When You Can't Stop Reading

Me: Okay, I’ll just finish reading the rest of this fanfic tomorrow-

Brain: Bitch, I swear to fucking god that if you close that god damn tab, I’m going to make sure that you drown in your fucking shitty ass feelings.

Me: Wha-but I’m tired!

Brain: I don’t fucking care if you’re tired. You’re going to wake the fuck up and sit your plump ass down right now and finish what you started.

Me: O-okay…

“Hey, babe! Look wha’ I found sittin’ in the back o’ the closet.” Your ‘me-time’ was interrupted by the sound of Harry rushing up the stairs, his footsteps echoing into the hallway. You snorted as Harry appeared at the bedroom door, holding half of one of his cardboard cutouts. It used to be yours (your parents got it for you for your birthday as a gag gift), but after you had gotten together with Harry, you decided to stash it away - After all, it was probably a little unsettling walking into a room and seeing a cardboard cutout of yourself smiling cheerily at you. 

“Why are you snooping around in my closets?” You asked, smiling as Harry held the cutout up to his face. “You looked cute when your hair was like that. Super curly and bouncy.” 

“Are yeh sayin’ you don’ like my hair now?” 

“No, no! Not at all. I’m just saying that hairstyle was cute on you. Your hairstyle now makes you look hot.” You teased, crawling over to Harry on the bed and smiling to yourself when Harry leaned down to give you a kiss. 

“I know how much you like my hair now. You’re always tuggin’ at it right when I get you to fall apart underneath-” 

“Oi, shut up!” You blushed, snatching the cutout from him and setting it beside you. “Say anything else and I’ll be cuddling with the cutout instead of you.” 


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candelantern  asked:

So one thing I've noticed following you is that you've established yourself incredibly well as an artist, to the point where originally I thought you were several people — in other words, you market yourself well. Do you have any tips for other artists on branding yourself and building a name?

W-WHAT ? WHAT?~ I mean…. wh-wha. wait, what ??

You really think so ? I see myself as the fat kid in the pool swirling his arms thinking he’s swimming.

I’m flattered you think I have established myself well as an artist (I really am) but I’m not sure how I even did it. Let’s ASSUME I know what I’m talking about and I’ll try to give away a bit of guidance (if that’s the right word):

  • Honestly, you can’t do something right if you’re not into it. Know your own tastes, know the things you like, pursue only what REALLY interests you. Stop trying to be awesome at everything and focus on loving what you already do. People can tell if you’re trying too hard so take your time
  • REALLY do. Like, know what aspects of your art are unique and try not to lose them or overlook them! I had a lot of people tell me “I only draw using outlines” and that I should try other kind of art aswell (something in the lines of League of Legends or Blizzard and such), but really if you want to make your art grow, you have to accept it and help it grow, not change it to whatever’s trending at the momment. Art is a relationship.
  • Stop being stuck. Try new programs. What does that little button you never pressed does ? Is there any tools in your program you never tried ? Why not ? Mess around with it. An artist’s somewhat like a samurai. You can never master your art if you don’t master your sword.
  • This is a PERSONAL preference. I view game art (or my art at least) very much like I view games. What helps me define styles or different ways of drawing is setting up rules I HAVE to follow through that piece. Maybe this piece I’ll only use ONE brush size and no pressure. Maybe that other one will be fully made with laso tool and gradients. Who knows what cool things will come up when you set limitations YOU find interesting and try your best to make something awesome respecting them ? That’s the coolest way I found to help me setup my personal style, and maybe it’ll help you with yours!
  • Art should be about having fun and trying interesting things you think look cool or make you feel good. I never understood artistic block because I don’t feel like I ABSOLUTELLY HAVE TO DRAW. I do it because I want to and if you ONLY do it when you really want to you’ll always be happy doing it.
  • Much like any relationship, your art is like a lover. You have to dedicate some time to it. You have to make sure it’s going the way you expect. You have to make sure you understand it, you improve it, you are happy when you’re alone with it. If you’re thinking of games while you draw, wishing you could be doing something else, you’re probably not going to have your own art too close to your heart, so it’s just going to be ~something you do~, not a part of what defines you.

After that the whole ‘self marketing’ thing comes quite naturally. People tend to consume what seems cohesive. If you’re careful on your craft, your “personal image” or marketing, is nothing to worry about, just do what you do and you’ll be good. :>

I really hope this helps somehow~ :> It’s really hard to understand the way other people see me, so thanks if you look up to me somehow!

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🕒 (Happy Rick)

Buggy has been cuddled up in her bed and didn’t notice the slight weight on her chest till she woke up around 2am inn the morning.. She yawned then felt soft hair tickle her chin. She blinked a few times as her eye had to adjust to the light.. “Wha…” Her brow shot up as she noticed the Rick alseep on top of her. She blushed darkly as she didn’t want to wake him up, but was also curious as to why he was asleep on top of her.

