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I really like the akubloss ship I think it's cute and I just love both characters 😊 but my brother thinks otherwise, he calls me disgusting because blossom is a child I told him that it's just fiction and there's nothing wrong with it, after saying that he told me that is an excuse I personally think there no harm in shipping but what do you thinkk? 😓









  • Me: /Expresses love for my 9-year-old cousin's pajama top that features flamingo ballerinas and the phrase 'tutu cute'/
  • Cousin's Mom: We don't normally buy things with phrases about cuteness and whatnot for the girls, but this was on sale and it is really precious.
  • Me: And the pun. Puns are good.
  • Cousin's Mom: Puns are so good.

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Do you have any head canons for Nesyrn and Chaol as a couple?

I honestly want to. But I need more page time with them. I came up with the following, but they’re not great. After the novella thought, I will have more. So ask me then, and I will do my best to deliver to you what you rightfully deserve!

  1. Nesryn is the kind of girl Chaol always wanted, but also the kind he can’t ever seem to figure out. They never go to bed mad at one another (not since this one time in Antica). But sometimes they go to bed annoyed with one another. And Chaol never knows what to do because she will stays on the opposite side of the bed as him, but when they wake up, she is always in his arms. He finds it very confusing.
  2. They live together for almost a year before Chaol first see’s one of her used feminine products in the bathroom trash. At first he is hella confused and he runs to find her and asks where she cut herself and why she didn’t tell him and if she’s okay. When she tells him it was her cycle, he is SUPER confused because he thought she just didn’t get them. He immediately thinks something must be wrong with her because, “Holy shit there’s a lot of blood in the trash, and how have I never seen it before today?” She calmly explains that she usually takes the garbage out because she heard that bleeding vaginas freak him out. Chaol is mildly offended, but also grateful.
  3. One night, Chaol wakes up to an empty bed and a silent house. He turns on a lamp in the room and sees a huge blood spot where Nesryn should be lying—but isn’t. He freaks out, grabs his sword, and prowls through the house. He finds her asleep on the floor of the hallway bathroom. She’s wearing a different set of pajamas, the ones she’d fallen asleep in are in a bloody pile on the floor—right next to a pair of bloody undergarments. She’s curled up on herself and he can tell her stomach hurts. So he picks her up and lays her on his side of the bed. He’ll change and clean the sheets in the morning. He gets some painkillers and gently wakes her up to take them. She is confused but in so much pain that she doesn’t ask questions. He sits on the floor and rubs her hair until she falls back asleep. He sleeps on the floor next to her.
  4. The closest they come to real fights is threatening to throw water on one another. They get so mad that they race the other to the kitchen and fight to fill up glasses with cold water. Then they stand around as if they’re going to toss the water on the other unless the other confesses they’re wrong about whatever it is they’re sort-of-not-really-fighting about. Only once has Nesryn actually thrown water at Chaol. They just laughed and started kissing and ended up naked on the kitchen floor.
  5. They train together on the castle grounds in Adarlan. And when Nesryn gets pregnant with their first child, she insists on training until it becomes too hard. The Thirteen fully support her. Chaol does too but it makes him nervous. He secretly asks Asterin for help understanding “women’s bodies” and after Asterin fights the overwhelming urge to laugh at him for being ridiculous, she takes pity on him and explains everything he wants to know. After that, Chaol tailors the workouts to the various stages of Nesryn’s pregnancy. And as it gets harder for her to breath, they walk (instead of run) through the training fields and gardens, and he sets up a series of 15 minute sword fighting bouts and weight training sessions so that she has time to rest in between.
  6. She’s in the middle of a bout with Dorian (using wooden swords of course) when her water breaks. After Dorian realizes what’s happening, he is all smiles and helpfulness. He and Manon walk her to the healers wing of the castle and Chaol meets them on the way. He takes over for Dorian and he and Manon walk her through the castle. She gives birth to a daughter, and Chaol thinks she is the most amazing thing he’s ever seen. He cries the first time he sees her. And after the whole delivery, bleeding vagina’s don’t freak him out so much. Not even a little.
University Stress (KSI)

University Stress.

 KSI x reader

 Fluff Requested? 

Yes! This was requested by my other beautiful best friend, @lordede


 "Babe why are you up?“ The soft voice of JJ startled Y/N to the point of her almost falling out of her chair. 

 "Jesus Christ” y/n huffed, steadying herself and turning to face the man leaning against the door frame. JJ had his arms crossed over his chest, a frown playing on his lips, the bottom lip wobbling slightly.

 "Babe… you look dead" JJ muttered, the concern never leaving his eyes. However, Y/N rolled her y/e/c orbs, turning her gaze back to the computer in irritation. 

 "Oh yeah JJ, because that’s totally what a girl wants to hear right now"

 "Oh my god" JJ muttered to himself, pinching the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger. “baby please come to bed, it’s 4 am and you haven’t slept in over twenty four hours" 

 "No JJ! I have my exams in two days and I am no where near prepared!” Y/N exclaimed, tapping her pencil against the textbook laying on the desk covered in thrown papers with endless notes on them.

     Y/N was in Uni, studying to become a phycologist, but she had exams coming up, and was stressing over not being prepared, even if that was a total lie. Y/n was intelligent, always finding school life easy as everything came to her so quickly, having the knack for learning really came in handy for someone like her. 

