I know Amber is mean to Andi because she feels threatened about Andi liking Jonah. But then I was like “wait, then why was Amber so rude to Cyrus?” And the first thought that popped into my head was “because Cyrus likes Jonah too”

How to become Synyster Gates:

1. Play guitar with your bum bum
2. Take the shot
3. Fuck fuck fuck fuck
4. Get some Walter
5. Remember: pink is the new black
6. Pretend you’re in the joke band Sigmund Freud does his own mother
7. Make sure you can’t fucking stay in your own head that long
8. Stick your tongue out to make fangirls go nuts
9. Be sure that God is crying when you play your epic solos
10. Be in the best band ever: Avenged Sevenfold