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You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. There’s always a story behind songs that you like, whether you relate to it or just like the beat. Hit shuffle on any of your music devices and write down the first ten songs. BUT I want you to write their stories too - what you relate to or like about them.
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Moments//One Direction- I’m a huge directioner. But this song has so much meaning to it as well as 18. It’s about wanting to stay with somebody peacefully, you never wanted to go… but they have to. I can relate to this in so many personal ways and I’m sure if you’ve gone to a Taylor concert you can relate because you never want to leave.
Papercut//Troye Sivan- This is a song I can only relate to because of a few lines. “We’re too proud to say we’re sorry” and I really am too proud to say I’m sorry. This is the song I go to when I want to listen to a soft song that isn’t sad or emotional. It’s such a good song and his vocals fit perfectly.
New Romantics// Taylor Swift- This song is so upbeat I FRICKIN LOVE IT. It taught me to let go of everything and just have fun and do whatever, and you’re not alone wanting to let go of everything. “I could build a castle, out of all the bricks they threw at me and everyday is like a battle.” I can really relate to these lines the most. I could a build a castle out of all the obstacles that’ve put me down but eventually I get back on my feet and everyday is like a battle of trying to not let anyone make my mood go bad.
I Wanna Fly//Trevor Moran- This song is about wanting to do something, without hurting someone. And it’s this part I can relate to. I’ve always wanted to do something but I end up hurting them.
She’s Kinda Hot//5SOS- I like this song at this moment. “We are the kings and the queens of the new broken scene but we’re alright though” We are the ones leading this new generation and it’s going to be alright which is something I can relate to. I can’t relate to the she’s kinda hot part lol. It talks about that everything is going to be okay and it’s something I can relate to telling myself it’s going to be okay
Love Story//Taylor Swift- Classic. “I got tired of waiting wondering if you were ever gonna come around” I’ve never really fell in love and I’m okay with that. So I can’t relate to this song at all to be honest but that line is literally me when my parents get me tickets for a concert.
Fight Song//Rachel Platten- This song is like get back up and don’t fall to the ground, be remembered and continue on with life. This song has taught me to continue on with life and pick myself back up. I absolutely love this song.
Strong//One Direction- Oh wow. This song means the world to me. This is the song that always keeps me strong in every single way possible. I love it so much and it keeps me strong and gets me really emotional.
Wonderland// Taylor Swift- I can relate to this by falling in love with Taylor. Like she’s ruined my life in the best way possible all I do is sit at home and wait for her to come online. Now I’m lost in my own mind because I can’t get out yet it’s formed a wonderland. Life was never worse, but never better.
Can’t Feel My Face//The Weeknd- I can’t feel my face when I’m at 1989, but I love it. I saw him perform this at 1989 and I was crying a waterfall. I can’t relate to this song at all though. I can’t feel my face when it’s winter though but otherwise I can.
Don’t Forget Where You Belong//One Direction- this song makes me cry as well. Every one direction song does (I heard Where Do Broken Hearts Go and started to cry for no reason it was great). I can relate to this because when I feel alone I’ll listen to this song knowing that some other people have been through what I’ve been through.
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92 Truths Tag

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you’re supposed to write a note with 92 truths about you. At the end, you choose 25 people to tag.
You have to tag the person that tagged you.

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Last Drink: Water
Last Phone Call: My mama
Last Text: “Okay”
Last Song You Listened To: “Like I Can” Sam Smith (really good tune)
Last Time You Cried: I can’t remember because I really don’t cry, but it was probably when someone said something extremely funny and I lost all control 


Dated Someone Twice: No
Been Cheated On: no
Kissed Someone And Regretted It: Never even kissed someone
Lost Someone Special: Thankfully no
Been Depressed: Everyone has their days, but I would not say depressed
Been Drunk And Thrown Up: No
Three Favorite Colors: Blue, Black & Green


Made A New Friend: Yes!
Fallen Out of Love: Never fell in
Laughed Until You Cried: ALL THE TIME
Met Someone Who Changed You: Yes
Found Out Who Your True Friends Are: Absolutely 
Found Out Someone Was Talking Behind Your Back: No, but suspected
Kissed Anyone On Your (FB but i don’t have one so Insta) Friends List: nope


