So much media criticism of “Versailles” baffles me, I suspect most of the critics who heap such scorn on the dialogue, characters and historical accuracy have never even watched a full episode. As for the mock shock over the shows sensuality, well, evidently they’ve never seen “Game of Thrones” or “Cucumber” (oh, what a marvellous show from Russell T Davis). Basically, it’s a beautiful show with a wonderfully talented cast and if you’re thinking of watching it but have been put off by the reviews then go, go watch it. I think the majority of you will fall head over heels in love with the drama (and Phillipe, how can you not?).

Personally, I think the problem some reviewers see might comes down to this: it’s a youthful show with a youthful cast and a plot that feels as if it’s been built for the fandom community. These are all pluses as far as I’m concerned but I think a lot of reviewers don’t get those things yet and have missed the point.

That face is a crime and needs to be put under investigation, and by investigation, I mean my vagina.
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Merlin filming

Alexander Vlahos and I met literally seconds before our first rehearsal together. We were thrown in the ring, and perhaps based on the speed at which we were thrust together, we came to a very simple, very deep pact, that we were gonna go for it, make it personal, go for the jugular, and not hold back. What you see on screen is the result of our trusting each other enough to push each other, trigger each other, and refuse to be polite about it. I couldn’t ask for a better scene partner than my dear Alex.
—  Read our full interview with Evan Williams on playing the Chevalier de Lorraine on VERSAILLES: http://www.myfanbase.de/serien/interviews/?pid=24066