• Kylo Ren: Who do you think is better. Darth Vader or me?
  • General Hux: You are, my love.
  • Kylo Ren: How dare you insult the memory of our Lord Vader!
  • General Hux: Darth Vader is better.
  • Kylo Ren: You heartless bitch, you don't love me at all!!
  • General Hux: What would you like me to say, sweetie?
  • Kylo Ren: Just hold me while I weep for a bit.

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Why do most of the fan base hate Pontac and Graff writing so much?

I think the main point of consternation regarding P&G is that they simply don’t have any real touch for writing Sonic, both it’s characters and it’s tone and themes in general. The way they write the games….doesn’t make them feel like Sonic games to me…at least.

The humor isn’t Sonic-esque. It’s childish, unsubtle and generally unfunny. Much of the humor is akin to dangling your car keys in front of an infant to make it laugh. Some instances of comedy do hit the mark (Such as the “bonehead” line in SLW) but that’s the exception, not the norm.

The narratives are lacking themes that added weight and meaning to past stories. There’s no messages that enhance the story. And palpable attempts at such (SLW’s “Trust your best friend’s capabilities”) fell ass over head due to how badly executed they were.

Pontaff set-up plot points…then promptly ignore them, failing to give any due attention to them. Need I mention the odd “Yacker goes missing!” plot point in Colours that comes right out of nowhere, is hardly mentioned and then you see Yacker come out of nowhere without any harm done to him and no focus given to how he got away from his alleged predicament?

The bad writing in general even afflicts the main villain. Dr Eggman is a blowhard for the most part whose never taken seriously instead of being a proactive threat whose capability for destruction was respected and acknowledged (Need I mention Sonic’s line “You’ve turned into a big time villain doctor!” in SA2?).

The characters just don’t do anything interesting the majority of the time. For the most part, they stand around doing nothing and making idle chit chat.

That’s boring see?

Generations is terrible with this in particular with the four most promiment characters prattling on and standing around in most cutscenes and everyone else merely standing there in the cutscene in which Classic Eggman first appears and egging on the injured Sonic’s instead of, oh I don’t know, ganging up on the Eggmen themselves. The characters are inclined to being very active….so why the fuck do they loaf around doing next to nothing under P&G’s pens the majority of the time?

There’s just nothing about their writing of the series that indicates a good gain overall. Especially when compared to what we got before their tenure as writers. And no, when I say “What we got before”, I’m not referencing the likes of Shadow and ‘06.

I think one of my biggest criticisms personally is how they portray Sonic himself. As a massive Sonic aficionado, I could almost weep a bit at seeing what he’s become, the degree to which he’s been flanderized, how much he’s been derailed into carrying the tone first and foremost. It’s not as bad as his writing in the likes of Chronicles, ‘06 and Shadow (The first of which portrayed him completely OoC, the latter two of which treated him like total shit) but it’s absolutely nothing special either and is such a downgrade especially coming so soon after Black Knight, the game which is his most supreme portrayal in any Sonic media in my opinion.

I mean…

He rambles on and on obnoxiously instead of actually getting right to it.

Sonic is a man of action. He gets his hands dirty pretty much immediately instead of letting things such as injustices linger, a trait in-line with Naoto Oshima’s intention for him to be a guy who has a “Get it done now!” attitude. This has the additional effect of making his speech and actions have gravity because they’re carried out with speed and finesse.

Want some examples?

Look at him. He’s not standing by and making idle chit chat. He’s doing what he does best with such incredibly cool flair. And in most of these instances, he’s putting-across his cool factor without single word rolling off his tongue. His character has impact, this guy gets shit done. He doesn’t give a toss about what anyone else thinks about how he carries himself and what he does, he’s flashing that toothy grin with supreme confidence and he executes his actions with the utmost deftness. In other words, he’s acting like I expect SONIC THE HEDGEHOG to act.

Now compare to…this highly irritating intepretation.

See how the Sonic above the above image acted as if his awesomeness was obvious? This timeless trait of the character’s personality has been completely passed-over here, ignored in favor of this obnoxious braggart who acts akin to a child whose screaming for attention, asking for others to actively acknowedge what he does and even acting put-out when he’s caught in the act of boasting.

To me, a convincingly-written Sonic would not realistically do the latter if he was caught in “embarassing” behaviours simply because he wouldn’t care enough about what anyone said or thought about his actions to be adversely affected by it. Chances would be that he’d just laugh along with it instead of acting ike he’s ashamed of himself. That’s one of the likable things about Sonic to me at least - He’s capable of laughing at himself but ultimately has no regard for what people think of how he acts.

