Vista de la piscina, Centro Urbano Presidente Miguel Alemán (CUPA), Félix Cuevas esq. av. Coyoacán, Col. del Valle, Benito Juárez, Ciudad de México DF 1947-1949

Arqs. Mario Pani y Salvador Ortega Flores con J. Gomez Gutierrez y Jenero de Rosenzweig

Foto. Guillermo Zamora

View of the swimming pool, Centro Urbano Presidente Miguel Aleman, Felix Cuevas at av. Coyoacan, Col. del Valle, Benito Juarez, Mexico CIty 1947-1949

SNM 144; 3/24 late

Macbeth: Erik Abbott-Main
Lady Macbeth: Sarah Stanley
Macduff: Douglas Burkhardt
Lady Macduff: Andrea Farley Simota
Duncan: John William Watkins
Malcolm: Adam Griffith
Banquo: Daniel Staff
Bald Witch: Elena Valls
Boy Witch: Austin Dale Tyson
Sexy Witch: Evelyn Chen
Hecate: Mallory Gracenin (1:1)
Porter: Matty Oaks
Agnes: Marla Phelan (1:1)
Danvers: Jenna Saccurato
Speakeasy: Nick Dillenburg
Fulton: Colin Buckingham
Taxi: Marc Cardarelli
Matron: Ida Saki
Nurse: Kelly Todd
Man in Bar: Casey Jordan (Roland)
And I saw three different lady cast members in the bar, so I’m not sure who was doing what…but Ginger Kearns, Ilana Gilovich and Kate Douglas were all there.

The last time I was at the show was to say goodbye to Mallory. So, of course, Mallory is in the show tonight. Ha. I’d been up since 4am, so I wasn’t feeling the spryest I’ve ever felt, leading me to pretty much split my time evenly between Mallory, Marla, and Manderley.  It was a nice, low-key show for me, spent with some of my favorite fanfolk.  I’m back again next Sunday and then it’s off to Shanghai.