I had such a horrible childhood at school.  It’s amazing I didn’t grow up so fucking damaged with how I was treated by my teachers and my IEP manager.  I think I’ve repressed a lot of this shit because going through these old notebooks and IEP reports I don’t even remember being such a bad kid.  They wrote that I “refused to listen” but the truth is I never blindly followed orders.  They wrote that I always tried to tell people what to do and got “angry” when I didn’t get my way but the truth is I’m a natural born leader and challenging people is how I became so independent today.  They wrote that I didn’t interact with my hearing peers but the truth is I didn’t fucking understand them and they teased me all the time.  They wrote that my speech was undeveloped and that I struggled with writing but the truth is I went on to become a straight A and Honor Roll student and made the Dean’s list without any support or accommodations and I’m a fucking amazing writer.  And who cares if my voice is monotone?  My obsession with drawing and details foreshadowed my development as an artist.  And honestly, why the fuck are deaf children so heavily scrutinized and put under a microscope?  I swear everything I did had to be recorded and exaggerated so that I looked like a troubled kid with no hopes of a solid future.  I seriously would like to thank every educator and person who was in charge of my academic career until I broke away to stand on my own two feet.  Your doubt and inability to see me as a human being is why I’m a fucking warrior and will never let anyone treat me any different.

Thank you.

And fuck you.


“Oh, you. You’re good”. (x)

this was taken at my grammy’s house in carlisle massachusetts. miss you grammy I love you 👼🏼🌤 (if you reblog please don’t remove the caption)