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ep 81 aka "without your spells your kind of just a dude" "youre great at making yourself a target" like great bc that fucking struggling gnome had AMAZING self confidence already thank you VM doin the good work.

Honestly I think Scanlan has lots of issues and they’re leading him to a bad place, but a lack of self confidence (at least when it comes to fighting) is… not one of them. Scanlan knows VM needs him in a fight (and Vex acknowledged that). And I think Vex was really just looking out for him; you could say the same thing about Keyleth, who doesn’t even have a real weapon if she runs out of magic. Scanlan does have a remarkable ability to piss off enemies and make them want to swat him, and I really don’t think he’s gonna take anything Percy says to heart. The two fuck with each other constantly, I doubt Scanlan’s self esteem rides on his asshole friend’s snarky comments.

I know you probably came here wanting me to slam VM for telling him he can’t handle a fight with Raishan, but in context I think what Vex said was pretty well justified. Scanlan will argue every side of an issue just to make sure the group has thoroughly thought through what they want to do, and a lot of the time it means they don’t really know what he himself is for. At the moment, Scanlan seemed to be arguing for going after Raishan immediately; Vex very much did not want to do that. She didn’t want to die again, she didn’t want anyone else to die again, and she knew Scanlan for sure didn’t want to die again since he yelled at Vax about it like a minute ago. More than anyone in VM Vex knows how to play Scanlan to get what she wants, and reminding that hey, your magic is super badass but without it you are three feet tall and loud as hell with a sword, little armor, and barely more hitpoints than Vax and you will die was the best way to convince him that the fight was a bad idea. Of course, Scanlan didn’t really want to fight Raishan, he just wanted to make sure the group wasn’t dismissing the idea without considering all the pros and cons, but at that moment in the conversation the viewpoint of “holy shit scanlan you cant fight an ancient dragon right now you will literally die” was not an unreasonable one.

That said, Scanlan’s “I’m way more than just some dude” was a really great “fuck you” to everyone who dismisses him (and he did kill a pit fiend with a sword, so there’s that), as well as to the idea that his primary worth is tied to his usefulness in battle.

Okay can everyone cut it out with the “Nobody in VM cares about scanlan except for his humor/jokes/spells in a fight” crap?????

the reason nobody is helping Scanlan is because Scanlan is ACTIVELY AVOIDING HELP.

When they found him, passed out on the ground with a smoking flute/pipe beside him, the entire crew FREAKED OUT.  They were livid that he would do something so dangerous and self-destructive.  And then he lied–very convincingly–to tell them that he was fine.  So they dropped it.

Scanlan cast modify memory in secret to get more Suud, specifically because he knew it would worry/bother his friends.

Scanlan is on a crazily self-destructive path right now, and his friends do need to put him right.  But they aren’t ignoring him right now, they are simply not aware of what’s going on, because the insanely charismatic gnome is working REALLY REALLY HARD to convince them that he’s fine.



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