Okay But It Makes Me So Happy To Think That Marik Could Be Completely Honest With A Stranger About Bakura And They’d Probably Automatically Assume He Was Talking About A Cat

“Who Are You Looking For?”
“My Roommate Fluffy, He’s Been Missing All Day!”
“Heh, Probably Out Hunting Am I Right?”
“Probably, I Swear If He Brings One More Dead Thing Home With Him He’s Sleeping Outside Tonight!”
“I’ll Keep An Eye Out For Him, What Does He Look Like?”
“Long White Hair, Brown Eyes, British, Always Looks Angry”
“Doesn’t Sound Familiar, Where Did You Get Him?”
“I Found Him In An Alleyway, Almost Friggin’ Ran Him Over Actually”
“Oh You Took Him In Off The Street? That Was Nice, He Must Really Love You Then”
“Yeah, Sometimes A Little Too Much…”

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sorry i just have to scream with everyone about how excited i am for dr alchemy!!!


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caterpillarsims replied to your photoset “Andrei is in fact denying his biological imperative underwater. It’s a…”

Maybe all that pissing in the water turned his hair yellow? No, wait, Sim pee is blue…

caterpillarsims replied to your photo “caterpillarsims replied to your photo “Triton: Well? Andrei: You’re a…”

My pants are not happy.

OH NO!  The last thing we want is unhappy pants.  D:

… but that effect is definitely time of day based.


Idk.  Maybe fifteen minutes after sunset.

About 45 minutes after sunset.

And ofc right now, which is about an hour after sunset.

The full moon like… JUST kicked in all of a second ago, so….. yeah.  Time of day based.

Tbf, I’ve never used this hair on a light shade like this before.  xD  The majority of sims I have with this have black hair.



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All I'm waiting for is a touken wedding (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °).

I just downloaded the Sims 4 so I’m gonna make the wedding very soon, WAIT FOR IT ANON. 


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Wait when did i miss that you're married?? That's awesome but now i feel silly for not knowing

awww lovely ;;;;;; it’s because i don’t talk about it often, i’m sure 95% of my followers don’t know :) 

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their s/o having random dizzy spells


He wakes up to find you in extreme physical discomfort, “Jagiya, What’s wrong?”
“I am having a feeling of nausea and my head is aching…maybe i have cold,” you replied in a soft murmur.
“WHAT?!….wait..um let me…let me get you some pills,” He starts rummaging through drawers searching for the medicine. 

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“Jagiya….Jagiya” he keeps on calling out as he knocks on the door of your room, but he hardly recieved any reply from inside. without any further delay, he enters your bedroom to find you sitting on the bed with your palm on your head.
“What is the matter? why weren’t you answering when i was calling you,” he asked.
“I have a severe headache and i feel like i am about to throw up…i think i have cold,” you replied.
“WHAT?!…this is the reason why i told you not to go out in the rain,” He was really angry….but being a good boyfriend, he nags you as well as gives you a proper treatment.

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“Jagiya~” Taeyang comes rushing towards you to give you a tight bear hug after his concert had finished. But as soon as he did, he realised your body temperature was quite higher than usual. 
“Jagiya…why is your body so hot? And why is your face red?” he touches your head with the back of his hand to recheck and yes…you had a feverish body.
“It is nothing….I just have a headache.”
“JUST headache? I need to talk to your boss to cut short your work….you have been working too much for your own health,” He takes you inside his dressing room and gives you some aspirin.

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He calls you to know what have you been doing–Isn’t this done by every good boyfriend when they are at work.
“Hello,” He hears your voice from the other side, but your voice was a bit unusual.
“Jagiya, what is wrong with your voice,” He asks.
“I am having dizzy spells…maybe it’s cold…but, you don’t need to worry, i have taken some pills…It will be alright,” She assures you. 
“Please take care of yourself jagiya….bye,” He hangs up the phone.
The entire day Daesung was thinking about you.

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Seungri might be a playful jokester. But, when it comes to his girlfriend’s health….he will get a bit tensed (Which he will usually hide with his humorous side on the exterior) 
He calls his girlfriend to have a funny conversation but ends up receiving the information about her health.
“Jagiya, i am coming home ok…just wait,” he says.
“You don’t need to…the dizziness will vanish within minutes…i have taken the pills–”
“–I don’t care.”

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He probably has set his heart and mind on one thing: he's going to marry for love only. I always wonder if his dad ever tells him hamdan how long are we going to wait. He probably replies, dad, just a little bit more. He deserves happiness.. so do u and all the fangirls in this fandom😊

Thanks! Hopefully everybody in Prince Fazza’s world, including him and all of his fangirls around the world, find the happiness they deserve!

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an mmo shooter is like the last thing i want so i’ll just stay here alone forever making little figurines out of pine cones

aa yeah, i haven’t played mmo shooters before, so i have no doubt that i’ll be spectacularly bad at it lmao. also hey, mutuals don’t abandon mutuals n leave them to make pine cone figurines alone. plus i’m still like.. way too attached to my 47 hawkes to completely drop da.