Oh, Randall, I wouldn’t exactly call it intentionally pushing Lix’s buttons, but you sure do know how to be just the tiniest bit completely infuriating.  You stoic toast wanderer you.

But really, the part I find most intriguing is why Lix says she won’t apologize to him. Why would she think that could even be an issue?  What could she think he would expect her apologize for?  After all, isn’t he the one who left her back in Spain?  It’s so frustrating because we know so little about their past. 

Except after looking at my Randall/Lix timeline — which isn’t canon or anything, but is based as much as possible on what few things we do learn directly from them about themselves — I don’t wonder if she’s not referring to something that happened after Sophia was born, but before the war, when they must have been back in touch at least briefly (because how else could Randall have known enough about Sophia to start any inquiries).  I wonder if Randall tried to see her again and Lix told him in no uncertain terms — but probably with extremely uncertain feelings — to leave her the hell alone and never contact her again. 

But that’s just a guess.


the Patema Inverted OST really inspired me so instead of working on PP stuff i accidentally re-designed one of my super old OC-protags for an old project that i’ve been wanting to bring to life in 2013 called “Wanderful World”.

i also rewrote a lot of the plot and stuff in between PP work for WW and the plot has changed drastically. for the better.  ヾ(´▽`*)ゝ

a mix for a greaser dork and the docs kid who just so happened to make it out pretty good

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