I’m going to present to you a theory that’s probably already been theorized, but with more evidence from s2: Earth is already being controlled by the Galra through the Garrison.

We know that aliens already know about Earth’s culture from the Space Mall episode. I mean, aliens quite literally abducted our cows… and had an Area 51 hat. And had video games. In a mall owned by the Galra. Look, I don’t know how alien economics works, but they have to have some type of fascination with Earth to be able to have a shop for it and aliens would actually have to know what all of those items were for said shop to be successful. Imagine an alien Earth fan club. That’s what this is.

And that brings me to Keith’s flashbacks, once in a nightmare…

and once while he was trying to the awaken the Blade of Marmora, where he was in his shack in Earth. 

In both, Keith is placed in a situation where he’s around marching Galra. In some shape or form, Keith witnessed a Galra invasion. I don’t think that that’s going to be the last time we see that image at all. It’s obviously related to Keith’s past, but the Voltron team decided to draw this scene into two different settings: one purely related to the Galra and one set in Earth. Keith has probably already witnessed an alien genocide and is probably about to witness one again. 

I mean, think about it. If you were Haggar or Prince Lotor or whoever, how would you keep Voltron from running if they’re all humans? How would you set the perfect trap that would definitely lure Voltron in?  

The next time we see Earth, it’s probably going to be under invasion by the Galra. There are two possibilities: (1) the Garrison will be on their side or (2) the Garrison will see this as an act of war. Under both situations, I doubt that the Garrison doesn’t know about the Galra and other alien races. And, honestly, I see more validity in option 1. 

Listen, throughout season one, we knew that the Garrison was hiding something. Pidge obviously knew that they knew something about her family, but she didn’t have enough time to figure out what it was. And that means that the Garrison had to have known that this wasn’t a normal mission. In normal circumstances, we wouldn’t have known what had happened and would have ruled it out as an unfortunate death. But they knew more than enough to rule out the cause of death as a pilot error. 

Zarkon literally said that there was no place on the universe where he couldn’t reach. While he may have meant that in a militaristic way, I think he meant it in a quite literal way. 

We already know that leaders can be corrupt, look at King Lubos. The creators of Voltron made sure to mention that just because you’re a leader, doesn’t mean you’re on the good side or that you would do anything and everything for the benefit of your people. 

And for the Garrison to be able to make a presence or for the Galra to even think about asking the Garrison, they must have some type of political control. Considering that they are one of the best schools for training space cadets, I don’t think that this is too far off. We’ve only seen the school aspect from our younger paladins. We haven’t seen the military aspect. Considering that we don’t know the actual politics of future Earth, we don’t know how screwed the government is. But I’d literally bet 100 bucks that it’s going to represent the mess we have right now if I had the money.

I just realized something

I’ve seen people complaining about season two because of the lack of female Galra but guys.

Remember the bathroom scene from the space mall episode?

Remember the bearded dish washer lady?

Remember Shay? That lovely alien girl with muscles and horns and an appearance that overall wasn’t traditionally feminine?

Maybe we’ve been wrong about this. Maybe we have been seeing Galra women but Galra women just don’t look like what we’d expect them to. Or maybe the Galra don’t even have women because Haggar was supposedly an Altean. Maybe the Galra are all unisex and Keith’s “mom” was an imposing looking purple cat man.


  • Voltron Writers: *sees Voltron fandom kink shaming furries* hmmm let's make them feel really guilty for kink shaming furries by turning them into furries
  • Other Voltron Writers: how on earth are we going to do that?
  • Voltron Writers: Four words... Thace and Galra! Keith
  • *voltron season two comes out*
  • Fandom: Oh my fucking god thace is so attractive wtf and so is Keith and both of them are galra
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • Fandom: Fuck... We're furries now

Lance had a LOT of moments in season 2 where Pidge would talk tech and Lance would say something like “English please?” Which I thought was wrong because him, Hunk, and Pidge ALL WENT TO THE GARRISON. Lance 100% should’ve known what Pidge was saying, and I think the show dumbed him down this season.