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You okay? Is Wes bothering you?

Yeah I’m fine. I couldn’t sleep and Wes suddenly texted me and I didn’t really want to reply at first but he asked if I was graduating so I just said that yeah, I was. Then he said he was really proud of me and we ended up just kinda talking…He apologized again for what he did before and…well, just, here.

I was telling wes about this stalker guy, the in person one, and I was telling him how I was actually kind of scared for my safety and the first thing that he said, without hesitation or anything was “do you want to watch a scary movie with me tonight?”
It caught me off guard because I expected him to say something pertaining to the subject so I was just like “uh no, not really because I feel like I’m living in one” and he just laughed and then started talking about these headphones that he bought and how they apparently suck so he’s going to return them


so yeah I hung up on him because he does this all of the fucking time, if I’m actually worried about something or say something that is actually concerning he acts like I just said something as minuscule as “oh I like the color red” and ignores it but then at other times when I’m just having fun and actually talking about unimportant stuff he’ll freak out about the smallest things like the fact that my other friend took my cigarettes from me and burned them. he was like “WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS TELLING YOU WHAT YOU CAN AND CANT DO SHE’S A BITCH AND I HATE THAT YOU DONT SEE THAT” and stopped talking to me for two days because I chose to still be friends with her like ?????

I do not understand the male species

DannyMay Day sixteen: Shitty DP AUs/Memes

…“Man wouldn’t it be funny if Danny Phantom did the dab every time he made an appearance?”

“Dude I wish!”

Out of the shadows a figure emerged. Smiling cruelly, she waved her green hand and in a flurry of smoke repeats her catchphrase.

“So you have wished it, so shall it be…”

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The DP Phandom Must Look so Confusing from the Outside

So I was scrolling through some DP posts and had to wonder what people who’ve never seen the Phandom must think ‘cause I mean…

On one hand we have these posts praising Danny, calling him a precious child whom we must protect. We say that we should let the kid have a break, drawing pictures of the kids sleeping for once, and just hanging out living his life because he’s so stressed 90 percent of the time…

On the other hand, we have 1) ghost hunger, 2) many, many vissections/ dissections, 3) GIW captures, 4) Too many torture fics, 5) Danny going insane, 6) more torture, 7) TUE AUs where everyone is dead and Danny is angsting over the death of his family, 8) angst, 9) much angst, 10) and did I mention torture? Because wow, there’s ton of torture for this poor boy.

Then there’s Dan Phantom. The Phandom knows that he’s evil incarnate and the worst thing ever for everyone. Danny has nightmares and fears his very existence. We even have some fics where he comes back and destroys everything, as Danny watches his family get killed in the background. Simply put, he’s the ultimate enemy… 

And then there’s the pictures of Dan teasing Danny like an older brother and cuddling up to Jazz like a little demented puppy.

The fact that the Phandom is divided on whether Vlad is a misunderstood, old man who needs companionship (in what way and from who depends on the person),a  hug, and just really a person who cares about him, or if he’s an evil megalomaniac who should be hated and shunned for his actions for all eternity for what he has done to everyone.  

…Or the fact that one of  Butch Hartman’s favorite episodes is the finale, Phantom Planet and most of the Phandom hates it and practically counts it as non-canon.

…Or the fact that “It’s not gay if he’s dead” and Danny’s pink pants are things.

Don’t get me started on the pairings.

…And the pairings names.

…And the fact that we don’t have ship names for canon crushes/pairings.

…And the fact we have pairings for inanimate objects but not for some of the main characters.

Then there’s Wes Weston. Just all the Wes Weston. We literally created an OC from a background character we saw once or twice who’s literally Mr. Crocker if he was a teenager with a lot less tech and much more mentally stable (or at least a little but more stable).

Do you see what I mean? 

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Phandom so much for its weirdness! I’m just laughing at how confused some people must be about ….well everything if they were to see it… especially if they were hoping to see stuff about a light hearted kid show.