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Dance For Me. ::Wade Barrett Smut::

Pairing: Reader x Wade Barrett

Word Count: 2,669

Warnings: Smut. Some swearing.

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I’m not going to even pretend that there is a plot to this. It’s pretty much just plain smut. Enjoy.

Also, I highly recommend listening to I Just Wanna Make Love To You by Etta James, the song mentioned in this one-shot.

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“Wade” I called out as I arrived home, dropping my purse on the coffee table. Listening intently, I could hear the sound of the shower running. Knowing that he would never hear me over the water, I stopped calling out for him.

I had just come home after an amazing time of going out for dinner with the girls. It had been a long evening, but I was perhaps a tiny bit tipsy and in no mood for the evening to end quite yet. Unfortunately, responsibilities took priority and most of my friends either had children to return home to, or were due early starts at work the next morning. I was the lucky one, in that I had the whole week booked off work, in keeping with Wade’s busy schedule.

Switching the radio on, I let the music soothe over me, making sure that the sound was quiet enough not to disturb the neighbours at this late hour. The melodic crooning voice of Etta James could be heard as the song I Just Want To Make Love To You began to play. Slipping away in my own world, I began to let my body sway to the beat, my hands twirling above my head. I hummed along under my breath. Teasing myself with my own imagination as I let my mind wander and think about the one person I wanted to be making love to right now, Etta’s incredible voice and talent pulling me into my own little world.

Spinning around once more, Wade came into my vision, bringing me to an abrupt stop. He was leaned nonchalantly against the door frame, his hair still wet from the shower and wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. He chuckled at my expression, pushing himself off from wall and approaching me in his characteristic steady gait.

“Now, now. Don’t stop on my account” he teased, tone ever cheeky.

“Wade!” I scolded, though for what, I wasn’t actually too sure and my voice more playful than anything else. I ran my fingers up his arms and over his tattoos, but his hands caught my wrists before I could get too far, using them to spin me around and away from him. I gasped in surprise at the sudden movement, feeling his hands fall to my hips.

“I said that you didn’t have to stop” he continued, the teasing tone in his voice now taking on a more seductive quality. I couldn’t help but grin to myself but I hid it from him, instead focusing back on the music playing. His hands did nothing more but rest gently on the top of my hips, following their movements as I began to dance once again. I let my eyes full shut, allowing my anticipation to grow. Wade was stood slightly back, allowing some space between our bodies and I could feel his gaze watching me, taking in the way the skirt of my dress delicately brushed against my thighs with every dip of my hips.

I felt his hands tighten their grip on my hips as he finally closed the distance between us, could feel the material of his towel rubbing over the backs of my legs. I continued to sway my hips, letting my ass brush teasingly past his crotch. Wade didn’t have much patience for my teasing though, choosing to wrap his arms around my stomach, pulling me right back into him. I bit back a moan at the familiar hardness pressing up against me.

His tight hold on me, left little room for me to continue dancing, but there was little reason to carry on with that pretense anyway. Instead I purposely grinded my hips back against him, my hands falling to rest atop his arms, so I could feel the muscles tense every time I pressed back into him.

“Fuck. I’m one lucky bastard” he rasped and a shy smile formed on my face as I took in his words. Being so much taller, it afforded Wade the perfect chance to observe my expression and his face fell to my neck, pressing his lips softly to my skin.

“I mean it” he murmured. I sighed happily, continuing to move my hips against his, enjoying the sensation of him growing harder against me.

“Love you, Wade” I told him, beginning to feel my own body begin to react, feeling myself growing steadily hotter.

“Love you too, sweetheart. You have absolutely no idea” he returned, his lips still focused on my neck, soft kisses that left me trembling in his arms. I felt him reach for the clip holding my hair up, releasing the strands in one smooth movement, the decorative hair piece clattering to the floor as he dropped it. His hand fisted in my now loose hair, bending me to his will, as his neck kisses began to roughen, slowly transforming into gentle nips and bites.

“You looked so bloody beautiful tonight” he mumbled against my skin, temporarily pausing in his current actions. His tongue played over my sensitive skin, soothing the hot, burning marks that he had just left behind.

