Post Season 5. Myka, Pete and Helena have been reunited for their first mission in some time. Tension is a little high as the artifact chase has them following a familiar traveling carnival that has desires of its own with horrible consequences.

>>> Illustrated Misdeeds by Felix_27


Queer “Canadian”  Primary-Lead Characters

Notable Co-Lead Queer Characters: Gail Peck, Waverly Earp, Felix Dawkins, Dr. Lauren Lewis, Tamsin, LaFontaine, & Danny Lawrence

*maslany has said that cosima is bi however cosima has self identified as a lesbian onscreen so idk what her sexuality really is

“I was in the neighborhood?” Myka offers, glancing over her shoulder at the lumbering SUV parked against the curb before turning back to face Helena. “If a four hour drive counts as being in the neighborhood.”

>>> Resigned to These Histories (We Exist) by journaliar


I got scared that if I lost this I’ll go back to being the person I was before. But this is who I am now.

If it ends tomorrow or if it goes on forever, nothing will ever change that.