Dividing Line (Sierra-104 and Noble-5)

How did we end up like this, really?

The thought occurred to him as the technicians locked chest and backplates into position, augmented hearing picking up on the faint, high-pitched sound of his suit coming to life… And the faint, grumbles of the technicians who’d had to attend to him the old-fashioned way. One of these days, they muttered, he’d have to give up his pride and give up his ‘outdated’ kit, upgrade to the GEN2 and then see how much easier things would be. He was a II after all, and if they were as good as everyone had made them out to be during the war, well… if the new generation could do wonders with the GEN2, why couldn’t they just-

Like hell, Frederic-104 thought bitterly, as the final diagnostics of his armor were finished and he was handed his helmet, which he tucked under his arm for the time being. Like hell I’m giving up anything else.

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