Meet Ryan

She’s 6, and a girl with big hair and a huge heart. Ryan has been with us for almost a year and because she is an older kid she is harder to place, She loves animals and anything disney. Her favorite movie is the little mermaid and her bedroom at her foster home is everything ariel

She would be better placed in a two parent home, but we will be accepting single applications too. 

Honestly veganism is a glorified boycott. And while boycotts have been effective in the past, they are usually enacted for the relatively short-term to create a short-term solution (eg. Farm workers getting better working conditions. It bears noting that migrant farmers are still treated like shit). That’s why boycotting Apple won’t stop sweatshops. Capitalism depends. upon. exploitation. You cannot stop consuming a product and make capitalism stop being evil. And even if we did bring down a company through the power of boycott, that is only one peg in the whole damn system.

Not to mention people can survive without computers. Some people can’t survive without access to certain foods. And it is a gross infringement on people’s personal lives to tell them what to eat. You cannot force people to “boycott meat.” And this alone suggests that the whole problem is eating meat. It’s not. There are ways to responsibly eat meat. It is absolutely possible to sustainably consume meat. I mean, we can agree we were better off (ecologically) before industrialized farming and people surely ate meat then. Veganism ignores the fact that the reason animal agriculture is out of control is because capitalism has allowed these industrialized farms to become giant, violent and wasteful. They will continue in this manner no matter what they are farming.

Not to mention that American veganism certainly doesn’t touch all the farm workers and destroyed land in places where our food is imported from, where workers are also treated like shit and the land is being gluttonously depleted in the name of profit.

And yes, it’s true that so long as capitalism is in place we are all players. We cannot opt out. My problem with veganism is that it touts itself as a solution to the world’s ills when it is only a bandage at best. Yes if most of us were vegan maybe our carbon footprint would go down because less meat would be produced. But workers and animals would still be abused and displaced. The meat industry would still exist and it would still be violent and greedy and torture animals and destroy land to turn over a profit.

That said, veganism itself also creates a market to cater to your lifestyle and many cultures have suffered at the hands of vegan fad foods. Not only are you not dismantling capitalism, you are propelling it (please note that this is different from participating in it in general). Do you not get that the food industry saw your complaints, did nothing and instead created another huge market that is inaccessible to the poor, abuses workers and poor people, and still kills animals to satisfy an idea you are all touting? Big agriculture will never care if people are vegan and being vegan does little to nothing to curtail violence.

If this does not answer your questions, move on and don’t message/reblog me. Anyone who does so anyway, especially if it is to mock or harass me, won’t have their message answered and will be blocked immediately.