Those minutes where I am alone, just me and my pillow. I think, a lot. I think about everything, anything. It varies from “what am I doing with my life?” to “did I have homework?” The room is so silent, but my mind is so loud. It drives me crazy because the things I would never think about, I think about. Sometimes, I hate it because it brings up thing I would rather never think about again. The split second before sleep is the most active second of my life.
Comic List (UT)

I thought it would be better to have a list of the comics (short asks) I’ve done so far in one post for easier browsing :’)

It’s not a lot, but I like to have them organised. Also, the art quality varies a lot, i’m sorry. (◕ฺ ◡ฺ ◕ฺ)

For my UTSurface AU:   

Some people are calling it the senpai AU but my recent comics aren’t focused on that so this will have to do for now (I’m sorry for the naming–Overtale and Surfacetale have been taken I think– I am asgore in rl) 

1. Our Monster Ambassador is an Oblivious Senpai

2. Fending off the Gym Teacher

3. Student Council Election

4. Scandalous

5. Rest

6. Kindest Person I Know

7. Easter Shenanigans 

8. Monster Child

9. Humans and Monsters (Part 1/Part 2/Part 3?)

OTHER Fan-COMICS (also UT related):

Flowerfell; 1 / 2 / 3

Undertale shitpost : Tech-Savvy 

Fanfiction-based (author links are included in post):

1. An Undertale Story

2. Through Hollow Eyes

3. Time Marches Forward (Finally)

This list will be updated periodically, and thank you for reading :’)

How are you doing?

And why I hate that question.

Every time I get that question, it puts me in an awkward position. I get that it is just common courtesy in some part of the world, and that people from those parts bring it with them online.

But still.

The thing is I don’t like to lie to people, and even though the expected answer is “I’m fine”, that is seldom the case. My mood varies like a roller-coaster, and more often than the other way around, I’m on the downward going slope and are not compelled to put on a mask and pretend I’m just fine.


If I do not lie, and actually tell them that “no, I’m not doing good atm”, that is automatically a conversation starter where I’m expected to put out in detail why I’m not feeling just fine like “all the normal people”. There are very few people I actually want to talk about that with, and especially when asked by strangers, it puts me in a uncomfortable situation where I either have to lie, or have a conversation I do not want to have or be rude and tell them no.


Please do not ask me how I’m doing. it is a bad conversation starter. It makes things awkward.

jonghyun will be partaking in his fifth comeback stage on mtv the show today! the show, which airs on sbs mtv, will begin at roughly 8pm kst. [note: this sometimes varies depending on the show. sometimes broadcasts will start a tad bit earlier or later than scheduled so it’s usually best to turn on the stream ten or so minutes before the scheduled time, to be safe.] he will be performing “좋아 (she is)” and “white t-shirt”. world time buddy can be easily used to see when the broadcast will be beginning in your time zone. remember to input seoul, south korea to get the proper timeline! you can find streaming options here!

jonghyun is nominated on broadcast tonight as he is now eligible to win on music shows. there will be live voting during the broadcast which will amount for around 15% of the final winning percentage. voting is done through text, and there are two ways that this can be done: one that will work and one that may or may not work. (it depends) if you have a mobile phone that either: a) has international texting as part of it’s plan or b) you’re willing spare a few cents for the texting fee, this is all you need to do: change your country’s time zone settings to korean. if you do not have a phone / are not able text internationally: you may attempt and use a free online sms site such as: globfone or text ‘em. (though you can find more options if you search on any given search engine). there is not guarantee that your text vote will go through this way but it’s better to give it a try than not try at all! after you have figured out how you’re going to text, the number that you will be sending “said” text to will be either: +821119 or 00821119. your message will simply be 종현. that’s all. type it, press send and you should be good to go! if you have any sort of confusing still lingering on about the process, you can read a full detailed tutorial here.

Alright. I’ve liked a few starter calls, I’ve posted a few meme things, but I really just need to kick myself in the ass and wake this leather-clad oaf up once and for all. SOOOO that being said, like this post for a starter. If you have a particular verse in mind, reply with your preference. I will be writing these today - I have the day off and nothing else to do but write, which means they WILL be done this afternoon. I’m bursting with muse and feel really good, so if you’ve ever wanted to do the thing, this is the time to click the little heart in the corner, you get me? 

A gentle reminder: I do have an exclusives list and any ‘duplicate’ muse likes will be ignored. 

ooc; for munday, i present you my norwegian bunad worn on 17th of may/our constitution day! this is really awkward, but i’ll consider it a part of teaching you (read: erin) about norway B^) #westcoastrepresent

blushykid asked:

i'm a scorpio my depth of emotion and intense observation and analysis of people can often disrupt my life, and i'm wondering how other scorpios deal with this trait? of course not all may own it, but i was just wondering how others cope. i have an immense and overwhelming sense of empathy and seem to be constantly psychoanalysing people. as stupid as this may sound, how does one rest the mind?

I don’t really have any advice as things people find calming or resting vary from person to person. I like chilling with my friends, listening to ambient pop music, and making vague attempts at doing yoga. those things work sometimes but not always. other people do different things and it’s all a matter of trying a load of shit until you find something that works for you

I think I’ve mentioned it before, but I really missed the character the settings of old Disney movies and I think Zootopia is a huge return to form. Zootopia feels bigger. I want to see more of the desert district, or the terraced jungle district. 

It reminds me a lot of classic or reneissance stuff like Agrabah, which had this rich atmosphere wherever the story went and it felt expansive. Or Sleeping Beauty, which has these amazing settings inspired by medieval tapestries. Heck, Bambi has just one location but is so focused on atmosphere it feels so much more developed and varied than a lot of recent Disney films.

In contrast I feel like the locations in Frozen consist of like two underdeveloped castles and a random store. For example.

Tutto succede quando inizia la voglia di vivere di tutto con te.
Svegliarsi la mattina e trovarti lì con quelle tue labbra che morderei ogni secondo della mia vita.
Fare colazione insieme.
Stare ore e ore a letto abbracciati.
Sopportare ore e ore di studio sapendo che tanto nella stanza accanto ci sei tu che suoni.
Ascoltarti suonare e osservare tutti i tuoi modi buffi con cui cerchi di levarti i capelli dagli occhi.
Ritrovarsi anche la sera con te abbracciato a me.
Chiudere gli occhi e addormentarsi con le tue mani addosso.
Vorrei vivere tutto questo e molto più.
E giuro amore mio che metterò tutti i mezzi a mia disposizione per viverti pienamente.
Voglio esserci ad ogni tuo compleanno, voglio esserci la mattina quando ti svegli,al tuo primo concerto,alla tua maturità e in ogni momento della tua vita.
Te lo meriti amore.. Meriti di avere me completamente..
Sei riuscito a sopportare un mese Di lamenti vari.. Un mese di pianti..
Concedimi la frase azzardata, un mese di “noi”… Con i tuoi sorrisi,i tuoi occhi,la tua mano stretta alla mia e i nostri abbracci che trasmettono amore…
Il motivo per cui ho scritto tutto ciò non lo so..
Ma mi andava.. Ti amo amore mio. Sempre e per sempre.
Tua Sara..❣ @thegop00

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