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Hi, not a rant but a question. What do you think is in the box that Ai opened? I saw in some of your tags that you said the box is not going to show how much Yuki loves Kaname. So I am wondering what you think is in the box? BTW you make really brilliant posts on vk and vkm!

Whoa my first anon already! You brave soul! Thanks for taking the time to ask this–it’s a great question. =D

I actually am going to dive into the box more when I do my analysis of VKM 7, but I’d be glad to give you a teaser now. 

As always, this post is written from a position that Kaname was the antagonist of the story. If that’s not your interpretation, please spare your eyes and heart and read no further. 

My answer can be found behind the cut! (For any of you who are reading this on mobile, apparently tumblr’s programmers didn’t account for “Read Mores” in ask posts–please switch to a computer to read this ask if you like! Sorry for the inconvenience! Thanks to @abandonedsock for pointing this one out!)

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Okay I just wanted to say AMAZING analysis for VKM but while reading through them there was a mention of Ai wanting to not be born because of the truth about her birth, what do you think EXACTLY made Ai stop feeling that way? Was it the birth of Ren?Zero and Yuuki making it official? Or do you think we are yet to find out? Also how do you think Ren will react to all this cause we know from previous chapters he's still deciding wether he likes Kaname or not, this is because of what he is told.

Oh! I’m so sorry–that section of my analysis was probably a bit unclear wasn’t it? I was attempting to compare Ai’s declaration of “wanting to disintegrate to pieces” to the gravity of Yuuki’s declaration in Night 93 of “wishing she’d never been born,” and I think I probably extended my hyperbole a little too far. My purpose here wasn’t to illustrate that what Ai learns from the box makes her as suicidal as Yuuki was in Night 93, but more to show how “serious” Ai’s confession about regretting opening the box to the point that she wanted to disintegrate into pieces is. Ai herself (as far as we know) has never wished she wasn’t born–-but “disintegrating into pieces” implies a very similar sentiment. Ai may be being a bit melodramatic, but I think the point is to show just how devastating what she learned from the box was to her as a child. (I feel so bad I sent you on a wild goose chase for a line that doesn’t exist! I may have to go back and clarify that a bit in the original post.)

Anyway, to answer your actual questions–since I don’t know yet what exactly is in the box, I’m not sure what helps Ai move on from it. Hino’s been pretty cagey about what happens between the time Zero and Yuuki “make it official” in chapter 4 and the time Ai “lets go” of Zero in chapter 3. A lot of time passes between those two chapters (nearly 50 years!), and many things could have transpired in that time. 

My guess at the moment is a combination of Ren’s birth and Zero and Yuuki’s confirmed happiness are the things that help Ai move on from the tragic circumstances of her own birth. (Finding out Zero saved her mother from being turned human, and then was her mother’s constant blood donor to ensure she arrived in the world safely probably doesn’t hurt either.) Plus there’s Zero, Yuuki, and Ren’s constant love and acceptance of Ai and her role in their lives. Ren’s birth especially gives Ai at last her own “place” with Zero–he is her sibling’s father, and thus tied to her forever by blood, even if it’s not her own blood. I think a lot of her psychological needs get filled by Zero and Yuuki finally coming together and forming a family.

As for Ren, well…she’s a mystery. All we know so far about Ren’s actual feelings are that she expected to dislike Kaname, and that she is glad Ai at least had a positive experience with him because Ai had expected him to have a twisted personality (this basically implies that by the time they meet Kaname, neither of them had “good” opinions of him). I think a lot of how Ren will feel about things depends on how much time she got to spend with her own father–if Zero dies while Ren is still young or before Ren is even born, Ren may resent Kaname heavily for taking her only living parent from her. I think we’ll have to wait a bit before Ren becomes a character instead of a plot device, unfortunately. (Do you know Ren still doesn’t have a last name designation? Hino’s so cagey about her. ;D)

Thank you again for your ask, and I’m sorry again I sent you on a goose chase with Ai’s line!