Wtf was she thinking?!

Really Z…really?! All that fucking work that went in yesterday you bucked it getting jealous of Nat/Nicole?! And trying to use Vic ol dumbass?! And this nigga really asked Paulie if he was allowed…wait wha?! 😒

She be getting upset but stay doing the most inappropriate shit. Like I don’t think she gets it, she’s not gonna get the response she’s looking for…he’s jealous as shit but all it does is build resentment and resistance towards her. Victor gurl?! You really playing yoself on that one it gets too serious when it comes to him - because he really feels some way when it comes to that fool.

Hopefully what Day said works and she can help slap Z with some real girl reality because her talk with Meech last time left me 👀😪 🙉 wrong advice up and down the street.


N: “What are all those books?”
R: “I’ve been trying to find some information about Toruk…nothing interesting so far.”
N: “You’ve been inside the whole day?”
R: “I have.”
N: “Have you even eaten anything?”
R: “I ate some of those pink things you left on your desk.”
N: “Come out, I’ll show you the city.”
R: …
N: “It might be your last chance doing so. Why not?”
R: “I just can’t see the point in it.”
N: “…The mark is still going to be there, outside or in here.”
R: “…Maybe you’re right. We should go.”
N: “Wha-really?”
R: *Laughs* Let’s go before I change my mind.“

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ive known a couple people who had goldish brown eyes and yeah, god, they were beautiful, brown eyes are so beautiful, sigh... what kind of eyes do you think hog has, i think he's got real dark, ash brown eyes, night sky eyes, black seawater eyes. god they'd be pretty.

wha t is this beautiful gay shit in my inbox,,

Running on Empty

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Every rock that hit his chest as Kurel loomed over him had made Saeris almost bolt and attack the captain before he’d realized who was over him while he had slept. He offered the captain a seat on his bed, but Kurel had chosen instead to move to the desk and rest there. They had talked, it was a conversation Saeris had been dreading, and the air had gone cold even to his feverish state at the sight the captain had shown him. 

It was a secret he was keeping deep inside, he replayed the conversation constantly in his head as they made their way to Tanaris. 

“Wha’ if you don’ come back? Wha’ do I tell ‘em?”

“If I don’ come back. Tell ’m I tried an’ I did it, tryin’ to protect them from it. Keep the Vengeance. Give Sunspire to Blaque an’ keep the people free. Don’ let none them other color raisers step in an’ take over. You know how I do things, keep makin’ sure they get done.”

He remembered Rizzy telling him he wouldn’t make a very good captain, and it made the red head nauseous to think that there might be a point he would very much have to prove the other elf wrong. To be honest, everything made him nauseous. The “blue sand crab” as it had been affectionately named had been a Silithid that Kurel had instructed him on how to capture, and cook. Apparently digging holes in the ground and lining them with burning wood was all the rage to desert dwellers, Saeris wouldn’t have known. The last time he had been in Gadgetzan was when he had earned his nickname. 

“You never fucking stop do you know that? Just fuckin’ stay down kid, you don’t have anything to prove. You’re in the mud, stay there.”

“Send the next one. Fuck you.” 

“Fuckin’ god damned lotus flower elf bitch, fine. You wanna earn your broken bones today, you earn ‘em.”

The portal that had been set up was a gods send, every six hours the quartermaster could hustle back to the city, get some more medicine, and put the weirdly large amount of gold that kept stockpiling to him from Rizzy into the bank. He traded every last rock Kurel had given him, and grudgingly paid for the new defense system Riz had sold to the captain for Sunspire. Now they just had to make it back to install it. 

It had been an eventful few weeks, and Saeris highly doubted it would stop, if only the sickness that seemed to be in the entire crew would stop. Even with his drugs he’d gotten from the clinic before leaving, it seemed to stave off but continue getting worse in different ways. He hadn’t slept in a few nights, he kept having nightmares of clawed hands and burning crimson pits for eyes above him that left him gasping for air and then throwing up in the aptly placed bucket beside his bed. He’d taken to walking Nara until dawn, all over the sand they went and all around Gadgetzan, watching slave traders and auctions, killing errant scorpids and basilisks that got too close. Anything to make sure he didn’t sleep. 

Not sleeping is bad, Lotus. Not sleeping is gonna get you killed.

Saeris sighed, didn’t he know it. 

“You bes’ write me a manual on how t’ do thin’s, jus’ in case I forge’. I don’….don’ wan’ them forgettin’ tha’ th’ orders are comin’ from you.”

“Only manual you need Mister Blackblade is never apologizin’ an’ knowin’ whatever you done, you did cause it felt right.”

Kurel’s word burned into his mind, and Saeris sighed as he sat on the dune, Nara pressed against him, moonlight streaming down upon them both. What he did cause it felt right…that was going to be a tall order. 

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