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taehyung murmuring the song and a smile nearly threatens to split his face in half when about a quarter of the way through the song, jungkook sings along to compliment their voices together and taehyung just sighs -- so, so, so happily -- and brings jungkook closer and nuzzles his nose lightly against jungkook's hair. i quit. i actually quit that imagery is too mUCH

ok a y imma have to give y ou your daily dose of Chill

Iron Paladin (PvP)

Honestly where I am from… Elsword in PvP is not a pretty sight. its filled with Diabolic Espers, and Crimson Avengers, Do you know what they have in common? 
They are completely capable of spamming, or their skills are too powerful that it can instakill anyone or they have the reach, the long range, they can kill anyone from afar 
Deadly Chasers and Tactical Troopers are capable of long reach too but the Iron Paladin… I see no way of countering long range. I play IP, he is my favorite my love but when it comes to PvP with Add, and the CrA (Crimson Avenger) theres just no hope for the guy. I dont know if Im doing something wrong or if Im really that dumb not to figure it out but I come here to say that Iron Paladin has the least capabilities to counter any long range especially if they are complete spammers. 

Iron Paladin… forgive me, I still love you, but theres got to be a way to counter it. Is there? 


Today’s PvP daily amused me, because these two are the first two characters I ever made after launch, and I intentionally tried to make them opposites of each other. Ailhad, the necromancer, is physically dark, inky black flesh and head leaves and all, but is probably one of the kindest souls you’ll ever meet. Tialha, the fiery elementalist, is all reds and golds and -looks- nice, and yet she is, for lack of a better word, a bitch.

Sorry, Ailhad, even if you get all the happy stories, it’s obvious who the winner is here. At least in PvP.