One Week Before (Fancy a Roll in the Hay? sequel) - Part 2

Here it is. The second part as promised! I hope you guys like this as much as FARITH. I am working super hard on it. Enjoy! :)

Part 1
Part 2

“Wait wait Steve wait!” You cry, before he can hang up.

“What?” He replies, sounding worried.

“What are we talking here like a working week? Five days or like a technical seven day week?”

“I don’t fucking know I was told a week!” Steve cries in exasperation.

“Well I need to know Steve there’s a big difference between them!”

“Ok hang on.” He mutters and you hear the sound of footsteps, along with Steve grumbling under his breath. You keep the phone pressed against your ear, listening hard to the mumbled voices on the other end.


“Seven days.”

“Superb. Thank doll.” You say, grinning.

“Whatever.” And he hangs up.

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anonymous asked:

so wait, what you're saying that, if hypothetically an 11-year-old kid got sorted into slytherin, and decided to love the house they were in for things other than salazar slytherin and his discriminating views, they would have to apologise for the crimes some slytherins did before that kid had even been born? what exactly is that kid apologising for? should sirius back apologise for what his family did to muggles? i may be taking this too seriously, but please just explain it to me.

They wouldn’t… have to apologize for that? But like, they’d have to be aware of that position? And recognize their house’s place in history rather than deny that history all together? Or pretend that that history doesn’t exist, or that history has been exaggerated? And well, if someone brings it up in a conversation and says ‘here are my problems with slytherin’, rather than deny or obfuscate, to listen.

Like okay, I’m not expecting an eleven year old to bear all of that burden or come out perfectly educated but like, if they actively decided to love the house for all the things it is besides Salazar Slytherin (which I assume means they recognized his shitheadedness) then I would also expect them to not want to pretend that Slytherin has a spotlessly clean history in HPverse. You know?

It also extends to Sirius Black, yes, who bc of his family upbringing does things like demand James entertain him (which results in That OoTP chapter) and then deciding that giving Snape enough clues to find Remus in werewolf form is a great lark/trick/whatever (like that’s how he thinks about it years later) which like obviously in part stems from some subconscious part of him that thinks of Remus-the-werewolf as very different and more disposable than Remus-the-boy. We’re really not going to pretend that Sirius never rode roughshod over people’s feelings or that he was one-hundred per cent perfect or that he never had to disavow his family I MEAN DEAR GOD, he spends all his time in OoTP doing just that - distancing himself from his family and what they believed because those were not his beliefs. That is literally canon.

Slytherin, in HPverse, has been a house that’s been at the epicentre of muggleborn persecution - presumably even more so after the establishment of the Statute of Secrecy when being a ‘pureblood’ & hating muggles was a political statement & therefore being in Slytherin & endorsing its founder’s views would have been one way of symbolizing that political statement - which resulted in, y’know, at least two wizarding wars in which a lot of people were hurt and died. I really don’t get what’s so contradictory about the idea that someone in this house would have to acknowledge this house’s history and when someone like say, Hermione Granger says ‘a  lot of the people who persecuted people like me came from your house’, you don’t say ‘well I’m not like that’ because that’s basically the HPverse equivalent of saying #notallwhitepeople or #notallmen.

It literally does not imply that they were guilty, but that a) they’re self aware enough to accept this and b) that the apology being offered when someone raises this issue is less about them ‘apologizing’ so much as them affirming someone else’s pain/accepting that there is a fraught and painful history down there that cannot be solved, but they do not mean to continue down the path that was set out before.


That’s literally it.

I mean in real world terms, it’s like this: I would have really liked David Cameron to have fucking apologized for colonialism because you know, at least it’s on the table that at last Britain officially recognizes that colonialism was a shitty thing and they should not have done it. At last, you know, the reality of my country struggling with the fallout of colonialism nearly seventy years after independence, is recognized and validated instead of getting a piffling ‘well colonialism did some good, there were just a few bad things here and there and we are sorry it happened’. That’s not affirming at all, it’s basically people telling you “you’re reading too much into this shit shut up and fucking move on”. It’s an annoying & hurtful thing to be confronted with.

It’s the same damn principle here. 

