*watches it one year after it aired*

Open Letter to Marlene King

I don’t know if Marlene will ever read this but I wanted to just post and air out some of my feelings after watching PLL last night.


I know you are a busy woman but I would really appreciate if you would take the time to read this. My name is Brittany, I’m 23 years old and have been a long time fan of the show. I have been here since the pilot season one episode one. PLL was a show that got me through some pretty rough times. The show began when I was around 15 years old and honestly that year was one of the roughest of my life. I lost my grandfather, I lost several friends that just grew apart, and it was high school as if that wasn’t stressful enough. PLL was an outlet it was a show that I could turn on and forget about my problems whatever they may be.

It was a show that gave me courage to embrace my quirks. I was the nerdy girl who always loved a good book and who loved school. I was deemed as odd for it but seeing characters like Mona Vanderwaal and Spencer Hastings made me realize that it was okay to be like that. That I wasn’t an oddity that there were strong women characters who were like that in the world.

As I said previously I was around 15 when the show started and had never been apart of any fandom, didn’t know what a ship really fully was. None of it I was clueless but PLL made me experience that for the first time. During the first half of season 1 Spencer and Mona grew to become my favorite characters but just loving two characters changed after one episode in 1B. That episode was 113. The scene where Spencer followed Toby into the ally and watched him cry, in THAT moment I knew that there was something there and I fell head over heels for what would become known as Spoby and they became one of the first ships that I ever loved. I remember after 113 aired saying that I thought they were a good match and people telling me no you are insane they won’t ever be together, then 119 happened. After that I was a goner. I had found my PLL ship. The one that I would be ride or die with until the very end.

I loved the pureness of them, the fact that they were so deep and complicated. I remember during 2B when you used to give fans tidbits and how you basically told us about the 225 kiss outside of the police station before it even happened just to reassure us Spoby shippers that they would be fine. I remember how during 3B after Toby’s A reveal (that literally had me in so much shock that I about threw my remote at the TV) all of us spoby fans would as you if you could give us ANYTHING at all and you telling us to wait for it. Did I mention that I’m an eternal optimist? I didn’t? Well I am, so during this time I garnered the nickname of Spoby Cheerleader of the fandom because when everyone else was so down I would say, we always have hope, Marlene told us to wait for it and I trust her. Spoby is her baby creation she’ll not do us wrong. And the waiting paid off 324 happened and you gave us two amazing parallels with the hands touching with the coffee mug like in 117 with the snow globe and the call back to the motel in 119. That was the moment that I felt like I let the final guard down and fully trusted you as a writer Marlene.

I know for storyline purposes sometimes you have to mislead. I understand that. That’s why when 324 happened I was like okay see this proves my point Marlene won’t betray us. Season 4 was a great season with little to minimal drama and it was nice for a change to be the ship that didn’t have constant drama, but then season 5 happened. The season that I like to pretend doesn’t exist. I understand that couples need to have conflict but having Spencer kiss Colin and Johnny two characters who were in 4 episodes or less just because she was having problems with Toby wasn’t my idea of a great season. But I stuck through it and we got 524, wasn’t happy that Spoby didn’t talk about their problems but I was just happy that they were back together.

Then 6A, the last time we truly saw our ship together. 609 that scene Spencer telling Toby that her speech was about him.. was such a great moment then to come back in 6B and know that they had been ripped apart was pretty heart breaking to say the least. I understand that it was realistic for one of the couples to break up during the jump, I didn’t imagine it would be all 3 of the main couples. I honestly thought that one of them would make it through. Then Yvonne happened.. I loved Yvonne as a character, I love Kara who plays her, but you all as a writing team really did Yvonne and Kara a disservice. Then on top of that Caleb happened.

Before the jump Spencer and Caleb was one of my favorite friendships on this show. Now I can’t stand watching any of their scenes. What was the point in making Spaleb happen? Just to create more drama? Because between that and Yvonne it made a lot of people mad. And all of us spoby shippers had to go through 6B and all of 7A with nothing. Then 710 happened. And I thought there it is, there is hope. There is hope that Spoby will be endgame that they won’t be rushed but boy was I wrong.

Killing Yvonne was wrong on so many levels and I think you and the other writers realize it. I didn’t WANT Yvonne to die just so Spoby could get back together. After the accident I was fearful that’s what would happen, but then Kara told us she filmed for 713 and I thought okay maybe that’s her last episode and she leaves town. It literally hurt my soul watching her die RIGHT after marrying Toby. Because Yvonne deserved better than that. Kara deserved better than that. But after that all of us spoby fans thought okay so this is their way of making the way for their endgame we’ll take it even though it sucks.

Now all of us spoby fans waited.. and waited.. and waited.. Then we got the promo for 718 and we thought FINALLY we are getting our reunion it may be with only 3 episodes left but its better late than never. Then it ends up being a one night stand that obviously never gets talked about. Or so we thought. So we were like okay, well the promo in 720 there is Spoby stuff and we know that Keegan and Troian filmed together so they have to be together right? Boy were we wrong..

I can say honestly that the only good thing to come out of Spencer having a twin was that Troian got to show off her acting chops. I remember a year ago when the twin theories began popping up. I thought cool idea, but I doubt the show will go there and it wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense. I was someone who thought that it was Wren and Melissa. When Torrey was revealed to be filming for the finale I thought it had to be true. Then to find out she filmed the scene at the stables then just filmed those two black hoodie scenes so that way Mona could peel off a mask of her face.. Just.. wow. In my opinion the finale was a mess. The pacing was so fast that it was hard to tell how much time had passed, the scenes jump all over  the place that my mother who is a casual watcher mentioned noticing it.

I can tell you that I had only 3 requests of this finale. I didn’t have to have all 3 but I wanted to have at least 2. I walked away with one and a half. Those requests were that AD make sense (did not care if it shocked me or not), that spoby was endgame and we saw them reunite on screen, and lastly that Mona got the endgame she deserved, that she got to have a happy ever after and not die. Ironically enough I thought that the last one was the one that I would walk away without.

This is my main gripe about Alex being AD why? I know in the finale it was explained as her being mad about Cece’s death and wanting revenge. Now to start off 6B it seemed like that was what AD wanted but it seemed as season 7 progressed that became less and less the motivation. By the end of 719 last week I had gathered that whoever AD was had strung the girls along saying they would win once AD knew who killed Cece and that would be that. Then why did AD set them up to where they would get caught with Rollins’ body by Tanner and go after them now a year later and not go after Mona? Mona is the one who killed Cece even if it was an accident, so why would Alex hire Mona on as a helper if that’s the person who killed her sister that she was so hell bent on getting revenge for? It doesn’t add up. The girls had nothing to do with Cece’s death. I would have honestly been fine with there being this many plot holes with the twin thing had you not involved Toby. What was the point of that? Having him basically be raped again without him knowing it. And tainting basically half of the spoby scenes we’ve had in 7B to boot. This is my question on some of the scenes where it was supposedly Alex instead of Spencer, how did Alex know about certain things. Like how did she know that Toby invited Spencer to the cabin if it was Spencer in the scene with him at the radley at the beginning of 718? How did Alex know that Toby said something about wanting to try horseback riding with Spencer when it was Spencer in that scene?