   That’s what JJ loved about her, she was so determined and smart, that he was even surprised why she would go for someone like him, but y/n always senses his insecurities and assures him quickly that JJ was the only one for her. 

   However, tonight, JJ hated her relentless determination, because in the end, she’d end up hurting herself over something she didn’t even need to do.

 "Nope, come on" JJ grunted, picking the sitting girl up and throwing her over his shoulder, making her drop her pencil. 

 "No no no! JJ please!“ Y/n whined, clawing at his back and kicking at his stomach, but JJ didn’t budge, marching both of them to her flat bedroom, throwing her on the bed and pinning her down.

 "Ok Y/N, listen to me” JJ lowly muttered, his dark eyes boring into hers, the intensity made a shudder trail down her spine. 

 "Ok" she squeaked, suddenly feelings vulnerable and weak, the bed underneath her welcoming her into its welcoming embrace. 

 "You are going to be fine, you will pass your exams with flying colors because you are Y/N Y/L/N, and you are undeniably intelligent. But I’m not going to let you kill yourself over this either. You haven’t slept in over twenty four hours, you’ve had three snack bars to eat, and you’ve had very little human interaction. You’re killing yourself and it’s killing me too in the process" JJ softly ranted, his hands moving to her face. The intensity in his eyes never faltered, but he was incredibly soft and gentle with her because he just couldn’t ever let himself get angry around this girl. 

 "I know… I’m just so worried you know? My whole life I’ve been told that i have to make the most out of everything, am to study hard and make a living.“ Her voice cracked, making JJ’s insides shrivel up, the frown playing on his lips deepening. 

 "Don’t ever have to worry about not being good enough and not achieving enough at life. As long as you’re happy, nothing else matters. Y/N I don’t care if I’m poor, living on the side of the road, all I want is to be with you, and seeing you like this is hurting me” JJ whispered, his voice cracking in between words and sentences, his bottom lip wobbling. However, before JJ could fully break down, Y/Ns lips were on JJ’s, and everything seemed alright in the world.

 "Come on, lets go to bed" Y/N whispered after pulling away from his soft lips, pulling herself under the covers childishly, a giggle escaping her lips. As soon as JJ wrapped his arms around her shoulders and brought the girl into his chest, she was gone from the world, cute snores leaving her mouth.


 "JJ! JJ!“ Y/N yelled throughout the sidemen house, the happiest smile on her face as she waved a paper around in her hand. Simon bursts through the door and down the stairs to see all the commotion.

 "Who died?!” Simon exclaimed, looking around frantically. Y/N rolled her eyes at her idiotic friend, before waving a paper in his face. 

 "No one died you idiot! Look! I passed my exams! I can graduate!“ Y/N cried out, happy and relived all in one.

 "Really?” She heard from the top of the stairs, snapping her head up to see JJ standing their with wide eyes, a smile to match. 


 "Oh my god! That’s so good baby!” JJ screamed, racing down the stairs and wrapping his arms around the jumping girl. The pair fell to the ground, as they squeezed each other softly, JJ nuzzling his head into her hair.

 "I told you everything will be alright"

A/N I hope you liked this Rox! Please send in requests if you have any and i’d love some feedback!

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Hey girl, just wanted to say I really understand what you are going through. But honestly you have NOTHING to worry about, you're smoking even by non fat fetish standards! You're so pretty and you have really wonderful body proportions. I know this won't change how you feel, but I just wanted to give you an outside opinion. Please be kind to yourself and know that what you're feeling about your body isn't accurate. I hope you're feeling better about yourself soon!

Thank you… I really appreciate this. 💖That was very nice.

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boyfriend. It just kinda happened. We had lunch one day and then kinda re fell in love. I was very hesitant and honestly wasn't sure if that's what I wanted because I had extremely strong feelings for this girl. But I told him about everything and we agreed to take things slow and just see how it plays out. Well obviously, a year later we are still together. And I love him. So much. But.. our relationship feels a bit empty. We barely have sex anymore the past year. That's a huge factor.

5💖. Found your messages so interesting to read aha, glad you were happy and got back with your bf but you do need to talk to him and ask him if there’s any problems you need to discuss or how his feeling as to why your not having sex. Some couples just don’t do it as much when they’ve been together long, but if you want more then you need to speak to him about how u feel Hun 💘

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imo it's impossible to say if it's Tom, automatically you think it is, being his IG page, not that this means or implies he can't post pictures of other people of course. I't hard to say, he looks like him, but he also doesn't. It also looks like his photography style, so it supposes he took the picture so he's not the one with the girl. What I want to say though is that he can't expect people not talking about the photo. And so you, it's a photo HE posted so we have all the rights to talk about

Implying that it’s Jade, Emma, his new girlfriend in the photo? Saying nasty things about Jade again? Do we really have the right to do so?

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have you decided on Logan's placements yet? (from Gilmore Girls) I really want to know what you think 😋

After watching more of him I think he’s an Aquarius sun, Sagittarius moon and libra rising…but his moon was hard to guess so I’ll still ~analyse it but I’m pretty set and Sagittarius I think

I will forever want justice for every female character who was demonized by fandom because their canon ties to a male character was deemed a threat to a popular slash pairing. 

My life goal is to adapt every meme


                                           Lies and Arbor gold, she thought.