It degenerates Sonic’s character because it consumes him and deprives him of his edge, shunts him onto a role that doesn’t do him justice. In Colours, whenever he meets a robot, he goes on and fucking on about how he’s going to kick their asses and it falls completely flat because he’s getting no response and makes him look like a weirdo. It even gives me the impression that this Sonic seems to think deep down that he’s uncool and is insecure about it then goes about being an obnxious braggart to conceal it.

It also has the effect of screwing-over the story as well because more scene time in dedicated to these irritating shenanigans and LOL SO RANDUM “humor” than actually expanding on established plot points or making the story more varied. So not only are Pontac and Graff screwing-up Sonic’s writing, they’re  screwing-up the rest of the story in doing so. It’s such a vicious cycle.

You don’t see the interesting aspects of Sonic’s character anymore

In relation to the above, Long gone are the days when you saw Sonic exhibit either somewhat profound beliefs or a level of complexity such as his pragmatism in Black Knight, not caring if everyone considered him a bad guy for stopping Arthur’s tyranny by killing him and in addition his viewpoint that life would have no meaning if it went on forever, hence his opposition to Merlina even though her plan would’ve stopped the end of that world.

How about the revelation in Unleashed that it wasn’t just his sense of guilt regarding landing on top of Chip that compelled him to help him? He didn’t need a reason to want to help out his friend. Or his palpable upset/shame at Amy failing to recognise him in Werehog form?

This sense of….how do I explain it? This sense what makes Sonic such an intriguing character, the feeling of agency to his character, the drive that he had to do what he chooses to do without regrets is largely ignored in 2010+ Sonic, leaving a far flatter character who simply isn’t as interestingl. Sonic has lost alot of his heart. And it’s a crying shame.

So yeah, whilst P&G’s handling of the series isn’t Shadow, Chronicles or '06 bad to me, it’s nothing remotely remarkable either and is absolutely no standard that is ideal for the series and what it should abide by.


Previous Chapters

Chapter 4

Tears streamed silently down her face and she buried her head in her hands and let herself cry. She wasn’t this girl. She wasn’t the type of person to sit around feeling sorry for herself. She was strong, independent and resourceful. But it wasn’t everyday that she found herself trapped almost three hundreds years in the past. She was so overwhelmed, so terrified and confused that she could hardly breathe.

She’d never truly been alone before. Even after her Uncle Lamb died and she first moved to Oxfordshire, she wasn’t really alone, not like this anyway. Modern technology meant she was always only a phone call away from a friendly voice. But here she was alone in the truest sense of the word and it scared her to death.

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NCT Reaction to holding their baby for the first time

I’m watching Troye Sivan’s live stream while writing and oh my gosh I want him to be my best friend he’s so precious. He’s singing animal & I’m literally bawling. Someone pass the tissues.

(random NCT U mems)


Doyoung :

I know that Doyoung isn’t a easy crier but he may weep up a bit in this moment. Obviously it’s a super emotional thing and he would just feel so overwhelmed with joy that he got to hold this precious little human that was all his.

Originally posted by nctmvrk-moved

Taeyong :

Taeyong no doubt about it will cry. He’ll definitely be really emotional about everything happening and it would be more of a silent cry. Once he finally held his baby he’d never want to let go.

Originally posted by soperemacism

Jaehyun :

He would try to hold himself together because he was feeling so many emotions. Jaehyun would be more in awe of this little thing in his hands that he’d love and care for for the rest of his life.

Originally posted by simurgslife

Winwin :

From the very first moment he even found out that he was going to be a father he was already in love with his baby so imagine him first holding them. Winwin would just feel so much love towards this little miracle. Every time he’d hole them there would be a sweet smile on his face.

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Burn Part 2

Seth Rollins x Reader

Part 1 Prompt: You’re an ascending WWE Superstar. After your title match a fan attacks you. You have to leave the WWE for 4months because of your injuries. Seth helps you thru these hard times and you begin to grow closer to eachother

Word count: 1122

Special thanks to @50shadesofadamcolebaybay !

Originally posted by moxley-master

You never thought that your dream could turn into a nightmare so fast.

