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Wait, but can we talk about how Sam hugs too? I mean his large arms and broad shoulders and his huge hands and oh my god oh my god


I think the obvious thing about Sam hugs would be that he is frickin’ huge. He is literally built to the ideal: narrow hips, strong chest, and shoulders like a wall. 

I have hugged and snuggled a man who is 6′4″, and let me tell you, it’s an experience. He would make you feel little and safe and sheltered for those few seconds. Ya wanna know what else? All that mass turns into heat. He would be so warm and cuddly and uhhg //scratches at face. 

Look at how Sam hugs Dean. Even though he’s taller, he still mooshed his face into the curve of Dean’s neck. When Sam hugs Dean, it’s about getting close and feeling safe and showing love for the brother that has been his only constant in life. Sam is into affection, way into it. 

LOOK AT THIS. Sam hugs like he fucking means it. ALSO Cas is pretty big, and just take a second to ogle how big Sam’s hands are on his back. Those hands would feel warms and heavy and would just cradle you to him. *grabby hands*

I think my heart is melting. Look at that grin. Sam likes hugs, just try telling me he doesn’t. He likes being able to just… hug people; to touch them in greeting, to be happy and normal for a little bit.  Seriously, the littlest things make him smile and his smiles makes my stomach do flip-flops.

I’m going to leave you with this. Look at how he just envelops her, how he leans down and gathers her close and holds her tight. And, once again, he does the little head burrow, pressing his cheek in close to her head. (Goodbye, the Sammy cuteness has killed me.)


Does anyone else find that they are more awake at night then they are in the day?

Does anyone else find that they have more energy at night and feel like they could run a marathon?

Does anyone else know what it feels like to be alone in the house because everyone else is asleep, getting nervous at the creeks of the house that no one else hears?

Does anyone else snack on food while they wait patiently for their body to get tired?

Does anyone else reply on films, Twitter and tumblr to get them through until 4am until they get sleepy?

Does anyone else panic when they aren’t asleep at 3am but have to get up at 6am for school/work?

That’s insomnia for you, and it’s a bitch.

Tumblr added something for FB & Twitter?but not for gif reply? Smh. I’m tired of this Tumblr. I’m still waiting on that update that will allow gif replys from the app.

the best birthday news: I’ve been applying for this job since last month and I just got a call right now. I’m approved! I start working on the 14th! It’s a big company so I’m really glad. I really needed this job and I’ve been waiting forever for their reply. It finally came today.

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Wait what is happening, i just came back from school and now people are talking about a concert? Please help a confused chenstan :)

Jongdae had a solo performance during the Grand Kpop Festival today he only sang 2 songs but managed to save kpop he is truly amazing

I’m at DragonCon this weekend so I’ll be mostly a queue for the next four days. Apologies to all who are waiting on replies from me. A lot of interesting Hannibal discussions still to be had, and I’ll be excited to return to them come Monday. Peace out, tiddlywinks!

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Whoa whoa wait is Tres pronounced like 'tress' or is it pronounced like it is in french? :O

It is actually pronounced ‘tress’~ Not the french way >u< (no silent s’s) I just…wanted to make a pun of the name to the sticker and since it’s written the same except for the small accent difference there~ X’D

Broken Hearts Pt. 2

Part 1

I sat on the edge of my chair, bouncing my leg, filled with nervousness.  I was sitting in on my husbands, Sehun, meeting, and it wouldn’t have been as bad if Chanyeol didn’t suggest/beg Sehun to sit in on the meeting to take “notes.” I guess I understood why he needed to be here but why did he sit next to me? Sehun sat comfortably in his chair with his hand on my thigh and a pen in between his lips, listening to a man from an upcoming company ramble about how Sehun should invest in their merchandise.  

“If you put at least 2 million dollars into this, you will surely make your money back and more,” the man rose his eyebrows at Sehun, biting his lip, waiting for Sehun’s reply.

