Oh my god the fucking comments on that post re: HIV and the idea that it will no longer be a felony are so goddamn ignorant. I hate y'all sometimes I swear. Where…in any of the comments and the original post does it say that KNOWINGLY giving someone HIV/AIDS isn’t bad?

The point IS: The amount of people who KNOWINGLY give someone HIV/AIDS is WAY LESS than the fear-mongering you have been taught to believe. They JUST said that the laws were created during the height of hysteria. DATA SCIENCE is showing that people are LESS LIKELY to go get tested and treated (so that less transmission happens) if the laws CRIMINALIZE a positive diagnosis by threatening prison time. The idea of “wah scary HIV+ people are out here sentencing people to death on purpose” is DATED AND INCORRECT.

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I just wanted to tell you how much I love Pantheon. My fiancé and I have been making "I really want that box" jokes since the first concept art came out, and we've both re-read the book multiple times since I got it for Christmas two years ago. Thanks for making your art such a fun part of our lives!

aaah wah!! Thank you! That’s really touching!

I really hope I can do the sequel. I’ve begun planning it. Norse mythology is filled with some preeeeetty whacky stuff!

WOW! 50 whole comics. FIFTY. Lots of fun stuff has happen since I’ve started these. Thank you all for enjoying them and liking them. Thank the subreddit /r/waluigi for saying to go with it and continuing making these. ah, I’m just so glad we’ve made it to 50, and to 50 more hopefully! Cheers and wah to you all!


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Hey im new, can u tell me the jokes abt kirks Wah and 'the table and carrot 'jokes , and dav outta band and dude with no eyebrows? Ok luv u thx

SHORT REFERENCES HELP (useful if you’re new to this blog):

Kirk Wahmmett, Kirk and his love for wah, Kirk and wah 4 ever: Its because kirk hammett uses in almost every single one of his solos the wah pedal. that dude’s gotta be ill.

The table: aka james hetfield. as mentioned before, its all because of the song, the view, he says something that sounds like ‘’im the table’’ or maybe he says that, i dont remember, but yeah its because of that

Carrot: a.k.a Dave Mustaine. named carrot because of his vribrant, bright orange hair that resembles a healthy carrot’s color

Dav ur outta the band: refers to james hetfield saying that to dave when he kicked out of metallica. used as a phrase on memes to mock the situation or as running gag 

Dude with no eyebrows: dont you mean DUDE WITH SUPER HAIRY EYEBROWS??¿ : young Scott ian 


If you thank the Butterfly sincerely, you unlock too-adorable-to-handle-bashful-bug-mode!

Are you happy Anon? I whipped up some Ombre from Delicate Wings by @imthepunchlord and it’s ALL YOUR FAULT!!! LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY PERSON!!!

I even threw in some Black Plague

I think Ombre has mini panic attacks every time Ladybug is out on her own.

Vivian Wing-Wah Yam (b. 1963) is a Hong Kong chemist, and in 2001 became the youngest person to ever be elected as a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. She is also a Fullbright Scholar and a Fellow of the Academy of Sciences for the Developing World.

Her research mostly deals with light-emitting materials, and has enabled more efficient displays for devices such as laptops and mobile phones and therefore helping to reduce the planet’s power consumption. In 2011 she won the L’Oréal-UNESCO Award for Women in Science.


to buy the iwachan nendo to accompany my oiks one… or the others hmmMM

loljk too broke to get any of the new nendo /sobs/