Only two scenes saved the final 10 minutes, Toby being able to figure out the correct Spencer and seeing what Mona did with Alex and Mary. I believe it was Keegan who said something about there being one final scene that he filmed with Troian on his last day that was super emotional and that it was just the two of them.. What happened to that scene? Was it cut for time purposes? Instead of doing the final scene as a backdoor pilot type situation for the Perfectionists couldn’t you have given Spoby fans a reunion of sorts? I didn’t have to be long it could have been a minute. Just of them saying they love each other one last time. Instead of that in the last scene of the girls we get one mention of Toby and that yeah they are sorta dating again. And what happened to the Toby script tease you posted about Toby saying “I used to know a girl that says hope breeds eternal misery” was that in the Spoby scene that was probably cut?

I’m normally not a bitter person. I’m usually an optimist, but I can say I honestly I’m mad, I’m sad, and I’m tired. Knowing that I was a long time fan of this show for 7 years and the one ship that I love got the complete shaft in the end. The one that you have claimed for years is like your child. I said above that I had begun to really trust you back in season 3 Marlene but now I feel like I’ve been kinda stabbed in the back. Honestly I wouldn’t be quite so mad if every other ship hadn’t have gotten a little bit of everything that we didn’t. Haleb got engaged before the last jump as well as married and are pregnant, Emison got two beautiful little girls (through unconventional and horrible means I do admit) and an engagement which they rightfully deserved, and Ezrians got an engagement way before anyone else did plus a wedding. While spoby shippers get a hey sorry that half the scenes that you thought were Spencer in season 7 were actually Alex and oh yeah spoby are basically back together mentioned in an off hand comment. I mean if you didn’t want to do a scene then why not have had Spoby sit next to each other at Ezria’s redo wedding, just showing them holding hands or something would have been enough for me at this point.

I hope you and the other writers read this and take it into consideration. And don’t get me wrong I don’t mind open ended endings, I was a fan of the Lost series finale and that is the most open ended finale ever. But after being loyal to a ship for 7 years it would have been nice to walk away knowing that they got to be happy and seeing it too.

Hopefully you all will do a spin off or a revival movie a few years down the road where Spoby can be explored a little more or if there are some deleted scenes you can put them on the DVD. Because we the fans deserve that after this finale.


A Spoby fan

Do any of you have that one tv show that is just so close to your heart? Like you could watch all these other shows; but when you go back to that one, you just feel like you’ve stumbled your way home after being lost for a little while. Maybe the show ended years ago, maybe the show is still airing or is on hiatus, but no matter what the same holds true; when you see it, or talk about it, it feels like home.

Defects (M)

Muses: jungkook x reader
Genre: Angsty angst angst
Warning: mentions of cheating, sex (it’s all over the place) and plain old defect in the soulmate system.
Words: 4.1k
Note: Wrote all this Jungkook’s cover, Beautiful, a Goblin OST is on replay.

Concept: Every time you meet your soulmate, your pocket watch will start counting down the time you have with them until you part. For the amount of time you’re away from each other, whether it’s a month, a day, or just hours, the time is at a pause as your watch stares back at you with unmoving hands on the 12th hour. When you meet again, the countdown restarts.

Summary: Your watch comes alive in Jungkook’s presence, but often time, never as long as you will it to be no matter how hard you pray to the fates. The moments with him are fleeting and brief like the akin-to magical seconds you spend watching the cityscape buzz to life on nights you can’t sleep - nights Jungkook isn’t there to kiss your worries away and disappear like the wind blowing through cities at the break of dawn. When your the hands on your watch stills with glaring zeroes, you know where he’s at, you know who he’s with - he goes back to her, the woman who his time starts and ends with.

Originally posted by nnochu

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The first preview of Stranger Things’ second season just aired during the Super Bowl. It’s pretty amazing that Netflix sunk that kind of money into advertising a streaming show. If you missed it during the game or just want to see it again, you can watch the 30-second teaser above.

Series creators the Duffer Brothers are back at the helm for the new season, which will premiere in October on Netflix. It picks up in 1984, one year after the events of the first season.

Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard, Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Natalia Dyer, Charlie Heaton, Cara Buono, Matthew Modine, Noah Schnapp, Joe Keery, Sadie Sink, Dacre Montgomery, Paul Reiser, and Sean Astin star.

the tumblr art scene as I’ve seen it for the past 4 years
  • Aesthetique ™ you’re not a true cool kid until you draw on graph paper or on overlapping sticky notes. You’ve taken pics of your sketchbook next to an aloe or cactus plant at some point. 
  • The Fanartist That one artist pretty much everyone who evenly remotely likes the show/book/movie/whatever knows. You watched their empire rise and you might watch their empire fall. Is that guy who somehow makes a full on illustration 20 min after the episode airs. 
  • The Portrait Artist The paintings are stylized just enough, everyone uses their photoshop brushes, and their art is so good you don’t realize all they do is draw the faces of hot people facing left.
  • The Professional Their stuff is so good. It is sO GOOD WHY ARE THEY SO GO– oh they’re an art director who has been in the industry for 25 years ok makes sense. 
  • The Sketcher: You’ve never actually seen a finished product from them, but you don’t actually care. Sketchbook pages packed top to bottom just to make you feel inadequate
  • That Asshole: *insert photorealistic painting* Caption: “drawn in PS. 5 hrs so it’s messy.”
  • The New Kid: They just bought a tablet, they still think art is fun, bless their little hearts. Every post comes with a 2 paragraph long explanation/apology. Motivate them, they’re still learning. 
  • That girl who just draws cartoon characters beat up I don’t know why That’s a thing why is this a trend
Take Your Pain  {Part 1/2}

Steve x Reader
Summary: Soulmate AU in which Steve overestimates the powers of the super soldier serum and comes to a startling realization

Prompt: You can choose to take the pain of your soulmate away (from this post)

Word Count: 2163
Warnings: none

Originally posted by snowbutlannister

Soulmates were a thing of the past. 

Although it had been common throughout the early 1900s to be born with the small cursive words on your wrist, after the second world war more and more children were born without them. Many blamed it on the plethora of chemical and nuclear weapons, others on the traumatizing pain it had caused throughout the war, but nobody knew for sure why they had disappeared.

That’s why it had been such a big deal when you’d been born with a mark. Your grandparents, old enough to have their own, were ecstatic. Your parents, on the other hand, had urged you to keep it hidden away from the public. It was unusual in their day and age and they feared the attention it might bring.

