One Missed Call - Michael Imagine

A/N Hello my lovely humans! i’m sorry that this isn’t part 3 of three’s a crowd, but i started writing this and couldn’t stop.. so i give you 6 fucking pages of Michael, at least 3 of those pages are smut so yeah.. :) have fun! hope you like it


     Loud bangs reverberated through the small-shared laundry room in my apartment building. My legs dangled off of the washing machine opposite of the dryer my clothes occupied while I finished reading an article in Rock Sound.

 "5 Seconds of Summer huh? Isn’t that your boyfriend’s band?“ I looked up and saw the smiling face of my neighbor, Ricky Ramos. He set his laundry basket on the machine next to me and leaned against it waiting for my reply.

 "Not anymore, we broke up 6 months ago.” There was a loud beep signaling that my clothes were ready and I hopped down to the floor. As I unloaded the dryer into my laundry basket I could hear Ricky starting his machine.

 "Oh that’s too bad, he was a cool guy.“

 "Yeah, we just didn’t work out.” The truth was that Michael broke up with me one day and didn’t even offer much of an explanation. I grabbed my basket and turned to see Ricky looking at me again, his eyes held the smallest trace of pity. I mustered up a small smile, as if to say I was over it and he grinned back at me.

 "Hey, what do you say we go get a drink tonight?“ Maybe it was time to move on, Ricky could be a good rebound guy. He was no Michael but no one would ever even compare to him.

 "Sure, that sounds great. Meet you downstairs at eleven?” He glanced at the timer on the washing machine and nodded.

 "Yeah, see you then!“

 "See ya then Ramos.” I lifted my hand as a parting gesture and grabbed my clothes and started the short journey to my apartment. I quickly jammed the keys through the lock and gently kicked the door open. After placing the laundry basket on my kitchen counter I noticed a light flashing at the top of my forgotten cell phone. When I unlocked the screen I saw a name that I wasn’t sure I’d see on my phone again so soon.

        One missed call & Voicemail: Mikey

He probably butt dialed me or called me by mistake, so there was no need to listen to the message. My finger lingered over the delete button but my curiosity got the better of me and it slid over to the play button.

 "Y/N! Baby- oh fuck, sorry I-I guess I shouldn’t call you that anymore.“  His voice sounded slurred and he was basically screaming into his phone.

 "Listen, listen I need to tell you something.” His breathing became ragged and his voice a little quieter.

 "I miss you, s-so fuckin much. I never should’ve left you.“  My heart stopped; no he wasn’t allowed to do this to me, not when I was about to move on. I somehow managed to get myself sitting on one of my barstools while he continued to talk into my ear.

 "I love you, I’m an idiot and I don’t deserve you but I-” there was a loud noise and I could hear Michael cussing along with laughter from what sounded like the boys.

 "You know what, I’m gonna fuckin show you how much I still love you, I’ll prove it to you.“

With that the message ended and I was extremely confused. How was he going to prove that to me? I sighed and checked when that message was sent, it was ten minutes ago. He’d probably forget all about this in the morn- BANG-BANG-BANG

 "Y/N, it’s me.” My heart started racing when I heard Michaels slurred voice. I could hear him grab the handle of my door and he pushed it right open considering I never locked it once I got back inside. He was leaning against the door jam breathing heavily, his bright red hair a mess. His jeans and Metallica tank top looked wrinkled but they fit him loosely and yet perfectly at the same time. The only thing amiss was what was on his feet. Or rather what wasn’t on his feet.

“Michael, where the fuck are your shoes?” He looked down and shook his head.

 "Fuck if I know, they were getting in the way.“ What an idiot. He stumbled his way inside until he was directly in front of me. I could smell the alcohol on him when he rested his forehead against mine.

  "Mike, what are you doing here? You’re drunk.”  I was whispering but I had no idea why I was letting him do this, it felt so natural. He lifted a callused finger up to my cheek and our eyes locked.

