of your older brother. 

‘’Sammy?’’You whimpered. Sam shot forward, bending down as he nodded. You could see their wet checks, eyes red as they looked at one another. 

‘’I’m here, baby’’Sam whispered. ‘’Dean.. we have to untie her’’Sam muttered. Dean nodded as he turned back to face you. 

‘’This is gonna hurt, sweetheart’’Dean gulped, guilt flooding up in him when they started to untie you and watched you whimper. You bit your lip, tears falling as you tried to be quiet. 

Sam glanced up at you from the other side as he tried to pull the rope away from your skin. 

‘’I know, Baby. I know’’He soothed as he finally got it undone. He treated you as if you were only a small child in his arms again, praising you whenever they got a rope untied. 

‘’Good girl’’Sam praised as he removed the last of the rope. ‘’She’s not gonna be able to walk, Dean’’Sam stated, hands rubbing his stressed face. 

‘’I know.. we’ll have to pick her up’’Dean replied. 

‘’I got her.. you drive back okay.. we need to get her to a hospital’’Sam ordered as Dean rushed towards the Impala. Looking at you with a sorry expression, Sam hooked his hands under your arms and picked you up. 

You yelped and cried, tears falling as you squirmed in pain. Sam closed his eyes with guilt, arms wrapping around your body as he imagined how much pain you must be going through. 

‘’I know. I’m sorry, Baby.. I’m so sorry’’He rushed as he stalked towards the Impala. He laid you down in the back and climbed in next to you. Giving Dean a nod. ‘’The hospital’’

‘’NO’’You croaked, hand catching Sam’s arm. This shocked the brothers, catching them both off guard. 

‘’Bug, you need to go to the hospital otherwise you’ll..’’Dean coughed, not being able to bring himself to say it. 

‘’No.. I know I’m going to die anyway.. If I die I want to spend my last moments with you guys them around some doctors’’You pleaded. They both looked at each other, Sam looking down at you as he gently cradled your head, placing it in his lap. 

‘’Okay’’He whispered, voice muffled with tears. 

Once they were finally back at the bunker they rushed you straight to your room. You ignored the pain as they helped you lay back and both sat with you. Sam lay on your left, arm gingerly touching your shoulder. 

Dean lay on your right, much more lower down the bed as his head rested on your hip. You didn’t care about the pain any more, you just wanted to be with your brothers. 

‘’I love you guys’’You whispered, coughing at the end. They sniffled, tears pouring out of their eyes. 

‘’We love you too’’They whispered in sync. 

‘’(Y/n)…please don’t leave me’’Dean whimpered. You glanced down at him and it felt like for a moment he was the youngest. He looked so vulnerable and innocent and it broke your heart. 

‘’I’ll never leave you, Dean’’You laughed in pain. Your brothers both looked at you, watching as your smile faded and your eyes stilled. 

The Winchester brothers had never cried so much in their life. 


‘’GHUUHHHHH’’You shot up with a gasp. What the hell?

‘’Welcome back, (Y/n) Winchester’’

An army of angels stood around you as you stared at them with wide eyes. 

Here Lies the Abyss

Another fic for @dahalloween, though this one got away from me a bit.

Warnings: canon violence, character death, Pavellan feels

The ominous drip, drip of water echoed through the dungeon. It was dark, but Revan’ilan didn’t need light to know he stood in water up to his knees. He’d been in the main hall of Redcliffe castle, he remembered that much. Their plan to ambush the Tevinter Magister had gone perfectly until Alexius had pulled a pendant from his robes. There had been a swell of light and a surge of magic that even Revan could feel, and then Dorian had…

“Dorian!” Revan waded through the water, frantic to find the mage. “Dorian?”

In the nearly non-existent light a human would be blind, but the elf could make out vague shadows and shapes. The Altus was not in the dungeon. Revan unsheathed his twin daggers and hurried up the stairs. The halls and chambers were empty, even the cells where he remembered Solas, Cassandra, and Vivienne had been were barren. Only the sinister glow of red lyrium was as he remembered, dousing the castle in an evil, blood-tinged light.

