Erejean week day 2 : 

april 1st : pranking

dumb boy who sends a text about him “ suffering from a really bad poisoning ” as a april fool’s joke and then dumb boyfriendkun comes over to save him

dont do that as a april fool’s joke okay ? it’s mean.

mens-frights-activist  asked:

ok, but: Steve and Bucky as perfect double wingmen, because Steve is SUPER smooth with the dudes but puts his foot in his mouth with the ladies, while Bucky is a suave fuck with the ladies but when a dude hits on him he becomes a blushing, sweating, stammering mess. bonus: they both start stumbling when talking to nonbinary/androgyne cuties because omg, such beauty, and they're both looking at each other like "shit, we're 90 and we sound like virgins"

the-original-antlerbrows  asked:

The way you draw the Mugiwara Crew (especially Brook) BREAKS MY HEART. They're too cute for words, and I love your art style.

Ahhhhhhhh////// you’re a sweetieeeeeeeeee!!! >//3//< thank you, hun!

You’re makin’ Brook so happy, too!!!!! What are they, Chobroo, Brooper, Chook?