 “I’ve missed the way you say my name,” His thumb brushed my bottom lip and his tongue ran along his chapped pink one. “I’ve missed being able to touch you whenever I want.” I could feel the hand that wasn’t on my face ghost over my waist and then settle on my hip. My hands fell on his chest. His eyes left mine for a minute to glance at my lips and his hand guided me closer to him. Just before our lips met I pulled away, sliding off the stool in the process. Michael gripped me closer to him to keep me from falling and my hips were pressed against him. I jolted away before I could get sucked into him again.

 “Where do you get off coming here like this? You broke up with me six fucking months ago, you can’t just walk in here after having zero contact with me and pretend you actually give a fuck.” My hands went to my hips and I sent a glare in his direction. He couldn’t see me though, since he seemed incredibly interested in his naked feet.

  “I left you a message.” He mumbled and looked up meeting my gaze. He seemed to have sobered up slightly.

 “Y/n I only broke up with you because I wanted you to be able to have a normal relationship. I fucking hated having to leave you all the time, I hated coming home for two days and having to sleep without you in my arms again when I was back on the bus. You deserve someone that doesn’t leave you lonely, someone that can give you normal.”

 “Don’t you think I knew what I was signing up for when I started dating you? I wasn’t signing up for normal, I was signing up for you, you asshole.” My eyes were watering but my glare was still in full force. Michael’s pierced brow was furrowed and he inched closer to me.

 “Fuck, y/n I didn’t want to keep hurting you. I know it’s a shitty excuse-” I scoffed and folded my arms in front of my chest and I interrupted him

 “You can say that again.” My eyes rolled while I mumbled. He moved towards me again and I backed into the wall.

 “I get it, I’m a dick, But- god dammit y/n stop fucking rolling your eyes at me and listen!” I had been about to interrupt he again but his raised voice stopped me. He rested his palm on the wall behind me and our faces were inches apart yet again. I could feel his warm breath on my neck and the slightly pissed off expression he wore on his face a moment ago changed into a softer one.

 “I’m still so in love with you, I’ve spent the past six months hating myself for letting you go. I know it’s fucking selfish of me to ask for a second chance. But I need you back in my life y/n.”  He backed up so that he wasn’t pressing me into the wall anymore. I didn’t know what to say to him. A few options did run through my mind; I could tell him how he’d fucked me up big time when he left with barely any explanation and that I never wanted to go through the pain of losing him like that again. I could tell him to go fuck himself and kick him out. Or I could forgive him and make up for the six months of lost time. However, I said none of those things. Instead I started laughing. He looked slightly taken aback, but I couldn’t help it.

        “You know, I was supposed to go on a date in an hour, but now you’re here, telling me you love me,” I scooted forward to poke him on the chest and then continued, “and there’s no way I’m letting you get away from me again Michael Clifford.” He immediately lifted me up and set me on the counter so my face was even with his. Our foreheads were touching again but this time both of his hands were on my hips and mine rested on his shoulders.

        “I’m gonna kiss you now okay?” He was whispering and didn’t make a move till I wrapped my arms completely around his neck and pressed my lips to his. The spark that I had always felt was still there and it made Michael spring into action. His lips expertly moved against mine while his hands moved up my waist. He squeezed my sides, making me open my mouth in a gasp. I instantly felt his tongue invade, the feeling made me sigh into his mouth. His hands trailed under my top up to my chest and his thumb brushed over my already hard nipple making me shudder.

        “No bra?” He pulled away from me and groaned, I whined at his lack of contact but he lifted my tank top over my head. Michael’s eyes got a little darker and I’m sure my skin was flushed.

        “Its laundry day okay?” He licked his lips and leaned into my neck so that he could nip at it. I grabbed his wrist to pull his hand back up to my chest. He left wet kisses on my neck and blew cool air on them while simultaneously squeezing my nipple between his knuckles.

        “Ah fuck Mikey.” A moan escaped my lips and he bit hard on a spot next to my unattended nipple. I could feel myself getting wetter with every flick of his hot tongue. My body was sensitive and excited, since this was the first sexual contact id had with someone other than myself for the past six months. I wrapped my legs around his hips to pull him closer to my aching body. His hard length pressed into my inner thigh and I instinctively pressed harder onto him. A growl left his lips and caused him to release my nipple from his lips with a wet pop.

