Talks Machina: Episode 4
  • Talks Machina is staying on twitch and NOT going Alpha-exclusive as previously said!
  • Keyleth’s neck confirmed for super buff I love my tol strong girlfriend. 
  • The Cinder King himself asked a question ahahahaha. 
  • Marisha told us about how Keyleth started to fall in love with Vax and it warmed my heart. 
  • Liam said some really interesting stuff during this episode. About Keyleth and Gilmore mostly. Also some stuff about the twins’ backstory and getting VM together. He also turned around and showed his ass to the camera at one point, if you’re into that kind of thing. 
  • Matt kept petting and “stroking” the Thordak statue.
  • Marisha got to talk about Grog and Keyleth a bit, that was interesting I want more about that. 
  • Matthew Mercer said “bisexual” he literally said “bisexual” HE SAID THE B WORD I’M CRYING WITH HAPPINESS! ALLURA IS BISEXUAL!
  • He also said a ton of great stuff about representation and wanting to normalize queer relationships but I was just kinda so overwhelmed with joy and relief and happiness that I didn’t take good notes on that. 

2016 is saved. 


When you skip your college courses to be a lil hoe 🤑🤑 VM to talk business #twerk TwerkThat, Twerk King, Twerk GowD, Twerk Inc,

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I punked out last week & unblocked his mom, got a VM from her all confused about me not replying to her text re her wanting to see M. I called her, said I must’ve missed her text, & let her pick M up from school that day bc I had an all day mtg an hour away & needed the help. M was so glad to see me when I met them & said she was exhausted - his mom had her scooter all over, she seems morally opposed to spending $1 on M, & they still weren’t at her house after I’d rushed there bc his mom said she had to leave by 5:30. M said she doesn’t want his mom to pick her up from school again & doesn’t want to see them unless I’m there. Then I got a letter from her dad, depressed & crazy in solitary, begging me to not block his parents & to keep trying to foster M’s relationship w/ them. I asked M if she’d want to hang out at their house on a weekend w/ their other grandchildren, & she said maybe.

So I texted his mom yesterday & said it’s important to her son that we make the effort to include M in their family, how about this weekend. She replied that she’s busy all season and will let me know when she comes up w/ a possible date. I was in a really stressed mood (I’m trying to plan M’s birthday party, & renting a space in NYC is $300, just for the space, and yet his parents have a huge apt I could use if they cared to let me; she wants to take a dance class w/ all her friends but I can’t afford it, yet his parents are millionaires) so gave a saucier than usual response of “that’s fine w/ me but can you convey that to your son since he seems to think I’m the one who won’t make the effort.” She wrote back “yes of course, my husband will talk to him when he visits Sunday.”

1) A clearly hasn’t told his parents that he got in trouble again/ lost visits until April (the lawyer I got him thinks he can get them reinstated but it will take time, maybe February). When he got in trouble for smoking pot last year, I was a wreck over him being in solitary, & I told his parents about the drugs, & they used it as a reason to stop sending him $, which he blames me for.

2) his dad is visiting this weekend & didn’t think to invite us?! Didn’t think A would want to see his daughter?! What is wrong with these people???

I’m inclined to not tell them about the current disciplinary issue- let his dad drive up there & find out for himself. My friend said they’re going to assume I knew & be pissed I didn’t tell, but at this point, what do I have to lose w/ them? They see M once in a blue moon & when they do they don’t treat her great. They don’t help financially or emotionally, w/ their son or my daughter. I’m sick of doing his dirty work, being his spokesperson to his parents, & having it backfire. I don’t feel bad for them anymore.

anonymous asked:

VM and PC were no shows at their first practice today. All other 4 teams were there (including Madi and Zach, which means it isn't a Gadbois thing). Are practices not compulsory? Is there any benefit of either going or skipping?

Practices are not compulsory! It’s not unusual for skaters to skip practices for any number of reasons. We don’t know why P/C and V/M didn’t show up for practice, but they probably have a reason for it.

CR NPCs and the Hamilton Mixtape

I starting listening to the Hamilton Mixtape right after last week’s episode of Critical Role, and they immediately started synthesizing in my brain. I wasn’t going to share this, but after tonight’s episode of Talks Machina I’m in the mood.

Vox Machina pops in and out of places, getting into trouble, being heroes, to paraphrase the immortal words of Grog Strongjaw, “fucking shit up.” That’s their job. But as Matt emphasized tonight, the NPCs don’t just evaporate when VM walks through the Sun Tree or disappears into the night. Their lives are complex, and godammit I always want more. It’s not just Vox Machina that’s road-weary and strained right now - everyone in Tal’Dorei has had a bit of a year. An homage to the background players that make Matt’s universe so rich:

1. “It’s Quiet Uptown”Allura and Kima. In disaster, they’re finding themselves drawn together again for the first time in years (I’ve been getting a very strong “romance rekindled” vibe for a while; very cool to hear Matt confirm it tonight). Re-learning each other in the sanctuary that Whitestone’s become. Allura’s guilt over Thordak, and Kima trying to console her. Kima still loves the ring of battle, but I think she’s learning a appreciate the quiet, too.

2. “Valley Forge” - General Ellie Gorifonne and the Fort Daxio troops. Brom and his fighters. All the foot soldiers without fantastic powers, instant teleportation, or a mansion with infinite supplies of food and a safe bed for the night. It’s hard enough just trying to stay alive, but they still stand strong in the face of an unfathomably powerful foe. They do the work. I think the song also reflects of of Ellie’s (understandable) frustration with Vox Machina.

3. “Dear Theodosia”Velora Vessar. Okay, so this one is more an NPC through Vox Machina’s eyes. Specifically the twins’. But how could I not. “My father wasn’t around.” “We’ll bleed and fight for you. We’ll make it right for you.” 

4. “Satisfied” - Cassandra de Rolo. Not all the lyrics work on this one, but I think a lot of the emotional undertones do. After years of imprisonment, Cassandra got “two minutes, maybe three minutes” of “the feeling of freedom, of seeing the light.” But Percy had to go save the world, and Cassandra sacrificed that freedom to be the leader Whitestone needed. A heavy burdened assumed too young for someone she loves.

5. “History Has Its Eyes on You” - Kerrek. An older reluctant leader, who passed what wisdom he has to someone he knows - whether she likes it or not - will have to take up the mantle one day. Not everyone is lucky enough enough to have a legacy in a name, or a lifespan. (Forgive the paraphrase.)

5. “Immigrants (We Get the Job Done)” - Jarrett. Okay, so it’s a cheap shot. He’s an immigrant, he’s put upon by his crazy employers, and he sure as hell gets the job done. I might also include Gilmore on a list of bad-ass immigrants. Because Marquetian ex-pats rock.