A Prison Without Walls

>> THE MISSING [2x3]

“Julien returns to Paris to visit the father of Sophie Giroux, but Remy isn’t all that pleased to see him. Meanwhile, Alice is upset by an argument in the house and begs her brother,“

>> 2x2 - The Turtle and the Stick
>> 2x1 - Come Home


anonymous asked:

Hi! Do ppl think jaspar is real or is it all just fun shipping? This is a serious question btw haha

This is actually a great question, haha! I can only speak for myself, of course, but I think quite a few people here might agree

So, obviously I am only here for fun and I think everyone else is as well!

Let me break this question up into a few parts:

1) Do I want Jaspar to be real?

In case you couldn’t tell from the about 1000 posts I make a day, yes, I want it to be real very much :’)

I think they would make a great couple because they have a deep understanding of each other and because they compliment each other very well. Their friendship is special and I think that romantic relationships between friends can work out better because their love began with friendship instead of attraction and I think it makes for a different, more stable base

Also, not gonna lie, they would be a fucking hot couple and who doesn’t want that??

2) Do I think Jaspar could be real?

Let’s look at a few things for this: in the past, Joe has always excellently managed to keep his relationships completely private, and Caspar has not been in an “official” relationship for a while, so it’s not unthinkable

Also I’ve seen people saying that Joe and Caspar spend a lot less time together now with just the two of them, but I think that is not true because I refuse to believe that both Joe and Caspar would hang out with all of their friends individually except for each other, it just doesn’t make sense - I think they wish to keep their privacy which is perfectly legitimate - but, y’know, they could also be spending their time together differently ;)

So, it is not impossible

3) Do I think Jaspar is real?

Let’s break this up further again:

Is there sexual tension? Well, maybe a little bit - who am I fucking kidding, I have never seen two people with that much sexual tension between them, if it was electricity they could light up fucking Los Angeles

Have things happened? Uhm, I think yes - I’m a bit older than most people round here and let me tell you I know that things have happened between them, I just know - also let’s just think about all the somehow sexual stuff they do in their videos - you wouldn’t see them doing this with any of their other friends; have they ever randomly filmed any of their friends naked (let’s not talk about the naked brain freeze with Joe Weller here), have there ever been things like kisses on the hand or kisses on the neck - let’s talk about the kiss on the neck again for a sec, that is NOT something you do with someone when there is zero attraction. Also, they are very comfortable with each other - let’s talk about that SUP2C Livestream where the super sticky sweetie challenge happened - would you see Caspar pulling any of his other friends over himself like he did with Joe? I think not.

Are feelings involved? Definitely yes. I mean the date of doom was not real, but I think everyone could tell just how flustered Caspar was and there is quite the difference between how Caspar reacts to compliments - with others he is just like “aww buddy”, but with Joe he hardly knows what to say (think of yesterday’s vlog - “look at the size of this kid, holy shit you look like Daniel Craig” and Caspar just went “nooo” and he was so embarrassed); and also there is a lot of touching and yes, there is the non-gap of doom - like, neither of them always sit that close to someone else - and yes, there are the heart eyes - Caspar always looks at Joe like he is everything to him, he listens to Joe’s every word, he laughs at Joe’s every joke and he can never not touch him. So, I think Caspar is somehow in love with Joe; with Joe, I’m not sure.

Are they actually a couple or have they been a couple? I think they may have been - whether like a real couple-couple, I don’t know but I think things happened and feelings happened and yes, maybe this is also why they moved out. Or maybe things are happening right now and they don’t want to admit their feelings or whatever.

So, conclusion: I don’t know, but I would wish for them to be a couple because I want only the best for them and I think a relationship between them would work out great, but this is of course their choice and I think we can all rest assured that they love each other, be it romantic or not

Okay that was very serious (possibly the first time this happened on my blog), NOW LET’S GET BACK TO FUN AND HYPE AND MADNESS