     I made the mistake of trying to lie back to give Mike better access but my head banged against a cookie jar. While I was groaning in pain and rubbing my head Michael started laughing and he slid his hands under my ass to pick me up. My chest was wet with his saliva but pressing gently on his clothed one as he cradled me to him. He leaned closer to whisper in my ear.

        “Still as clumsy as ever i see, glad that hasn’t changed” My legs were still wrapped around him while he carried me over to my couch. He plopped me down and settled himself between my legs. He leaned in to kiss me again but i moved my head at the last second causing him to kiss my cheek.

  “I’m not clumsy.” I playfully pouted and covered my chest. He laughed again and nuzzled his face into my neck; His warm scent filled my nostrils.

  “You are, but that’s one of the reasons I love you,” He kissed my temple and my cheekbone, leaving a trail down to my jaw. He stopped his kissing to look into my eyes, he fixed a happy smile on his face continued talking “I could write you a list about two-hundred pages long with all the things that make me love you but id rather show you.” His voicemail from earlier popped into my head and his lips were brushing softly on mine again.

  “Then show me Michael.” My words were breathless and whispered into his lips and my hands tugged on the hem of his shirt. He took the hint and pulled it off in one swift movement letting me drag my fingers down his chest and stomach and back up again. Michael wasn’t as muscly as his band mates but that didn’t me he wasn’t muscular. His tattoos stood out on his pale skin and I moved a hand to trace the bands on his arm. Seeing him shirtless again gave me one of the best feelings I had ever had, one that I’m sure could only be beaten by him fucking me senseless and screaming out my name.

  He kissed down the valley between my breasts, leaving marks the whole way down, stopping only when he reached my shorts. He pulled my shorts down and moved so he could get them off of each leg. Leaving me in just some wet black panties. Eyeing them carefully he slipped a finger underneath the lace to stroke my throbbing clit. I let out a long moan when he moved the fabric covering my core to the side.

  “You’re so wet.” His eyes never left my glistening pussy and he slid his finger up and down my slit before plunging it in. I gripped his bicep and sighed at the feeling of his fingers. He started kissing and sucking on my inner thigh. I was aching for him to fill me up, but there was no way he could do that with his pants on. I reached toward his pants but I could only get my hands in his hair. I started to tell him to take his fucking pants off but he slid a second finger into me at that moment and my words became moans.

  "Fuck Mikey, take your pants off already.“ My hands pulled on his messy hair to get the message across. He laughed and his lips inched closer to my clit.

  "But I’m not done tasting you.” With that he pulled his fingers out of me and lifted his face to look at me. “I guess this’ll do.” He licked his fingers and closed his eyes with a groan. The sight was insanely erotic and I yanked on his hair again.

  "What? You wanna taste?“ He smirked and reached up so that his middle finger sat on my lips. My tongue poked out and I took his finger in my mouth sucking off all that was left of my juice. The laughter in his eyes died and he immediately got up and tugged off his pants and boxers in a quick movement, well as quick as you can go with one hand.

  His erection stood up proudly, precum dripping from the tip. He was grasping himself, his thumb moving across the tip. I sucked at the tip of his finger before releasing it with a pop. I could tell that had the effect I wanted because he got back between my legs and positioned himself at my entrance. A soft moan escapes my lips when his member slid over my clit and down again.

  "You ready?” He leaned down to give me a quick peck on the lips and I wrapped my arms around his neck.

  "Yes.“ He slid into me as soon as the word left my mouth, a grunt left his mouth when he felt how tight I was. My breath hitched while he waited for me to adjust to him.  

  "God, you are so damn tight.” He was panting in my ear.

  "You’re so much better than my fingers.“ I replied to him with a groan. "Move Michael.” I was getting impatient and I rolled my hips into his to feel him deeper. He responded by sucking on my neck and thrusting into me all the way. After that, things seemed to move quickly. My neck was muffling his moans and mine reverberated through the room. I thrust my hips up to meet his and let out a gasp when he sped up. I could feel the familiar coil in my stomach, letting me know I was getting close. From the look of Michael’s face he wasn’t going to last very long either. He had lifted his torso so that he could grip my hips and pound into me harder, his eyes on where our bodies connected.