“This isn’t right,” Revan mumured. “This isn’t how it happened.”

Screams to his right startled him into a sprint. He threw open the door to find Leliana dangling from her wrists. Her torturer turned, surprised at the elf’s sudden appearance, and she caught the man with her legs. She snapped his neck without hesitation. Or remorse.

Revan hurried to help her down.

“I knew Pavus was lying,” she spat.

He froze, his blood suddenly ice in his veins.

“I knew you could not be dead.”

“Something is very wrong here,” he said, but banished the needling fears that threatened to overwhelm him.

Leliana retrieved her bow and quiver and followed him through the castle until they reached the giant doors of the great hall. They encountered no one as they as they hurried on their way, but the red lyrium became more and more prevalent.

With a deep breath Revan pushed open the doors to the hall. What awaited him within was all wrong.

Alexius sat, proud and confident on the throne, Felix behind him, whole and hale. And at their feet knelt Dorian, bruised and bloody, his wrists and feet chained.

“Dorian!” Revan burst into the room, careless of his own safety.

The mage lifted his head, his jaw dropped open and his eyes wide in stunned disbelief. The crackling streaks of red energy radiated from the Altus, tinting his eyes an unnatural, glowing crimson. “Amatus?”

Alexius laughed. “Oh, Dorian,” he sneered. “You always were painfully idealistic.” The Magister grinned at Revan. “Now that the Inquisitor has finally arrived, I can snuff out the last of your pitiful hope.”

“I think not,” Leliana purred. She had maneuvered around behind the throne,forgotten in the ruckus of the Inquisitor’s entrance, and slammed an arrow into Alexius’ neck.

“Father!” Felix cried, catching the man as he collapsed, gurgling and choking on his own blood.

Leliana did not wait, did not pause to watch her vengeance unfold before them. She was swift and terrifying, Andraste’s own avenging angel and Andruil’s arrow. She reached down, took a fistful of Dorian’s hair, and hauled him to his feet.

“Leliana, no!” Revan stared, fear immobilizing as surely as if he’d been hexed.

“You lied,” the Nightingale snarled. Her knife glinted in the red light as she pressed it to Dorian’s throat. ”You said he was dead!”

Meanwhile the mage’s scarlet eyes never left his lover’s face. “I thought he was,” Dorian said. “I believed he was.” His voice broke. “Such a fool was I to doubt him.”

“Leliana, please.” Revan couldn’t look away from Dorian, couldn’t take a single step closer to them.

“It’s all right, Amatus,” Dorian said. His voice and face were serene, despite the pain the red lyrium and the Nightingale’s blade must have caused him. “I never imagined I would see you again…”

Revan didn’t want to see the shimmer of Dorian’s eyes as they welled with tears, or the gentle trickle of blood down his throat after he swallowed thickly against Leliana’s knife. But he couldn’t look away.

“Dorian, I-”

Lady Nightingale didn’t give him a chance to say more. She swept her blade across Dorian’s throat, crimson blood spraying across the hall to splatter on Revan’s boots.


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Original Imagine: Imagine getting into an Argument with Chris and afterwards having mind blowing make up sex

Author: anniemarvel

Reader gender: female

Word Count: 2540 ( i got a bit carried away, oops)

Warnings: smut, light violence, minor character death, written by someone whose native language is not english, so please excuse typos, etc.

“Come on, you need my help out there! I know the Calaveras, I know how ruthless they are!“ I argued with Chris, who stood in front of me, packing his bag for the upcoming battle against the Calaveras. He looked up at me partly annoyed, partly caring.

“(Y/N), you were injured three weeks ago. Your wounds haven’t even healed completely and you didn’t train these last weeks. It is way too dangerous for you to be there! I don’t want to lose you.” The unspoken ‘too’ hang in the air between us and my persistence faded.

