There is a high trending post created called #28daysofblackcosplay in honor of Black History Month. Which I believe is an extremely good idea because just like the real world, the cosplay community itself do holds discrimination. Which is very unsettling because when you think of the community it’s supposed to bring us together as whole. Things we all have in common and what we have a passion for. Conventions that bring us closer together and share.

I never understood why some people bring racism into the community. Or don’t want to acknowledge us because of the color of our skin. Or be told we couldn’t do such a Cosplay because our skin color isn’t right. Things like that should NOT be brought into it. Just as how people throw in one’s size. As aerith I’ve been around cons or see my picture float around say it’s creepy, or “hey look, a black aerith”. They just don’t understand. We’ll continue to teach community and the world.

Its great to know that there is appreciation going around about it. Because we want to be treated as equals and respected. Always remember, continue to do you and NEVER ever be discouraged about who you want to be. If you love it and have fun doing it then let it always be about that and never worry about what anyone else thinks. And that goes for everyone.

It doesn’t matter your size, or color. In the end we’re all the same. Love and respect one another.

No giving up ♡