  “I-I don’t know how long I’m gonna- ah last.” His movements were getting sloppier, every time our skin slapped together he let out a groan. He moved one of his hands to my clit and started rubbing in time he rocked his hips. That was when I lost control; I clutched the couch cushion beneath me with one hand and raked my fingernails down Mike’s chest. I couldn’t say anything but his name, over and over as i lost myself in the orgasm he’d given me.

  “I- I fucking- ah oh shit- I fucking love you.” The sight of me coming undone beneath him pushed him over the edge. I could feel his hot cum inside me as my walls constricted around him. He pulled out toward the end of his orgasm getting some of his cum just below my stomach. I reached out to him and he fell into my arms, I kissed his jaw and sighed contentedly loving the feeling of him next to me.

  “Sorry I didn’t last long, I haven’t had sex in… Well I guess six months.” He looked up at me with a blush on his cheeks and a dopey smile. His expression quickly melted into one of fear and he pushed himself up. “Shit, you’re still on birth control right?” I started laughing and nodded at him, sitting up myself and hiding my face on his chest.

  “I love you Michael,” I was mumbling into his chest but he understood. He kissed the top of my head and gripped my waist to pull me into his lap. Before we could go any further there was a knock at my door.

  “Ignore it.” He shook his head and got up, grabbing a pillow off the couch to cover his junk and winking at me.

  “Michael what the hell are you doing?!” I hissed at him, but he decided to ignore me instead of the person at the door. When he looked out the peephole his expression went from playful to annoyed. He fully opened the door, exposing his partly covered body and fully exposing my naked one. I grabbed Michael’s shirt to cover my glistening naked body. When I finally caught a glimpse at who was at the door I remembered my date.

  “Hey y/n, I uh see your boyfriends back.” Ricky’s eyes were wide as he glanced between Michael and myself.

  “Yeah and I’m not fucking going anywhere, so how about you stay away from y/n. Now if you’ll excuse us we’re gonna start round two.” Ricky blinked at him and opened his mouth to retort but Michael had already started closing the door. I mouthed an apology to Ricky when he caught my eye in the last second. Michael had a smug expression on his face when he slunk back to the sofa. He threw the pillow that had previously been on his dick straight at my face. I playfully glared at him and threw it back but he dodged it easily.

  “Don’t be mean to him, we we’re just going out for drinks. I mean I didn’t expect to see you anytime soon.” His smile wavered but stayed put on his face.

  “But I am back now right?” I rolled my eyes and nodded. Being with Mikey felt natural, like we were meant to be and I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else. He pulled me into his lap again and kissed the corner of my smiling mouth.

  “What were you saying about round two?”


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hello! um, i had a question. i have been told recently by an autistic friend of mine that it's offensive to use "person with autism". person first language i think? anyway, that's of course fine. i wondered if it was the same for other things that are on the autism spectrum. like asperger's--what do i say for that? i'd really like to know, i didnt know i was doing harm and want to change my language to be better. thank you!

Hey! Sorry for the long wait on replying. I have so many messages to get to right now D: Yeah, person first language is one of those things that was created by allistic people to try to treat autism as something external to us–something afflicting us instead of something integral to who we are. I don’t have autism: I am autistic, on the autism spectrum, etc. 

As for aspergers, I’m not sure, mainly because it’s no longer a diagnosis in North America. The only distinction between aspergers and autism was that if you were an aspie you started talking before the age of three, and if you didn’t you were autistic. Obviously it was a deeply flawed model. It treats verbalization of a very specific kind as a defining divide in the community, instead of recognising the actual complexity of the autism spectrum. The first studies of aspergers only featured white boys (who I believe were also middle to upper class??), and had a small sample pool in general. 

Since the popular understanding of autism is defined mainly by the way it most commonly presents in white cis boys, the distinction between autism and aspergers only furthered that problem, which plays a role in the underdiagnosis in women, people of colour, literally anyone who isn’t white, cis, male, and upper class…It’s just a mess. So now the distinction doesn’t officially exist. 