“The way you looked at me tonight. When you first saw me? I was tempted to back out on girl’s night. Feign sickness” I gasped out. I felt him let out a large, deep breath against my skin, his hand moving to rest on my thigh, playing with the hem of my dress.

“Well, you’re here now aren’t you?” he pointed out, his hand this time drifting under my dress and squeezing my thigh firmly. I moaned, suddenly feeling incredibly flushed, the heat crawling just under my skin. His hand drifted even further up, stroking over the seam of my panties, my wetness only growing at the nearness of his fingers.

“So what do you say, baby girl?” Wade asked and I could feel him smirking against the back of my neck, gently tugging at my hair once more prompting me to answer him back.

“Mmm-hmm. Wade, yes” I whimpered, his fingers pressing harder in between my legs. My hips  bucked inadvertently and I heard him let out a hiss as I pressed back against his hard cock, his towel proving not to be that much of a barrier between us.

I let out a moan of frustration as his hand slipped away from me, my hands clenching into fists at the loss. Nimble fingers reached for the end of one ribbon, that could be traced up to the knot by my waist securing my wrap around dress. One smooth, tugging motion and the knot unravelled, my dress opening, the material falling to either side of my body. Wade ran his hands over my exposed front, rough fingers catching on my bra, half pulling the cups down. I moaned as his hands explored my body, coming to a rest back on my hips.

“Dance for me again” he instructed, punctuating his words with a quick nip to my bare shoulder, before beginning to suck a mark onto my skin. I started to move against him once more, my hips swaying to the sultry beat of the music. His strong hands were firm on my hips, beginning to dictate my movements, occasionally pulling me back firmly into his bulge. His breaths were coming out harsh against my hairline, his head resting on top of mine.

I eventually stopped dancing, indulging myself in the sensation of him rutting against me, my breathing becoming increasingly disordered and chaotic. One of his hands reached for my hair, fisting it into a ponytail and using it to pull my head back to kiss me. His lips moved over mine harsh and passionate, his other hand slipping down my front and into my panties. An immediate moan left my mouth and Wade chuckled at my reaction.

“You like it when I touch you like this?” he asked, his hand moving further down to gather my wetness on his fingertips, smearing it up to my clit as he traced almost, lazy half-circles across my aching bud. My hand latched onto his wrist, trying to vainly to press his fingers harder against me, my hips twitching as he continued his almost, torturous actions. I pressed back into him, rubbing myself against his hardness, determined not to let him have everything his way. He groaned lowly, the sound almost morphing into a growl, his hand tugging sharply at my hair in warning. I still considered it a win though, his fingers moving faster against my sensitive nerves, pressing firmer and he continued to thrust up against me, Wade snapping his hips as if he was already inside me.

“That’s a good girl, grind against my fingers” he growled lowly into my ear, my hips stuttering slightly under the intensity, reaching my hand back and gripping tightly onto the edge of the towel he still had wrapped around his waist, looking for something, anything to desperately hold on to.

“Wade,” I moaned as I approached my end, not able to hold my release back for much longer, my legs becoming increasingly shaky and unstable. “Wade, couch. I’m not going to…. You keep going like this… I’m.. I’m not going to be able to stand for much longer”.

“Don’t you worry, sweetheart. I’ve got hold of you” he replied, his grip on me tightening in preparation.

I let go of my hold on his towel, finally realising that I had been tugging too hard in the throes of my pleasure and it had come undone, my hand the only thing keeping it up. The material dropped to the floor as I unclenched my hand and I could feel him pressing up against me even more. His cock was ready, hard and hot. It almost felt as though he was burning a hole through the back of my dress. His obvious arousal only served to further mine and I came with a loud cry, my orgasm causing me to collapse in Wade’s arms, his body the only thing keeping me on my feet. His laughter was smug when I heard it, my boyfriend obviously very happy with himself.

“Hmm, maybe next time I’ll get you to ride my face. Would you like that?” he mused out loud. I still hadn’t fully recovered, but I could stand on my own two feet now and I spun around to face him. My hand wrapped around his cock, deliberately rubbing over him slowly.

