you say you want a revolution, man, and i say that you’re full of shit. the more that you fear us, the bigger we get, and don’t be surprised, don’t be surprised, don’t be surprised when we destroy all of it.

BERICA AU: Mirror ‘verse. In which Erica survives the bank vault, and Boyd survives the assault from Kali, Aiden, and Ethan—and they are so beyond done with the factors that put them in those positions in the first place. They’re done with Derek’s failure to protect his Pack, they’re done with all this talk of Alpha packs and Darachs, and look, Scott, they both like you and they get that you have your thing about murder being morally reprehensible or whatever, but Erica and Boyd are approximately 6000% done with fucking around about this. So, they leave some wolfsbane vaporizers in Deucalion’s penthouse while he and his Pack are out for the night, steal Derek’s Camaro, and drive off into the sunset. Who knows? Maybe they’ll find a new Pack in San Francisco or something.