So for much of your childhood you listened intently to your grandfather’s stories of soulmates in his time, eyes wide and a large grin plastered on your face despite having to keep your own mark a secret.

However, the excitement soon disappeared as you grew older.

Grandma explained that during the war the only way to know if your soulmate was alive and well was to feel for their pain. When your soulmate was hurt a numbness would spread across your own body, alerting you and allowing you to choose whether or not to take that pain away. When you failed to feel that numbness even through your teenage years, you knew what it meant. You might have been lucky to be born with a soulmate, but you sure as hell weren’t lucky enough to meet them.

The supersoldier serum pumping through Steve’s veins did many things. He could run faster, think harder, jump higher and most important of all, he could heal quicker. It was a significant advantage he had over the rest of the Avengers. Even with a bullet in his side Steve would push forwards, the pain all but forgotten and his enhanced body already racing to repair itself.

What Steve didn’t realize was that his pain wasn’t just being forgotten – it was being taken away.

On the other side of Manhattan, another person was willingly taking the pain as their own. Every bullet wound, every slash of a knife she felt so he wouldn’t. She wouldn’t let him. He was her soulmate and after believing he was gone for so many years, she would do anything to protect him.

So Steve continued on fighting, completely unaware that the girl he’d thought was left in the past was in fact alive and well only a few kilometers away.

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Anyway can we stop pretending that Shiro is the only paladin with trauma?

You can’t tell me that Lance doesn’t have nightmares about explosions, or that every once in a while he flinches at loud noises or suffers panic attacks after fights where there’s a lot of noise and things blowing up.

You can’t tell me hearing Shiro tortured over her comms unit and knowing it was her fault didn’t mess Pidge up in the slightest.

You can’t tell me Keith doesn’t have nightmares about being thrown into the dark and endless expanse of space, never to be found, and wakes up gasping for air, or that sometimes he hangs out in rooms without windows because he can’t bear looking out at the stars.

You can’t tell me Hunk doesn’t have nightmares about being obliterated and/or devoured by giant space worms (he has trouble with enclosed spaces now), or about watching his friends die because he couldn’t get to them in time.

You can’t tell me every single one of these kids won’t have sleepless nights, flashbacks, general anxiety, and panic attacks for MONTHS or YEARS after they’ve defeated the Galra Empire, that it won’t be difficult for them to readjust to life on Earth because the fear and the horror they experienced in space haunts them in their dreams and their family and friends just. don’t. get it.

If fandom can pull a hundred thousand things out of their butts from one screenshot, then we can certainly imagine the very real possibility that kids fighting an intergalactic war against an empire that’s been conquering for over 9000 years longer than they’ve been ALIVE are going to be traumatized.

i’m adding to the trend of making a list of all the gr8 things about Liam:

  • the lil wave, even though he has no idea who you are ?? he’s just so excited and Ryder is one of the first people he sees after waking up
  • when you lose gravity, everyone else is staying really still, but he’s cartwheeling through the air
  • “Been waiting six hundred years for this.”
  • the fact that he can’t help, but he’s seen pacing while Lexi and Charlyle work on Ryder (and that means he’s there to help them carry Ryder to SAM node)
  • not only did he watch over Ryder, he checked on their twin
  • “I was fiercely bearded.”
  • his little “nope” when you find the back room full of dormant assembler bots
  • The way he stands ?? with his hip cocked and his hands on his hips
  • “When we’re old, and people ask us how we got together…”
  • the fact that in that scene, Ryder leans her head back with her eyes closed, but Liam looks at her, just at her.

  • i will probably feel like adding more later but these are all the ones i could think of right now
Haikyuu!! Hogwarts Headcanons: Karasuno

This is going to be a long one folks! This is the first of a set of headcanons I’m going to be doing for the Haikyuu!! boys. 

Sugawara Koushi - Slytherin
Sawamura Daichi - Gryffindor 
Azumane Asahi - Hufflepuff
Shimizu Kiyoko - Ravenclaw
Nishinoya Yuu - Ravenclaw (Fight me on this I love Ravenclaw Noya)
Tanaka Ryuu - Gryffindor
Ennoshita Chikara - Ravenclaw 
Kageyama Tobio - Gryffindor
Hinata Shouyou - Gryffindor
Tsukishima Kei - Slytherin
Yamaguchi Tadashi - Hufflepuff
Yachi Hitoka - Hufflepuff

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Summary: Based on this anon request-

do you think you could do a request on a character that has teleportation powers for some reason? like they were just born w them and the team/nick fury literally can’t find her until they set bucky on her, ensuing a cute lil relationship between them?? thank you if you can!!

Bucky x reader, FLUFFA LIL BIT ANGSTY, Word count: 3,636

TW: Bucky sneaks into your apartment through your window

A/N: Sorry this request took so long, anon! I tweaked it a little so the reader wasn’t exactly born with powers- it made the story flow a little better I think. I really like how this turned out though–I hope you do too!!!

Your name: submit What is this?

“Dammit, Natasha! Stop lying! Stuff keeps going missing off my desk and my hunch is that Fury has you stealing it, isn’t that right Nick?” said Steve, clearly irritated with the situation.

“I swear I’m not taking your shit Rogers. Just because you can’t keep track of your stuff doesn’t mean I took it. I highly doubt Nick has anything to do with it either,” hissed Natasha.

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I’ll Give You The Sun (unofficial scene)

My skin prickles with excitement or maybe it’s just fear. I don’t know. My legs feel like lead that I have to keep lifting high enough to take each step. My hands are clammy and it’s not even that hot. My chest feels like a piece of wood the nail is being driven into. The words keep appearing in my head over and over : I’ll be there. Was he messing with me? Brian isn’t someone who’d do that but how could I know that. I haven’t seen him for years. For all I know, he would have drastically changed. But here I am, finally getting to see, repenting for my mistakes and hoping…maybe hoping there’s a chance for another.

The woods seem like they’ve changed, as if the trees simply sprouted legs and changed places. Maybe they know something’s happening today. They’re watching me, every move, every breath. Every single day without fail, I’ve been here, been within the envelope of this sanctity. Today it’s like breathing fire. Jumping off Devil’s Drop seems like a much better option.

I imagine being at CSA, painting and drawing behind a canvas. Would it feel as liberating as it used to be? The pressure to be perfect would begin to grow, it might not feel like second nature. It’s been so long since my hands have created. I look down at my hands, the lines that run along my palms, and the shapes of my fingers. It’s been so long. I don’t know if I’m ready for it yet. Jude’s jealously might have been a good thing after all. It loosened the screws for me, released the tension that made me want to be better than her, better than others, to be the Michelangelo of art. I’m me now. I’m my own person. I’m Noah the artist now. Not Picasso the artist or anyone else, wanting to be better and perfect.