You had to hand back your Diva’s title because of your injury. A disappointed fan poured highly concentrated hydrochloride all over you. He was caught by security and had explained that he didn’t like your character and wasn’t fond that you won the title match against Charlotte. You were shocked to hear that. You knew that some fans were obsessed with wrestling, you too were obsessed with it, but you would’ve never thought that somebody couldn’t distinguish between kayfabe and reality. That a simple reign change could enrage somebody that bad to physically harm someone else. The recovery was rough. 2/3 of your upper arm and your shoulder were burned by the acid. It reached to parts of your neck. Luckily, it was only some sprinkles of acid that hit you there. To your luck the quick reaction of the staff members saved your arm. By pouring water over it they rinsed most of the acid away. Unfortunately, your burns were still severe. You didn’t want to think what would have been if nobody had reacted that quickly. You had to apply certain lotions that were supposed to let your wounds heal quicker and reduce the scarring. In addition to that, you had to wear a compression suit that reached from your left hand to your upper body.

The first week of your recovery was exhausting. You had to stay at the hospital for three days. Many of your colleges sent you cards with their well wishes. On social media the hashtag ‘getwellsoonY/N’ trended for a long time. Some of your friends even managed to visit you. Of course, Seth was one of them. He managed to get some time off even only for a few days. You couldn’t understand why and protested but he just smiled and said you would do the same for him. And he was right.

After your hospital discharge, you decided to stay at your parent’s house for the first month. Both because you were nearer to your rehab center and because you couldn’t bear to be alone. At least not the first few weeks. Constantly fearing getting attacked again, you reduced your time outside. You barely left the house. Only for medical appointments and rehab. Your interactions with your friends were getting fewer and fewer. You just couldn’t handle their pity anymore. You knew that they only meant well but it was overwhelming you. Even Seth was hard to bare some days. You even ignored some of his texts and calls because you just didn’t have the strength for another talk about yourself. At the same time you felt so sorry for being such a bitch to your friends.

When you finally moved back to your own flat you were alone. You isolated yourself, abandoned your training and your anxiety got even worse. At night you would wake up panting and crying because of the never ending nightmares. You were afraid and on edge 24/7. At week 8 of your recovery you felt like you were going crazy. During the day you would just lay in bed or on your couch, watching TV or listening to music. Overthinking everything that happened the last few weeks. What would come now? Was your career at its end? It had just begun… And what about your friends? You abandoned them. Would they be still there? But even if they were, would you have the strength to apologize to them? You were torn apart. On the one hand you wanted so badly to come back to the WWE. But on the other you were afraid of the encounters with your friends and fans. Would the WWE Universe even care for your return or did they already forget you?

A knock on your door pulled you out of your own thoughts. Your whole body tensed. Who was at your door? You didn’t expect anybody. You began to shiver, a panic attack slowly rising in yourself.

Another knock.

“Y/N?” you knew that voice. Still shaking but a bit less tense you got up from your couch. Slowly walking to your door.

“Y/N, it’s me, Seth.” He almost whispered, “I know you’re here. I saw your car outside…” Silence. “I just wanted to see you” he sounded so sad. You couldn’t let him stand out there.

After a short hesitation you unlocked your door. Opening, you saw Seth giving you a small smile. You gave him a weak smile back. You were slightly shocked as Seth suddenly pulled you in a tight hug.

“I missed you” he mumbled into your hair.

“I missed you too!” you said sniffling. You hadn’t even noticed that you started to cry.

“Seth, I-I’m so sorry!” you cried.

“Shh, Y/N. Don’t worry. You didn’t do anything wrong.” Still holding you tightly, Seth walked in, closing the door behind him. You two just stood there in a tight soothing hug. You crying your heart out and Seth doing his best to hold down his own. To see you like that hurt him.

You two settled down on the couch after a while. You are still sniffling a bit while Seth holds you close to his chest.

“I’m sorry,” you begin, “I’m sorry that I was such a bitch. I just couldn’t handle it anymore. It was just too much attention from all of you and it overwhelmed me. I know I shouldn’t have pushed you away, I-I…” you were on the brim of crying again.

“Everything’s fine sweet pea! You did nothing wrong. It’s normal to react to something traumatising in such a manner. My main point is, as long as you let me help you from this point on, everything is going to be ok again. Heck, even better than before:” he told you reassuringly.

“You sure?”

“Of course I am! We just have to get through it. But together we will do it!” he smiled down at you.

“Thank you Seth! You’re just too good to be true. What did I to deserve such a friend?” You looked him in the eyes. When you said those last words however, something in his eyes changed. He broke your gaze. He almost looked hurt.