“And you said I get 25% of the company if I invest 2 million, is that correct, Suho?” his face was completely stone, no one could read any of his emotions.

“Correct, Mr. Oh,” Suho let out a shy smile.

Sehun’s face changed to a smirk as he hummed lightly, “hmmm, how about.. instead of 2 million, I put in 1.5 and I get 30%?”

Suho started rambling about how he couldn’t agree to that.  Sehun let out a small laugh, “Suho, you have to trust me.  If you give me 30%, I can ensure that your company will last for centuries.  I can ensure your kids, Sara and Julie, that is their name isn’t it? But anyway, I can ensure that they get into the best colleges, and who knows? Maybe they’ll be blessed enough to marry my sons.”

“Ho-How did you you know my daughters names?”

“Nothing is a secret, you must know that.  We’re a very powerful and influential company, having us as a partner would be in your best interest, think of your daughters,” Sehun’s face was back to being blank.

Chanyeol leaned over and spoke softly into my ear, “I love when he does this.  It’s a scare tactic, I have never seen him fail.”  

Suho looked at Sehun, trying to read his face.  “I will accept 1.5 milion in exchange for 30% of the company.”

Sehun broke out a huge smile, “brilliant choice, Suho.  I’ll have my people meet up with your people and we will have this signed by next Thursday so we can start production immediately.” Sehun squeezed your thigh and stood up.  He walked up to Suho and shook his hand.

“So, (Y/N), tell me the truth.  Did you really want to marry him or are you doing what your daddy told you to do, again?”  Chanyeol said quietly, the last part was filled with venom.

“It’s, it’s honestly none of your business..  We’re married and that’s final.” Why is he being like this to me?  It wasn’t my fault that we were separated.  

“Alright, I just have to ask though, do you miss when I had you quivering in my arms in pleasure?” my cheeks turned pink and I closed my hands into tight fists.  He chuckled as he watched my reaction. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

“(Y/N), come over here please?”  I walked up to Sehun and Suho.  “This is my beautiful wife, (Y/N).”

“Ah, yes! The daughter of the head of Naxus, I am so happy to meet you.  I’m sorry I couldn’t attend your wedding yesterday, my daughter had a piano recital,” he smiled at me, and I couldn’t help to smile back.  

“It’s okay, don’t worry about it.  Children come first, then business,” I smiled, I wished my parents had that priority.  It was always business than child.  

“So, what about you guys? Any plans for children or have you already started?” Suho let out a chuckle.

“Oh, well, we’re definitely interested in children, and we should probably get started soon, right, (Y/N)?”  Sehun laughed lightly.

“Right, honey,” I didn’t even think about children with Sehun.  I looked up at Sehun, I hope they get his eyes and his smile.  I smiled at him, but something in my mind was telling me to turn around.  I turned my head slightly and saw Chanyeol sitting awkwardly in the chair, with a scowl on his face, obviously hearing the conversation.  

“Well, it was great to see you today and I am so relieved we got this deal worked out, I’m going to leave and go tell my family.  Thank you so much, Mr. Oh.”  Suho said.

“Please, Suho.  We are partners, call me Sehun.”

“Okay, Sehun.  I’ll get going, have a great day, (Y/N).”

“You too, Suho,” Suho left the room.  Sehun grabbed my hand and started leading me towards his office.  

“Chanyeol, (Y/N) and I are going to be busy for a bit so please don’t disturb me with anything unless it’s very important.  And by important I mean, one of my parents died,” Sehun said nonchalantly.  

“Yes sir,” I turned to see Chanyeol standing with disgust written all over his face.  I didn’t understand why he was making that face, what was going on.

Sehun pulled me into his office and closed the door behind me, my eyes widened.  “Don’t get the wrong idea, we don’t have to have sex until you want to or are ready to.  But I think we should talk about kids..  We are a power couple, obviously, that is why our parents put us together.  But.. I understand if you don’t want them because you don’t love me.  We don’t have to.. If you don’t want to. Like.. Sex isn’t a issue and you know, I don’t have to have sex all the time, or anything.”  He was completely different than the man that was in meeting.  He wasn’t in control or manipulating, he was honest, sweet, and genuine.  It was super cute.