Some people still choose to identify with that word instead of calling themselves autistic, and that’s totally fine! I just am probably not the best person to ask. I think that unless someone explicitly tells you that they have aspergers and wants it referred to in that way, I would stick with “autistic” and “on the autism spectrum.” The most important thing is just to recognise that not everyone will feel the same about terminology and words, so if they have a different opinion than the general consensus, respect that. You seem like you’re doing that already, so don’t worry too much! Just keep avoiding person first language unless someone expresses a preference for it! 

On The Same Side

And I wrote Hannigram again. *sigh*

Just a small fic; it’s hard to write a dialog between them, but I hope it came out not too bad.

Set sometime after the finale.

“Have you developed a fascination with windows while I was away?”

“Away?” Will smirked at his reflection, a misty image breaking over the bright lights of the city at night. “That’s an interesting way to say you were incarcerated.”

He could hear Hannibal shrug as he moved at the back of the room, pull of clothes over his shoulders and a soft huff of air escaping his lips. Hannibal doesn’t say anything, just moves with purpose – opening a bottle of wine – and waits for Will’s actual reply.

“I like looking out at the world.” He admits, but there is no passion to that statement.

“Do you feel disconnected from other people? Now that you’ve finally crossed the proverbial line?” Hannibal offers a guess, right in his own way, but that’s not what really drives Will to his personal observation points. “Or are you like a predator, looking out for a new prey?”

The hotel number they got is on the top floor and wall to ceiling windows provide a wonderful view of a European city they found themselves staying in this week. Will watches Hannibal’s reflection, enjoying both the view outside and the simple confidence with which his partner moves. A predator. He’s once again wearing an expensive suit, a picture of elegance and self-reliance, back in his element of lavish hotel suits and expensive wine.

“Experience shows, prey usually just shows up on our doorstep.”

“True,” Hannibal purses his lips in thought. “But that does rob us of the satisfaction of a good chase.”

“Doesn’t spare us the chase altogether though.”

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Could you do your reply to " Signs as things my friends Dad said" Btw I'm half Russian myself and I just gave myself a BIG face after reading it 😧 (I'm Scorpio btw😈)


(the reply is to this post)

aries: yes
taurus: both. both is good.
gemini: yeah but he’s so cute!!
cancer: this is a funeral it’s okay to cry
leo: i have never touched the moustache (i proceeded to touch it)
virgo: i’m only short because of mum
libra: good
scorpio: he’s standing right next to me that’s so rude
sagittarius: good question
capricorn: yes but where would the alcohol come from
aquarius: nic for president. there would be memes and fun. and debt.
pisces: well if you dream-

Never Again: Kim Jongdae

*Read the note at the end please*

“Jongdae, can’t you at least wash your dishes?” you yelled from the kitchen to your husband who was in the living room, watching some drama you had recorded the night before. You began to wash all the dishes, not bothering to wait for his reply.

 “Jagi, I could’ve done it,” you heard Jongdae say as he walked into the kitchen. He wrapped his arms around you, causing you to smile. Even if you were upset with him, his hugs were always so full and warm, you couldn’t help but smile.

 You let your head rest on his chest as you finished the dishes, letting Jongdae gently rub your stomach and sides.

 “Dry them, I’m going to go take a shower,” you told Jongdae, putting the white bowl into the other side of the sink, removing his hands from around you, and turning to go to the bathroom.

 “Okay, I’ll get a movie so we to watch together,” you heard Jongdae say as you walked up the stairs, a small smile spread on your face.

 You took a fast shower and wrapped a white towel around your body before going into your empty room. You grabbed one of Jongdae’s shirts, a pair of loose shorts, and panties before going back into the bathroom to change and dry your hair. You gently brushed your hair before going back into your room. You saw Jongdae putting the movie in and the bed was unmade.

 “I’m going to get some snacks,” you told Jongdae as you left your phone on the bed and went downstairs and walked into the kitchen. You put popcorn in the microwave, getting two glasses to fill with water from the cabinets above the sink. You took a deep breath as you looked at the wet dishes that you had washed earlier. You closed the cabinet and went upstairs to find Jongdae lying down on his phone.

 “Why didn’t you dry the dishes like I told you to?” you asked, crossing your arms as you looked at him.