“So, well,” he began, “what do you think about going with me to get some coffee and getting out of this hole?“ Standing up harshly and pushing you off of him. You didn’t think too much of it.

“That sounds ok.”

“Just ok?” he asks raising an eyebrow, “trust me, Y/N. It’s going to be more then ok! Come get up, take a quick shower and then lets go!“ He took your hand pulling you behind him to your bathroom.

As you got out of your shower you hurried to dry your hair and dress yourself. Seth sat in your living room busying himself whatever he was doing. You didn’t want him waiting for you. You already put on your jeans and wanted to get your compression suit on as your eyes found your reflection in your mirror. You inspected your reflection. A sad exhausted face looked at you. Your gaze wandered to your arm. It still looked horrible.

You hurried to put on the suit not willing to look at your burned skin any longer. The tight fabric wrapping around your arm, shoulder andupper thorax. As your eyes found your own in the mirror again you began to weep again. You jerked a bit as something in the mirror slightly shifted. In the reflection you saw Seth standing at the door. Not willing to meet his gaze you shut your eyes tightly, trying to get a bit more composure. Soft footsteps coming closer and closer, then you feel two gentle and warm hands on your shoulders.

“What’s the matter sweat pea?” Seth silently asks as he gently rubs your uninjured arm. “Do you wanna tell me, what upsets you so much?” You sniffled some more before you could say anything.

“I just can’t. Every time I look into the mirror, every time I see and feel this suit on my skin. It’s just too much. How am I supposed to wrestle again if I have to wear this crap for at least a year?” It was silent for a moment. Seth looking you up and down in the mirror. Then your gazes met.

“You know how I see it, nothing can hold you back from wrestling. Not even this thingy.” he pointed at the suit. “Who knows, maybe there is an alternative to this that makes you more agile. If it even restricts you in any way.”

“But I look so strange in it. What kind of gear am I supposed to wear into the ring? They’ll joke about me!” you exclaimed close to tears yet again.

“I don’t see a problem with that. You can wrestle in a normal t-shirt if you want. And to be honest with you, that suit makes you look even more badass. I would say you have a slight similarity to the winter soldier.” he said teasingly. You chuckled from his remark and playfully hit his chest.

“You’re such a dork sometimes!”

“As long as I make you smile, I’m ok with it,” he said grinning like a cheshire cat.

Part 3


pairing: merlin x reader/harry hart x daughter!reader

request: Can I request a Merlin x Reader and slight harry x daughter!reader where it’s the reader and Merlin’s wedding day and Harry is just so happy and proud for them both and it’s all fluffy and cute??

warnings: none.

(its really short, im sorry!)

the ceremony couldn’t have gone better for you and merlin. the weather was perfect, the both of you were happy that you decided on a outdoor wedding, and the venue was just perfect - there was never a dull moment.

everyone looked amazing, as did you and your husband. the way he looked at you when you walked down the aisle, with harry on your arm, made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside - you knew you would never forget that. it took merlin all his might to stop himself from crying as soon as his eyes landed on you, and he saw how amazing you looked.

following, the dinner was great, as were the couple speeches that were made by eggsy, roxy and your dad. when your dad gave his speech, you couldn’t stop yourself from weeping a little bit, and of course he caught onto that, and you saw how his eyes glistened with tears that desperately wanted to fall, but they didn’t.

you couldn’t have asked for a better wedding.

however, now that all the serious stuff was out the way, everyone was much more relaxed, and there was music, and a lot of drinks.

whilst merlin went off to get you drinks, you walked over to your dad who was standing with a glass in his hand, his other hand in his pocket, staring at everyone who was dancing. his face shifted, and a small smile reached his lips as he saw you stand closer to him.

“your mother would be very proud of you, right now” harry spoke softly as he wrapped an arm around your shoulders, and pressed a kiss to the top of your head.

the smile on your lips became much softer, and your eyes glistened with happy tears. although, you lost your mother at the very young age of four, there was never a day where you didn’t think of her, and the same was with harry. but, the two of you had each other, and that’s all you two needed.

the two of you stayed in that embrace, until merlin came back with your drink, and you shifted back into merlin’s arm, which was wrapped around your midsection. the three of you talked until a slow song came on, and merlin pulled you to the midst of the floor, and danced slowly with you.

harry watched the two of you dancing together with a warm smile. he was both proud of you and happy for you. he knew that merlin would treat you the way you deserved to be treated and he also knew the two of you would be very happy together.


