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  • this gif gets me
  • always smiles when he thinks about you
  • when he talks to you on the phone his face just lights up
  • you take care of him when he’s sick and he does the same for you
  • however….
  • lets just say when you’re sick, he gets very doting and can get very panicky
  • spills soup on you
  • but buys you a million stuffed animals
  • now you’re bed has no more room for you because a bunch of stuffed bunnies and puppies and kittens have invaded it 
  • moving on
  • everyime he comes over he brings you food/coffee/things you like
  • “seokmin you dont have to buy me these gifts!” “but they’re for you, and nothing is enough for my love!” 
  • *got the gifts from his 
  • the best boyfriend in the entire world
  • armssssssss
  • like damn, imagine those muscular ams wrapped around your waist as he’s resting his chin on your shoulder
  • and then he whispers into your ear “I’m so glad you’re mine”
  • the type of boyfriend to try to pack you lunch even if it’s just ramen
  • the note he packs with it would say “Cheer up, sweetie! Eat a lot to have strength!”
  • believes in serenading you
  • it’s a tradition between you two that when he drops you off at your house, you two would stay in the car and whatever song comes on the radio he would sing it to you :’)
  • dear lord, when you step into the room his already bright smile would be 100x brighter
  • “guys, look!! that’s my significant other!!! aren’t they so beautiful??”
  • “yes, seokmin, we know”
  • D.K would be so excited whenever he saw you, it would always feel like the first time he laid eyes on you
  • imagine sleepy face time calls with D.K
  • his hair would be so messy, he’d have a soft smile on his lips, his eyes would be drooping
  • “Hey, seokmin, are you sure you’re not sleepy?”
  • seokmin would yawn and say “yes, I’m okay, I still just want to talk to you and hear your voice.”
  • 2 min. later, he’s snoring his ass off
  • his mouth would be open, and his nose would crinkle sometimes
  • so being the great partner that you are, you seize the moment and screenshot it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Seokmin would really try his best in the relationship because he knows that you would do the same <3

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I hope at some point in Memories, even if it’s over a span of a few chapters, we get to see Yuuki and Zero have a proper conversation over Kaname and his actions. I hope Zero gets an apology even though he wont accept it, and I hope he can help Yuuki to see that Kaname’s actions aren’t her own and she shouldn’t take all of the blame even though it was - frankly - a pain in the ass that she did and kept excusing him for it. I hope that all of the other main vampires at least can get the apology and time to talk about how they feel because of what Kaname has done - the mental gymnastics he put them all through over the years. I hope that in their journey out of the deep dark forest, Yuuki can release the others from Kaname’s sins and speak openly of how she truly feels for the first time.