From birth, each of us sets out to discover who we really are.
But when trauma occurs, we create ways to survive. Often, we split into pieces and abandoned the most vulnerable parts of ourselves,
boxing them up in tidy packages and tossing them away. Later, we spend our lives looking for these parcels, hoping to find someone who can help us find these lost splintered pieces of ourselves.
—  You Becoming You

get to know me meme | [4/10] favorite tv shows: United States of Tara (2009-2011)

“We’re lucky, Mom. Because of you, we get to be interesting.”

Evan • 24 • Frequent Flyer • Keir O'Donnell 

My son is the spawn of Satan

↳ Personality

Evan is a frequent flyer who happened to meet Kate when he was in Overland Park, Kansas on business. He has a son, who’s four years old and is already quite mischevious. His ex girlfriend is currently battling him for custody of his son, Monty.

↳ This character is AVAILABLE


get to know me meme | [1/5] favorite fictional males: Lionel Trane (United States of Tara)

“A person who stands for nothing spends their whole life sitting.”