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ppl are saying that not liking bellamy for his actions this episode would be the same reason to not like lexa after she betrayed clarke and clexa shippers are being hypocrites. but like?? lexa had a logically reason. bell is running on pure emotions and his guilt

i’d say there are some similarities but the really big difference is lexa made a calculated move to save as many of her people as she could, leaving clarke and her people without assistance (not killing them, just leaving). bellamy and his manpain had days to think about how to deal with his angst and he’s decided to be vp to pike’s trump ass plan to murder the people sent there to protect them. i’d say that’s a big enough reason to be a little upset with him. 

also can i just say that lexa fans have been watching anti lexa ppl go off for months about how terrible and selfish a person lexa is? we’ve spent months seeing people attack her because of what she did and because they want a reason to hate her after she and clarke fell for each other. so yeah if lexa fans want to hate bellamy for this i say go for it. just cause i dont hate him doesnt mean im gonna blame anyone who does cause why the hell is it only suddenly Not Cool to hate a character for their actions when the one fucking up is their fave and not ours? if they, as they say “have every right to hate lexa” then we have the same right to hate bellamy if we choose. but suddenly despite months of them hating on lexa, that has to change cause their fave is screwing up? nah. fuck that. i may love bellamy despite all the dumb shit he’s about to do but i wont blame a single person who decides he’s not worth liking

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The Thin Line Between Staying Uncomfortable & Creating Fear

If you want to foster creativity, the common advice is to step outside of your comfort zone to gain inspiration. The general solutions include everything from mixing up your daily routine, to traveling to new cultures, or anything else that will aid you to take risks and try new things in your work. However, we must be careful to not build so much discomfort that we end up producing fear.

Discomfort encourages creativity by opening our mind to the new while fear locks us down in survival mode. Inflexible deadlines with hard deliverables create anxiety where we are not willing to risk failure. We are concerned only with our personal task at hand and lose sight of the project end goal. In an article for Harvard Business Review, Yesware VP of Product Jake Levirneexplains the difference between discomfort and fear:

There was discomfort with how big our goals were at the beginning, but discomfort put us on edge in a different way than fear did. Fear was paralyzing, but discomfort made us want to move, want to act, want to create. When we made the roadmap more aspirational and less cut-and-dry, our team was much more comfortable asking questions like “Why?” and “Is this the best way?” and “What if?” They were also more comfortable communicating these thoughts with one another and working together to solve problems.

Finding the perfect balance between discomfort and fear comes down to changing your creative process and continually reevaluating it.

We realized that the first roadmap’s lack of flexibility set us up for failure. This time, instead of setting a checklist, we set a vision. We considered the big-picture goals we wanted to accomplish and left it up to the team to decide how to execute.

By encouraging open and honest communication within the team, he was able to ensure a level of discomfort without producing fear. In Levirne’s experience, they found that employees enjoyed the challenge of deciding how to execute a project goal, but not the act of deciding what that goal should be. Their evaluation of the creative process allowed them revise their process and address any problems before moving forward.

Personal evaluation is important as well. Be honest with yourself and ensure that you are being challenged, but not taking on too much that you are paralyzed. If something isn’t working for you, it’s okay to change how you work.

by Stephanie Kaptein

lemme tell y’all about the importance of bernie sanders since everyone seems to think it ends at this election, and it doesn’t. in fact, win or lose, he’s already accomplished what he needed to.

bernie sanders is important because progressive politics in america have absolutely not had a voice in the time that I’ve been alive. (cept 4 u Dennis I’m blowing u kisses)

y’know how Palin getting picked for VP sparked the tea party movement, leading to the divide in the republican party, currently outlined by things like Trump vs. Kasich? okay, well, maybe you don’t, but bear with me; its some real shit. What Palin did was open up another end of the political spectrum to the conversation; so like, whereas America was only really talking about politics in terms of left-of-center and right-of-center previously, the tea party brought the far right (though not so far as facism, despite what some may say) to the table.

Bernie, by getting the coverage that he is (against all odds, by the way!) is doing the exact same thing; he is shifting the American Democratic party, which has been itself drifting further and further to the right in an endless series of compromises (with the exception of brave souls like Dennis Kucinich, goodbye friend you were my hero and no one really knew you). To say that Bernie is ‘unrealistic’ or ‘pie in the sky’ is to hold an extremely pessimistic view of the American people; we are capable of having individuals on all parts of the political spectrum.

Bernie, by existing how he does, is giving people (many of whom typically just straight up don’t vote!) a voice to match what they’ve always believed. Yes, you can look at the European economies that Bernie’s rhetoric promotes and find flaws here or there or wherever you want, but y’know what? America benefits from having an actual political left. People who have spent their entire lives feeling totally without representation now /do/, and the political dialog in America will shift leftwards, just as Palin helped it shift to the right. Remember when people were calling Obama, a fiscally conservative Keynesian economist, a socialist? Yeah. Bringing more of the discussion to the table is like, unarguably a good thing.

so yeah. Win or lose, success or failure, introducing more to the stagnant, depressing, and honestly shamefully restrictive American political “discourse” is invariably good, and Bernie has succeeded in bringing this to light in ways that other internet-launched candidates like Ron Paul (shuddering) never could - so look forward to the next 10+ years when you see more and more people like this step forward in America.

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Okay so would you prefer to have the help of an influential figure who can easily manipulate large crowds, or someone who is pretty much ignored by everyone and can do virtually whatever the hell they want this is an important question which type is more helpful




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VP Von Miller from the Denver Broncos, Karlie Kloss and more on their way to the Kanye West Fashion Show

Published on Feb 11, 2016

We spotted Rapper ASAP Rocky, the beautiful Karlie Kloss, Busta Rhymes and Superball 50 Champion, MVP Von Miller from the Denver Broncos on their way to Kanye West’s Yeezy 3 Fashion Show in New York City


“Anna had been preparing for this meeting, she had thought of what she was going to tell him, but she did not manage to say any of it: his passion seized her. She wanted to calm him, to calm herself, but it was too late. His feeling communicated itself to her. Her lips trembled so that for a long time she could not say anything.”

Anna Karénina (2013)


When I completely bullshit my way through a lesson but it goes amazingly.

Still think the Vice President should be the runner-up, regardless of political party. This should be about the country and its people, not the comfort of a political party.

I also think congressional term limits are a must.

Two easy ideas that really are ‘progressive’ in the sense that progress could be made from them.