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Title: And We All Fall Down, Chapter 2

(Chapter 1 here)

Summary: Cassian and Jyn are forced to share hotel rooms as they travel the world on the promotional tour of their movie.

Story based on this moodboard by the lovely @operaticspacetrash

AO3/1895 words

Jyn thought she could put up with Cassian, until she found out the studio would not be paying for separate rooms for the two of them on the press tour.

“This is a terrible idea,” she said to Bodhi over the phone, when he broke the news to her. He would not want to give her such news in person.

“It’s much too late for that thought now.”

“I’m positive I had that thought before I agreed to this,” said Jyn, throwing stuff in her suitcase. Her assistant was going to come along and tell her she hadn’t packed correctly, but Jyn didn’t care.

“You agreed to it anyway.”

“I don’t think I should forgive him yet. You know, Beyonce had her sister beat up Jay-Z in an elevator.”

“You don’t have a sister.”

“I have you.”

“I am not beating up Cassian in an elevator.”

“I’m finding a new agent.”

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When your best friend tells him that he will “get you back”

Jokingly say “take her” and tease you about it, picking up on silly things you do that “annoys” them like hogging the duvet when it’s cold or having the last biscuit idk… But as soon as they are gone, oh boyyyy. ROAST MODE ACTIVATED. - Seungkwan, Jeonghan, The8

Well…a relatively ‘calm’ (externally anyway) approach. He may see your bestfriend as a “threat” and social-media stalk his entire history calling up on the rest of SVT on paparazzi duty if they see you with him one on one and they don’t know, but (!) that’s a different story…. - S.Coups, Jun, Mingyu, Vernon

Not really the vocal type. Will give them a side eye, look at you, look back at your best friend and it will take them a while to exactly process everything. In their head they’ll have an internal dialogue consisting of “excuse me who do you think you are” , “we’ve been through x y and z together” , “but wait they are best friends crap.” He’ll gently place his hand on yours and will just smile politely… - Wonwoo, Woozi, Joshua? (but i mean + a random “good luck with that” jingle and random clicky dance..)

Omg this pour soul - his expression would just drop immediately - no question. Once your bestfriend is gone, ,they will spend the rest of the day pouting and when you ask about it, they would stay silent and make up excuses until finally they gave and confessed: insecurities, how your bestfriend has so practically a nobel peace prize: they just can’t help but compare. - Dino, Hoshi DK



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Pregnancy Preference #16: Shopping for Baby

Harry: Harry and I decided that we should get some more clothing items for Hadden. We haven’t purchased any clothing articles, so figuring that the baby was due in three months, it was time to get him some clothing. We arrived at a small baby boutique in central London, the lot crowded with girls. Harry helped me through the crowd of screaming girls and into the shop. The girl at the cash out counter was in a daze as Harry Styles walked into her workplace. We proceeded to the clothing section of the shop, the isle filled with footie pajamas and socks designed as shoes. Harry couldn’t decide which outfits he wanted so he bought almost one of everything for little boys. “I think Hadden won’t have to buy clothes for a long while.” He giggled.

Niall: There was nothing more exciting to Niall than buying matching football kits for the twins. He had placed orders for the smallest pairs of jerseys that the Derby County website offered. Declan and Una were ready for their first match, even though they were yet to be born. Although Niall got his wish of the Derby gear, I still want to contribute to the collection with official Chelsea and Manchester United kits. “Babe! They can’t wear that! The twins are bound to be as big of Derby fans as their daddy! Not some Premier League fans!” Niall shouted in a playful manner. He had taken me to one of the many World Soccer shops were they had baby sized Chelsea and Man U kits. “If I’m giving birth to them, hell yeah their going to wear this.” I smarted, and then returned to my shopping.

Liam: “Babe, Aiden has nothing to wear when he get here.” I sighed, looking at the empty wardrobe. Liam stood behind me, seeing the proof in my statement. The wardrobe was indeed empty. “Well, we should fix that. Let’s go!” He drove us into the busy streets of London until we came upon a children’s shop. The shop was decorated perfectly for a baby; soft, fabric frames hung on the wall. Everything was cozy and adorable. I made my way toward the clothing section of the shop, examining the clothing choices. Liam reached for footies, shirts and little pairs of shorts. I picked out some blankets, pacifiers, and socks. Anything I thought we didn’t have already for Aiden. The basket was filling up quickly from Liam and me not being able to choose just one thing we liked. Most of the little boy’s stuff was in our basket. “I think we fixed out problem.” I stated, looking at the basket that was close to over flowing. Liam chuckled. “I think your right.”

Louis: “What about the tutu shirt for Adeline?” Lou asked me, holding up a skirt that resembled a ballerina’s skirt. I giggled at the choice. “I love that one. What about this footie pajama?” I asked holding the blue footie. He smiled at the words printed on the material, Daddy’s Boy. At seven months, we decided to finally buy some clothes. The baby shower had provided us with nappies and blankets, some pieces of clothing. There was not even for when the twins would get here. Jay wanted some spare clothing at their home for when the twins stayed. Same with my mum, wanting to make sure that everyone had clothes for visits. “These kids are going to be the most stylish pair to ever be seen.” Louis laughed as he dropped in the skirt and a few bows. I nodded in agreement. Looks like Adeline will be a princess and Kian daddy’s favorite.

Zayn: I had decided that today is the day we start shopping for Aadila. She hasn’t got much in her nursery besides furniture. We waited seven months, Zayn and I agreed it was finally time to get her some stuff. “Z, hurry up!” I whined as he took is time getting out of the car. He acts like he’s the pregnant one, waddling around to irritate me. “What’s the rush, love?” He laughed, knowing that I wanted to go in and shop. Once we made it into the store, I ran to the little girl’s section of the store. I was so happy we were having a baby girl. I knew she would be a little princess, always wearing pretty bows and dresses. Zayn was up for anything I was, which was good and bad. I started to grab some bows and soft headbands while Zayn was taking in every outfit on the rack. He examined each piece closely, making sure it was perfect. If it wasn’t, it was tossed back on the rack. We had picked out the perfect wardrobe for our little girl.