I’m sorry if this is harsh but this really just rubbed me up the wrong way.

unexplainedentity asked:

I can't wait for your Dragon Bucky and Nymph Steve fic to drop!! Since you mentioned dragons are shapeshifters, please consider this: Bucky having scales that magically appear and showing more dragon traits when he's riled up (besides his eyes)

This is definitely a possibility tbh. I imagine that Bucky has some great control over his shift, too, so he might do it on purpose sometimes. :P

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Do you know of anyone with a mystery illness? I've been sick for a little over three years now and doctors have basically given up on what could be causing my pain and I've just been feel very alone lastly. I was just curious if you knew of someone or a blog I could read that would help me not feel as alone. Thanks <3

I’m sorry, but I don’t, a lot of us have been in your situation, people have waited 5, 10, 20 years for a diagnosis. Hopefully someone will reply to this, and I’ve got my fingers crossed that you get answers soon, I’m sending you extra spoons

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I'd love nothing better then to watch you drown in your own hate. If you hate on someone we love, then bitch, you better believe that we will not stay quiet. So stop acting all innocent, when you know you aren't, you wanted attention, well now you got it honey boo boo. Can't wait for your reply because I know it's gonna be one of those "idc. What did I do to you?" responses" ha, well I have a reply honey. You messed with the wrong person.

i cant beliebe THE gavin macintosh sent me an anon on tumblr dot com

Well, I tried. My inbox is too powerful. It has defeated me. I surrender. 



With huge mountains of thanks to Notpotable for editing the chapter ahead of time and being a wonderful person all round. THANK YOU.

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Hey Ven, do you have any advice for someone having a bad day like me?

Just remember that there’s always new friends to make if your old ones aren’t there for you at the time, and that bonds forged are hard to break. 


ooc: if you, or anyone, ever needs to vent to someone, you can contact me here (add a note saying private message or not!) or on my main blog, where I’ll be happy to help you as best i’m able!

[ seb-kyle ]

You should come round today. There’s half a cheesecake in my fridge I need help eating. 

Caleb stares down at his phone for a moment before he huffs a sigh, tossing it onto his messily made bed. He’d sent that text to Sebastian as a casual sort of invitation, hoping to hang out with him again. Despite Seb’s prickly defences, Caleb did quite like the guy. He was funny, pleasant in his own special way. 

To distract himself from waiting for a reply Caleb sheds his towel, moving to dress in some clean clothes after his post-workout shower. Once dressed he pads out to his garden, intent on doing some watering and maybe some weeding to stop himself from wondering if Sebastian would turn up. He doesn’t expect a reply from Sebastian, but he shoves his phone in his back pocket before heading out. 

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Hi, are you willing to do promotion for our store? You can earn some money or get free clothes in return. If so, please reply your email address to us, so that we can send more details to you. waiting for your reply. - Marketing staff Irene

I’m open to the idea of promotions, but no thank you. I do appreciate the offer, however.

topistopineverything replied to your post “I hope tabi wears his pjs for his live broadcast”

OMG… I bet he does. They’ll be no snap backs though!! He’ll chug a bottle of wine… Beg Jiyong’s forgiveness and call him a bastard… Call the audience fools and then pass out!!

Hahaha no snapbacks!!  He’ll wear tom ford pajamas and go through his numbered wine collection.  Jiyong will call him to yell at him for drinking before he begs for forgiveness and passes out.  And he will start sleep talking…and all he will say is “you…you liiiiike????” over and over again until the live broadcast ends.  

frizzynightshift replied to your post:im just waiting right now for the update to hit…
(I did add you to my skype.. though have you tried the google hangouts? Its a bit less clunky and even lets you do in browser chatting)

im just upset because so many people are leaving and really this update isnt as horrible as we all thought. UGLY AND NOT NEEDED yes but rping is still 100% possible and really no different from the last update.

Maybe one day,
you and i will be walking together hand in hand, under the knitted of tall tree twigs.
Sun beam sneaks through the leaves.
Our steps creak over the fallen leaves and broken small branches.
Between the crackling sounds, we occasionally exchange glances.
Speaking in silence, throwing each other words with eyes.

Untill one my glance says,
“It’s been along time i waited for moment like this, i almost gave up waiting for you. But anyway if i had to wait a thousand more years, you’re too wonderful to miss. I would be ready to wait.”

Yours replies
“Don’t ask me why i made you wait for so long and made you feel unwanted, i myself keep asking why would i be here with you. I should’ve deliberated longer.”

Mine speaks
“Just hope you are here because you are comfortable and happy. Otherwise, you can change your decision anytime. With one condition, you must become happier with your new decision.

Yours laughs
"Hahaha, i am actually still wondering, but so far, i can’t be happier than now. Got to admit it.”

My glance falls silent. I stop walking. You stop beside me. We look at each other. I move closer. The only sound that is heard is the insects.

I speak with my mouth.
“I don’t care whom you will finally live and spend the rest of your life with. I don’t care who your true love will be and amuses you to infinity. I’ve loved you before you let me hold this hand, i love you now that you let me to, and i will love you when someone else will hold this hand. That simple friend. Only one condition, you must he happy.”

You move closer and our lips meet. I stop and tilt my head, looking at you. You look at me back with questioning face. I just smile and kiss your forehead.