I lean against a tree and breathe in the forest air. My fingers curl around the rock in my pocket, the one Brian gave me years ago on the rooftop of my house. One of his broken meteors. In the distance is CSA, the back of the studio crowded by the trees. I decide to visit it sometime, it holds memories after all. Memories of Oscar. Huh. I snort. Oscar. Jude somehow managed to find Oscar amongst every other guy who lives here. Oscar of all! Oscar bloody Ralph! That’s where I got to know Brian too. Brian who watched me swear like a madman and sit outside the studio for a very long time just so I can have classes. It’s embarrassing every time I remember it.

I start to wonder about him, what he might be like now. Maybe he’s tall, like really tall and funny and smart and popular and just Brian. He was all those things before and maybe he’s a better version of all that now. He’s coming to meet plain old Noah. I’ve created a wall of lies around me, everything I’ve done and pretended to be, all lies. Perhaps he might not come after all, maybe he’ll think it’s a waste of time, there’s absolutely no reason why he’d want to see me anyway. It’s stupid. I’m stupid for thinking we might have something. I’m stupid for wanting him after all this time.  He could’ve found someone at Stanford. Someone who’s not a weird, fake Picasso. He doesn’t need to see this lying version of myself.

There’s a moment when I feel like I need to leave, to pretend this never happened but it’s like I’m stuck here. The trees won’t let me go just yet. I can’t get up to leave but my stomach is squirming with every minute that passes. It was a crazy idea to send him drawing after drawing from my invisible museum. What was I even thinking? At the time it felt like the only way to get through to Brian, to apologize, to show him how I feel. Now it feels like I’ve made a mistake. What if he didn’t like any of the art? But then he wouldn’t say he’d be here. But he could also be taking the piss at me.

If mum had never caught us that day in the bedroom, I wonder if this would be different, if we would be different. Brian might have stayed for a long time. If that stupid closet game hadn’t happened, then I wouldn’t have avoided Brian, everything would’ve been right, mum would’ve never caught us, Brian would be here. Nothing would’ve gone wrong. But things always go wrong. We’ve got a knack for bad luck.

The leaves stir and the trees yawn, and I drag my gaze towards them. Jude had given me the trees for Oscar, not just the trees, everything but the flowers. She sacrificed almost all of her world for Oscar. I know…I can feel their love like a thick string that won’t break, that rolls longer, the distance they part. I want that with Brian. We have something too, I know we do. I wouldn’t be wanting him after so long if we didn’t. I remember mum’s words. Stay true to your heart, she said. I wonder if she’s here, watching me waiting for Brian. I wonder if she’s smiling with Grandma Sweetwine. Only Jude would know. Jude sees their ghosts.

When the light seeps through the forest, getting sucked away to another part of the world, and paints the sunset as farewell, I begin to grow anxious. I was an hour early, to calm my racing heart and to get my wits together. I wanted to be the first one here. I hadn’t brought a watch but I know it’s a little bit past five o’clock. Would he have kipped out like this? The Brian I knew wouldn’t, but I know nothing about the Brian now. It’s still too early to panic or feel disappointed. I can’t help it. I pull out the brushes and start painting in my head. I paint the Brian I imagine him to be now.

I paint an angry Brian, squinted eyes, turned lips and red cheeks, tossing a single rock in his right hand. I paint him in colours after that, lots and lots of colours that speak his soul. The rocks lay by his feet, floating and the colours that flood out of him like waves are dotted with stars. He is the stars, he is everything this world has to offer in this thick haze of untruths and alienation. How cheesy. This is something Jude would think although it seems like we’ve switched personalities over the years.

Leaves crunch underneath heavy footsteps and everything melts in my head. I drop the brushes, I throw the canvas and I am standing up with frantic fervor, wiping my hands on the bottom of my jeans. My stomach drops, turning uncomfortably with each breath held moment.

He appears like a blinding star and the trees move to let him through. His flaming hair has been cropped short, exposed. He’s grown taller and broader around the shoulders and I can only imagine what I must look like to him. I am tall and big but not as big as he has grown to be. He smiles but I stare at his squinty eyes, my favourite part of him. The closer he gets, the shorter my breath becomes. There’s no bounce to his steps anymore, there’s no bag of meteorites in his hand like I kept imagining him to be.

“Hi.” He greets. I drop my gaze and kick at a stone. The familiar sound of his voice reminds me of old times. 

You haven’t changed. I scoff, in my head at least. I have changed I want to scream at him, I have changed because of you but none of that matters anymore. All that change is built on a foundation of utter lies. “Hi.” I say instead, hardly breathing at all. Are my lungs even working?

It’s like the world has stopped spinning the moment Brian steps into my circle. I remember the day he threw stones at Zephyr and Fry, the day when it felt like he was on my side, a freak like me, revolutionaries. I don’t know if we’re still the same anymore, maybe somewhere deep. I know he’s changed a lot of things but he’d been brave and strong. He became who he is inside by not being a coward, but me, I am one. Who I am inside isn’t who I am on the outside.

“You’re quiet.” Brian flicks at my shoulder. I wonder how he can smile after everything I’d done. He doesn’t look mad at all.

“I’ve always been quiet.” I tell him. He laughs.

“Not in your head, you’re not.”

It makes me look up and I am immediately entranced by his copper eyes, bright and shimmering like the stars that fall out of his bag. “I thought you’d be mad.”

“Why?” I watch his hands slip into the pockets of his trousers. There aren’t any pockets on me. I can’t do anything with my hands, I let them hang by my sides, hoping I don’t do anything stupid.

“You know why.” This whole thing is making me feel weird. Why had I even agreed to this? Jesus. I’m going to mess this up real bad. Where’s effing Clark Gable when you need him? “How–how have you been?”

He shrugs, moving his hands in his pockets. “Good I guess. Stanford’s pretty good. I’m sure you’ve heard of–stuff.” Of course I have. I don’t tell him that.

“I’m sorry. I missed you.” Is all that comes out of my mouth. My mouth needs a jail, not my hands. I should be apologizing more. He should be getting mad at me, yelling even, fists flying. We should be talking about what’s happened in the past few years of our lives and what not. Not about how I’m missing him. I know he does too. Nothing seems to matter in this bubble of mine he has stepped back into. I can’t even pick up the brushes in my head. I am too focused on his eyes, the way they move and change colour, his lips and the space between his teeth.

“You know,” He says, moving closer and prompting me to take a step backwards. “I’ve missed you too.” I gulp, watching his hands emerge out of his pockets. My chest is thumping like a freaking jack hammer. I remember the two boys at the party. Is it going to be us again? That same feeling under this same tree? What if it doesn’t feel the same anymore? Not even that stupid bird is here to yell Where the hell is Ralph? anymore. In my head I ask him if he’s kissed anyone else, another boy and if he liked it. In my head he’s saying yes, nodding.

