rednightmare’s fic recs: World of Darkness edition

I spend most of my fandom time writing fics these days – today, I want to give some love out to my fellow writers, focusing on writers who deserve much more love than they get! Please read and shower some thanks upon these folks. While this list doesn’t include every great fic I’ve read (or it would be dissertation-length), it’s populated by those that have touched, impressed, shaken, or inspired me over the years and across universes.

This list isn’t for new or already super-popular fics; it’s for those long-term and/or time-lost excellent stories that could use some more recognition and applause. Some of these fics may be active, on hiatus, completed, or dead. All are worth reading and reviewing.

Who the hell am I to be reccing anyone, anyway?: Oh! I go by rednightmare and I am predominantly active in the Bloodlines fandom. You can yell at me/high-five me on AO3 or FF.net.

LIST IS SUBJECT TO PERIODIC UPDATES. (Can’t read ‘em all in a day, yeah? Sorry to anybody whose great fics I missed!)


A Place of Safety
by somethinguntraceable
Bloodlines. Second-Person, Internal Monologue, Canon-Adhering
Old and still beautiful, like finding a treasure hidden in a humble antique shop. If you read one piece of VTMB meta-fic, let it be this one.
Excerpt: In the end, LaCroix’s Sarcophagus is empty. It has always been empty, but that doesn’t really matter.

Saving Graces
by Claqueur
Basics: Bloodlines. Character Study (Grout)
Commentary: A tantalizing, spiraling, florid and eerie glimpse into the mind of Alistair Grout on his final night of existence. Lovely and haunting imagery.
Excerpt: It had been spring, when he had first met her, at some New England garden party, which could not be avoided, for reasons he did not quite remember anymore. Maybe he had thought he needed to be social now and then, in order not to turn into the caricature of an ivory-tower scientist. As was to be expected, he had had a dismal time.

The Wolves Eat Well This Year
by TobyKikami
Basics: Werewolf. Original Characters, Historical Fiction
Commentary: Sparse, brutal, symbol-heavy prose. Violence and vulnerability. This fic artfully captures with elegance and wise moderation the horror emotion I think World of Darkness tales are supposed to be about.
Excerpt: His hands bare, still sticky. On his knees, snow crunching beneath him. The wind, through the trees, slicing him to the bone. The wolves howling. If only he had a wolf’s pelt.

Overhead, a bird circling among the trees. He stumbled after it.

Childe of Passion
by StarGazers
Pre-Bloodlines. Historical Fiction, Character Origin Story/Backstory
Neonates, ya’ll probably know how I feel about romantic LaCroix x OC (spoiler: hell to the nope), so the fact I am reccing this hist-fic despite its heavily romantic orientation speaks for the quality of the research. There are some really lovely and accurate descriptions of place. If you’re into historical fiction (complete with the languages, prejudices, and technological revolutions of the time) or historical Clan Ventrue politicking, you’ll find plenty to interest you.
Excerpt: It was akin to a hell she imagined some dreams went when they died; a laborious, boring torture against her refined senses and educated mind; a Jultagi tight-rope-walk, strappado pull and pit-and-pendulum swing between the poles of utter rage and frightened submission. The student-servant dance was a paranoia ignition…

Angeltown Saints
by Aladar
Basics: Post-Bloodlines, Canon Continuation, Multi-POV, Multi-OC
Commentary: Strauss has never gotten enough love in this fandom. This fic sets out to rectify that, and does so in a refreshingly human deep-third-person POV. Dialogue is revealing and excellent.  
Excerpt: “Such a clichéd line,” said Connor and shook his head. “All you’re missing is a fluffy feline to stroke menacingly while you concoct your devious schemes.”

“Your humor is not appreciated, Mr. Blake,” dryly answered the Regent.

Marcus Gaudry’s VTMB: 10 Years Later Series
by Marcus Gaudry
Basics: Post-Bloodlines, Canon Continuation, Linked Series, Multi-POV
Commentary: If anyone has gone above and beyond in terms of sheer volume of stories written, it’s Marcus Gaudry. I’ve just started working my way through Marcus’s many VTMB stories, but the writer’s strengths stretch across all I’ve seen: intricate plots, well-planned canon character involvement, and balanced incorporation of VtM lore.
Excerpt: “If there are any objections to my claim to Praxis of the City of Los Angeles, I invite you to speak now,” Therese said, holding her rifle like a staff.

Armando Nines Rodriguez

Rodriguez had to fend for himself from an early age. As a child in a near-starving family of nine, he quickly learned to hold down small jobs (many of them illicit) to aid his family. That did not save Rodriguez’ younger brother though, who died when the local doctor refused to look at the child unless the family paid him. Nor did it stop his father from being fired after decades of faithful employment, or his mother selling herself to the same employer so she could feed her family. When Rodriguez was Embraced, he finally had the power to fight back and has defended the downtrodden since.
Rodriguez is a rising star in the Anarch Free States and many Unbound look to him for leadership. He’s rumored to have been involved in the fall of the most recent nominal Camarilla Prince of L.A., LaCroix, aiding parties unknown in his destruction.

Beckett’s Jyhad Diary - The Anarch Freefall

Nines HC’s

so theres no hcs for vtmb and its a shame because most of the people who’ve played the game have so many great ideas about the characters! (if you have any post them because this fucking game owns my soul) ALSO the timeline in this is messed up so please forgive me!


  • Nines was the middle child out of two sisters, it was just them and their father. 
  • His father worked a lot so the Rodriguez family were hardly ever together but when they were they cherished every second of it.
  • By the age of 14 he already had a job, he lied about his age and started working at a brothel.. just collecting glasses and probably pick-pocketing from the drunks.
  • Nines loved his sisters but he definitely suffered from ‘middle child syndrome’
  • Before he was embraced Nines was quite the lothario (but not in a horrible way, he just liked to have fun) Nines was used to female company because of his sisters, he felt more comfortable around them.
  • Nines was embraced during a food riot (circa 1931) The brujahs were among the humans too. Nines was a victim of police brutality almost killing him but luckily one of the brujahs there noticed him rioting and saw the ‘fire’ burning in him and thats why the kindred turned him.
  • Nines was fairly happy at the thought of being a vampire but only after his father died he hated it, he was angry and upset. Then the Dust Bowl hit so he fled to California.

dude i’d kill for an open world HD remake of VTMB with an AAA budget and deeper character customisation n shit… I can’t think of a game that better deserves a second chance 

World of Darkness: The Documentary Teaser Trailer
1991 was a year that changed the world. The modern vampire myth would never be the same again. World of Darkness: The Documentary tells that story.

World of Darkness: The Documentary Teaser Trailer Coming in 2017. This is a production of a 2 part documentary series on the history and evolution of World of Darkness….