Basegame add-on for Movie Hangout/Day of the Dead (aka Boho Pack)

This is less than half of what I made for myself in order to make Movie Hangout Stuff “usable” for me (I wanted to stick to just a few wacky colours not have all of them at the same time) but I have rushed it out because it goes REALLY well with Day of the Dead (of course - vibrant hues, stucco and tiles) - and secondly, who knows if I ever will really finish this project? I used as the main reference the different combinations of the double doors and ended up with 13 swatches I have used for most things. This project I dedicate to @peacemaker-ic​  because I get the feeling that he probably stuck to the neutral swatches too since the others were so hard to match (if he ever got the pack at all!) and to the amazing @papa-plumbob who whipped up some great recolours for this pack too. 

To play with these little colourful presents, download link and info under cut.

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Practicing how fabric folds and introducing a Sapph headcanon in one go!  I like to think she fiddles with her dress/fabric in general when she’s stressed.  It was probably fairly prominent after she first formed but was discouraged because it didn’t match her ‘status,’ so she started clasping her hands for the pressure and to discourage fiddling in general (Possibly why she wears gloves too?  To have fabric discreetly at her disposal?)

So after The Answer she slowly began fabric fiddling again, since there wasn’t anyone to tell her not to, but the hand clasping is still pretty ingrained too so she alternates.