honestly i have no idea what to say ??????????????? i was so afraid of making this blog bc of the amount of scott mccalls there were to begin with but i just fell in love with this mccutie pie as soon as i saw him in the first episode & i was forced to make this blog basically by my friends. i was coming off of a rough time separating with another blog but then i found out how great this fandom is !!!!! sure its full of trash memes but i found a home here, thanks to a lot of ppl. this one is for u guys !!! i love u all ! thank u for accepting me & loving scott !!!! i cant wait to rp with more of u on here. that being said, im gonna get to the good part – the part where i slather u ppl with love. first shoutouts are going to the ultimate mccuties aka the trashiest ppl i have ever met. this list will be pretty short bc ive only connected very strongly w/ a few ppl. hopefully ill add more to it soon !

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Attention! Here is some official info on the FAN PROJECTS for One Direction’s Milwaukee show on August 25th! 

HERE you will find all the information you need on glow sticks and signs. You can even sign up for a meetup and/or volunteer to provide/distribute materials.

If you are unable to purchase any glow sticks, HERE is a possible alternative! 

All of this has been planned by @delaney1daf, @milwaukeeotrat , and @OTRAWisco and they would appreciate it if we helped get the word out so please REBLOG! Also big props to them for putting this together! 

I also really appreciate their INFO PAGE - they answer some questions on the venue and provide general concert info. If you still have any more burning questions and you do not have a twitter you can contact them HERE or send me an ask and I will ask them through twitter myself. 

Again, PLEASE REBLOG and SPREAD THE WORD! We just want to do something special and make the boys remember Wisconsin!

(Info)150802-SHINee Official Site & SMTOWN Now Update The spoiler of SHINee – “Hold You” and “Married To The Music”! This midnight(KST), the MV of SHINee’s 4th repackage album lead track “Married To The Music” and all tracks of this album will be released! *SHINee ‘Hold You’ https://youtu.be/MHbyxI3TnU4 *SHINee ‘Married To The Music’ http://youtu.be/hODuBMAGnZg

sxllbotvp replied to your postSo Miss Fancy, how is being a robot treating you?

“You get used to it. Or, well, I don’t know about ‘used’, since I’ve really never known about not having any kind of physical delay.”

“That’s…reassuring. I think. It’s very weird, being placed inside of a mechanical form and having to suddenly relearn how to do everything. I’ve tripped over my own feet more times than I can count because of the delay and I haven’t been able to enjoy a cup of coffee because my hands hold the cups too tight. It’s very discouraging.”

“Gone from an efficient worker to screeching to a halt in the matter of productivity. That’s more discouraging.”