Merlin Police AU

Bad luck seems to follow Arthur Pendragon everywhere. When he isn’t being stalked by crazy maniacs who seem to think he’s some mythological king, his homicidal sister is trying to kill both him and his father for the family fortune.

Luckily for him, a new young DC has joined the force who has made it his mission to keep Arthur safe.


Merlin/Frozen AU

inspired by this post and by deanpendragon

At a young age, Morgana and Arthur were not only sister and brother, but also the best of friends. When an accident as a result of Morgana’s ability to conjure ice and snow almost kills her brother, the two kids’ relationship isn’t the same. Morgana shuts her brother out, concealing her powers from her brother, afraid of hurting him again. It isn’t until several years later that Morgana is crowned queen when she accidentally reveals her powers and runs away. In the mean time, Arthur thinks he found true love in prince Mordred and goes after his sister with a rough-hewn mountaineer named Merlin…