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Wait, but can we talk about how Sam hugs too? I mean his large arms and broad shoulders and his huge hands and oh my god oh my god


I think the obvious thing about Sam hugs would be that he is frickin’ huge. He is literally built to the ideal: narrow hips, strong chest, and shoulders like a wall. 

I have hugged and snuggled a man who is 6′4″, and let me tell you, it’s an experience. He would make you feel little and safe and sheltered for those few seconds. Ya wanna know what else? All that mass turns into heat. He would be so warm and cuddly and uhhg //scratches at face. 

Look at how Sam hugs Dean. Even though he’s taller, he still mooshed his face into the curve of Dean’s neck. When Sam hugs Dean, it’s about getting close and feeling safe and showing love for the brother that has been his only constant in life. Sam is into affection, way into it. 

LOOK AT THIS. Sam hugs like he fucking means it. ALSO Cas is pretty big, and just take a second to ogle how big Sam’s hands are on his back. Those hands would feel warms and heavy and would just cradle you to him. *grabby hands*

I think my heart is melting. Look at that grin. Sam likes hugs, just try telling me he doesn’t. He likes being able to just… hug people; to touch them in greeting, to be happy and normal for a little bit.  Seriously, the littlest things make him smile and his smiles makes my stomach do flip-flops.

I’m going to leave you with this. Look at how he just envelops her, how he leans down and gathers her close and holds her tight. And, once again, he does the little head burrow, pressing his cheek in close to her head. (Goodbye, the Sammy cuteness has killed me.)

Tumblr added something for FB & Twitter?but not for gif reply? Smh. I’m tired of this Tumblr. I’m still waiting on that update that will allow gif replys from the app.

I’m at DragonCon this weekend so I’ll be mostly a queue for the next four days. Apologies to all who are waiting on replies from me. A lot of interesting Hannibal discussions still to be had, and I’ll be excited to return to them come Monday. Peace out, tiddlywinks!

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I can't wait for your Dragon Bucky and Nymph Steve fic to drop!! Since you mentioned dragons are shapeshifters, please consider this: Bucky having scales that magically appear and showing more dragon traits when he's riled up (besides his eyes)

This is definitely a possibility tbh. I imagine that Bucky has some great control over his shift, too, so he might do it on purpose sometimes. :P

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Whoa whoa wait is Tres pronounced like 'tress' or is it pronounced like it is in french? :O

It is actually pronounced ‘tress’~ Not the french way >u< (no silent s’s) I just…wanted to make a pun of the name to the sticker and since it’s written the same except for the small accent difference there~ X’D

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Do you know of anyone with a mystery illness? I've been sick for a little over three years now and doctors have basically given up on what could be causing my pain and I've just been feel very alone lastly. I was just curious if you knew of someone or a blog I could read that would help me not feel as alone. Thanks <3

I’m sorry, but I don’t, a lot of us have been in your situation, people have waited 5, 10, 20 years for a diagnosis. Hopefully someone will reply to this, and I’ve got my fingers crossed that you get answers soon, I’m sending you extra spoons

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Hey Ven, do you have any advice for someone having a bad day like me?

Just remember that there’s always new friends to make if your old ones aren’t there for you at the time, and that bonds forged are hard to break. 


ooc: if you, or anyone, ever needs to vent to someone, you can contact me here (add a note saying private message or not!) or on my main blog, where I’ll be happy to help you as best i’m able!

[ seb-kyle ]

You should come round today. There’s half a cheesecake in my fridge I need help eating. 

Caleb stares down at his phone for a moment before he huffs a sigh, tossing it onto his messily made bed. He’d sent that text to Sebastian as a casual sort of invitation, hoping to hang out with him again. Despite Seb’s prickly defences, Caleb did quite like the guy. He was funny, pleasant in his own special way. 

To distract himself from waiting for a reply Caleb sheds his towel, moving to dress in some clean clothes after his post-workout shower. Once dressed he pads out to his garden, intent on doing some watering and maybe some weeding to stop himself from wondering if Sebastian would turn up. He doesn’t expect a reply from Sebastian, but he shoves his phone in his back pocket before heading out. 

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Hi, are you willing to do promotion for our store? You can earn some money or get free clothes in return. If so, please reply your email address to us, so that we can send more details to you. waiting for your reply. - Marketing staff Irene

I’m open to the idea of promotions, but no thank you. I do appreciate the offer, however.

topistopineverything replied to your post “I hope tabi wears his pjs for his live broadcast”

OMG… I bet he does. They’ll be no snap backs though!! He’ll chug a bottle of wine… Beg Jiyong’s forgiveness and call him a bastard… Call the audience fools and then pass out!!

Hahaha no snapbacks!!  He’ll wear tom ford pajamas and go through his numbered wine collection.  Jiyong will call him to yell at him for drinking before he begs for forgiveness and passes out.  And he will start sleep talking…and all he will say is “you…you liiiiike????” over and over again until the live broadcast ends.