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Chuck appreciation post. Ok, so I saw a post or two from @gr8writingtips and thought of Chuck, so I went and found some more. (Please have him in season 11…) And also, I made a side blog for my SPN stuff and it’s @silviaspnblog if you wanted to take a look.

thepheonixqueen  asked:

Prompt idea! :D Some of the paladins ending up in an alien zoo (as in on display as an exhibit) Bonus: they are there because the Holts are on display there already.

Oooh. This is ruthless. I love it. 

I don’t think I got the bonus, though.

Like most outings, it was Coran’s idea.

The Paladins of New fought a creature known as a “Sydenx,” and instinctively, Shiro knew how to beat it, apparently having fought one of its kind in the arena. He ordered Lance and Blue to fire their ice blaster directly into the monster’s stomach, but before the fight ended, Red had been severely damaged and Yellow limped away barely functional.

The beast was actually one of the basic lifeforms Altean children learned about in school, so after grumbling about the Earthlings’ lack of education, Coran suggested the paladins go on a field trip to a Galra zoos.

Shiro stayed behind to wash the mice with Allura, so Keith, Lance, Hunk, and Pidge headed out to the nearest “cosmos sanctuary.” They downloaded the map onto Pidge’s handheld, and after meandering about the exhibits – Hunk collecting every and all alien foods to try, Lance making side comments about the animals, Pidge reading over every bit of information on the exhibit panels, and Keith just sighing – Lance pointed to a certain enclosure on the map.

“Does that say what I think it says?”

Keith glanced over Pidge’s head to read, “Homo…sapiens…? Classification: Earthlings?”

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