Apologetically, I wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned my forehead to his.

“I’m sorry Chris. But at least let me drive the car, so I am there if you get wounded, okay?” Chris sighed, defeated and leaned in for a tender kiss. I squealed in delight, which only made him grin into our kiss.

Three hours later, I was sitting in Chris’ van outside of an old industrial building, my gun sitting next to me on the passenger’s seat, watching the entrance. My nerves were wrecked because the Calaveras hadn’t showed up just yet. I was supposed to warn Chris and the pack when they arrived.

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anonymous asked:

What would the VIXX members be like holding their baby for the first time?

Awwww such a sweet question~!!

N: N would probably be the world’s most emotional dad when he carries his baby for the first time. You would definitely get greeted by N, with his face full of tears of joy as he looks on at his little baby mesmerisingly. “Welcome to the world, little one. *whispers softly*”

LEO: Here we have another emotional daddy. Leo would definitely be in all smiles as he carries his baby for the first time and start to sniffle upon realising that he is officially a father now. Leo would be so thankful for the birth of his child and already long promised to be the best dad ever to love and care for his little sweetheart. “Thank you for being born. *rocks the baby gently*”

KEN: Ken would probably be slightly dazed when he carries his little adorable for the first time, taking the baby over carefully and gazed at him dreamily with his signature goofy smile. Ken would probably have a little quiet moment with his baby, just staring at him and processing this special and significant moment. Ken would probably not cry, but I could see him with his eyes getting slightly wet as he is truly touched by the birth of Jaehwan Jr. “No, I am not crying! *silly smiles and hums a lullaby soothingly*”

Ravi: Ravi would certainly get a little emotional as well, with a tear of two roll down his cheeks without him realising it. “She’s so beautiful.. Is this real? *slightly amused*” Ravi would probably carry the baby in quite an awkward position since it is probably his first time carrying a newborn. You would see Ravi gets flustered easily about little things as he is still unsure of many things as a father of a newborn, where it would be a rather cute scene to see Ravi absorbing baby tips from the other daddies and daddies-to-be in the hospital. “Oh, so it is best to have a regular mealtime and bedtime routine? *last minute crash course*”

HONG BIN: Hong Bin would definitely be overwhelmed when his baby is handed to him for the first time. Hong Bin would be extremely careful and gentle, as he is so afraid that he’s going to hurt his little precious. Hong Bin wouldn’t cry, but he would definitely feel touched and extremely joyful about the birth, keeping his big dimple smile on as his little precious nestled nicely in his arms. “You looked so tiny! *exclaimed in a hushed tone*”

HYUK: Hyuk would be in all smiles as he carries his baby for the first time. Hyuk would be that daddy who is calm and takes everything under control. Onlookers would probably think that the baby is not Hyuk’s first-born as he looks so well-prepared and steady as he carries his little angel. Hyuk would certainly feel proud of his baby and perhaps you could see him walking up and down the hospital corridor in glee. “He has a fat nose like me! Heehee… *kisses his little fat nose*”

- Love, Writer E<3 (Ps. did I sort of predicted the gender of the baby for some of the members?><)
*not claiming any credits for the gifs cos they are not mine!^^*


The heart wants what it wants

A/N: Here you go little anon, I got a bit carried away with this. I’m sorry. But I hope you like it. The ending kinda sucks, please don’t hate me 

Pairing: Luke & Y/N

Warning: smut (light smut but there’s smut whoops sorry little ones) 

Masterlist / Song / Requests

-I’ll proofread this later-

The room was filled with laughter and cutlery noises, smiling faces and friendly conversation surrounded me. And yet, all I’m doing is staring at my phone. I know it’s a bad habit, but I couldn’t help it. I kept waiting for the screen to light up with his name, but it was just black. My fingernails tapped across the table out of pure frustration. Call. Me. Call. Me. Maybe if I concentrate hard enough he’ll hear me inside his head.

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