i just replayed the scene in the cool-off room where Nico hugs Sebastian from behind over and over again and I’m pretty sure Sebastian says “Ich habe mich nicht reinstechen getraut” which roughly translates to “I didn’t dare overtake you” and I think that says a lot about Seb and also his relationship with Nico

2016 The Year from the Strangest Timeline

So many renowned celebrities, including David Bowie, Prince, Alan Rickman, Muhammed Ali and many others, passed away.
Leo wins an Oscar. 
Internet freaks out over a gorilla. 
Leicester City Win EPL.
Portugal wins an international football trophy. 
Cubs win World Series
Trump being President Elect.

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You don’t win 9 times and collect 367 points without talent and just “a good car”. No matter who you like and support, saying Nico doesn’t deserve to win the 2016 WDC is not only just plainly shitting on his obvious and enormous talent but also dismissing every fantastic driver who won the championship with less wins and points(and just look it up, that happened a lot) before.

For those Yugioh fans that watch the anime for the plot and not the duels:

What’s that one duel that you always get excited for no matter what and will even go as far as to (try to) analyze what went down in the duel and why the loser lost?

For me it’s both IV vs Shark during the WDC arc and IV vs Nasch during the Barian Onslaught.