I laughed, “well, it’s exactly what you said.  We are a power couple.  Our companies need each other and for us to have children, it would be great for us.  Our children would be strong and are the future to both companies.  I want children.. With you.”

“Do you want kids with me because of business or because of me?” Sehun’s voice was low and soft.  

“Honestly.. I don’t know. I don’t know what I’m feeling towards you right now.  I think.. It’s because of you. I think I want you but I’m not sure.  But I know that I want kids and we should probably start before we get too much older,” I started taking off my heels, all of a sudden I felt heat start to build in my core.  I was ready for this.  It had been 2 years since I had an intimate relationship with anyone, 2 years since Chanyeol..  

“What are you doing? Wait, no, no! We can’t,” Sehun rushed to stop me from pulling off my dress.

“Why? What’s wrong? Do you not want to?” I looked up at him in confusion.  

“What? Of course I want to, god I want to.. But I want it to be special? I don’t think I want our first time to just be in my office, no matter how hot that would be to see you bent over my des-,” he let out a breathe.  “Let me just make it super special, okay? You deserve meaningful love making, not a quick fuck. I’ll give you that.” He smiled brightly at me.

I blushed and my heart started to beat fast, I walked up to him and wrapped my arms around his neck, burying my head into his chest.  “Thank you, Sehun.  It means so much to me.”  He wrapped his arms around my waist and I felt more of the cold barricade around my heart start to melt.

“You’re probably starving after that long meeting, right?” I nodded my head, “alright, let’s go out for lunch.  I know the perfect place.”  He led me out and I didn’t turn my head to look back at Chanyeol.  Chanyeol, I need to fall out of love with you, I need to love Sehun.. Please leave me alone, I prayed inside of my head.  

Chanyeol POV:

I watched her, the love of my life, leave out of the building hand in hand with that arrogant boss of mine Sehun. Why did he get to have her? Oh right.  He has money and I’m just an assistant.  I let out a growl and I brought my phone out of my pocket.  

I dialed a number and it rang twice before a voice answered, “what do you need, Chanyeol?”

“Nice to talk to you too, Kai.  Listen, do you and Kyungsoo still plant shit on people?”  

I heard a deep chuckle, “What do you need done, Chanyeol? Give me a name and a place and I can put the gun and drugs in.”

“No I don’t need that kind of plant.  But could you get ahold of women’s underwear? Like a thong?” I bit his lip.  It was a bit of an odd request but I’m sure Kai and Kyungsoo would do it for the right price.

“Thong? Are you planning on ruining someone’s relationship? This is great, I’ve never been hired for this kind of job before.”

“How much do you need?” I said in a low voice.

“For you, Chanyeolie, it’s for free.  Text me the information and consider it done.”  And Kai hung up.  I smirked, Sehun..  Oh, Sehun, enjoy the storm coming your way, and (Y/N) you will be mine, again.

After much demand, it’s finally here! Thank you so much for reading, it means the world to me.  So, who wants a part three?

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imperatorblake said: sorry to keep commenting omg but Bob is half Filipino. if the anon hasn’t noticed, he has been darker than a lot of characters for the entire series- by, ya know, him NATURALLY being darker. the tan Marie had was HARDLY noticeable and had to be natural from summer. the problem with Eliza’s “tan” is that it’s a conscious attempt to make her darker than she is- yes she has been outside (presumingly) on her own but she is clearly pictured as a “grounder”. the grounder’s aesthetic proudly appropriates many cultures- in turn mimicking many poc and their cultures. her tan is an attempt to make her appear darker, more grounder-like, and more ethnic. plus they fucking gave her dreads. like HELLO. end of story.

Exactly???? Idk maybe they need a visual

so like I said in this post, bob has to be noticeably darker than eliza in the show for the tanned logic to work