Hater finally wins a trophy!

Last night Wander over Yonder took home the Annie Award for Best Animated Television/Broadcast for Children! 

Huge congratulations to everyone on our crew here at Disney TVA and at Boulder Media in Ireland. We have such amazing people working on this show and I would like to thank them all for their talent, their dedication, and their friendship. 

Wander is a blast to make and we try to instill each show with silliness, sweetness, and sincerity. It really means a lot to us to have our work recognized by those in the animation community- both professionals and fans.

So thank you!

Also congratulations to the other nominees, there were so many incredible shows nominated this year that I had no idea who was going to take it. I’ve been in this business for over 20 years and the quality of the work being made today continually inspires me to keep going and making cartoons.

So I guess this means it’s OK for Hater to think he’s “The Greatest in the Galaxy!”………. for a little while at least . 

Two amazing things happened last night: I got to hear Edward James Olmos say the words “Bobby’s World” with all the gravitas it deserves, and WE WON THE FLARPIN’ ANNIE FOR BEST CHILDREN’S TELEVISION PRODUCTION!

We couldn’t be more excited and thrilled that our weird little show took the top prize, especially amongst a murderer’s row of AMAZING cartoons (seriously, if you haven’t seen “Not What He Seems” or “Jail Break,” what are you even doing on Tumblr?).  And I can’t tell you how filled with pride I am to work on this show with easily the best crew in animation, from @owner-of-wendys​ and @atalkingmagpie​ to @benbalistreri​ and @noveltymusicservices​ to @gingerhaze​and @amyjhiggins​ and Todd Casey, every day is a joy, and working on Wander is a true collaboration amongst the best in the industry working at the top of their game to make the dumbest cartoons possible!

And, of course, I get to work with legit legend @crackmccraigen​, to whom I owe, let’s face it, pretty much my entire career.  How in grop’s name did I get so lucky?

But I also wanted to take a minute to thank you guys.  The award is a huge rush, but you fellow wanderers are on here every day posting art and theories and yelling at everyone you know to watch our silly, silly cartoon show.  It does my heart good to see you guys freaking out about this as much as we were (seriously, freeze frame that video, you would think we one the mega-hyper-superbowl or something).

Even though we may be overlooked sometimes, that’s the best possible definition of working on Wander Over Yonder: a bunch of weird cartoon people who care with their whole hearts about making something for a bunch of weird cartoon people who care with their whole hearts about watching it.

So let’s all celebrate with a big plate of HAMM!

JON HAMM AS LORD HATER!  And a few other INSANE CAMEOS on tomorrow night’s Wander Over Yonder!  

“The Cartoon/The Bot”!  8:30 pm, after the “Gravity Falls: Between the Pines” special on Disney XD!


In Case anyone hasn’t uploaded this speech by Craig McCracken, here it is. Wander Over Yonder’s Win for Best Animated TV/Broadcast Production:

The Breakfast (Season 2, Episode 2b)

Also, for those who aren’t familiar with Wander, here’s a guide to get a bit familiar with it: http://kureisan28.tumblr.com/post/138163659020/a-helpful-guide-to-watch-wander-over-yonder

I get that a lot of people are mad that Wander Over Yonder beat Gravity Falls and Steven Universe in the Annie Awards, but let’s not forget: The Wander Over Yonder crew put as much work into their show as any other crew put into their shows and it’s cool for them that they have something tangible to show for it.

I’m seeing some hostile sentiments towards WOY, its crew and its fandom that are absolutely uncalled for. As someone who’s a fan of all three, I’m glad that things turned out as they did since I haven’t seen nearly as much recognition for Wander Over Yonder, which everyone involved in the show is deserving of.

“The Breakfast” (the episode that got them the award) is an extremely well-constructed episode that showed off the crew’s creativity. Having the dual storylines play side-by-side at the same fricken time would have been immensely hard to pull off, yet they did it and excelled. That’s pretty dang cool if you ask me.