my name is elizabeth, I’m 15 and have psuedotumor cerebri, ideopathic intercranial hypertension, papilidema, and I’m legally blind. I had a vp shunt put in in June of 2015. To make myself feel more comfortable with my new life, I thought it would be a good idea to get involved with the spoonie community.. So, hi (:

Since my return to the simming community exactly 1 week ago

I’ve gained 300 followers, all of you are wonderful, sweet and loyal. Talk about helping me get through a rough time as well. Even if I didn’t respond, those of you who have messaged me regarding me and my husband’s miscarriage- I value you. Yall have held me together more than anything. Those of you who have had us in your thoughts, those of you who have sent me asks anon or not, expressing how much you like the cc I’ve been releasing, you’re all wonderful. If it wasn’t for the simming community I would be such a lonely and sad bag of smashed assholes.