Best of Night Vale Problems ( 1 of ?? ): Supernatural and WTNV crossover problems.

  1. “I think I’m in love with an agent of the Vague Yet Menacing Government Agency. But they keep saying he doesn’t work there, and never has.”
  2. “Two strange men shot the head of the neighborhood watch association and several of my neighbors without any proper authorization. Now I have to organize the block party on my own.”
  3. “I have a crush on the man in the tan jacket. He also owes me money.”
  4. “I lost my shoe in the glow cloud.”
  5. “I am an angel. People keep telling me that angels don’t exist. Now I’m starting to wonder if they are actually right. What if I don’t really exist?”

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Shhhhh *Strokes arm* Mattie dearest why would you want to be saved? Itcouldberomantic. Just meeeee and youuuuu under the moooooonliiight and maybe Matt can come but I mean I might have to get a leash since I kinda don't wanna be ripped to shreds (it'd make a miserable honeymoon D:!) and I meaaaaan I could maybe find blood somewhere like- Bro I can hook u up on some fine blood. Like, Satanic blood. For satanic rituals rite? Sounds good. Amicoolyet? Imsorryit's2amhelpimweak;-;

i don’t wanna get married.. I’m too young-! I’m only 148!

But I really think we should give Zelena some props though. Like she’s the real villain here.

Regina spent like decades trying to get her revenge on Snow. She killed her own father, Snow’s father, banished her own mother, created a dark curse where she was miserable for a couple of years, and then adopted The Savior’s son!

BUT Zelena was like “FUCK IT! I’m just going to fuck my sister’s soulmate and get knocked the fuck up.” Like what she did wasn’t even Evil, it was just plain wicked. Zelena used her vagina to just fuck up lives and she had fun while fucking shit up.

So, you got to give her some kudos. Because when Zelena says she’s gonna get her revenge, she fuckin means it.

So, bow down to The Wicked Witch!🙌🏾