# Of People On Your (FB) Instagram Friends List You Actually Know: I know all of the people following me on both, some I just haven’t talked to a lot
Any Pets: 3 dogs!
Do You Want To Change Your Name: No, i actually really like my name
What Did You Do For Your Last Party (play music, talk, etc.): danced like a crazy person
What Time Did You Wake Up Today: first at 7:45 Am then 11:00 AM
What Were You Doing At 12 Last Night: on tumblr obvs
Something You Can’t Wait For: To find that person & have a family
Last Time You Saw Your Mother: 30 seconds ago
What Are You Listening To Right Now: Wildest Dreams/Enchanted mashup bc heaven
Have You Ever Talked To A Person Named Tom: Yes                               What’s On Your Nerves Right Now: Nothing right now which is awesome

Blood Type: Oh girl, idk
Relationship Status: pathetic single girls club
Zodiac Sign: Gemini to the max
Pronouns: She
Favorite TV Show: TVD, Teen Wolf, OUAT, The Flash, Big Brother!
Tattoos: no, but I would get one
Righty or lefty: Right                                                                                       First surgery: 3 years ago my appendix bursted and I had cysts on my ovaries so there’s that
First piercing: ears
First best friend: Allison
First sport you joined: Soccer
First Vacation: North Carolina!
First Pair Of Sneakers: Don’t really no


Eating: Nothing however just had a massive dinner consisting of Rice balls, raviolis, and chicken  
Drinking: water
I’m About To: finish this tag real quick
Listening To: I feel like this question popped up three times during the duration of this tag
Waiting For: my acceptance letter to Hogwarts…
Want Kids: yes, a whole army of children
Get Married: I really hope so, that’s something that’s really important to me to find that person and start a family 
Dream Career: Pediatric Nurse!


Lips Or Eyes: EYES                                                                                       Hugs Or Kisses: I’m a huge hugger and I’ve never kissed anyone so…        Shorter Or Taller: Taller

Older Or Younger: Um I mean age isn’t really a concern for me as long as it’s not 20 years older or younger we’ll be okay
Romantic Or Spontaneous: Both. I think Spontaneity is Romantic 
Nice Stomach Or Nice Arms: Oh girl all of it 
Sensitive Or Loud: I like a mixture of both
Hook Up Or Relationship: Relationship, I’m not a hookup kind of girl
Trouble-Maker Or Hesitant: trouble maker


Kissed A Stranger: no
Drank Hard Liquor: no
Sex On The First Date: No
Broke Someone’s Heart: Not that I’m aware
Had Your Heart Broken: a little heart string, but my heart is pretty much in tact 
Been Arrested: No
Cried When Someone Died: yeah
Fallen For A Friend: yeah


Yourself: Yes, I do
Miracles: Yess
Love At First Sight: Yess
Santa Claus: Yeah bruh
Kiss On The First Date: Yes
Angels: Yes 

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I had to repost this flick. 1 of my prized possessions in my sneaker collection is the 1 night only Air Force 1 High. Voted the best AF1 of all time. This pair was gifted to the one and only SPIKE LEE from the legend himself STASH. Stash designed the Air Force 1 High with his signature nozzles all over print. Subtle but deadly. Hear how I acquired the piece in my interview. Extremely proud to be a part of the @cmonfeet project. Had a blast taking part in 2 different interviews (1st take sounded muddled so we had to redo it. Potentially a lost tape candidate). Shout out to @othboutique and Habib for having me. Huge thank you to @trontelljordan for documenting the experience through pictures. I’m truly honoured. Enjoy the podcast and make sure to listen to all the other episodes. Keep Y'all laces loose. http://www.offthehook.ca/blog/cmon-feet-episode-12-toddy-flores #montrealsneakerheads #OTHSneakers #kidkicks #gotsolemtl #toddyflores #kicksmtl #juniorfilipino #crookedtongues #complexkicks #nicekicks #kixinthecity #highsnobiety #modernnotoriety #OTHBlog #montrealsfinest #solecollector #FCNY #RifLA #becominglegendary #FreshnessMag #SpikeLee #aSpikeLeeJoint #Stash #Nort #eldridgest #OneNightOnly #Repost @cmonfeet with @repostapp.
Spike and Stash… an unused @trontelljordan snap from our #CmonFeet season finale with @toddyflores… #WATM #OTHboutique (at Off the hook, rue sainte-catherine.)

JJ Cole Car Seat Cover, Black

JJ Cole Car Seat Cover, Black

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Look Ma, I’m famous!! #Repost @thebragaffair with @repostapp.
The last episode of @cmonfeet features arguably the biggest Sneakerhead in Montreal, @toddyflores and is now up on the #OTHBoutique blog

Hit the @cmonfeet IG for the link to the @wearethemdm x @othboutique production [📷: @trontelljordan]

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#TheBragAffair (at Junior)