His hands rest against my chest and I back against the tree. Why is it always a tree? We could kiss on Devil’s Drop. Wouldn’t that be ironic? I laugh in my head. My stomach churns. His hands are big and warm. They sear through my shirt, through my skin, touching the red, beating thing in my chest. He breathes in my face. I breathe on his face. I wonder if my breath stinks. I should’ve popped a mint or something. His smells like chocolate.

And then I’m kissing him. Hard and frantic. My head explodes with fireworks, the type of fireworks that are colourful and not burning. Brian is all over me, his hands, on my back, in the loop of my sweatpants, underneath my shirt. Mine are shakily pulling at his hair, trying to merge into him, become one. He feels like the stars, a kind of chilly comfort.

I remember the way it felt to kiss him the first time. The colours flowing in splatters and the urge. We tremble, kissing like kids with pathetic crushes or more like lust. Huh. No one can know. Ever. I remember it again. This time it won’t matter if they know. I stumble but before he can question I pulling him into me, my back against the tree, pulling and pulling. I tug at the hem of his shirt, sliding my hands under and over the hard expanse of his stomach. Effing Clark Gable! A shuddery groan escapes my mouth. I feel embarrassed. He’s doing it to me now. All those thoughts. Millions of endless thoughts. I hadn’t said it the last time.

What if he leaves again? He squeezes my narrow hips. “I love you.” I breathe.

Everything slows. His hands cease to touch me. Mine slips away from him. But there’s not an inch of space between us. Now would be a good time for someone to come barreling through. But then he smiles, a knowing grin. Fucking jerk. He pulls me by the collar of my shirt and goes, “It took you so fucking long.”

Prompt:  “No Marks.”
Pairing: Namjoon x Reader || tiny mention of yoonmin
Genre: light smut, romance
Rating: M
Word Count: 1826
Other Drabbles

Originally posted by sugamysavagebaby

The distance to the dim light hallway-secluded and tucked off to the right of the main foyer-from your current position in the center of the dining hall is approximately thirty steps, perhaps less if you both were to widen your strides and quicken the pace. You eye those who are gathered around you, all of them seemingly unaware to the inner turmoil both of you are currently facing-which is good you suppose because in a room filled to the brim of people who you call colleagues and, in some circumstances, boss, you are very glad that none of them are currently aware of how badly you wish to sneak off for a quick make out session with your husband.

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Episode 26-a new dream?

This is my little pet theory I’ve been thinking about since watching the 2nd recap movie in late 2015, and I started getting very vocal about it towards the end of last year; and wanted to mention it one more time before the episode airs. Basically, I believe we’re going to see another titan-magic-related dream through Eren’s eyes next episode (hopefully right after the OP to parallel ep 1). Let me explain.

Remember Eren’s ep 1 dream? Filled with grotesque and bloody imagery, though the most striking picture was the the body of Carla Jaeger lifted from the Jaeger household, only to be eaten by the smiling titan as we all saw later on. Of course everyone remembers, its arguably one of the most discussed and confusing scenes in the entire franchise, especially since it differs from the “see you later” manga counter part.

Now, with the more recent developments in the manga, its more or less implied that these “dreams” really are memories from a different time period (future or past) from Eren or someone else, sent to him through the Eldian path network, but even so, we still don’t know what that dream meant and why it occurred at that specific moment.

Lets take a more precise look once more

Purple flowers moving in the wind, followed by Eren waking up. Now, we know that these purple flowers always appear somehow related to instances with ”titan magic”, like the dream here, or when Eren shields Mikasa and Armin from cannon fire in Trost. Another time is Eren’s filler dream from ep 22, and though that one wasn’t necessarily titan magic related, it paralleled the ep 1 dream in multiple ways, essentially reminding us of its existence and importance. So, the next instance is a pretty curious one, isn’t it?

EP 25- Eren, Mikasa, Armin and Jean are in the room Eren rests in, discussing the previous battle. And, for some reason, are we not only seeing the purple plants once again, but the window is open and wind is seen passing through the room due to the movement of the curtain. That’s a pretty darn strong parallel to the ep 1 dream, is it not? 

And then came the recap movie. The post credit scene gave us a shortened version of Nick and Hange a top the wall, but chose to end on a non-manga-canon scene, Eren opening his eyes and sitting up in his room.

Now, when the creative staff decided to end the movie on this scene, there obviously had to be a reason for it. Ending it on Hange’s “is the wall filled with titans” would be cliffhangerish enough to end the movie, but instead, Eren wakes up, without saying anything or whatever, and just stares at us. Okay. End.

I thought for a while that that’s a weird way to end things but…then I realized that, in the background, the flowers could still be seen, and, the window was still open and the curtain was still moving in the wind…just like episode 1.

In my book, this scene pretty much confirms that we’re starting things off with another dream tomorrow. The placement of the wind and the flowers in both ep 25 AND the movie simply isn’t a coincidence, and there’s really no other explanation. Flowers=titan magic. Wind+flowers+Eren waking up=new dream aka new memories to confuse us forever. In the billboard PV that came out in December, there’s a glimpse at a scene between a woke Eren and Mikasa in this very room–non canon and most likely yet another parallel to the ep 1 dream–Eren talking to Mikasa after waking up. 

The question is, if that dream really happens, what will we see? The ch 1 see you later? Ch 50 smiling titan? Eren Kruger? Lets find out in a couple of hours :D 

Hidden Feelings - Zico (M)

Originally posted by ygnj

Genre: Smut/hints of Fluff
Words: 3200+

A/N: I’m sorry it’s a little longer than I originally planned but I hope you all enjoy a little taste of Zico ~Admin Tashee 


He had been my best friend for as long as I could remember, he had been there whenever I needed him, whenever I was struggling he was the one I turned to, but something changed, he became distant, as if he was avoiding me especially since I had started dating again. I knew he hadn’t liked my boyfriend, but I thought he was overreacting, but of course, he was right about him. Jiho was always right about these kinds of things. After the thousandth argument, I’d snapped told my now ex to leave, tears streaming down my cheeks as I tried to conjure the strength to phone the one person I knew was always there. But I didn’t want him to think I was wrong, that he was once again right about my so called choice in men. I hesitated my finger hovering over the call button as I stared down at Jiho’s number before I could talk myself out of it I pressed the button holding the phone against my ear as it rang. The dial tone stopped then the voice I hadn’t heard in awhile came through the phone.

“(Y/N)? Are you okay?” He asks apparently already something wasn’t right, I tried to contain my sniffles taking a shaky breath which notified Jiho of my current state, “Did he hurt you again? Do you want me to come over?”

“I’d like you to come over, but only if you’re not busy…” I tell him my voice cracking slightly.

“I’ll be there in 10 minutes, are you going to be alright?” He asks worry laced in his words.

