Confession:  I love how Dragon Age makes even characters you don’t like into something more complex so you can’t just dismiss them 100%.  For me Vivienne embodies this, because seriously, I loathe how she treats mages who don’t tow the line and I disagree with her methods in a major way, but at the same time I really admire that she’s a strong talented self assured woman who is beautiful and fashionable on top of it.  Long story short I ended up naming one of my chicks Vivienne because she ended up developing a beautiful spotted pattern on her feathers and just looks so regal (I know, a funny word for a chicken but there you have it).  She also takes no shit and charged a robin that landed on the grass near her even though she wasn’t much bigger, right then I knew I had made the right choice in her name.

Send in a character and a number from this list and I will write a headcanon based on the word (source

  •  6. Laughter

(It’s easy to tell when Arthur finds something genuinely and completely funny. When he finds something amusing, he will offer a chuckle, or release a soft huff of a breath. He is usually subdued in laughter, never matching Vivi’s mischievous cackle or Lewis’s rich laughter, or the snorts and chortles of Mystery, accompanied to by the thump of a wagging tail-stub. Arthur, when only amused, is still quiet in how he reacts.

His laugh is different. When he laughs, it is completely silent. He doubles over, and if it is long enough, his legs can’t carry him and he falls to his knees. It is silent until it is not, when he needs to breathe, but his body is still laughing and every shallow breath is pushed right back out of his lungs with a high-pitched noise. His eyes water, and his ears and face redden from the lack of air, and the noise keeps repeating until he sounds like a squeak-toy instead of truly laughing. His laughter spurs laughter from the others more often than not, which makes him laugh harder.

Eventually they try to help calm him down, but usually after he squeaks out at them to stop because he can’t breathe, since none of them want him to pass out from laughing. )

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*MG* I was wondering when did Jared buy that beautiful necklace...... Thank you,love😍😘

I bought it Thursday morning while Vivie was busy packing.

I knew the night before when I took the collar off her, it upset her. In the BDSM world there is such a thing called “Collaring” which is akin to an engagement ring. We are definitely not at that point yet but I wanted to give her something to symbolize our connection.

I found what was looking for on Tiffany’s website and knowing I couldn’t go get it myself, I called concierge. They were awesome and ended up sending a staff member to pick it up for me and deliver it that afternoon so I could give her the necklace before we left for the airport.

zoros father is the shogun of wano country  and is a descendent of ryuuma
  • oda himself said that if zoro was in the real world he would be form japan. also zoro has samurai motif heck he was called mr.bushido by vivi (bushido is the samurai code ofhonor)

  • The name is a pun, as “Wa no Kuni (和の国? literally meaning "Country of Harmony”)“ is used as a name for Japan.
  • The fact that the swordsmen in this country are called "samurai” and its closed-door policy are also a reference to Japan in their Feudal erahttp://onepiece.wikia.com/wiki/Wano_Country
  • the fact that the oden and co want to get rid of the closed door policy is a reference to the ideals of meiji restoration where japans borders were opened.

he looks just like/alot like zoro. and in this pic he was eating a onigiri which is the name of one of zoros techniques


“The thing I find interesting about his autograph is the

style of the script

. The script is very reminiscent of Asian-style brush calligraphy, which may hint at Zoro’s possible connection to the Wano kingdom. What adds clout to this theory is his resemblance to Ryuma

, who hails from Wano. (Oda has also stated in the Volume 56 SBS that Zoro’s closest real-world nationality would be Japanese . ) Another thing about Zoro’s autograph is the textbook-neat penmanship . While the precision could be explained as carryover from being a swordsman and a perfectionist in his craft, I think it more likely implies that he is well educated, and that his youth was more than spending his days at Koshiro’s dojo. Zoro is also seen quite often catching up on current events in the paper .Anyway, these are just a couple of observations that I’ve made in regards to Zoro. As easy as it would be to accept him as a sake-swilling meathead, I’m holding out to see what we discover about him, particularly when we get close to the Wano arc. tl;dr: Zoro’s autograph reaffirms what we know about him, but also shows that much of what we know is inconclusive.”

Also, calligraphy, poetry, and education in general is a critical part of a samurai’s education.”

and this would be a parallel to sanji in that they both have  biological fathers that rule a nation sanji( jajji the ruler of germa kingdom)  and zoro ( the shogun the ruler of wano. who are in an alliance or plan to have a n alliance with a yonkou.


 when Oda s Office was shown he had Star Wars figurines in it:

and if you look at the reflection of the tv you can see  life-sized R2-D2

and kouzuki  family  the  kind of resembles the rebel alliance symbol

and the fact is there is a rebellion in wano country and the rebels in wano are outnumbered like how the rebel alliance in star wars were outnumbered against the empire

and the ewok village resembles the minks village


the ewoks were a furry species that aided the rebel alliance against the empire. A furry species (minks=eqoks ) helping out a rebel group (wano kuni rebellion = the rebel alliance) to fight against tyranny  (the shogun and the people serve him and  possibly the beast pirates yonko crew = the empire)

the heads were emperor palpatine  the only person whom  darth vader was subservient to . emperor =  kaido ( a pirate emperor) and darth vader represents shogun heck darth vader uses a light saber which star wars equivalent to  a sword. and the jedi and sith including darth vader i used the lightsabers like katana. so I think it will be fitting for it to be revealed that the shogun  is zoros fatheri @porche-chan

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Alive Lewis, How are you and your gang handling the summer heat at Schlitterbahn Water Park? What your favorite water slide there?

“Ha!  Schlitterbahn, I wish!  That would be awesome, but no, we’re mostly just hanging out and keeping busy as usual.”

Lewis chuckles and thumbs the fabric of his pocket.

“Honestly, I’m fine with the heat–doesn’t bother me much.  But Vivi and Arthur’ve been complaining about it nonstop.  Mystery’s practically a puddle at this point.”

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M&G Jared, why are so afraid of hurting Vivie? You've mentioned a few times that you can't lose control or you'll wind up hurting her, what does that mean exactly?

In 99.9% of situations in my life I can keep control. I generally don’t do anything blindly, I’ve thought about every possible scenario and how to handle it. The people I meet, especially woman, have been very predictable. Knowing what to anticipate make it easy to keep control.

Vivie is the first person in a very long time that is the complete opposite of the woman I’ve met and “dated”. I use the term “date” very loosely. I haven’t had a commitment to anyone other than myself in longer than I can remember.

Vivie brings out such extremes in me, feelings, emotions, desires, that I fear loosing control around her. I fear the selfish side of me taking over and pushing her beyond her limits. I would never want to loose control and hurt her physically or mentally or emotionally.