Every time I watch this video I weep a lil bit
This is my favourite video

just so do we keep each other

rating: everyone

pairing: gendry waters and arya stark

summary: arya, gendry, and hot pie wander through the woods after escaping harrenhal.

disclaimer: I do not own any of games of thrones or a song of ice and fire

note: also on ao3 and fanfiction

The mud sticking to Arya’s fringe scratches at her nose, and she wishes for a stream, a spring, anything to get rid of the dirt that seems like a second skin.

She feels comfortable out in the elements, all grassy and green, smelling of pine, and she could care less about her appearance, but the discomfort of dry mud and sweat and rain and piss is something she would like to remedy. If only her mother could see her now.

In order to distract her wandering mind from thoughts of her mother and Robb and everything that makes her heart ache, she makes a game of stepping in Gendry’s footsteps, pretending that everywhere else is wildfire.

Since he is a head taller, his strides are a bit longer, so she has to hop a little, which makes her feel silly. She hasn’t felt so silly since King’s Landing, and she welcomes it. It helps her practice her agility some, so she hops along, one hand on the hilt of the sword Gendry snatched from Harrenhal’s forge and the other held out for balance.

“What in seven hells ’re you doing?”

Hot Pie’s voice behind her makes her jump and falter in her dance, and she crashes into Gendry’s back.

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Are we gonna read the three hundred and nineteen letters?????????????????? (I'm down actually)


you’ll only get to see the most important ones :–) aka the WORST ones (if you catch my drift SAHDJHASJDHA)

you’ll get to see glimpses of little y/n and yoongi’s past, as well as their relationship during their time in uni ;o; GOD SOME OF THESE LETTERS,,, even i made myself weep a bit LMAO I’M SO EXCITED


im actually weeping a bit im so glad Cat came home

no more Missus Nice Girl, im going to absolutely DEMAND that my grandparents keep him indoors from now on

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MTMTE Bots and an immortal S/o who can regenerate limbs? Rodimus, Drift/Ratchet, Ultra Magnus, Swerve, Rung, CyClonus/Tailgate, and Chromedome/Rewind!



So,,,, like,,, can they drink Energon and not die? because that’d be really cool despite it tasting like gasoline, and you’d probably have radioactive poisoning and can never go near a human ever again.

Also upon research, a bot can’t really die from old age, or as someone said and I quote,

“Basically [IDW] says they can, but nobody is old enough to have actually died from it.”


*squints* so, what you’re saying is that they don’t die from old age bc no one has. 

*squints harder* I sometimes want to charge people for their bloody stupidity.

Oh, and one hc I’d like to share about Energon. The actual good/expensive energon is actually sweet to humans, it just tastes a tad metallic, that is something cybertronians are used to though.

(Anon informed me they forgot to say Whirl.))


  • “Pfft, yeah right.” he’d laugh. He needs hard proof.
  • Welp, I guess you just have to break yourself-. 
  • (NOTE: I’m not enforcing self-harm!!! If you need to talk I AM WILLING TO TALK! I WAS MY SCHOOL PSHYITRIST WHILE IN SCHOOL! I GOT A LOT OF KIDS THROUGH!!! {It wasn’t a volunteer thing, I just became a physiatrist to some sad kids.})
  • You know what? He’ll believe you if you just chugged some Energex and displayed 0 side effects.
  • Then he’d believe you.
  • But that just means you’ll be doing dumb shit with him or often.
  • You know the dumb shit he did with Drift? Yeah.
  • Also, you are the only living human to see and survive his ‘flame-out’ move? congrats.


  • Drift thinks it’s really interesting! Whether you’re actually strong as him or not is up to you, but that’d be EVEN AWESOMER! We should spare some time, no?
  • Now, Ratchet, he doesn’t buy it.
  • It’s up there with healing crystals and the stuff Drift believes, it’s a bunch of bull-scrap.
  • Okay.
  • But one day, you end up losing your legs and as soon after ratchet ran in, you showed then the magical thing about limb regeneration.
  • All ratchet can say is that he still doesn’t believe it. And he won’t ever admit he does (not for another century), but he does like to entertain the fact you won’t die. It’d be nice to have you around for a long, long while.

Ultra Magnus

  • You’re pretty much just like Minimus, physically. Smol, old (possible super strength), and good looking! ;)
  • It just means he doesn’t have to go the extreme to be careful when he’s in his Magnus armor.
  • But being with you as minimus is 10/10 great, too!
  • Also, despite being lovers, you WILL get charged for using this as an excuse to do dumb stunts.