“I’ll be all right; I just need you…” I whisper into the phone.

“I’ll be there soon, I promise.” He tells me before I hear the phone cut off and I sigh softly trying to contain my tears. I lean my head in my hands praying Jiho would be here soon. 10 minutes seemed to pass a lot quicker than I expected when I heard the door to my apartment unlock, and the door pushed open.

“(Y/N)?” I hear him call as the door shuts behind him and he enters the apartment after discarding his shoes.

“Jiho… You were right; you’re always right…” I say as he walks over to me sitting next to me on the sofa.

“I wish I weren’t right; I hate seeing you like this.” He whispers in my ear as he pulls me into his usual comforting embrace, “When will you listen to me?”

“I always listen I just don’t know why I just choose not to follow your warnings…” I tell him gently.

“Because my dear (Y/N) you’re an idiot, this is what I get for having you as a best friend isn’t it?” He asks teasingly.

“Well apparently you don’t mind, or you wouldn’t be here…” I tell him poking him in the chest.

“You know I’m always gonna be here for you even if you don’t want me around I’m always going to be here,” Jiho tells me, running his fingers gently through my hair, knowing it made me feel better.

“I know, but you know I’m always going to want you here,” I tell him with a smile.

“Maybe I should just live here the amount you seem to need me.” Jiho teases poking my cheek.
“Yeah right… Like that would work.” I say crossing my arms and pouting at him.

“Okay maybe you’re right, but maybe it’d let you see how you should be treated.” He tells me leaning away from me and against the side of the sofa watching my reaction to his words.

“Are you hinting at something?” I ask him with a raised eyebrow.

“I dunno maybe? Are you that clueless?” He asks still watching me.

“I’m not clueless. Kinda mean Zico.” I snap at him.
“When have I ever been Zico to you?” He asks me a slight frown on his lips.

“When you say stupid shit, that’s when ” I growl at him.

“Then why the hell haven’t you realised that after all these years I’ve been in love with you?” He asks throwing his arms up in the air clearly annoyed.

“Because you never told me! How am I meant to know when you’ve practically friend zoned me since we were like 15?” I argue back at him.

“Me? You were the one who friend zoned me, then came crying to me whenever your relationships messed up. I was always the one fixing the broken pieces, why can’t you see I wouldn’t do that if I weren’t in love with you. Why would I still be here despite all the times you’ve cried on my shoulder when you’re hurt?” Jiho asks looking straight into my eyes.

“I don’t… I’m sorry…” I tell him getting up off the sofa and moving to walk away from him.

“Hey. Don’t you dare walk away from me (Y/N) I am not letting you go again, I can’t anymore, why can’t you just give me a chance? Give me an opportunity to make you happy, to show you that you deserve better than every guy that has ever walked out that door.” He almost begs me grabbing hold of my hand before I could get further away from him.

“I… I want to… but…” I start but feel him pull me back down to sit on his lap, his arms tightly around my waist while he looked up at me.

“No more buts, no more excuses, I can’t let you walk away again, let me fix everything they ever broke, let me look after you,” Jiho whispers gently in my ear. I feel a soft blush rising to my cheeks over his gentle words making me smile softly down at him despite my flushed cheeks.

“Is that a yes?” He asks me gently, leaning his forehead gently on mine, gazing deeply into my eyes with a smile. I nod gently causing his smile to grow before his lips gently connected with mine, his eyes drifting closed at the same time as mine did, our lips moulding together perfectly. He gently lays us down on the sofa his body pressing barely into mine, our kiss becoming more heated before we both pull back to catch our breath.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that,” Jiho whispers pressing his forehead against mine. I smile back up at him my hands resting gently on his chest before leaning up and pressing my lips back against his.

He smiles into the kiss and returns the kiss his fingers moving up to tangle in my hair keeping me close to him, so neither of us could withdraw from the kiss or embrace. My hands move up to cup his cheeks as I feel his tongue run across my lips parting them. The kiss deepens, and I feel one of his hands remove itself from my hair and down my body resting on the exposed skin where my shirt had risen slightly when he had moved our position. His hand caresses my skin gently gradually moving upwards taking my shirt with him. His lips leave mine going from mine down my jaw, neck and over my collarbones before he looks up at me with a devilish smile.

“Let me take care of you, tonight is all about you Princess.” He says his eyes locking with mine, showing admiration and love. I nod running my fingers gently through his hair. He smiles moving his lips to the exposed skin of my stomach and lays gentle kisses over every inch of skin he could before pushing my shirt up higher, so it rested just above my bra.

“You’re even more beautiful than I could ever imagine Y/N.” He murmurs pulling me up into a sitting position and removing my shirt completely from my torso, throwing it onto the floor to be forgotten about until later, his eyes travelling all over my upper body, lingering in the places he had only imagined. He smiles wrapping his arms around my middle pulling my body flush to his and pressing a heated kiss to my lips, moving one hand down to pull my jean clad leg up to his waist. I carefully wrap my legs around him and my arms around his neck deepening the kiss, his other hand caressing my waist before moving the hand from my leg back to waist. He picks us both up from the sofa and walks back to my room, pushing the door open without letting his lips leave mine. He moves us over to the bed, laying me down before standing straight and looking down at me.

“God, you’re beautiful… So beautiful, I’m never letting you go again…” He whispers before crawling onto the bed hovering over me, his hands running from the waistband of my jeans all the way to the bottom of my bra his hand smoothing over my skin leaving trails of heat from his gaze and touch coursing through my body. I smile at him and lean into his touch,

“Well, I didn’t plan on running away if that’s what you thought Jiho.” I tease him, running my fingers through his dark hair.

“I wouldn’t even think of you running away, now, back to taking care of you,” Jiho says his lips moving to the exposed skin of my chest his hands moving around to my back and unclipping my bra, pulling it from my chest and discarding it onto the floor. I bite my lip gently trying to avoid his intense gaze as he took in all the currently exposed flesh. He chuckles looking at my face, his hands moving up to caress the newly revealed skin, his fingers toying with my nipples, causing them to harden under his touch.

“Don’t tell me you’re getting all shy?” He whispers kissing the valley between my breasts, his fingers continuing to toy with my nipples.

“Oh shut up Jiho…” I mutter still avoiding his eyes causing him to chuckle again. He brings his mouth up to encircle around one of my nipples licking and biting gently to see my reaction, his other hand still toying my other nipple. I arch toward to his mouth my hips brushing his at the sudden movement, a gentle moan leaving my parted lips at the friction between us. He smirks and switches his mouth to the other nipple, sucking and biting like before while he used his free hand to brush down my stomach, to the button of my jeans, brushing his finger gently over my hips before coming back to the button. He removes his mouth from my breast and smiles down at me, allowing himself to actually see my eyes considering my refusal to meet his gaze.

