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hey I was wondering if you could rec some cool got blogs?

i’m sososo sorry i’m answering this so late!!! but yes, ofc i can rec you some blogs!

these are some blogs i follow that i know post plenty of got but most of them are also multifandom. don’t worry tho, they’re all quality and wonderful and you should def check them out :)

@emiliaclaerk @daenerysn @starksren @baratheonrenly @mcavooy @tormvnds @tyrionlannisler @@lennister @manbunjon @lyannaes @karstarks @littlefingeress @margaerys @jcnstark @snsastcrk @baskervielle @daenerysjon @tyrellen @westerors @daariosnaharis @ragnarsstark

+blogroll (i’m positive i’ve missed a bunch of ppl omg so pls checkout my blogroll for more)

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Could you recommend some NA books? I loved the Addicted series and I want to keep going with the genre while waiting for Damaged Like Us to come out. Btw love all of your edits and everything, especially your Vampire Academy ones!

i don’t have a lot of rec for NA because i’m so so picky with them but here are a few 

  • amour amour by krista and becca ritchie 
  • kulti by mariana zapata
  • the wall of winnipeg and me by mariana zapata
  • second position by katherine locke 
  • smut by karina halle

here are some that i’m planning to read

  • summer skin by kristy eagar
  • welcome to the underworld by con template
  • november 9 by colleen hoover
  • trade me by courtney milan
  • a hundred thousand words by nyrae dawn

and then there’s also these (they’re not my cup of tea tho people seem to like them a lot)

  • paper princess by erin watt
  • off campus series by elle kennedy
  • rhythm, chord, and malykhin by mariana zapata

ajhdja thanks so much <3 i hope you’re able to find something to read :)

you know, you know, i just wanted to say something~! is not like i have anything important to say, not even do i know what i should talk about or what i want to talk about but see me here typing about absolutely nothing, look i just want to say something ok, thank you for reading

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I don't know if this is objectively bad, but a lot of people seem to like/dislike ZP because of how they perceive Vivz as a person. It makes sense as a lot of her bad habits and mentality leak into it, but what gets me the most is that she allows herself to appear bigger than her comic, if that makes sense? How healthy is it, as a an artist, to make it so you're recognized for your style/personality rather than let your work shine on its own?

Like with story and art, one is separate from the other, though they both come together to make your work. Good story does not mean good art, and vice versa. Likewise, good art does not mean good artist, and vice versa. As an artist, you should want your work to speak for you. You should be recognized for your name, yes, but you want your name to me automatically associated with something you’ve made rather than a mental image of your social media account. 

For example, take J.K. Rowling. She’s a wonderful author, and whenever you mention her people will automatically think of her books. Not as many people would recognize the name if it wasn’t for the work - but they recognize her still, and her work comes to mind. It’s good for your work to be what you’re known for. Now, it can become tiresome, if we look at Stephen King for example… He ended up writing his “Misery” after fans created such a backlash when he tried to move away from writing horror, because that is what he was known for. In that sense, it can become constrictive to only be known for one gimmick, and this can in turn hurt the artist. That being said, who would know of King if it weren’t for his horror books? There’s a certain balance, and an understanding and respect of it. 

Now, when it comes to the art world, contrary to some belief, how you act and how you present yourself publicly as well as within your community will affect how you are perceived. I would dare to say that seventy percent of your success depends upon your personality. So in that sense, personality is very important. To be frank, there are a hundred other people in SVA who can do what Vivienne is currently doing, without all the drama and with proper practice and with true willingness to take critique. Disney doesn’t need her, Dreamworks doesn’t need her, the Industry doesn’t need her - she needs them. She needs to shape herself to be presentable and professional, or she’ll stay exactly where she is for the rest of her life. That’s just how this industry works. 

I hope that answered what you were asking - if I was mistaken, please don’t hesitate to send another ask. 

- Beth


Stefan: “That’s just crazy, bro. I can’t imagine you with a kid. But hey, that’s really great. Let us know if we can do anything for you or Viv.”

Luca: “Yeah, thanks. She’s alright. Minus being sick, you know?”

Trey: “That will go away after a few weeks. Least it did with us.”

Luca: *nods* “I just feel bad for her, is all.”

Trevor: “Guilty more like, bro.” *grins* “She didn’t get herself knocked up!”

Luca: “Yeah, thanks for that.”

The Chantry messenger had been spotted near the ruins of Haven and was taking his own sweet time arriving in Skyhold, no doubt savoring what was likely the most momentous task of his life. Meanwhile, all of Skyhold waited in agony to see who his message was for, the call to be the next Divine, and Varric waited in agony with them. Let it be for the Nightingale, his traitorous heart prayed, let it be for Madam Viv, hell, let it go to Tiny for all I care, just please, not Cassandra… please don’t call her away just yet.

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I've never understood people hating Viv. I mean yeah since my characters tend to lean against the circle and more towards outright freedom I can always feel her wanting to call me an idealistic brat but she still commands so much respect and is genuinely kind if you put effort into getting to know her. Same with Sera. Neither will roll over for you but if you're willing to work for it they're great!!

viv is my in-game mother and even tho she doesn’t need me to i will still fight for her honor @all viv haters meet me in the fuckin pit (ง’̀-‘́)ง

7.25.16 // Yearly overview feat. complementary color scheme! I love how many different handwritings I get to utilize for this new bullet journal, and I love how the 6 month spread turned out <3

The Slits' Viv Albertine Defaces All-Male Punk Exhibit Because Women Are A Part Of Punk History Too
Viv Albertine of The Slits did just about the most punk thing ever and defaced a punk exhibit for not including women involved in the movement.

“Albertine was at the British Library in London on Friday evening (July 15), taking part in an event in celebration of punk, featuring an exhibit “Punk 1976-78.”  On a panel that read, “Groups such as Sex Pistols, the Clash, and Buzzcocks stimulated a nationwide wave of grassroots creativity, sparking a vital cultural legacy that endures to the present day,” she crossed out the names of the bands and wrote, “The Slits, X-Ray Spex, Siouxsie & the Banshees. (What about the women!!).”

Albertine took ownership of the graffiti on Twitter.

Read the full piece and see another photo of Viv here



7.24.16 // First page in my new bullet journal! Started a little late, considering it’s almost August, but hey, just another reason to add a festive summer collage right at the beginning :)

Iconic Punk Rocker Defaces the British Library's Punk Rock Exhibit
Punk feminist Viv Albertine took on the exhibit's erasure of female musicians in the most metal way possible.

While taking part in a public talk on punk late last week, punk icon Viv Albertine became incensed at the British Library exhibit’s erasure of female musicians from London’s early punk scene. So after the event ended, Albertine did what any good punk would do—she defaced the exhibit’s introductory sign.

Crossing out the names of bands The Clash, The Sex Pistols, and The Buzzcocks (all comprised entirely of men) Albertine scrawled in women-led groups The Slits, X-Ray Spex, and Siouxsie and the Banshees. To ensure her message was clear, she added, “What about the women!!” and her signature

Since I posted it on Twitter might as well post it here. 

I wanted to animate something small for Viv since I had to push back a somewhat big project showing my gratitude on her inspiring me since I was young teen and having her art help me from doing something stupid. 

But, sadly, I have a lot of large projects to finish/ start/ catch up on so It’ll be a while before I can work on her gift.