Swerve (This is all I want him to have.)

  • He wouldn’t believe you the first time you said it.
  • Pffffft, you’re lying!
  • He either never believed it until like 100 years later and you still look 18-21 and ur not dead.
  • Or he just sits down with you at his bar and you’re pounding the Energex drinks you won from another mech and don’t seem to be dying so…
  • What other choice does he have?
  • Actually, he thinks it’s really cool. The fact you’ll live perhaps longer than him, and you’ll never leave get’s him excited!
  • The first him he saw you lose a limb in some freak accident and saw you get up with a new arm was freaky as fucc to him.
  • he dragged you straight to the med-bay.


  • You have no idea how happy it makes him be able to be with you for longer than a century! It makes him really happy! 
  • (He just hopes and prays you don’t abandon him like others have, even if you say you won’t.)
  • He’s a careful person, so nothing really changes when you tell him.
  • He does weep a little bit when you tell him. Just a little.
  • Like.
  • you really fragging care about him.
  • Like. Whoa.
  • So to know you can stay with him for a long, long, long time, it makes him overjoyed!!!

  • !!!
  • So can you eat energon?
  • (He’ll totally share some energon treats with you if you can stomach it).


  • WHOA!
  • Tailgate always had this fear in the back of his head after he met you that you’d have to offline someday, but now- OH PRIMUS YES.
  • He was so stoked!
  • He’s not as careful around you anymore as he was.
  • Now Cyclonus, he thinks it’s great, because now he doesn’t have to deal with the pain of losing you in the next century, but he will be able to be with both you can Tailgate for centuries.
  • And he now as two (2) smol strong s/o’s.
  • It’s so cute to him.  
  • The first time you lose a limb they’re like ‘OH FUCK now they’ll have to
  • live the rest of their life without an arm/leg! Ah shi-’
  • and Tailgates’ apologizing and crying.
  • while Cyclonus is frozen with a wide-eyed stare of shock by the amount of blood all over the floor and the pained look on your face.
  • but then you regrow a new limb and they metaphorically shit their pants. 


  • Holy shit that’s fucking cool.
  • The first time you lose a limb he just stares. He didn’t know what to do!
  • But then you regenerated and his head looked at your eyes, then at your limb, then back.
  • “Cool.”
  • It works great bc you could do dumb shit together and you wouldn’t have any consequences if you blew half the ship.
  • He’ll become really rough when it came to joking around, but he’d NEVER go across the line where you lost limbs…
  • Only the line where you lost a limb.
  • (Yes that obviously makes it so much better).
  • And he’d buy you drinks all the time.
  • Amputation and organic fluids are his kinks.


  • Domey’s so relieved! He is so happy you won’t actually die in a century!
  • Rewind thinks it’s interesting!
  • The first time you lose a limb, rewind immediately starts recording while Chromedome freaks.
  • And the whole regeneration was something Rewind had to re-watch. More than a few more times.
  • It makes Dome heave, stop that!
  • Rewind finds it to be really interesting, though!
  • overall, they’re just both happy you’re happy with them.

I’M WEEPING ASHJDKGASDHAS The Vine bit has me deceased lol

aurelche  asked:

What about the RFA(V, Saeran) with an MC who jumped from her dimension to theirs to be with them leaving everything behind?

I’m sick! Yay! Life is just, just going great! Ahhhh!!!! Anyway, this sounds really fun and so I shall now do it! Sound good? Yasss!!! Sorry, in a sarcastic mood, but I hope you’ll like this anyway, and I hope it’s still up to quality!