“Don’t be nervous.” He says, leaning down to briefly kiss me, I bring my hand gripping at the bottom of his shirt pulling it up gently causing him to pull away from the kiss and smile down at me.

“So you’re not nervous just eager?” He asks with a chuckle pulling his shirt off and throwing it somewhere into the room. I let my eyes take in his body, the lean muscle and the tattoos I’d always seen in pictures but not so much in person.

“It’s rude to stare princess.” He tells me capturing my lips in another searing kiss before resuming his gentle caresses down my body, undoing the button of my jeans and pulling the zip down slowly. He pulls away and leans up on his knees between my legs, pulling my jeans off and throwing them away before he runs his hands back up my legs his eyes moving with his hands taking in every inch of skin he could. He lets his eyes flicker back up to mine while I had propped myself up on my elbows to watch him. He smiles and places gentle kisses on my inner thighs, I could feel the heat radiating between my legs and whine wanting more friction than Jiho was currently giving me.

“Something wrong Princess?” He asks looking up at me, his hands resting on my hips.

“You’re an insufferable tease,” I answer him trying to press my legs together slightly.

“Don’t try it, and be patient.” He orders holding my legs apart with a smile at me. I whimper but nod, and he goes back to peppering kisses over my legs and hips, his fingers hooking in the waistband of my panties. He slowly pulls them down over my legs and discarding them from the bed. He moves to lay between my legs making sure to keep my legs parted so he could see every part of me.

“So cute, and you follow orders, let’s see if you can make some noise for me okay princess?” He asks moving a single finger to my slit, feeling the wetness he had caused from his teasing, “Hmm already so wet, and all for me.” He adds running his finger along my slit gathering my wetness before removing his finger and placing it between his lips to suck it clean. He lets a soft moan leave his lips as he removes his finger before biting his lip.

“You taste amazing…” He tells me before spreading my legs further, “I think I want another taste.” He smirks at me, before leaning down and running his tongue aginst my slit, keeping a slow and teasing pattern at first, his tongue exploring every inch of me before he found my clit and started to gently suck and flick with his tongue causing a small moan to leave my mouth. He picks up his speed, sucking on my clit while bringing a single finger to my entrance. Sliding it inside with ease and moaning at the warmth surrounding him, his tongue moving quickly as he moves his finger inside me. Pushing and withdrawing before adding another finger, moving them both inside me while his mouth sucked and toyed with my clit.

Moans were leaving me more frequently and getting progressively louder now he was bringing me closer to my peak. I lace my fingers through his hair keeping him where he is, my moans acting as encouragement, his fingers moving faster inside me before he removes them from me completely, his tongue licking stripes up and down my entire slit, brushing my entrance teasingly. I whine at the loss of his fingers causing him to lift his mouth from me.

“Something you want princess, I was quite happy with my tasty treat… you know I asked you to be patient, I want to taste every inch of you.” He says with a smile bringing his fingers to his mouth and licking them clean with a moan.

“I need you…” I whimper running my fingers through his hair.

“Patience.” He tells me more sternly than before, using his words to distract me as he pushed two fingers inside me again, his lips forming into a grin as I arch towards his fingers, feeling him brushing against my g-spot almost drove me to climax right then and there. I felt myself clenching around his fingers, and then the feeling left me as he removed himself again with a smirk.

“Someone is getting close I see.” He says with a smirk, “Should I let you cum?” He asks me brushing his thumb lightly over my clit as he spoke.

“Please, Jiho…” I whimper out moving my hips aginst his hand to try and get more friction from him.

“Please what?” He asks looking down at me letting his thumb press a little harder as he rubbed the sensitive nub.

“Please let me cum…” I whimper meeting his eyes. He smiles pushing his fingers back inside me, his rhythm and speed picking up while his thumb rubbed over my clit in time with his fingers. I feel my climax building back up his fingers bringing me quickly to the edge before he pushes me over the last hurdle, feeling my body tense around him. He helps me ride through the orgasm before pulling his fingers out of me and moving up my body to gently kiss me while I came down from my high. I look up at him, kissing him back my arms wrapping around his neck.\

“Are you good for another?” He asks with a smile after pulling away. I nod, and he moves to remove his jeans and underwear, grabbing a condom from his jeans. He rips open the packet and rolls it on before crawling back over the bed to me, leaning down to kiss me while using his hand to guide himself into my entrance. He pushes into me a gentle moan leaving me through the kiss. He allows us both to adjust then starts a steady rhythm in his thrusts, his hands moving to cup my breasts while his hips continued moving against mine.

His lips leave mine for a moment to trail down my neck searching for that one spot. Upon finding it he leaves a mark there as if to mark me as his, his hips never slowing down, keeping the steady pace. He moves one hand from my breast down my body, to rest at my hip while he reconnects his lips with mine, his thrusts starting to pick up pace, his fingers moving to brush over my clit in time with his hips. Moans muffled by the kiss, both of us using the kiss to keep any loud noises from escaping. He pulls away from the kiss and looks down at me.

“I hope you know I never intend to let you go again,” Jiho tells me his hips slowing slightly as if he was trying to stop this from ending.

“I was hoping you would say that, but then maybe we should save the conversation for later?” I told him moving my hips against his to try and bring both of us more friction and pleasure. He smiles down at me and picks up his speed, the two of us moving in sync to help bring each other closer to our peaks. He leans down taking one of my nipples into his mouth biting gently to bring pleasure rather than pain, his thumb at my clit and his hips pounding into mine, it was quickly becoming an overwhelming amount of pleasure.

“Jiho..” I moan not caring if my neighbours heard me.

“I know baby, me too, let go for me.” He says as he feels my hands on his back my nails trailing over his back leaving light red marks. I moan feeling myself clench around him, my orgasm flooding over me, feeling Jiho helping me ride through the pleasure, his hips not stopping only becoming slightly sloppier and static, as his own orgasm built up. Jiho lets soft grunts leave his lips as he came himself, spilling inside the condom, my hips moving to help him ride out his orgasm before he stills me and gently pulls out removing the condom and tying it off before throwing it into the waste bin near the bed. He collapses next to me, looking more relaxed and happy than I’d seen him in a while.

“I do love you Y/N.” He tells me pulling the covers up over us and wrapping his arms around me.

“I love you too Jiho,” I tell him resting my head on his chest.

“Never hide your feelings from me again, or I might need to punish you.” He teases squeezing me gently into his embrace.

“No more hidden feelings I promise.” I whisper before falling asleep.

Pond Life

Prompt: Kiss
Pairing: Destiel
Tags/Warnings: Five and one, homophobic language, ponds, fluff, happy ending, near drowning, hurt/comfort
Summary: Five times Dean and Castiel don’t quite get to kiss and the one time they do.
Word Count: 3,620 


ONE – eight years old

Castiel had moved into the blue house across the road four years ago and they’d become fast friends ever since. It was after a time when Dean needed all the friends he could get. Dean didn’t talk to Castiel for months after meeting Castiel but eventually with a lot of help and encouragement from his dad, Dean began to say hello.

