I mean seriously, its got everything this website always bitches about other shows missing.

Strong Female Leads (actually more female leads than males)

Important POC (one of which is actually in charge of the entire warehouse)

Openly homosexual character who is not just a token gay, or a stereotype in any way, and is written no differently than any other character except that he is gay.

An openly BISEXUAL character

Umong others are Artie who is Jewish, the Regents (Who are basically like the board of trustees in charge of making decisions) are all middle class, blue collar workers (because governments and rich corporations cant be trusted with that kind of power) There are no flat  characters, everyone is written extremely well. Even the antagonists can be sympathized with. and the “Good Guys” don’t always make good decisions. Everyone is a person, who makes both good and bad decisions, each character has their own personal motives and insecurities and internal battles to face that are ALWAYS PRESENT even when its not the central focus of the episode. (which is not always the case with TV shows).

everyone’s backstory is EXTREMELY detailed and well thought out, and that plays to their character’s insecurities and such.

And not to mention they totally say fuck you to gender roles.

Oh and mark Sheppard is in it too.

So yeah basically everyone needs to go watch warehouse 13 right now its a super amazing show and you will absolutely love it.

You know there are moments in the first season where Pete and Myka as the ultimate end game almost make sense. Then you see HG and Myka meet and they are so fucking gay that they become the only true possibilty.
Like if they’d never done the HG storyline. Or maybe just if they’d cast anyone other than Jaime Murray so that we’d never have seen her and Joanne Kelly’s chemistry things would be so different.
It’s really, really easy to see how Pete and Myka would have grown into a convincing romantic relationship. They’d have just stayed on the course set up in season one and violà a plain but reliable hetrosexual couple.
But the HG storyline and Jaime Murray did happen and once you have that much chemistry on screen there’s no convincing way to come back from that.
Sure you can still have your hetros but deep down you’d know. Myka’d invite HG to the wedding. HG would show up and the eyesex would be so intense in that moment that Pete would just be like “ok folks slight change of plans, turns out Mykes and HG are the ones getting hitched, Claudia go over there and be HG’s maid of honour, I’ll take your spot and be Mykas.” And that’s how the story they’d tell their future kids about how their wedding day.


Queer “Canadian”  Primary-Lead Characters

Notable Co-Lead Queer Characters: Cosima Niehaus, Gail Peck, Waverly Earp, Felix Dawkins, Dr. Lauren Lewis, Tamsin, LaFontaine, & Danny Lawrence

yall i rewatched “for the team” today and im fucking screaming at how gay it is

i had completely forgotten that not only is this hg’s second appearance on the show, it’s also the episode we are introduced to dr vanessa calder. the episode in which myka first begins to trust hg is also the episode in which artie and pete ask out the women who will become their long-term love interests.

and then, to top it all off, after spending 40 minutes of jumping back and forth between pete’s crush on kelly, artie’s crush on vanessa, and myka working with hg, at the end of the episode there’s literally a fucking montage of artie asking vanessa out, pete asking kelly out, and myka putting away the grappler and smiling.

I'm rewatching 2x07 of Warehouse 13 aka the second episode HG is in and I had forgotten how gay this show was...

Like, Myka and HG have 100% no clue of what personal space is, “Agent Wells, she is working under me”, Myka believing in HG, HG saving Myka with a Grappling Hook, later giving said Grappling Hook to Myka with a note, the ending of the episode paralleling Pete and his love interest, Artie and his love interest with Myka and Helena…

THIS WAS JUST THE SECOND EPISODE THAT HELENA APPEARED!!!! How are they not endgame????? 😭😭😭😭