  • He’s a hopeless romantic, so he’s called you an angel, something not from this world a ton of times, which just makes it more surprising when it turns out to be true
  • You’re from an alternate dimension, where there are many mythical creatures, unicorns, dragons, the whole lot of kid’s creatures
  • You were part fairy, which explained why you were so tiny, being only 5ft
  • You had come to this dimension to see if there were any fairies left to be taken to the magic dimension, but when you met Zen you decided to stay
  • You hid your wings with the magic you had, and was now living with him, happy and content
  • Zen nearly started crying when you explained it to him, he couldn’t help but feel guilty
  • Was he really worth you abandoning your whole world for him?
  • He didn’t think so, certainly not you, you were such a good person, they would certainly miss you, your parents, your friends, they all were left by you to be with him
  • And that broke him up a bit
  • He kept asking you afterwards if he was really worth it
  • He became quite clingy, always asking you about it, even in public every once in a while when you talked to someone else for long periods of time, or when you seemed to be wistful again
  • Sometimes when he became melancholy he’d ask you; “MC am I really worth it to you? I mean really?”
  • You took his face in your hands, and stared at him in the face, eyes locked on his
  • “Zen, I knew what I was getting into when I decided to leave my family. I was never more sure in my life about something until I met you and decided to make that choice. I will never lave you, you are my angel, my own personal angel. I love you, definitely enough to leave my family behind. I was going to leave them one day anyway, I was sure of that. So yes Zen, you are worth it, you will always be worth it.”
  • A line of tears  streaked down his cheek when he heard your kind words, and he buried his face in your neck
  • “Thank you MC.”
  • “Of course Zen, I love you.”


  • “Like the guys from Lolol!”
  • Yoosung, you don’t really understand magic very well TT
  • You told him how you would go back and forth between dimensions when you were younger, but when your parents found out they forbade it
  • Yoosung practically started bawling when you told him that, and how you didn’t do it for the longest time, until you turned eighteen, and snuck out at midnight
  • You planned on going back, but when you saw Yoosung and began to interact with him you immediately fell in love
  • He was definitely bawling when you said that, curling up close to you, you holding him softly
  • Sometimes when he was curious and you were in a mood for it you would tell him a bit about your world
  • “MC, is it okay?”
  • “Yes, Yoosung. In my world most of us are shapeshifters, those who aren’t are memory holders. I’m one of them, I can hold the memories of others, like storage, the ones that are important to people.” You would smile lightly and Yoosung knew
  • He knew that you were the one for him, the only one for him
  • Forever


  • She was pretty skeptical to hear you when you said that you were from a different dimension
  • “MC, this isn’t very amusing, if you want to tell me a story just tell me.”
  • “Jaehee, I promise that this is all real, it might seem weird right now, but I swear that this is real!”
  • “Okay, MC, look, I trust you, I always have, but this is a bit insane.”
  • She was being so dense that you had to literally show her how you could manipulate light and create something out of it, by your will
  • That made her shriek in surprise though, so maybe not such a great idea
  • “Jaehee! Calm down!”
  • “Have you always been able to do that!”
  • “Yes, that’s where I’m from. We’re all different elementalists, controlling different parts of nature. My part is light, I craft everything out of light. I left here to study the way light works here, naturally, and I saw you, and I stayed.”
  • “But who is going to d-do that!”
  • “My niece.”
  • “Niece!”
  • Once she calmed down and you explained everything she believed you, albeit she still stared at your hands, as if the light would spring from them immediately
  • You teased her about it a bit, but understood
  • It was a bit weird in the human world


  • “MC, are you okay?” Jumin’s eyebrows were practically touching his hair when you told him
  • “Yes Jumin, I’m fine!” You exclaimed, the stress catching up to you of this decision
  • “MC, please.” Jumin said, “I’m just worried about you, don’t get frustrated.”
  • “Thanks,” you replied, and sat down on the couch, they used to be leather, but you changed them, since you hated the feel of them
  • “So, time traveling dimension huh?” Jumin said, hugging you softly, you nodded
  • “I didn’t mean to come to this dimension, it was an accident really, but afterwards when I met you I couldn’t help but stay. My parents wanted me back, but I told them I had found love. And they conceded, as long as I visit them. And it’s one of the most important holidays next week, I really need to go back, just for a few days, just five days!” You began to stutter and trip on your words a bit, but he just hugged you harder.
  • “I understand, go to your family, this is important to you. I’ll make sure that nothing gets spread around when you’re gone. I’ll miss you, yes, but it’s more important for you to see your family, I mean, they’re so far away it seems, you should cherish every chance with them you get. I have no right to stop you.”
  • You almost let out a sob of relief, this was going so much better than you thought it would, since Jumin didn’t seem the imaginative type at all, thank goodness that he understood
  • You went to celebrate the festival of time, and he waited for you. It took five days, but to him it felt like longer to him
  • He was so happy when you returned, and you also admitted that you missed him very much
  • “Maybe one day you can come with me.” You suggested
  • “I’d like that very much.” He replied, and you smiled
  • “I missed you”