They spent all their time together after that and if people thought it was weird, they didn’t care.

One of their friends had asked why they didn’t have a girlfriend, but they had each other – what would they need a girlfriend for? Girls were gross and they had cooties! Plus, everyone’s girlfriends last the best part of a day before they were ditched.

Dean met Cas down by the pond behind Castiel’s house like they always did after school. Dean liked that they were still short enough that their toes didn’t get wet when they sat on the edge of the jetty. They weren’t supposed to be on the jetty in case one of them fell in, but Dean could swim a whole fifty meters unaided so he deemed that good enough.

“Hey, Cas!”

“Hello, Dean.” Castiel turned and he smiled as Dean sat down beside him. But his smile soon turned and Dean frowned.

“What’s the matter, Cas?” Dean asked, nudging Castiel’s elbow with his own.

“Do you think it’s nice to kiss someone?” Castiel asked.

“I dunno. Sammy’s kisses are all wet and gooey. It’s gross!”

“My dad gave me these pictures of my mommy.” Castiel explained sullenly. He handed three pictures over to Dean who flicked through them. One of them was from just last year with Castiel and his mom together at the beach.

“Is this the one you’re on about?” Dean asked, holding up the photo of Cas’ parents kissing as a very young Castiel grinned at the camera.

“Uh huh… do you think it’s nice?”

“My dad says boys should kiss the girls he likes… like your mommy and dad.”

“You can kiss boys you like too!” Cas exclaimed.

“You can?”

Dean handed back the photos and Cas returned them to the small backpack he’d taken with him.

“We should try it,” Cas said.

“Okay, you’re my best friend, Cas, so that works, right?”

“Uh huh.” They turned to face each other, awkwardly wondering how this even worked and if, perhaps, something magical would happen. It always did in the fairy tales they were told.

Just as they got themselves sorted their names were hollered by Cas’ dad. He came closer and took each of them by the hand, taking them away from the edge of the pond.

“I’ve told you boys several times to keep away from the edge of the pond. Castiel – you cannot swim okay.”

“I can!” Dean piped up helpfully.

“Dean… it doesn’t work like that. Yes, you can swim, but you couldn’t get Castiel out of the water. Both me and your dad have told you this. I think it’s best you go home and explain what’s happened.”

Both the boys sighed quietly and Dean kicked the dirt before heading back to his house, only stopping once to turn around and wave goodbye to Cas.

TWO – sixteen years old

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Some ReySky Feels™ for your consideration:

-How awed and grateful Luke will be to meet and train with his daughter at last.

-Rey’s prickly exterior slowly melting as she comes to know and trust him.

-How many emotions they’ll each have about their time apart. How often they each think about could-have-beens. 

Luke tries to ask gentle questions, to start conversation in hopes of moving forward. He wants to build something new with the girl now in front of him, not waste time mourning the ghosts of the past.

Rey, who’s not used to showing vulnerability in front of anyone until Finn burst into her life and warmed her frozen heart but that hurts too much to think about, just now doesn’t open up at first. Luke can sense emotions swirling all around her, but he gives her her space. For months, they train and talk about everything in the galaxy - everything, except their past.

One day they’re sparring, working on a tricky new technique, and Rey can’t get it right. She falls again and again, getting increasingly frustrated with each failure. She finally throws her hands in the air and stalks off, going to sit on the cliff’s edge to watch the sea. 

Luke comes up behind her, tentative as usual, but feeling that maybe finally, this time, she’ll let him in. He sits beside her, a bit of distance between them, and doesn’t say anything. Luke knows better by now than to try and touch her - Rey won’t permit that - so instead he gathers gentle, soothing thoughts around himself, and then pushes them her way like a warm blanket, hoping to offer comfort through the Force. 

It only causes her to shudder and turn away. Luke’s heart breaks just a little bit more, and he’s about to go inside, and tuck his hope away for another day, when she speaks, her words low and broken.

“Where were you?” 

And oh how his heart breaks, but he’s hopeful too, because this, at last, means that she’s ready to talk. That they can begin to heal. 

-It takes time for them to become a family. Rey is slow to trust, and Luke doesn’t push her. But things are different now, between them. Rey’s quicker with a smile, and she asks him questions about the past. Questions that aren’t broken or accusatory, but curious. Inviting. 

He tells her about her mother, and about his memories of her as a little girl. About how happy they were, for a time.

Rey remembers things too, just little details. The flowers her mother used to keep in the house, the memory of Luke’s gentle hands in her hair, carefully braiding it back from her face. 

Together, they heal.

-Leia comes by regularly to report on the Resistance, and to check on Rey’s progress. Luke walks with her by the water, breathing in the fresh sea air. She smiles at him, and he feels his chest loosen. It’s like he only now remembered how to breathe, after all their years apart. 

Finally reunited with Leia and Rey, Luke is almost content. Something is still missing, though, and he doesn’t know what it might be.

-Then one day, Finn wakes up and joins them on the island, and everything falls into place. One misty morning Luke watches his long-lost daughter train with the man he already considers a son, and now, at last, his heart feels whole.

Naruto has ended

It won’t be there on my anime list any more.

I don’t know what I was expecting after 15 years of airing. But after watching the last episode, I don’t think I was disappointed. Many thanks to Masashi Kishimoto for introducing us to such a life altering anime series with so many unforgettable characters.

Originally posted by justgaara

We legitimately wept and raged for them during the good moments and the bad. 

Originally posted by kabutoyakushi

We watched Naruto grow up and walked his path alongside him (if only in our brains).

Originally posted by turoxx

It was a long ride but it’s been a good one (minus the damned fillers).

Farewell, Naruto, Sasuke, Itachi, Kakashi, Gaara, Sakura, Sai and all the rest! You will be missed. Until I start Boruto.

Addison Derringer does not deserve to be in the Finale, or even the PLL Universe.

You mean to tell me (us) that after SEVEN years, and MULTIPLE red herring randos, that little Ava Allan, a complete nobody, at the last minute, scored her first gig on one of the most important pop culture shows of our generation? And was given the gift of participation…a gift so divine that she maybe doesn’t even understand or fully appreciate it… (fan or not) because it’s likely she wasn’t even old enough when the show aired in 2010 to watch it.

She doesn’t even deserve this post. Or these hashtags. Any bribery was involved here? I smell fish.
A Clear, Dark Night

Originally posted by cierrasuee

Summary: Reader wakes up falling from the sky and isn’t quite sure why until she finds Dean…

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,300ish

Warnings: mentions of death

A/N: This is kind of sad but not in that bad of a way…

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