“Being more confident was a way for me to overcome my anxiety. Because my training period was shorter, I kept comparing myself to other people. I thought of myself as pitiful, and the thought that I couldn’t debut kept bothering me. I thought: let’s practice controlling my emotions. I got to thinking that being confident was a skill just as singing and dancing was. I believe that what you say becomes reality. Even now, before I start practice I look in the mirror and say ‘You can do it’, ‘You’re really pretty’”. #HappyJoyDay #DearTwentyJoy

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150903 Seulgi on UFO

Fan: Unnie it’s fall already. How was your summer? Wish you a pleasant fall
Seulgi: Today’s Sooyoung’s birthday Sooyoung is 20 years old!!!!!!!!!!! She says she’s 19 western age

F: How great it’d be if my life was just about you.. I wish my life could be just about fangirling.. School *sobs
S: Here’s a picture of Joy~!! Adult Park Sooyoung [Seulgi had changed her profile picture to this]

F: Sooyoung Sooyoung I missooyoung
S: It’s Sooyoung’s birthday~!!!!! I’ll pass your message~!!!!! That you miss her~!

S: Look at Joy’s picture and have a good sleep~!!!!

S:  Park SooYooooooooung’s birthday~!!!!! Haㅠㅠ Gotta drop the beat ㅜㅜㅜ

F: Miss you so much Seulgi ㅎㅅㅎ
S: Park Sooyoung Happy birthday~~~!!!! Our Sooyoungie is 20 years old now~!!!!!

S: Today is September 3rd Sooyoungie’s birthday~~!!!! Waaaaaaayyaaaahhhy

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