Summer Story Schedule 2016

Equinox Retreat

March 18th-20th @ Taconic Retreat Center

Desert of the Endless Now by Zach Marx Weber

Day Camps

Woodstock Day School

Week 1 (July 11th-15th)

Crimson Hunt by Jack Warren

Week 2 (July 18th-22nd)

The Horned King by Jay Dragon and Jeremy Gleick

Unison Arts

Week 1 (July 11th-15th)

The Goblin Market Comes to the Courts of Chaos by Zach Marx Weber

Week 2 (July 18th-22nd)

Ruffians, Scamps, & the No-Good Plum Thief by Quinn Milton

Hudson Valley Sudbury School

Week 1 (July 25th-29th)

Living Legends Finale

Week 2 - Advanced Day Camp (August 1st-5th)

The Astral Expedition by Jay Dragon

High Meadow School

Week 1 (August 1st-5th)

By Force or By Will by Isabelle and Claire Louge

Week 2 (August 8th-12th)

Wargate 2: More War, Less Gate by Matt Wright


Staff Week

Darkness Comes to Shepherd’s Brook by Henry White

Immersion Camp

August 15th-20th @ Taconic Retreat Center

Waving the Standard by Juliette Jones & Dylan Scott

Advanced Camp

August 21st-27th @ Taconic Retreat Center

Minerva’s Children by Thom Gordanier

Janus’ Crown by Jeeyon Shim

Second Chance at the Last Stop by Maya Ziv and David Worsey

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Isaac Engineering's Architectural Designs

Isaac Engineering’s Architectural Designs

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C O N T E N T S: KEY TOPICS At Isaac Hod Limited, we are a consortium of ambitious Project developers and Consultants with accumulated work experience of about 35 years in the building industry learning from the best and working in the most difficult and challenging terrains.(More…) His professional experience includes product marketing at companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Cognos, and Fair…

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China, India the key drivers of global trading activity - Economic Times: Business Insider Australia
China, India the key drivers of global trading activity
Economic Times
MUMBAI: The total value of share trading rose 41% in 2015 and the number of trades 55% from 2014, according to World Federation of Exchanges (WFE’s) full-year statistics. The increases were driven predominantly by trading activity in the Asia—Pacific …
China share trading volumes are up 218%Business Insider Australia
WFE Full Year Statistics Show 2015 Global Equity Trading Volumes Rise 55% As Volatility Boosts ActivityExchange News Direct

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