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Life is Strange

Watercolor copy of Max’s photos.

Size: 10,2x8,8 cm / 3,5x4,2 in

Replica of a polaroid photo. Watercolor paper 200g/m2 with transparent cover-up. Frame are made of white folded paper 160g/m2.

All examples are not for sale, so it’ll take a day or two to make a copy. I can make any photo Max shot in the game or any other she could have but didn’t. It’s all up to your imagination!

$3 (€2,70) for each
+ shipping:

$1,50 (€1,30) 

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anonymous asked:

Umm... This might be a weird request, but How Would the boys feel about their s/o s crappy handwriting (and by crappy I mean hard to read to practically unreadable) when s/he writes them letters. Sorry for my English!!!

Eren: His handwriting isn’t that neat either so he wouldn’t mind.

Armin: He would be a little unhappy with it but he would get used to it.

Jean: Being the slight douche he is he would complain about it but he would get over it and just accept it.

Marco: He wouldn’t mind it but he would try to help his s/o improve.

Reiner: Honestly as long as he can actually read what they wrote he doesn’t care about neatness.

Bertholdt: His handwriting tends to be a little sloppy to since he has a slight shake in his hand so he would sympathize. 

Connie: His handwriting is worse then his s/o’s so he has no room to talk.

Levi: He wouldn’t like it at all, he likes things in order and neat so he would complain and help his s/o improve.

Erwin: He likes things proper so he would try to help his s/o improve.

Mike: He doesn’t care, he would think it’s cute that they wrote kind of like a child.

See you next year~

SO! I’m going to explain everything now! 

I know I said that I will be away from 7th september well! yes! But tomorrow I’m going on a vacation and I thought I might write one single one shot before going away but sorry! I want this time to myself . :)

I will be available till then but won’t update :)

For Love Contract! I was scared that I would leave it open before I go. So I managed somehow to half end it. Let me tell you, guys, that there is MORE!! 

For Punch! Book II Don’t worry I didn’t forget about it ^^

So that’s it for now! *Grins* Bye Bye guys~ 

Love you guys so much and really THANK YOU <3

anonymous asked:

Warren/Nathan: Pulsatio

Pulsatio: Heartbeat

   There they were, lying side by side in the darkness on the floor. They were still battered and bruise from the fights they had been in a few days prior. Who thought they would end up lying here like this? Definitely not Warren. He looked over at Nathan, fighting with himself on whether to say something or let the silence wrap them up.

   Warren hated silence. He always babbled to fill in the awkward silent moments. He looked up at the ceiling a moment before he heard the click of a lighter. When he looked back at Nathan, he was lighting a cigarette. It dangled from his lips precariously and Warren couldn’t help but think about how he probably shouldn’t smoke while lying down. But he took advantage of this opportunity.

   While Nate’s hands were busy, he closed the small space between them and rested his head on the other’s chest. He closed his eyes, expecting at least a little protest from Nathan.

   “What the fuck do you think you’re doing, Graham?”

   But Warren didn’t answer. He just moved a little until he heard the pulsing. He let out a sigh and all the tension seemed to leave his shoulders.

   “Shut up and go back to smoking.”

   Nathan’s heartbeat was like a lullaby to his ears, one that he wouldn’t mind falling asleep to every night.