  • “MC, we need to get you an exorcist!” Was the first thing that came out of Saeyoung’s mouth
  • “Did Mint Eye do this to you? How?! How can you talk to Elizabeth!”
  • You shook him
  • “Calm down Saeyoung!”
  • You got him sat down before telling him it
  • You came from a dimension that was more connected to nature than Saeyoung’s
  • There were certain people who were so connected they could speak to all forms of nature; animals, plants, anything living
  • You had come down to study how humans lived without connection to nature and was horrified by the sight you’d seen. So, you decided to stay for a month, by the permission of your government
  • But when you’d met Saeyoung you’d felt something different
  • You’d felt trusting in him, unlike the other humans you had met
  • Your month was almost up, and you had to go explain and ask for an extension if not they’d be looking for you
  • You told Saeyoung and he began to weep a bit
  • “It looks like you really are a real angel. I’m sorry I’m tearing you away from all that you love.”
  • “You are all that I love, I’ll never run out of love for you, which is why I am staying with you. After I explain it to them I am coming back to you, back to my home, where my heart lies.”
  • He’d never felt so selfishly happy in his life
  • “Are you sure though? You’ve said yourself, this world is full of those who do not care.”
  • “Yes, but you and I can change that, if even a little bit. It is also my duty to help this earth, and that is what I am doing!”
  • “What we are doing.”
  • “Yes, we.”
  • “Forever and ever.”
  • “Forever and ever.”


  • He couldn’t see your handiwork
  • But he could definitely feel it
  • “MC, this jelly feels weird.”
  • The sculpture of water that you had been working of V’s face popped in your surprised, leaving him very confused and very drenched
  • “Oh, my God I’m so sorry!”
  • “No, no, it’s okay- “
  • He didn’t ask anything about it until he got out of the bath
  • “MC, what was that jelly? It felt awfully watery, and burst so easily!”
  • “Well, that’s, that’s because it was water.”
  • You sat him down after his initial shock, you were afraid he was going to break the counter the way it was already
  • “So, MC, can, can you explain please?”
  • You told him, looking him straight in the eye, for a part of you didn’t trust him with your most personal secret, you were nervous that he’d think you in need of mental assistance, like Rika…
  • You told him about the dimension where you lived, there were multiple kingdoms, each for a different element, and each generation there were a group of children meant to go to this dimension and use their gifts to help out the struggling planet
  • You were from the kingdom of water, and had been considered a prodigy, so you were sent to Earth almost immediately after the ceremony
  • “And well, then I got tangled up with the RFA, and well, here I am.”
  • “Wow.” Was all V said, looking at you in total adorative amazement
  • Sometimes when you worried about Rika he would say; “Your water cleanses me form her lies, she is not the way she was before to me, I love you now, and only you.”
  • You felt so lucky


  • Saeran had seen too many horror movies to not know where this is going
  • “MC, you can talk to spirits! Holy shit!”
  • He wasn’t sure what to think of that
  • Especially considering you were his brother’s friend from the hospital
  • He wasn’t exactly sure your role in the whole thing, but when he was comfortable enough to call you by your first name this was definitely a wrench in the whole “trust thing”
  • Of course, it wasn’t your fault, but it still unnerved him a bit
  • It was just too damn supernatural to him
  • He talked to you with more restraint after that, because he’d only caught you that one time, and even you seemed  a bit uncomfortable by that
  • But eventually you asked him what was wrong
  • “Well, it’s just, I’m not sure what you are to my brother, and well we’ve become friends, and, well, you can talk to ghosts!”
  • You flushed of embarrassment a bit, before walking up to him
  • “I’m sorry if that’s been bothering you.”
  • “Well, I guess what I really want to know, is how?”
  • You told him how your dimension was about two steps closer to the realm of death than this dimension
  • You could see spirits of the deceased, and talk to them as well. Some were better with it than others, and you were pretty damn powerful.
  • Unfortunately, spirits had begun to draw to you, and you had to leave to this dimension while everything calmed down since your “awakening” at nineteen, just less than a year ago.
  • “Oh.” Was all Saeran could make out, overcome by sort of awe
  • You just looked uncomfortable
  • “And, and my brother?” He ventured and you just laughed, hugging him for the first time, such an outward show of intimacy
  • He backed up before hugging you back
  • “Just promise me one thing.”
  • “Yeah?”
  • “That you aren’t talking to the grudge.”
    You just laughed

I said I’d finish this like 20 million times before I did! Yikes! Anyway I hope you still like! I know it’s a bit short, but I want to finish this, I mean it’s been so long and I’m so behind! Anyway see you tomorrow! Bye!