Let us, the fans, tell you why you should watch Community.

Reasons why you should watch community
  • Paintball episodes
  • Zombie episode
  • Stop motion episode
  • 8-bit episode
  • More Paintball episodes
  • One time Abed convinced everyone he was the next Jesus.
  • Glee parody episode
  • Doctor Who parodies
  • Pillow Fight episode
  • Subway is literally a character.
  • There is a character that only ever says ‘Pop Pop’
  • AND 
  • SO
  • MUCH
  • MORE

take my love, take my land take me where i cannot stand
i don’t care, i’m still free you can’t take the sky from me
take me out to the black tell them i ain’t comin’ back
burn the land and boil the sea you can’t take the sky from me
there’s no place i can be since i’ve found serenity
…and you can’t take the sky from me  (x)



to show your support and to raise awareness, we’ve designed posters for you to print and put up at your school, libraries, utility poles, really anywhere. high res: 12. (there’s also a colored one if you’re really dedicated.)

if you have any ideas for more posters we could make, send us an ask!

Hello! Two of the shows I love the most are on TV again this week, NBC Community and NBC Hannibal. First up is Community, 8pm/7c Thursday night. Hannibal is on Friday at 10pm/9c, following Grimm.

You know how Supernatural begged tumblr to watch their show, and it drove their Nielsen ratings up .2 points? Community is fighting for its survival and needs all the viewers it can get. Please spread the word and tell your friends, okay? WATCH COMMUNITY LIVE! 

xoxo, Catherine 

update: exciting news!

we were contacted by someone asking for help on creating two videos, one of which will be broadcasted on the air, on an NBC affiliate.

THE FIRST ONE: this is the promo that will be aired  to generate buzz.

the requirements:

  • we can’t mention the word “community”, names of characters or the cast. “greendale” is fine though!
  • we’re trying to go for something like the old greendale commercial, so you can use variations or the exact line from that.
  • make sure you’re filming just one line on a nice camera (try your best for this, just make sure you don’t use your webcam) with good lighting!

THE SECOND ONE: this is another fanvideo, so if you didn’t get into the first one (or want to be in it again), here’s your chance! last time it was seen by the cast but we hope it’ll get even more buzz.

the main thing we’re trying to do is promote season 5 so maybe reference previous seasons, dan harmon, anything goes.

HOW: email your video to watchcommunityy@gmail.com (that’s two ys!). make sure the extension is .avi, .mpeg or .mp4 if you’re sending the file. you can also share it with us on google drive or dropbox by sending the link. make sure you include “1” for the promo and “2” for the fanvideo in the subject title of your email, and your url so we can give credit to you on this blog.

*of course, you can do one, the other or both, though not everyone will be able to get into the 1st one since the time limit is 30 seconds, so that’ll be first come first serve.

**there’s no exact deadline yet, but we’re just going to say it’s about 3 weeks from today, to leave one week for editing so we can get it in in time for the season 5 premiere.

thank you so much for your continued support! this campaign would be nothing without you guys, we’re incredibly happy that community’s fandom is this great and dedicated.