 “When you got in the shower I went to rent the movie,” Jongdae said grabbing the remote to press play.

 “Why didn’t you do it when you got back?”

 “I met some fans and I had to get away before coming home,”

 “Go dry them,” you told Jongdae as you heard the microwave beep.

 “I’ll do it tomorrow, the popcorn is ready and I want to watch the movie,”

 “You never help! I asked you to dry the dishes and you can’t even do that!”Jongdae stood from his spot on the bed and walked over to you.

 “You knew what you were in for when you married me, we lived together for a year before we got married, this shouldn’t be new for you,”

 “So you’re okay with the fact that I have to do everything around here? I’m okay with making the bed every morning, sweeping and mopping, making a big dinner for you whenever you come home to eat, making sure the house is clean and fresh every single day, but you not being able to even wash or dry your dishes is the most annoying thing ever. I do everything and you can’t even lift a finger to help me!” you shouted. Jongdae clenched his hands into fists and took a step closer to you.

 “If it’s so annoying why did you marry me? I annoy you don’t I? You aren’t so perfect either you know! If I walk in with my shoes you go crazy, if I put my feet on the coffee table you push them off, if I leave my plate or cup on the table you shout at me, if I don’t clean up the water by the sink after I’m done washing my face and brushing my teeth you make me get out of bed to clean it, and if I leave my clothes on the floor you don’t give me my washed clothes until the clothes on the floor is picked up!” Jongdae said his voice getting high with every word he said. You were sure the neighbors could hear the two of you arguing.

 “Exactly, you’re a mess! You need me to make sure you do at least something around here,” you shouted back. Before you knew what was happening exactly, you felt a sting to your cheek.

 “Jagi, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to,” you heard Jongdae say a second after as he tried to grab you but you pushed him away.

 “Don’t touch me,” you said as you moved away from him and went to your closet. You grabbed the first bag you found that would fit most of your things in it before you grabbed shirts and pants, stuffing them all in the bag.

 “Jagiya, stop,” Jongdae said as he snatched the bag from your arms. You hadn’t noticed how hard you were actually crying until you moved to the wall in the walk-in-closet and cried into your knees, loud sobs escaping your mouth. Jongdae hitting you was the last thing you had ever expected from him. He was someone who you thought would protect you from all the harms the world had to offer. The fact that the man you thought would never lay a finger on you made it hard for you believe anything.

 You felt Jongdae sit down next to you and pull you close to him. You wanted to push him away but you couldn’t look at him. You had no force left in you. You were broken. You felt tears fall on your legs that were obviously coming from him.

 “I’m sorry. I swear it will never happen again,” Jongdae said after you stopped sobbing. You tried to steady your breaths as Jongdae rubbed your back and as much as you wanted to feel safe in his arms, you couldn’t. You were afraid that maybe he would hurt you again. You had never actually hit him, and if you did, it would be light slaps to his chest when he’d say something stupid, lightly hitting his cheeks to the beat of a song you had stuck in your head, or smacking his butt when he’d walk by the couch while you tried to watch TV. Jongdae would always smile, laugh, or press a kiss to your lips if you’re face was close to his when you’d hit him.

When you had calmed down enough you whipped your eyes and lifted your head. Both of you didn’t talk or move, and just sat in silence. When you finally stood, Jongdae stood as well, afraid that you’d start to grab your things again.                                “I’m going to go wash my face,” you told him quietly. You heard him exhale as you walked into the bathroom. You brushed your teeth and washed your face, making all the dry tears disappear. You went back into the room and saw Jongdae sitting with his legs crossed, biting his nails. You slipped off your slippers and sat down on the bed. You took a deep breath before lying down.

 “Turn the lights off,” you told Jongdae before pulling the covers over your body and closing your eyes. Your heard a soft ‘yes’ and felt Jongdae get up and then the room was completely dark. Seconds later you felt Jongdae lay down as well. You felt him move closer to you and felt him wrap an arm around you. It was either out of habit or he was afraid you’d leave him during the night.

