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Don’t try to play the political game you cretins, vote for the candidate you actually want to win

Politics goes beyond “wah, I’m going to throw away my vote if I vote third party so I’m going to ‘strategically’ vote for the lesser of two evils.” THEY BANK ON THIS. You’re not playing smart and you don’t know shit about how politics works so you might as well not even try to game a gamed system and do what you want. 

If you knew how politics worked you’d’ve been able to predict Trump would be a serious candidate. But you didn’t. So swallow your pride, admit you don’t know shit, and vote third party if you want to. If you want to vote for Trump or Clinton, good on you and stay in your lane. 

Recently added: IdiotBox (@idiotboxeffects) WHORES. Fuzz Freq
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some random ass dude just msged me and normally i wldnt reply this much but now hes talking about psychology n im just like hhOOO BOY youre in for a treat i can tlk abt this shit for years thanks lad

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Would you like to read what I am write right now? XP (I am trying to plot words and remember cannon and need something to do other than playing little alchemy)

I would love to, but I have midterms tomorrow and I gotta study (read: stare at my textbook for the rest of the night and not have multiple sobby-wah-wah anxiety attacks because HOOO IS FAILURE IMMINENT? I DUNNO BUT IT’S POSSIBLE, I’VE DONE IT BEFORE. AHAAAAAA GIVE UP BUTTON. WHERE IS THE GIVE UP BUTTON?).

Save something for me to look at later though, yeah?

Two other pedals I’m always trying to fit on my board are my trust @ehx Micro POG and @zvexeffects Ooh~Wah II. Truly, that Micro POG is one of my staples, and although there are fancier models out there, I really love the simplicity of the thing. The low octave really sounds good and round, too; with it I can capably reproduce my favorite Sigur Rós bass sounds. This is placed just after the Keeley compressor side of the Steak & Eggs in the previous post. The Ooh~Wah is one that I bought at the same time as the Fuzz Factory I shared earlier. I absolutely love the weirdness of this effect, and while I don’t step on it terribly often, it’s a great tool for texture, especially with the Random setting. I fantasized about owning one for like a whole year before I could finally afford both pedals back in ‘08. @austin.fitz was there, he can tell you.

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Do Wah Diddy Part 1

Okay so one of my favorite songs is “Do Wah Diddy” by Peach Kelli Pop and the lyrics are so perfect for Warren, so here’s a song fic. I’m planning on this being a multiple chapter/part fic, and each chapter being based around the vibe/lyrics of a song. Each song will have a 50s/60s kinda feel. When I finish the fic I’ll post a playlist. 

You are so cool
Will you pick me up after school
Will you hold me tight
Will you be with me tonight
We met at the fry shack
You were wearing all black
My favorite color’s pink
What will you think
When you meet my mom
When you meet my cat
Will you still love me when I get fat

PAIRINGS: Warren x Reader

WARNINGS: none just fluffffffff

It was your second day at the Mansion, and things were going pretty well. You already made friends with your roommate Jean, and she introduced your to some of her other friends, Ororo and Jubilee. You were awkward and shy, but they made you feel at home. 

“Wanna go to the fry shack after class?” said Jubilee smiling.

“It’s our go to stop after school. Mostly cause Ororo could drink a bucket of their milkshakes.” said Jean, smiling at you. 

Ororo shoved Jean’s shoulder and laughed. You couldn’t believe that you had only been here for 48 hours and already made the sweetest friends. 

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"Wait! What are yo-"

Send ‘Wait! What are yo-’ for my muse to straight up kiss your muse//Accepting

As usual, Harley couldn’t keep herself away from him, no matter how hard she attempted to restrain her urges. She knew she was going to get reprimanded for this. She knew, from experience, that interrupting his work was a big fat no-no. She knew she’d regret this like hell later, but right now her inhibitions had taken a vacation. 

Pushing him out of his chair and onto the floor, Harley leapt on top of him, pressing down on his chest to keep him still while her lips slammed into his. She stayed there, kissing him like she hadn’t seen him in years, subduing any sound of protest with her own sighs. It took her a full minute to come to her senses, pulling away from him with a big “mmmm-WAH!”

Breathing hard, she crawled off him slowly and awkwardly, bracing herself. “I-uh…” She stuttered, flushing. “H-how’s yer night?”

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Wait, what was that joke??? That "Wah Gwan" thing??? I'm so lost?

omg. hes trying to impress the girl by talking with a cruzan/jamaican accent but hes white

hes Trying to say “wha g'waan”/“wha go on”/“whats going on” the greeting but he said it wrong

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Wah thanks for the kind words, but I actually just reprint the art with permission (unless you mean my GIFs and other edits)…still it warms my heart greatly that you’re enjoying what I share XDDDD.  I do encourage you to tell those artists on Pixiv, Twitter, etc. as well that you think they’re amazing directly!  I know they’d love to hear from fans across platforms and around the world XD.