I’ve seen a lot of rumors, theories, etc regarding Mystic Messenger’s future lately without any concrete evidence. So… I reached out to Cheritz again!

I fully didn’t expect a response but they were kind enough to send me an e-mail.

So here’s what we know based on this e-mail!

1. There is no Unknown or V route planned but they will take consideration with their development team. I think this is an excellent opportunity to show Cheritz how much we, as fans, would want this!

2. Mystic Messenger is not ending. They are planning on serving contents to us in the future.

Please pass along this thread. Reblog it, etc. We need to let the fandom know Mystic Messenger isn’t going anywhere!

(Sorry for post vanishing. I wanted to provide proof I didn’t fake an email buy showing you all the email I sent them)

anonymous asked:

Hello! Some of us are putting together a JuminV Week event in the Mystic Messenger fandom dedicated to the ship of Jumin Han and V that will run from April 10 - 16. We really love your art and thought that you might be interested! You can find more information on our blog at juminvweek and we also have a Twitter, @juminvweek. Would you mind publishing this ask to help boost the event to other fans of the ship? Thank you so much!

AAAAAAH omygod thank you so much for reaching out to me and letting me know about this wonderful event!!!! @juminvweek check out the event and the prompts guys!! 

I’m so excited to participate and drown in all the lovely juminv fanwork *Q*!!! 

Consider: Kravitz’s wardrobe comes not necessarily from preference, but from job requirements

AKA, consider that the Raven Queen is a suits gay 

(For clarification, this is the Raven Queen, not Krav)