 When you heard Jongdae’s snores, you knew he was sound asleep. You gently took his arm off of you and got up as slowly as you could. You changed into a pair of pants and a sweater before taking whatever you could carry. You made sure you had enough money and your phone before you went down to the kitchen. You grabbed a pen and piece of paper from the drawer and quickly wrote a note.

 ‘Expect papers in the mail soon. I will come with someone to pick up the rest of my things.’ You slipped the diamond rings off your left hand’s finger and placed the two next to the paper.

 You groaned when you got into your car, remembering to get your expensive jewelry and personal things from your bedside table. You didn’t want to go back in, but what choice did you have?

 You quickly went into the house again and tip toed up the stairs, grabbing your things. You stopped to look at Jongdae. The man you loved. The man you still love. It hurts you to admit it that you actually still love him even after what he did to you. You wanted to go back in time and change everything. You wanted to kiss him once more. You wanted to feel his warm hugs again. You wanted everything to be perfect, but you knew better than to trust him again. What if he hit you again? What would you do then? You didn’t want to go through the same thing again.

 You went back to your car and drove to a friend’s house. She thankfully let you in with open arms, even though you woke her baby and husband.

 The next day, you had several calls and texts from Jongdae, but you ignored them all. He was a part of your past, and you didn’t want him to be part of your future.


Oh lord jesus. Writing this made my heart hurt. Anyway, I am not supporting abusive relationships in anyway, I just wrote a scenario someone requested. Anon, if you would like me to rewrite it, please feel free to let me know.

I wrote this whole thing and edited it all in one day, so I am very proud of myself. Expect a new scenario sometime this week since I wrote a little bit yesterday when I got home. 

(Hint: it’s a luhan scenario and has a lot to do with soccer since I went to a soccer game)

Request are always open so don’t be shy! Also sorry if I missed any mistakes, I tried my hardest to make sure it was okay.

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wait i thought only the serkets could put people to sleep because of there mind control

No, Sollux and Aradia also have that ability since they’re both “psychics”. Aradia can be seen putting Sollux to sleep on this page, and we’ve only ever seen Sollux put his bees to sleep but because his powers are obviously much more powerful than Aradia’s (eye lasers) I think it’s safe to assume that he can also put other people to sleep.

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Hey I need ur advice. This instagram famous girl ( jbunzie) was saying some really foolish stuff. Like anyone can wear dreadlocks as it's fashionable, and that using the n word is as equally racist if PoC say it to each other. When a black girl disagreed with her jbunzie replied by saying "I was waiting for someone like you to comment that" !!!!! Would you consider racist?? How should I confront her without getting involved with all her followers? Especially as I am a non - black poc

why are you asking me this.. im white


Yesterday, or rather early this morning I hit my second milestone! 200 FOLLOWERS!!!. I am so grateful to you all for sticking by me since I started this blog at the end of season 3! Its been a long road and even though I can take up to a few months to reply to you all, you wait patiently and understand that I have other blogs to run as well!. In absolutely no order what so ever! I want to thank all of you RP partners, fans of my page and blogs that stalk me but don’t rp with me. I want to give all of you (Yes all of you) a shout out. I noticed a few of you have moved blogs so I have tagged the archive blogs for now. SO HERE GOES!!!. I also notice that sometimes your tag doesn’t work so I apologise for that! its no fault of mine, I spelled your URL properly, tumblr is just a butt sometimes

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my roommate is being passive aggressive about parking and wont let us park in front to wash the car/wont respond to my text messages so we came upstairs after waiting in the sun for 30 minutes for a reply to play disney music really loudly

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The highlight of your day is an argument between pop stars. Life goals. Haha...

The highlight of my day is that I’m reading a very good book at the beach and watching dogs run past.
You’re sitting at home waiting for me to reply to this so you can harass girls on the Internet further.
Give it up, man. Everyone is really embarrassed for you.

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wcif aveline's hair??? it's so pretty!!

It’s Cazy BoMD, retextured by me here (flat colours here).

And just in case anyone else wants to know where I get my hairs, 99% are retextured by me and are on this blog. This tag. It will probably be faster than waiting for me to reply.

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BUT NO, it’s in ref to THIS outfit of austria’s in the last ep:



one would imagine that anyone who has eyes would never wear but


there it IS