“Promises, promises” I whispered, using my teasing to disguise the effect his words were able to have on me, despite the fact I had only just come. Wade uttered a low ‘Fuck’ at my hand movements, his head falling forward slightly. Despite this, he still had enough self control left to mutter the next words to me. His hand still tangled in my hair, using it to pull my ear to his mouth as he spoke. “You know me, sweetheart. I never make promises I don’t intend to keep”.

I whimpered at the words, despite trying my best to hold in. Trust Wade to have the control, even when I had my hand wrapped around his cock. I sped up the pace of my hand, hoping at the very least to pull another loud moan from him. Not able to reach his neck at my current height, I settled with pressing my lips to the centre of his chest. Every time that I nipped at his skin, leaving behind fresh, red marks, I circled my thumb purposely slowly around the head of his cock.

“Fuck,” groaned Wade. “Can’t decide if I want your mouth on me or if I want to be fucking you already”.

“Dealer’s choice” I teased, between kisses and amidst his groans, I could hear him chuckle lowly.

“I hate to tell you this sweetheart, but you would make a shit poker player. I’ve seen your poker face” he gasped, having to pause several times during the sentence, my hand beginning to speed up. His hand covered mine, pulling me away from his cock.

“And baby girl, definitely decided what I want now. So you had better lay back down on that couch for me” he murmured warningly, his grip finally disappearing from my hair so I could move away.

Laying back on the couch, Wade was quick to kneel by my side, slowly easing my panties down my legs and I knew that the material must have felt damp between his fingertips. Kneeling above me, he wrapped my legs around his waist, before pressing his body down on top of mine. Literally everything was a tight fit, the couch really too small for this, but neither of us had the patience to move to the bedroom.

“Fuck. I’ve been thinking about this ever since I first saw you all dolled up. Not even jerking off in the shower helped” he grumbled, hands running almost reverently over my skin.

“So that’s what you were doing in th…..” I began, my voice cutting off as I felt him thrust inside of the me, my last word morphing into a moan. I whined his name, not even knowing what I was asking for. I just wanted more of him. I tightened my legs around his hips, hoping he would get the message.

“Tell me, sweetheart. Were you thinking about me too when you were out with the girls? All of them catching up, not realising how wet you were getting in between your thighs, because you were too busy thinking about me?” he groaned, his hips moving in deep, distinct movements as he rocked into me. I was shaking under him, feeling as though I was burning as his erotic words washed over me.

“Always one with the dirty talk…. Wade, no. Please don’t stop” I began to say, my words swiftly changing into a different direction as I felt him purposely slow down the pace.

“You love my dirty words” he pointed out, his thrusts continuing to be slow for the next half a minute, making me yelp in pleasure when he suddenly thrusted into me roughly, his pace increasing dramatically.

My fingers scratched down his back, enjoying the groan it produced from him and also knowing that he liked to wear my marks with pride. ‘Let everyone see just how good I make you feel’ he had once told me and with a rather smug grin at that.

“You going to come for me, baby girl? Don’t try to deny it, I know you far too well” Wade groaned, his fingers already sliding down to my clit, working me over once more. I nodded frantically in response.

“But want you to come with me” I whined, attempting to regain some measure of self control. Wade pulled back slightly to watch me, a smirk forming on his face.

“Fuck, sweetheart. Don’t you worry about that. You feel far too good for me to hold myself back,” he told me, leaning back down to whisper erotically in my ear. “Come for me, baby girl”.

I seemed unable to disobey his orders, my back arching tightly under him, biting down on his shoulder to stifle my moans. Wade was quick to pull me away from his skin, wanting to hear me cry his name. Mere seconds later, he heard me yell his name as my orgasm hit.

“Wade” I called, wanting to feel him reach his release as well. He thrusted harder several times, the couch cushions being knocked to the floor in the process. He chanted my name several times as he came, each time my name coming out weaker and weaker.

I was laughing to myself as we laid there for a moment, Wade lifting his head up from my chest, to look at me in amusement.

“Having fun there?” he asked rhetorically,  before reaching down for one of the knocked off cushions and placing it sweetly under my neck, both of us content to just stay there for a moment, holding one another close.